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Davis, Van Birth date    
  Death date MO  
  Cemetery Pottersville Cemetery, Howell Co, MO  
  Military service    
  Marriage date 27 Aug 1835  
Crawshaw, Eliza Birth date    
Crawshaw, Samuel Death date MO  
Hinchcliff, Elizabeth Cemetery Pottersville Cemetery  
Children born in Jackson Co, IL Jane m. James V Crowell, Gracy m. Jacob Freeman, then Orphry Bunlison: Samuel m. Elizabeth Davis, Joseph m. Mary Ann Davis, Eliphas m. Elizabeth Crawshaw, Van m. Francis Gertman &  Daniel m. Eliza Crawshaw
Children born in Ripley Co, MO Elizabeth, Joshua Dial, Crawshaw m. Malinda E Wilson, Francis & Hannah
NOTES Came to Jackson Co before 1835, 1851-53 moved to MO


Davis, William H Birth date 23 Dec 1816 Floyd Co, IN  
  Death date 21 Jul 1898 Jackson Co, IL  
  Cemetery Zion Cemetery  
  Military service    
  Marriage date 26 Nov 1840 Jackson Co, IL  
Hall, Elvira Gravethorn Birth date 07 Apr 1820 IL  
Hall, Pheneas C Death date 19 Oct 1848 Jackson Co, IL  
Holliday, Elizabeth Cemetery    
  Marriage date    
Crow, Elizabeth Birth date 1827 IL  
  Death date    
Children 1st marriage Amos Hall, John Looney, Elvira Elizabeth
Children 2nd marriage 2 sons died as infants
NOTES age 16 apprentice to blacksmith Jacob Sheets in IN, then in Louisville, KY.  In 1839, came to Brownsville on his way to St Louis, MO, began working for Pheneas Hall
  1855 had a general store in DeSoto Twp


Dilday, Williamson Albert Birth date 21 Sep 1831 GA donated by
Dilday, Elias Death date 13 Feb 1905 Jackson Co, IL Majorie Dilday Legris
Wimpy, Pheriba Cemetery Buchahan Cemetery in Cora, IL  
  Military service enlisted 1865 Co b 65th IL Inf  
  Marriage date 17 Nov 1854 Jackson Co, IL  
Hodges, PeriSadi Birth date 09 Mar 1834  
Hodges, HC (b. AL) Death date 26 Apr 1870  
O' Daniel, Nancy (b. AL) Cemetery    
  Marriage Date 26 Mar 1871 Jackson Co, IL  
Turner, Elizabeth Birth date 07 Nov 1850 Union Co, IL  
Turner, Albert (b. TN)      
unknown, Mary A (b. TN)      
Children 1st marriage had 4 died young
  Dennis C  b. Dec 1860 and died Feb 1905 m. Adaline Turner d/o Perry B & Mary Ann (Sweet)
  Reuben Ellis  b. 1865, m. Annie Rebecka Windom
  Daniel Willis  b. 1855 and d 1883 Dade Co, MO, m. 15 Mar 1876 Dade Co, MO
Children 2nd marriage Elias Burton b. 28 Oct 1873-12 Mar 1938 never married, Samuel J b. Jun 1877 never married, Albert T  b. Oct 1881-27 Jul 1938 never married
  Emzia  b. Oct 1881-20 Oct 1948 m. William Lewis, rem Samuel Easton
  Clinton C  b. 18 Dec 1883-24 Feb 1952, m. Bessie Dempster
  George Calvin  b. 03 Jan 1887-08 Sep 1961, m. 01 Jul 1920 to Mary M Krug
  Ralph E  b. Sep 1889-20 Oct 1963, m. in Evansville, IN to unknown, then married 1930 to Mary M Mount
NOTES Lived in Sec 10 Degognia Twp w 260a
  Parents, Elias b. 12 Nov 1808 Old Pendleton Dist, SC and died in Jun 1892.  Pheriba b. 23 Mar 1818 SC
  Williamson was a JP for 30 yrs, member Free Will Baptist Church, Rockwood IOOF Lodge


Dillinger, John Birth date 08 Feb 1835 1878 HX
Dillinger, Henry (b NC) Death date    
unknown, Margaret (b SC) Cemetery    
  Military service enlisted 04 Sep 1861 in Co G 31st IL Inf as Cpl  
  Marriage date Jun 1866  
Brewster, Martha Ann Birth date    
  Death date    
Children had one son
NOTES parents had 6 children and came to Jackson Co in 1815, Henry d. 1857, Margaret d. 1841
  22 May 1863, John wounded in a bayonet charge & lost his left arm
  In 1869 moved to Grand Tower, was PM 1875-1878


Downen, George T Birth date 05 Dec 1842 Jackson Co, IL 1878 HX
Downen, James Death date    
Cully, Jane Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 19 Dec 1867 Jackson Co, IL  
White, Virginia C Birth date    
  Death date 01 Nov 1871  
  Marriage date 29 Aug 1872 Jackson Co, IL  
Steele, Emily L      
Children 1st marriage Albert J
Children 2nd marriage Madison, 2 children died before 1878


Downen, James Birth date 20 Oct 1812 Posey Co, IN 1878 HX
Downen, Timothy Death date    
unknown, Jane Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 1833  
Cully, Cucreca Birth date    
  Death date 1833  
  Marriage date 1835  
Cully, Jane (sister to 1st wife) Birth date    
  Death date 1849  
  Marriage date 1850  
Dunlap, Mrs. Lavina H Birth date    
  Death date    
Children 2nd marriage Rachel, Rebecca, Louisa, Cornelius, George T & Jane
Children 3rd marriage Emma, Mary, Ann, John, Wm & child died young
NOTES father served in War of 1812 and was wounded at Battle of Tippecanoe.  His parents has 10 children
  James came to Jackson Co in 1835 and was a farmer


Duncan, Joseph Birth date 23 Feb 1794 Paris, KY 1878 HX
  Death date 1844 Jacksonville, IL  
  Military service War of 1812 under Col George Croghan at Ft Stephenson  
  Marriage date    
  Birth date    
  Death date    
NOTES 1818 settled in Jackson Co, IL., named Major Gen of militia in 1823.  He was a State Senator 1825-28, 1826 US Congress until 1833, when he was elected Governor of ILL until 1838, retired to Jacksonville, IL


Duncan, Pierson Birth date   1878 HX
  Death date 1843 Jackson Co, IL  
  Military service    
  Marriage date    
unknown, Sarah Birth date    
  Death date 1847/8 Jackson Co, IL  
Children William M & 9 other children
NOTES lived in SC in 1815, in 1823 went to Jackson Co, GA, then in fall of 1827 to Jefferson Co, IL. near Mt Vernon, then 1829 to Randolph Co and in Spring on 1831 to Degognia Twp Jackson Co, IL.


Duncan, Peter Hutsel Birth date 10 Aug 1841 Martinsville, Morgan Co, IN donated by
Duncan, William Death date 12 Jun 1912 Barry Co, MO James W McCluer
Hutsel, Amanda Cemetery Mineral Springs Baptist Cemetery, Barry Co, MO  
  Military service Co H 27th IL Inf  
  Marriage date    
McCluer, Ruth Birth date    
McCluer, John A (b Jackson Co) Death date    
Nase, Clarinda Cemetery Mineral Springs Baptist Cemetery, Barry Co, MO  


Duncan, William Birth date 1807 NY  
Duncan, Robert Death date 1879 Jackson Co, IL  
  Military service Black Hawk War  
  Marriage date    
Hutsel, Amanda Birth date 20 Sep 1815 Lexington, KY  
  Death date 22 Nov 1847 Martinsville, IN  
  Marriage date 27 Nov 1849 Morgan Co, IN  
Hines, Sarah Birth date    
  Death date    
  Marriage date    
Trammell, Susan Birth date    
  Death date    
Children 1st marriage Thomas R, Peter Hutsel, Giles in Co D 81st IL, died 15 Feb 1863 Memphis, TN & Jesse H
Children 2nd marriage Mary Ann b. 15 Nov 1850, m. David F Granville s/o Wm, Sarah C m. Frank H Porter & William P
Children 3rd marriage Albert E b. 27 Nov 1873-29 Dec 1957 Barry Co, MO, Edward H b. 1870, Darius 1853-1921 buried Tower Grove Cemetery
NOTES His father was born in Scotland and came to the US with 2 brothers settling in NY
  Wm learned to be a cabinet maker, left NY and went to IN, moved to DeSoto in 1856


Duncan, Thomas R Birth date 10 Feb 1839 Martinsville, IN  
Duncan, William Death date 16 Jan 1922 Cherokee Co, KS  
Hutsel, Amanda Cemetery    
  Military service enlisted 12 Aug 1862 Co D 81st IL Inf, POW Andersonville Prison  
  Marriage date 2 Oct 1866  
McCluer, Sarah A Birth date 05 Aug 1840 Jackson Co, IL  
McCluer, John A Death date 02 Mar 1915 Cherokee Co, KS  
Nase, Clarinda Cemetery    
Children Clarinda m. Allen Jarrett, Maria died age 2, John A, Edward H, Kate m. Robert Roger, Laura m. James A Sizemore, Dora m. Frederick Divens, Jarretta m. Jesse Roper


Duncan, William Montgomery Birth date 01 Nov 1815 Lancaster Dist, SC 1878 HX
Duncan, Pierson Death date    
unknown, Sarah Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 22 Jun 1835 Jackson Co, IL  
Atkins, Sarah Birth date Randolph Co, IL  
  Death date 25 Nov 1854 Jackson Co, IL  
  Marriage date 08 Jul 1855 Jackson Co, IL  
Tyndall, Caroline Birth date    
  Death date 30 Apr 1865 Jackson Co, IL  
  Marriage date 05 Sep 1865 Jackson Co, IL  
Hobbs, Mrs. Marilla Birth date    
  Death date 06 Sep 1875 Jackson Co, IL  
  Marriage date 28 Jan 1876  
Hobbs, Mrs. N (Marilla's sister) Birth date    
  Death date    
Children 1st marriage they had 10 children, 5 still living in 1878
Children 2nd marriage the had 4 children, 3 still living in 1878
Children 3rd marriage the had 4, 2 boys still living in 1878

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