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Tuesday, June 13, 1899
Volume 1
Number 1


    Mrs. Amelia Hancock HODGE died this morning at 3:20 at her residence on Poplar St.  Funeral services will be held at the family residence tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Interment will be at Murphysboro. Train leaving I. C. depot about 11 o'clock.


    Bernard TAYLOR died at his residence in Carbondale at 11 o'clock p.m. June 11, 1899. He had been a resident of Carbondale for twenty-seven years, coming to this city from New York, at which place he was born March -----46.  He was married to Miss A. E. CROWALL, of this city, five children ---------
from this union, Grace, Richard, George, Fannie and Clinton. He was buried at Oakland cemetery.


*Miss Winnie HARKER is improving.
*Mr. S. KIMMEL spent Saturday at home.
* Harry SEARING spent yesterday in Murphysboro.
*D. M. ETHERTON spent yesterday in Murphysboro.
*Miss Hester EDE, of Cobden, is visiting her sister this week.
*Miss Clea HYPES has returned from an extended visit in the east.
*Miss Mary WALLACE, class of  is the guest of Professor SHRYOCK.
*Miss Jane BARTER, of Marion, class of  is attending commencement.
*Mrs. Celia BAYLEY, of Chicago, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. P. LIGHTFOOT.
*Miss Clance GORDON, of Chester, is visiting her cousin, Miss Jennie HILL.
*Mr. Karl WINTERS, of Chicago, is the guest of his brother, Jessee WINTERS.
*Miss Mabel K. PETERS is attending the county institute at White Hall.
*Miss Julia HANSON, of Murphysboro, is visiting her aunt, Miss HANSON.
*Mr. Frank PRICETT, wife and daughter, Jessie, spent yesterday in St. Louis.
* Mr. C. H. QUACKENBUSH, Oc-nee, class of  is spending the week in the city.
*S. B. TAYLOR, of Golconda, Illinois, is at the residence of his brother, J. F. TAYLOR.
*Mr. W. T. SMITH is entertaining his son, Oscar SMITH, and wife, of Grand Tower.
*Miss Stella RAMSEY, class of  is in the city attending commencement exercises.
*Mrs. Philietus HILEMAN, of Jonesboro, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Clinton MILLER.
*Prof. Tony FELTS, class of  principal of the high school at Cairo, is visiting friends here.
*Dr. Robert K. STEELE, of Salt Lake City, Utah, class of  is attending commencement.
*Mrs. STONE is entertaining her daughter, Mrs. Sames K. WALTON and children, of Cobden.
*Miss Helen PETERS returned from St. Louis Saturday, where she has been studying the past year.
*Eb. BROWN, Ed. SMITH, John BATSON and Everrett RENDLEMAN took a fishing trip Saturday, catching (-----).
*Dr. PARKINSON is entertaining his father, A .J. PARKINSON, of Highland. Mr. PARKINSON is past his 84th year.
*On Saturday last from 6 to 9 o'clock, Mrs. Dr. MITCHELL entertained for her son, Ed., who had just returned from college.
*Miss Minnie DAGLE, of Murphysboro, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. BARTH.
Miss DAGLE expects to spend the summer in our City.
*Judge and Mrs. YOUNGBLOOD and Miss Laura, went to St. Louis yesterday on business and pleasure.
*The many friends of Kent CROSS, who has been sick at J. M. ETHERTON? residence, for the past six weeks, will be pleased to learn that he is greatly improved.
*Miss Lelia ALEXANDER started for Denver, Colorado, to spend the summer yesterday afternoon.
*Frank GILBERT, of St. Louis, a former Carbondale boy, now in the employ of the Missouri Railway company, is visiting his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. D. GILBERT.
*S. L. OWEN, a nephew of Mrs. B.S. MANN, of this city, has the honor of being the youngest graduate of Barnesdical College, of St. Louis, graduating from that institution April 15, at the age of 19.
*Two members of Company C, 4th Illinois, John OGDEN and Sod TINSLEY, not satisfied with their year? service in Cuba, on Saturday last enlisted at St. Louis in the 4th U.S. artillery. Roy OGDEN, a brother of John, also enlisted.  These young men will start today for the Philippines.
*Friday night last Albert COX was knocked down and badly hurt by an Illinois Central train at Murphysboro. Speaking of the accident, the Murphysboro Republican says that COX lives in Carbondale, but for some weeks has been employed at one of the mines as a driver, and places his age at 23. No one in Carbondale seems to know the man.
*From the Cairo papers we clip the following item: The engagement of Miss Mary BROWNLEE, daughter of Prof. J. H. BROWNLEE, of the Southern Illinois Normal University, Carbondale, to Mr. George FREDERICKSON, of Decatur, is announced. Miss BROWNLEE has been  teacher of elocution and English History in the Cairo high school during the past year.

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