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Mansker, William W H Birth date 02 Mar 1837 Big Eddy, Jackson Co, IL 1878 HX
Mansker, William Death date    
Nancy Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 07 Sep 1856  
Henson, Sarah M Birth date    
Henson, BF Death date    
Children had 5, 2 living in 1878
NOTES Wm was PM of Fountain Bluff  Post Office for 10yrs


McCleur, John A Birth date 15 Nov 1816 near Parris, Richland Co, OH 1878 HX
McCleur, Thomas Death date 17 Apr 1899 Cherokee Co, KS additons by
Trucks, Susan Cemetery   James W McCluer
  Military service Civil War, Co D 81st IL Inf  
  Marriage date 22 Oct 1837 OH  
Nase, Clarinda Birth date 09 Dec 1817 Luzen Co, PA  
Nase, Thomas B Death date 16 Jun 1893 Mineral Springs, Barry Co, MO  
Polly Cemetery    
Children 6 boys & 6 girls: Mrs. Susan Polly Brandon, Mrs. Sarah Ann Duncan, Mrs. Rhuey Jane Holliday, Thomas N, Mrs. Amy Hand, George Y, Mrs. Ruth Duncan, Mrs. Amanda Glove, Henry W, John Allen (d. age 1), David N and Oliver Butler
NOTES 1837 came to Perry Co, IL and in 1838 to Levan Twp, Jackson Co, IL, his parents came with them. 1841 John became member of Baptist Church & in 1876 a ordained pastor of Pleasant Hill Church
  John left Jackson Co, IL in 1882


Minton, AB Birth date 12 Oct 1852 Max Meadows, Wythe Co, VA  
Minton, EH Death date    
Richey, Mary Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 02 Feb 1875 Cleveland, TN  
McNelly, mary Birth date    
  Death date    
Children Robert & Edward
NOTES His father moved from VA to Charleston, TN and died12 Feb 1861 in IN.  His mother died 04 Jan 1889 Cleveland, TN
  AB was an only child.  He was a mechanic for Mobile & Ohio RR in Murphysboro


Mohlenbrock, William Birth date 13 Jun 1834 Bremen, Germany 1878 HX
Mohlenbrock, Ludwig Death date    
Dortha Cemetery    
  Military service age 18 served 3yrs in regular service in Germany, Civil War 9th IL Mounted Inf, POW taken at Athens but escaped  
  Marriage date 28 Oct 1864  
Kromer, Minna Birth date Randolph Co, IL  
  Death date    
Children 4 boys, 2 girls and one child died
NOTES parents had 4 children.  Ludwig, a soldier in the Spanish War, was the s/o Herman of Amsterdam, Holland.  Herman was a sea captain in the East Indies
  Wm came to the US at age 22 to NYC then to Randolph Co, IL were he remained until 1861
  Apr 1865 came to Jackson Co & opened a general store.  Mar 1874 laid out the town of Campbell Hill, & set up a mill


Morgan, Jesse Birth date 26 Jan 1802 Kenton Co, KY 1878 HX
Morgan, Enoch Death date    
Mary Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 15 Jan 1823 Kenton Co, KY  
Sanders, Cassandria Birth date    
  Death date Jun 1827  
  Marriage date Nov 1831  
Adams, Maria      
Children 1st marriage Enoch & Joshua died in Mexican War near Buena Vista
Children 2nd marriage had 12 children, 8 living in 1878, one son in the Civil War
NOTES parents from Fairfax Co, VA, both parents died in Kenton Co, KY at ages over 90.


Morgan, Robert Burns Birth date 06 May 1840 AR 1878 HX
Morgan, Carey Death date    
Eliza Caroline Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 11 Oct 1860  
Bishop, Mary Birth date    
Bishop, Jonathon of Madison Co, IL Death date    
Children had 9 children, 6 living in 1878
NOTES his parents had 11 children only 3 survived, his family 1st lived near Nashville, Washington Co, IL.  In 1855 moved to Madison Co, IL where his parents died


Neal, Albert Birth date 09 Oct 1859 DuQuoin, IL  
Neal, John Death date    
Golliher, Sarah A Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 25 Dec 1883 Jackson Co, IL  
Marshall, Kate Birth date Warwickshire, England  
Marshall, Joseiah Death date    
Harvey, Sarah E Cemetery    
Children Harriet & Wm Frederick
NOTES He was a pit manager for Muddy Ore & Steel Co in Murphysboro

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