The Memoirs of Daniel H. Brush

Original located at the Illinois State Historical Library

Transcribed by J. Gallagher in Feb 2011

Page 1 Family in Vermont
Page 2 1820 move to Green Co, IL, making a new settlement Bluffdale
Page 3 1821 his father died, fever spreads in settlement
Page 4 Life, School and Spelling Bees
Page 5 Begins working age 12, 1828 Mother remarries removes to Morgan Co, IL
Page 6 1829 moving to Brownsville, Jackson Co, IL, working in Mr Jenkin's Store
Page 7 Brownsville, going to Rock Spring Seminary 1831
Page 8 Going to visit Morgan Co, IL, Black Hawk War, trip up North
Page 9 1834 1st trip to New Orleans with produce
Page 10 1834 2nd trip to New Orleans
Page 11 Became a Whig, trip to Edwardsville, became Probate Judge, Circuit Clerk
Page 12 1837 re-elected Probate Judge & Clerk, visits Chicago & Morgan Co, IL
Page 13 Trip to Springfield, sister Mary died, courting Julia
Page 14 02 Nov 1841 marriage to Julia and trip to Louisville.  Problems with Mr Jenkin's
Page 15 10 Jan 1843 Fire at Brownsville Court House, running for re-election
Page 16 Court House moved to Murphysboro on land owned by Logan, Jenkins & Logan try to rig elections
Page 17 New store in Murphyboro, Law suit with Jenkins, 1847 Scarlet fever
Page 18 1848 Elections, boats trapped on the Big Muddy River, trips to St Louis & Memphis
Page 19 Saw mill in Alexander Co, 1849 Cholera & brother James died
Page 20 1852 Illinois Central Railroad comes to Jackson Co, land for Carbondale purchased by Brush group
Page 21 Carbondale Square laid out, moved Alexander Co mill to Carbondale, sister in law Jane Brush remarried
Page 22 Jane Brush died & trouble with her 2nd husband, Daniel takes in her 6 children, Presbyterian church
Page 23 04 Jul 1854 in Carbondale, moved store from Murphysboro to Carbondale
Page 24 1855 sells the Carbondale mill, starts building his big home in Carbondale
Page 25 1856 began building college, plagued by money problems, finally became Southern Illinois College
Page 26 1857 Daniel's home finished, 1859 First Presbyterian Church completed, Brush opens first bank
Page 27 Banking and the presidential election of 1860
Page 28 Telegraph office and Civil War troubles


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