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Redfield, Benjamin Roswell Birth date 11 May 1821 Guilford, CT donated by Robert Downen & R Roberts
Redfield, Roswell Death date 09 Mar 1909 Campbell Hill, IL  
Stone, Harriet Cemetery    
  Military service Civil War, Union Army  
  Marriage date 28 Mar 1849  
Cheatham, Elizabeth Jane Birth date    
Cheatham, Robinson Death date 1882  
  Marriage date    
Klope, Mrs. Martha Valentine Birth date    
Fuller Death date 1891  
Children 1st marriage William Griffing 02 Feb 1850-18 Jan 1930, John Franklin 02 Aug 1851-15 Apr 1878, Robert Cheatham 28 Jan 1851-16 Jun 1948, Harriet Mary 20 May 1856-18 Apr 1905, Henry Stone 25 Jul 1858-?, Lydia 1861-bef 1909, Harvey 25 Nov 1875-?, George Norman 11 Jun 1869-29 Nov 1947
Children 2nd marriage none
NOTES 1842 Ben came to Jackson Co, farm "Maple Grove" south of Campbell Hill
  Redfield family descends of Pilgrim John Alden
  2nd wife widow of Wm D Klope of Marion, IL--they had several young children when he died


Reeder, John M Birth date 18 Oct 1850 Hamilton Co, IL 1878 HX
Reeder, William C Death date    
Sarah Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date    
  Birth date    
  Death date    
NOTES parents had 7 children
  John went to SIU-C (Normal), began teaching in Jackson Co in 1870


Reynolds, James Monroe Birth date 1817 Jackson Co, IL donated by Anna Reynolds
Reynolds, Millenton David Death date 1898 Jackson Co, IL  
Hopkins, Cynthia (b. 1791 SC) Cemetery    
  Military service    
  Marriage date    
Elizabeth Birth date 1831  
  Death date 1856  
  Marriage date 1856  
Whitlow, Mary      
Children 1st marriage had 3 children--Dartha 1851, Mary 1854, James 1856
Children 2nd marriage Elizabeth 1860, Limon B 01 Apr 1857-01 Jan 1860 buried Etherton Cem
NOTES James, sheriff in Brownsville 1838-1840, also a carpenter.  He had a brother Andrew Jackson


Rogers, Dr George Birth date 04 Jul 1824 MA 1878 HX
Rogers, Dr John Death date 06 Nov 1874 Jackson Co, IL of heart disease  
  Military service    
  Marriage date    
Moore, Birth date    
Moore, Rev Atlas (Bapt.) Death date 11 May 1858  
  Marriage date 21 Dec 1862  
Tomes, Mrs. Sarah Jane Birth date    
  Death date    
Children 1st marriage had 4 children, only Omer I living in 1878
Children 2nd marriage had 4, one boy & one girl living in 1878, his wife had a son, Alonzo Tomes from her 1st marriage
NOTES 1832 his parents moved to Waterloo, Monroe Co, IL
  George graduated from McDowell's Medical College, St Louis, MO
  George lived in Rockwood, Ellis Grove and retired to Campbell Hill


Russell, William Birth date 09 Dec 1809 Cartwright Co, NC 1878 HX
Russell, David Jr. Death date   additions by
Melson, Violetta Cemetery   Joel Russell
  Military service    
  Marriage date 23 Jan 1835 Carteret Co, NC  
Russell, Anna Birth date 12 Oct 1816  
Russell, Wm Death date 1837 Jackson Co, IL  
Harris, Mary Cemetery    
  Marriage date 02 Dec1842 Jackson Co, IL  
Hegley, Delia (Hagler, Delilah) Birth date 1818 Jackson Co, IL  
Hegley, John (Hagler, John) Death date    
Children 1st marriage William
Children 2nd marriage had 9 children: Edmund, David, Wm C, Francis M, Samuel, Darthena, Mary, Jane,  Hannah & Charlotte
NOTES Came to Jackson Co, Il in 1836

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