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Pike, William Baker Birth date SC  
  Death date 1849 Randolph Co, IL  
  Military service War of 1812 served under Gen Jackson.  Black Hawk War under Col Jones  
  Marriage date TN  
Brandon, Margaret Birth date    
  Death date 1846 Jackson Co, IL  
Children 7 children, living in 1878 Wm Brandon, Mary w/o David Eachus in CA, Hetishey w/o David Lung
NOTES His parents went to TN, Wm moved to IL in Nov 1828 to Randolph Co, then to Jackson Co


Pike, William Brandon Birth date 19 Jan 1822 Sumner Co, TN  
Pike, William Baker Death date    
Brandon, Margaret Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 05 Jun 1862  
Tudor, Eliza Birth date    
Tudor, Samuel Death date    
Jane Cemetery    
Children 7 children: Albert, Edgar, Conness, Nellie Bernice & Murry Asgil all living in 1878.  Tessa Brandon died young & 2 infants died.
NOTES his parents had 4 children, In 1828 the family came to Randolph Co,, IL, then to Jackson Co in 1829
  Wm (subject) went to WI at age 21, then to Louisiana in 1847, 1850 back to Jackson Co, in 1852 went to Sacramento, CA where he worked in gold mines for 7 yrs, then returned to Jackson Co
  His wife's parents were born in England and married in NY. Sam died in Sep 1854 & Jane died Jun 1858


Price, Columbia Birth date NC  
  Death date 09 Feb 1873 Perry Co, MO on his old farm  
  Military service    
  Marriage date    
Swan, Lydia Birth date Cape Girardeau, MO  
  Death date 09 Sep 1869 Jackson Co, IL  
NOTES his family moved to Perry Co, MO, Columbia moved to Jackson Co, IL in 1865


Price, Madison Birth date 01 Feb 1841 Perry Co, MO 1878 HX
Price, Columbia Death date    
Swan, Lydia Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 25 Feb 1873 Jackson Co, IL  
Gordon, Amelia Birth date    
Gordon, Samuel Death date    
Elizabeth Cemetery    
NOTES 1865 came to Jackson Co, IL


Prickett, F A Birth date 27 Oct 1842 Fairmount, Marion Co, VA 1878 HX
Prickett, J M Death date    
Mary Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date 1868 KS  
Whithrow, Susan L Birth date    
  Death date    
Children Luella P d before 1878, Edgar E, Fred B & Flora Pearl
NOTES Jun 1855, J M moved family to Paris, IL, then in 1857 to Carbondale
  1863 FA opened a drugstore in Carbondale, he went to Baxter Springs, KS for about 18 months, leaving store with brother LL
  Apr 1877 elected Mayor of Carbondale

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