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Jackson County, Illinois

City Cemetery - Murphysboro

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Aber Eugene   1926* Co I WI Inf
Andrew William H   25 Jun 1910* Sp Amer Co G 1st CO Inf
Atkinson William   03 Apr 1905* Co K 97 NY & Co A 83 NY Inf
Betts George   no dates* Co B 9th IL Inf
Bierer F C   Jan 1893* Co H 27th IL Inf
Bogle John B   no dates* Civil War
Bouscher William   1914* Civil War 1st MS Brig
Brauer Conrad   18 Feb 1887* Co D 5th MO Inf
Bridges Alfred P   03 Mar 1889* Co A 79th MO SM
Brinkman August   24 Oct 1932* Band Co 8 MO Inf
Brotherhood John   02 Dec 1904* Co E 15th IL Inf
Brown C M   no dates* Civil War
Burr Gilbert Jackson   30 Jan 1881* Co E 15 IL Inf & 27th IL Cav
ButcherLouisa (Draper) 18391891w/o William B. Butcher
Butcher William B  Feb 1833 in Jackson Co IL 17 Jan 1889* Co H 31st IL Inf; s/o George W & Mary (Sorrells) Butcher, H/o Louisa (Draper) Butcher
Chew Andrew B   05 Jul 1912* Co H 27th IL Inf
Coad Margaret   27 Nov 1899fr w/o Samuel (he murdered her)
  Samuel   27 Nov 1899fr (suicide)
  Samuel H   no dates 82-2-29
Daniel Sebastian   17 Oct 1872* Co A 155th IL Inf
Davis Abel C   14 May 1914* Co A 31st IL Inf
Dishon B D   18 May 1898* Co M 109th IL Inf
  Calvin B   02 Dec 1886* Co F & S 190th IL Inf
Dodge William   18 May 1898* Co E 24th OH Inf
Drueke Raymond   14 Aug 1943* WWI 31st Div Bn
Duncan Sidney B   21 Dec 1875* Co I 110th IL Inf
Eakin William M   18 Jun 1908* Co I 6th IL Inf
Eighme D Harr   no dates* Civil War
Ellis Americus   20 Jul 1897* Civil War
Fain (unknown)   no dates* Mexican War doctor
Flint Gilbert Roy   27 Sep 1947* WWI 20th Engineers
Free William J   13 Jan 1913* Co I 154th IL Inf
Furness James B   18 Mar 1897* Co M 2nd PA Regt Art
Garner John L   31 Jul 1890* Co H 27th IL Inf
Glasser Charles   20 Oct 1902* Co B & K 149th IL Inf & 5th PA Inf
Graham Lewis   no dates* Co C 9th IL Inf
Hall Benjamin Franklin 01 Jan 1833 12 Sep 1894  
Haltwick John   no dates* Co E 31st IL Inf
Ham Charles   03 Jan 1901* Co E 6th IL Inf
Hancock John A J   03 Jun 1886* Co E 81st IL Inf
Hanson Edwin   10 Dec 1873* Co D 136th IL Inf
  Henry   18 Mar 1863* Co D 81st IL Inf
Hawkins Isaac   no dates* Civil War 3rd IN Bn
Hayes James M   no dates* Co K 73rd IL Inf
Held Frank   08 Oct 1902* Co H 48th IN Inf
Hesselrode B F   1872* Civil War
Hord Thomas F   12 Jan 1921* Co K 18th IL Inf Fld Staff
Hull JA   17 Jan 1889* Co F 81st IL Ing
Icenogle Charles Rollie 18 Sept 1909 27 Jun 1993 b. Cambria, IL d. Murphysboro, IL; Served in the CCC Camps Randle, WA 1933
Clarence 06 Feb 1912 29 Mar 2000
Icenogle (Rains) Gladys Mae 23 Jun 1930 04 Oct 1996 b. Pomona, IL d. Murphysboro m. 14 Feb 1955 to Charles R.
Icenogle (Fowler) Living 11 Dec 1915 m. Clarence 13 Nov 1934
Ingram William T   20 Feb 1881* Co F 40th IL Inf doctor
John Thomas W   24 Jul 1944* WWI Co B 303 Am Trn
Jones David   22 Feb 1881* Co H 81st OH Inf
King Jacob   24 Apr 1906* Co H 27th IL Inf
Kline August   no date* unknown war
Lewis J W   30 Dec 1902* Co C 147th PA Inf
Logan John   04 Nov 1852* Capt in Alex Jenkins Co
  Thomas M   26 Jun 1907* Co E & C 31st IL Inf
Loosley Edwin   no dates* Co A 81st IL Inf
McDowell Francis M   no dates* Co H 16th OH Inf
  John   30 Sep 1870* Co H 16th OH Inf
Miles Nathan   no date* unknown war
Morgan Soloman   1905* Co M 15th IL Cav
  Thomas W   19 Apr 1909* Co K 18th IL Inf
Morris James Daniel W   04 Mar 1911* Co D 13th IL Consol Cav
Norman John   no dates* Co E 77th IL Inf
O'Hara James   no dates* Mexican War
Ozburn Lindorf   28 Apr 1865* CW 31st IL Inf, Mexican War Co H 1st IL Regt
Palmer J R   02 Dec 1886* 11th IN Inf
Pellett Ephraim K   no date* unknown war
Prickett Thomas J   22 Dec 1886* Co E 81st IL Inf, Mex War 2nd Reg IL Inf
Pugh Abram R   13 Apr 1882* Co F 13th IL Cav
Ragle John B   02 Jun 1869* Co I 91st IN Inf
Rapp Fred K   no dates* Co A 24th IL Inf
Richards A B   1879* Co H 27th IL Inf
Riseling C C   22 Feb 1914* Co D 133 PA Inf
Rothrock W H   05 Jun 1911* Co C 11th IL Inf
Saylor W A   no dates* Co G 8th IL Inf
Schmidtgale Henry   no dates* Co D 81st IL Inf
Schweitzer Matthew   no dates* Co A 2nd MO Inf
Smith Barney   no dates Civil War
  Charles   no dates* CO I 18th IL Inf
  James P   no dates* Co K 73rd IL Inf
  Thomas   13 Jan 1911* Civil War
Stevenson S S   12 Jul 1889* Co C 100th IL Inf
Tabb Nathan M   03 Feb 1904* Co B 111th IL Inf
Tarpley T J   03 Mar 1878* Co F 81st IL Inf
Teeter C H   08 May 1876* 137 PA Inf
Temple Jesse   no dates* Co K 185th IL Inf
Thompson Harry Tucker   05 Jun 1922* WWI Pk Co 1 Div AS
Toler W H   no date* Co A 60th IL Inf
Torbett B D   02 Jul 1887* Co C 150th PA Inf
Tuck John   11 Apr 1891* Co D 149th IL Inf
Wagner William E   17 Feb 1930* WWI Ry Art
Weatherly S M   28 Aug 1876* Co E 109th IL Inf
  W D   24 Feb 1876* Co E 109th IL Inf
Wells Ferdinand   28 Jun 1911* Co K 81st IL Inf
  Joe   21 Jun 1937* WWI Sup Co HQ TWTB
Wiggins James   no dates Civil War
Williams T L   no date* Co K 118th IL Inf
Wilson W C   15 Dec 1912* Co H 20th KY Inf
Woosley John   27 Nov 1886* Co G 110th IL Inf
  Joshua G   1906* Co H 27th IL Inf
Wortman Floyd G   18 May 1952* WWII CO B 140th Inf

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