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Construction Specifications for Burroughs School

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To whom it may concern:

Sealed bids for the construction of a schoolhouse in School District No. 10, township 7, range 1 and 2 west of the 3rd P.M. Jackson County, Illinois, will be received up to 12 o’clock noon, July 10th 1902 by mail addressed to U. E. Robinson, clerk of Board of Directors District No. 10, Elkville, Ill.

Said building to be constructed in accordance with the following specifications: The dimensions of the schoolhouse to be 22X32 feet. Posts 12 feet high to be placed upon a solid brick foundation 8 inch wall, 3 feet high, 18 inches above ground.

The sills are to be 6X8 inches of post or white oak, and tar paper is to be placed on wall under sills, one sill in center of building under floor joists.

Floor joists to be 2X8 inches, post or white oak to be placed 18 inches from center to center which must be mortised into the sills making it level on top.

The remainder of the frame to be no. 2 pine. The studding is to be 2X4 inches: joists 2X6 inches 22 feet long. Rafters 2X4 inches.

Joists to be braced in center to the top of the rafters and the center of rafters to be braced to the center of the joists.

The house is to be boxed diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees with pine boxing and lined outside with building paper.

Siding is to be of the best 0.g poplar 4 1/2 inches to the weather.

Cornice to be 1X12 inches with crown and bedmold made of select cypress of poplar, all other outside finish to be made of 1 1/8 X 5 inches select poplar or cypress and all finishing lumber to be of the best quality.

The roof to be 10/12 pitch to be covered with best cedar shingles grade 5 to 2 laid 4 ½ inches to the weather and to have ridge roll on comb of the house.

There is to be a belfry on the house 4 feet square and 5 feet high from comb to plate, roof 10/12 pitch, with 4 gables, and 4 ventilators, one to be hung on hinges; a flagpole is to be placed on top of belfry 4X4 inches at bottom and 8 feet high, to be round at the top with a 6 inch ball and an arrow weathervane on top; with a pulley and flag rope attached near the top of the pole.

The house is to have a porch 8X20 feet covered by best cedar shingles 4 ½ inches to the weather, is to have a hip roof, with ridge roll on hips, sealed with 5/8 ceiling; square cornice; to have 4 turned columns 5X5 inches 8 feet long poplar, with stool irons.

Porch floor to be 1 1/8 cypress laid in lead.

The house is to be laid with star flooring, to have no. 1 door 2(10)X6(10), 1 ¾ inches thick, a no. 1 mortised lock and knob, and no. 1 4X4 hinges, also a transom 2(10)X14 inches 2 light.

There are to be 8 windows in the house 3 on each side and 2 in front, with glass 12X36 inches 4 light, to be hung on weights and with locks on frame of the same.

House to be plastered from floor to ceiling with royal or acme plastering, and is to be white coated above wainscoting.

The ceiling of the house is to be of star flooring. The room is be wainscoted 3 feet high on a level with bottom of windows with 5/8 star ceiling.

The house to have one flue 18X18 inches built on solid host 8X8 inches, 8 feet from floor resting on middle sill, with large substantial pillar under sill.

There is to be a blackboard 3 feet wide across the back end of the room and round the ends to the windows 34 feet, to be made of blackboard canvass on smooth solid plastered surface, to be glued on.

There are to be shelves on each side of the room to place dinner buckets.

There is to be a string of hooks on each side of the room to hang hats, wraps, etc. for 40 pupils. There are to be small washbasin shelves on each side of the room, also a water bucket shelf.

This house is to be painted on the outside with 3 coats of white lead and oil. The ventilators in belfry are to be painted green. To be painted on inside with 2 coats of color, white lead and oil paint. The porch floor is to be painted with 2 coats of similar paint.

All work done on this schoolhouse must be first class, mechanical, and in a working and like manner: subject to inspection at all times during construction.

And the same to be completed according to specifications on or before September 1st 1902. Contractor giving $500 bond for faithful execution of his contract.

This schoolhouse is largely modeled after the colored schoolhouse in Elkville.

The porch is largely patterned after the one on the Tuthil Prairie schoolhouse.

The board of directors reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

H. P. Burroughs Board

U. E. Robinson of

Richard Latty Directors

Dated. Elkville, Ill.

July 1st 1902

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