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Jackson County, Illinois

Death Certificates "T"

Name: Turner, Lecia Sex & age: female, white, age 76-0-11 Marital status: widowed
Born: 07 Oct 1861 Tunnel Hill, IL Died: 18 Oct 1937 Makanda Twp, Jackson Co, IL Cause of Death: Ulcerative Colitis, 2nd Senility
Time of Death Signed by: Cm Brooks, MD Burial: Lipe Cemetery
Veteran: No Resident: for 4 yrs Occupation: house wife
Father: Clem Matheny b unknown Mother: nee Trigg b New Burnsides, IL Informant: Mrs J L Carrington of Makanda, IL
Funeral Home: Van Natts in Carbondale, IL Funeral Director: Joe J Van Natts filed by: 25 Oct 1937 Bernard Scroggins
    donated by Jenny Osterman


Name: Turner, William Sex & age: male, white, age 62-8-7 Marital status: married
Born: 04 May 1851 Hardin Co, IL Died: 11 Jan 1914 Makanda Twp, Jackson Co, IL Cause of Death: Pneumonia for 10 days
Time of Death: 11 am Signed by: A L Thompson, MD Burial: Lipe Cemetery
Veteran Resident Occupation: farmer
Father: Duglas Turner b PA Mother: Jane Wallace b Elizabethtown, IL Informant: Rolan Turner of Carbondale, IL
Funeral Home Funeral Director Greene Rendleman in Makanda, IL filed by 08 Apr 1914 James H Brown
    donated by Jenny Osterman

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