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Hall, James Jr. Birth date 1775 VA  
  Death date 30 Apr 1842 New Orleans, LA  
  Military service    
  Marriage date 03 Mar 1797 Logan Co, KY  
Coy, Wineford Birth date 1776 VA  
  Death date before 27 Sep 1847 Austin Co, TX  
Children Phineas C, James III, Ryal, Samuel B, John, Joseph, Thomas C, Jackson J, Wm G
NOTES 1813 in Somerset Twp.  Had a cotton gin and a grist mill in Halls Run.  1814 JP, 1916 Co Commissioner.  1818 delegate to Constitutional Convention.  He was a distiller in Hudson's Cove in Jackson Co, which he deeded to Phineas C Hall 10 Aug 1823 in sec 27 T8-2
NOTES He left for Washington Co, TX 03 Jun 1830, where he was a judge in 1835


Hamilton, Archibald Birth date 27 Apr 1818 Washington Co, IN  
Hamilton, Archibald Death date    
unknown, Susanna Cemetery    
  Military service enlisted Sep 1861 Co K 5th IL Cav, 6 months as a POW  
  Marriage date about 1843 Washington Co, IN  
Overton, Ellen Birth date about 1818  
  Death date 1843 after about 7 months of marriage  
  Marriage date 1845 Washington Co, IN  
Wells, Rebecca Birth date Washington Co, IN  
  Death date    
Children had 9 children: one died as infant, Ellen & Henrietta died young, James B d. 29 Feb 1877 (m. a few months), Sarah m. John Morgan, Marcus S, Angeline, Wm & Charley
NOTES 1839 Archibald went to Osage River in MO then returned to IN
  1858 family moved to Randolph Co, IL
  1867 farm in Degognia Twp, Jackson Co w 450a


Harris, Washington L Birth date 10 Aug 1844 Overton Co, KY 1878 HX
Harris, J W Death date    
unknown, Lucy Cemetery    
  Military service Co A 8th IL Inf, then 2nd Lt of Co 116th Inf (which he raised)  
  Marriage date 12 May 1868 Jackson Co, IL  
Henson, Mrs. Francis C Birth date Jackson Co, IL  
  Death date 15 Apr 1876  
Children Laura
NOTES both parents died while Washington was a child.  Washington moved to IL about 1857 first living in Springfield
  became ill during the war & resigned, then traveled to NY, CA & the Isthmus.
  On board the "Golden Rule" when it wrecked 22 May 1865 at Ranhardse Key, West Indies
  1867 came to Jackson Co, IL


Henson, George W G Birth date 19 Jan 1782 Rockland Co, NC  
Henson, Allen Death date    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 06 Oct 1807 TN  
Garner, Polly Birth date 19 Apr 1791 Rowan Co, TN  
  Death date    
Children Patsy m. John Jefferson East
NOTES His father was a soldier in the Rev War, also in Indian Wars.  He was shot & scalped but survived
  George's family moved from NC to TN, when he small
  George came to ILL in 1808, lived on Potter's Creek near Big Hill


Hodges, Hezekiah Claiborn Birth date 09 Oct 1802 near Knoxville, Jefferson Co, TN  
Hodges, James (b. 1750 SC-1837 AL) Death date    
unknown, Rachel (b. SC-1828 AL) Cemetery    
  Military service Black Hawk War in Capt Craig's Co of Cav, enlisted in Sep 1862 as Capt Co C 18th IL Inf  
  Marriage date 24 Nov 1827  
O' Daniel, Nancy Birth date    
O' Daniel, Michael (b AL) Death date    
unknown, Elizabeth (b AL) Cemetery    
Children had 7 children, 3 died before 1878, Sebastian S ( in Co C 18th IL, d. Oct 1863), Jerome B, Josephine m. Wm H Murden, Arretta B m. Dr McRuark of Randolph Co, IL & Alphenia S m. Wm Benefield
NOTES His father was married before & had 11 children.  Hez's parents had 8 children
  Hez's family moved to Mississippi Territory in 1808, area later became a part of Jackson Co, AL
  1830 Hez moved to Union Co, IL and in 1833 began studying medicine, also a minister in 1848
  1837 moved to Jackson Co, IL & practiced as a doctor


Holliday, David Birth date VA 1878 HX
  Death date 1849 Jackson Co, IL  
  Cemetery Holliday's Cemetery on his farm  
  Military service    
  Marriage date VA  
unknown Birth date    
  Death date    
Children had 5 children (one being George)
NOTES After his  marriage he moved to TN, then in 1814 to ILL on Big Muddy River, he had a cog mill, cotton gin & horse mill.  He owned a blacksmith shop, tan yard & a distillery


Holliday, George Birth date 08 May 1816 Jackson Co, IL 1878 HX
Holliday, David Death date    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 1842 Jackson Co, IL  
Whipkey, Joanna Birth date Somerset Co, PA  
  Death date    
Children had 9 children, 7 living in 1878, their oldest son dell at the Battle of Belmont, MO


Hrabik, Frank J Birth date 07 Jul 1853 Dolan, Bohemia 1878 HX
  Death date    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 1881 Jackson Co, IL  
Schoch, Henrietta Birth date Oraville  
Schoch, Conrad Death date    
Children Annie, John, Lillie & Lean
NOTES He came to the US in 1871 via NY, then to St Louis.  Came to Murphysboro in 1877 & opened a bakery

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