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Jackson County, Illinois

Camp Creek Cemetery

Located 1 1/2 mile south of Oraville, IL on Camp Creek Rd, near Camp Creek Baptist Church

Butcher B. F.     Note
  Benjamin 1863 05 Feb 1911 s/o John & Francis Popejoy Butcher
  Cathern Elizabeth (Spinner) Oct 1891 27 Jul 1928 d/o Geo & Sarah Butcher; w/o Clyde R. Spinner
  Eliza A. (Campbell) 1854 b. OH Aft 1880 Believed to be w/o William Butcher, name misspelled (Ellen).
  George 1837 02 Oct 1924 Civil War Co H, 27th IL Inf; s/o John & Hulda Morgan Butcher; h/o Sarah Ripley Butcher
  Huldah (Morgan) Aug 1798 b. NC 09 Jan 1877 w/o John Butcher
  Ida May (Jarrett) 1890 May 1975 w/o Thomas L. Butcher
  Jacob Jan 1835 Aug 1860 s/o John & Hulda Butcher (name misspelled (Jatho)
  John Jun 1796 b. TN Jul 1879 s/o Gasper Butcher; h/o Hulda Morgan Butcher
  Leonard 1914 17 Jul 1915 s/o Thomas L.& Ida Butcher
  Luther Dec 1916 17 Apr 2001 s/o Thomas L.& Ida Butcher
  Ollie May 1878 1953 d/o Geo & Sarah Butcher
  Sarah (Ripley) 1847 Mar 1936 2nd w/o Geo Butcher
  Sarah A. (Hoover) 1850 b. TN 12 Mar 1932 w/o Benjamin Butcher
  Thomas Luther Nov 1881 25 Sept 1965 s/o Geo & Sarah Butcher
  Virtis Rolens      
  William 1847 Aft 1880 believed to be s/o John & Hulda Butcher
Crisler Amanda A 1858 1923 w/o Harvey
  Andrew 06 Jan 1893 23 Dec 1954  
  George W 1882 1942  
  Harvey 1852 1931  
Griffin Elliot 18 May 1878 1965np  
King Freeman 13 Sep 1840 b. PA 04 Apr 1927 Civil War Co K 18th IL Inf; s/o Charles & Mary A. (Whipkey) King; b. PA
  Mary C 07 Feb 1874 14 Oct 1896 d/o Freeman & Catherine Butcher; 1st wife
  Rebecca (Reno) 06 Aug 1840 02 Dec 1906 2nd w/o Freeman
Petrazio Joseph Alfred 30 Sep 1905 27 Apr 1980 physician
  Mary   23 Jul 1966np 53 yrs w/o Joseph A
Saylor Grant L 13 Nov 1872 18 Jun 1946fr  
ShannonRebecca08 Jan 182105 Mar 1915wife of Samuel Shannon
Samuel22 Mar 189278y 1m 28d; husband of Rebecca Shannon

From a new listing map in the works at JCHS in Murphysboro, the following for Camp Creek Cemetery: 1.  10 rows in and in order L-R: two empty spaces, Vertis Rolens Butcher, B.F. Butcher, empty space, Ollie Butcher, Elizabeth Butcher Spinner, Sarah Butcher, George Butcher and George Butcher Co. H 27th IL Inf (possibly two markers as one), John Butcher, empty space Huldah Butcher, at least three and possibly 4 more non-marked. 2. Three rows in from back on left side alone-Benjamin Butcher many empty spaces all around 3.  Eight rows up from front right side to right of Jatho Thomas Butcher, Ida Butcher, Leonard Butcher, Luther Butcher, unmarked grave. 4.  Eight rows up from front between Grizzel and Jatho to right-middle three empty, William Butcher, Ellen Butcher, four empty 5.  There are many empty spots so there are many stones down throughout this cemetery. The lady says it is full. (C)  Creekpaum is a family name that was originally Krischbaum (Kirschbaum) or a close spelling variation. There were a few of this family in Kentucky around 1800. 1.  John H. Creekpaum married Nancy Butcher, daughter of Gasper Butcher. She was born in 1810 in Kentucky. Creekpaum Cemetery  is fairly sparse in number of graves. There is a large coal mine next to it and you can see the dust of the earth movers. It is an isolated area. There used to be a church there but when it burned down they kept the steps to it as a memorial. I'm not sure if the steps are still there. 2.  There are several Butchers there including Alsy wife of Samuel, son of Gasper.  Submitted by Andrew Butcher.

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