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6 July 1872 Carbondale New Era, Carbondale IL, Page 2, column 2.

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Edward JONES, living about six miles southwest from Murphysboro, was shot and killed on the morning of the fourth by a man named Wesley WELLMORE. A quarrel existed between the parties concerning the ownership of some hogs, and WELLMORE, meeting JONES at the latter’s residence on Thursday morning, threatened to shoot him. JONES who not threatened to shoot him. JONES was not frightened by WELLMORE’s demonstrations but struck him, when WELLMORE drew a shot gun and shot JONES three times, killing him instantly. WELLMORE was arrested yesterday morning and taken to Murphysboro for examination.


13 July 1872 Carbondale New Era, Carbondale IL, Page 2, column 2.

About midnight of 4th inst. Wesley WELLMORE, the murderer of Edward JONES was arrested near the scene of the tragedy, some five miles from Murphysboro. It was believed that WELLMORE would be found in the neighborhood of his father-in-law’s house, and accordingly, Ben HARRIS and three other men secreted themselves near the roadside in order to intercept him should be make his appearance. Near midnight WELLMORE suddenly approached HARRIS without the latter noticing him. The first intimation HARRIS had that the murderer was near him was the click of the latter’s gun as he cocked it. HARRIS fully appreciating his danger cried out "don't shoot!" WELLMORE, supposing it to be one of his own friends, lowered his weapon, when HARRIS sprang upon him and disarmed him. The next morning he was taken to Murphysboro and lodged in jail.

The circumstances of the murder of JONES vary a little from the account given in our last issue. It appears that for some time a misunderstanding existed between the two parties. At the last term of court WELLMORE was indicted for stealing hogs, and supposed that JONES preferred the complaint against him, but in this he was mistaken. About 8’oclock on the morning of the 4th he went to JONES’ residence and saw the latter in a stable lot adjoining the house. A daughter of JONES, nearly fifteen years of age, and two small boys were the only other persons upon the premises. After a few words had passed between the parties WELLMORE shot JONES with a gun loaded with nine buckshot, the charge entering his right arm and side. JONES fell, exclaiming, "I'm killed!" to which WELLMORE replied: "Damn you, come out and I’ll give you some more!" JONES’ daughter, Elizabeth, started to her father’s relief, but the latter motioned her to go for assistance, which she did. The nearest neighbors were John and W. K. WILSON, about a quarter of a mile distant. When the WILSONs arrived at JONES’ house, they found him under a tree, almost insensible, with his two boys hugged to his breast. A little water revived him, when he said, "Wellmore finally got the best of me." After this he sank rapidly, and died in about two hours.

Wellmore is a man about 5 feet 9 inches high, and is said to have been engaged in another deadly quarrel. He makes no attempt to conceal his guilt. He was examined on Saturday before Justices DONNELLY and KENNEDY. F. E. ALBRIGHT appearing as his counsel.

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