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Jackson County, Illinois

 Death Certificates "S"

Name: Smith, Jane Sex & age: female 85-1-20 white Marital status: widow Cert #3053
Born: 29 Nov 1830 TN Died: 19 Jan 1915 Makanda, IL Cause of Death: injury of bowels & peritonitis caused by a fall
Time of Death: 0930 Signed by Dr A L Thompson of Makanda Burial: Evergreen Cemetery at Makanda
Veteran Resident, lived in state for 73yrs Occupation: housekeeper
Father Mother Informant: Riley Knight
Funeral Home Funeral Director: Rendleman & Green filed 19 May 1915 by H A Hagler


Name: Spears, Lee Sex & age: male 49 yrs, white Marital status: married
Born in Murry Co, TN Died: 21 Mar 1878 Vergennes Twp,  Jackson Co, IL Cause of Death: inflammation in lower abdomen at an old wound extending to kidneys & bowels
Time of Death: 6pm Signed by: Dr R B Blacklock Burial: Davis
Veteran Resident of ILL for 40yrs Occupation: farmer
Father Mother Informant
Funeral Home Funeral Director Registar


Name: Steele, Nancy Clementine (Clemantine?) Sex & age: white female 52-02-07 Marital status: married
Born: 02 Apr 1864 Metcalf Co, KY Died 08 May 1916 Carbondale Twp, Jackson Co, IL Cause of Death: Apoplexy
Time of Death Signed by Dr M. Etherton Burial: Pleasant Grove Cemetery 09 May 1916
Veteran Resident Occupation: housewife
Father: John H. Hicks born Patrick Co, VA Mother: Mary A. Tudor born Barren Co, KY Informant: A(rchibald) B. Steele, husband
Funeral Home Funeral Director: M. Brown of Carbondale filed 10 May 1916 by Dallas Meisenheimer Reg #7

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