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Ava Citizen Newspaper

21 Jun 1935

Former Suitor Kills Young Bride.

Donated by Nancy Attey

Mrs. Monroe Hampton: age 22 years who had been married less than a week was shot down by former suitor, Steve Worsham at Murphysboro early last Thursday P.M. She died 4 A.M. Monday. Just before shooting, Worsham, whose home is in Sullivan, Ill. stopped his car in front of the home of Mrs. Reba Heape, North 22nd St. Murphysboro, sister of slain woman, and called for Mrs. Hampton, who was there. Mrs. Hampton was told by her sister to see Worsham and have it over with. She stepped out and no sooner had put one foot on the running board, when he pulled a revolver and with the words, "If I can't have you, no one can, either" and started firing. He shot twice, both bullets penetrating her abdomen, causing four lower bowl perforations. She was taken to St. Andrew's Hospital where an operation was performed on a vain effort to save her life. Worsham drove rapidly away but getting mixed in his directions, wound up in a briar filled ditch not far from the scene of the incident. He was captured and taken to jail.

Norsham claimed he had been drinking and did not know what he was doing when he shot the young woman. He is said to have wept in his cell Sunday. He borrowed a gun from a friend in Sullivan and drove to Murphysboro. He said he never owned a revolver and had never even fired one or been in any trouble.

Mrs. Hampton's husband was at Herrin where he works in the mines. Mrs. Hampton was employed at the home of attorney and Mrs. L.R. Stewart of Murphysboro and Mrs. Stewart had driven her to the Heape home shortly before the shooting.

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