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Jackson County, Illinois

Burroughs School 1930-31

Row 1: ( l to r ) Herman Bowlin, Lucille Valerius, Carl Burroughs, Delores Erhardt, Florence Burroughs, Grace Foster, Edna Dearmond, Tommy Oliver, Edna Valerius, Harry Oliver

Row 2: Billy Oliver, Raymond Foster, Harmon Burroughs, Russell Higgerson, Jimmy Liska, Charles Bergman, Earl Higgerson, Ivan Beard, Jackie Popp

Row 3: Donald Burroughs, Josephine Liska, Agnes Dearmond, Kathryn Valerius, Florence Bergman, Lavern Higgerson, Oscar Collins, Eugene Abbott

Row 4: Teacher- Ruth Karnes

Picture donated by Evelyn Burroughs Yates

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