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Students 1916-1917

A memorial to let future generations know that a church and school, built in the 1800's, once sat on land four miles north-west of Vergennes, was set up by former students, church members and their descendents.  A bronze plaque with the words, "Mt. Zion (Creekpaum) United Brethern Church 1892-1961", was placed on the only remaining remnant of the old log school and church, THE CHURCH STEPS. The Creekpaum cemetery, a beautiful, peaceful site, is located here as well.  The church and school served what was then the old Creekpaum community. The church was built in 1892.  Church members disbanded in 1961.  The building was then torn down in 1967.  Only the steps remain.  The original school was built in the 1800's.  About 90 children attended.  A newer school was later built with about 32 students attending.  the school was bought in the 1950's and moved.  A reunion of church members, former students and their descendents is held each year at the site on Memorial Day.

Butcher, Eloise

Butcher, Marie

Campbell, Inez

Colin, Edna

Collins, Amos

Collins, Rolla

Cox, Arthur

Creekpaum, Herman

Creekpaum, Stella

Crow, Cletus

Crow, Mildred

Crow, Opal

Evans, Arthur

Johnson, Violet

Pugh, Elmer

Pugh, Eddie

Pugh, Etnie

Pieron, Henry

Quillman, Ray

Quillman, Emma

Quillman, Rita

Rosenberger, Lucy

Sherman, Justus

Sherman, Lulu

Schimpf, Fred

Schimpf, Inez

Schimpf, Lelah

Sullivan, Arthur

Sullivan, Jesse

Weil, Anna

Weil, Charles

Weil, Edna

Woodward, Ada

Woodward, Arthur

Woodward, Marie

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