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Train Accident Kills Child

A heart-sickening accident occurred in the eastern suburbs of Ava last Friday evening, in which the life of a blessed little child was crushed out and a happy home saddened. As the 3:20 passenger train, north bound, came thundering toward our depot, little BENNIE, two year old child of MR. and MRS. JASON LUFKIN was playing on the track, and the engineer seeing the situation at once reversed his engine but not however in time to save the life of the innocent little child, for the engine, tender and front trucks of the baggage car passed over the child completely severing both legs from the body and bruising the head. The mangled form was carried, to the home of the parents, and all aid possible rendered, but life left the body in a few hours and all suffering ended. Coroner Knauer held an inquest over the body Saturday noon and the train men were present to give their testimony. Engineer THORNTON testified that when about five car lengths from the child he seen an object on the track, immediately reversed his engine and used every possible means, but the distance was so short that he could not stop his train in less space than he did. Conductor WM. KEEFE testified that nothing was left undone to stop the train at once, and that the stop made in this instance was the shortest he had ever remembered witnessing on the M. & O. RR under such a rate of speed. VERDICT OF THE CORONER'S JURY: We, the undersigned, jurors, sworn to inquire of the death of BENJAMIN H. LUFKIN, on oath do find that he came to his death by being run over by engine No. 29, train No.2, on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad on the 18th day of April 1890, cutting off both legs which caused it's death, which was an unavoidable accident, and no blame to be attached to the engineer fireman or officers of the train... ? NEWELL, M.D. Foreman, THOMAS SMITH, JOHN F. EASTERLY, J. P. HARWARD, F. D. LEWIS and W. B. HARRIS, Clerk. the funeral took place Saturday evening from the residence and a large concourse of sorrowing friends followed the remains to the King cemetery where innocent little Bennie was lowered to rest. In this their hours of deepest sorrow MR. and MRS. LUFKIN have the sympathy of the people of Ava and vicinity.

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