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Jackson County, Illinois

Edward Schwartz Diary, Cont.


The elements looked somewhat hazy as though we would have some more rain. Soon lightened in the North late in the evening. Rather warmer to day than for several days past.

Emma, all the children & I went up Uncle Hirams. Emma, Lucy & I went to DuQuoin (I went up to the St. John's Mill). We got back to Uncle Hirams about noon. We left for home about 5 P.M. Got home before 7. Gim helped us about 1/2 day. He plowed peach trees etc. Philip picked strawberries, plowed corn, etc. (NOTE: Uncle Hiram is Hiram Pyle, brother of Edward's mother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp)


Very good appearance of rain in the morning but towards evening looked very much like clearing off. This was the warmest day perhaps we have had so far since spring set in. Ella, Mattie & Mollie all went up to Sunday School. Emma Lucy and I were at home all day. Little Georgie & Laura were here part of day. Dr. Babbitt & wife came just after we had finished dinner. Notwithstanding, they got in in time to partake of what might be termed, in common parlance, a very good & substanch dinner. We had three swarms of bees to day. Philip went down below somewhere. Ellen is ______. (NOTE: Little Georgie and Laura are the children of Edward's brother, William- pg)


Heavy clouds passed around to the North and South. Rained but very little here, just merely sprinkling. I was about home all day - only a short time in the evening I went up to Elkville. Philip & I replanted corn in south orchard in forenoon. Philip finished replanting n the afternoon & he then to plowing same piece with riding plow. In the afternoon I tore up bee hive. The moth had nearly destroyed it. I transferred it to another hive and took a frame out of another hive containing queen cell and gave them. Mattie Burns came home with Ellen Davis


Heavy cloud in the North in the morning. We thought it would surely rain during the day but it did not. Cleared up some what about 10 o'clock & turned pretty cool. Sam Jenkins plowed in piece down on Cowgill farm for me to day. Philip plowed corn in South Orchard all day. Just before noon I took plow up to shop to have it sharpened. I was engaged most all day to day hoeing in garden etc. Bro. Hiram was here awhile in afternoon. Emma went to Elkville in afternoon Came back about 6 P.M.


Quite cool in the morning but warm after the sun was up. Clear until late in the evening when it became some what cloudy in the west. I was working most all forenoon in the garden. Philip finished plowing piece corn in south orchard at noon. In the afternoon we planted out our late potatoes. Philip broke piece for strawberries besides doing some other little work. Sam Jenkins plowed again for me. Maggie Jenkins & baby were here very near all day. Little Mattie helped me hoe in the garden. Ella went to school.


Warm. Ground is getting pretty dry. We are needing rain. Nights are very pleasant. Days are pretty warm - especially about noon. Sprinkled of rain in latter part of afternoon. At one time clouds were quite thick as though rain was going to come down plentifully. I went down to G. W. Renners in forenoon. Did not get back until about 2 P.M. Rebecca was here to day. Philip & I plowed garden in the morning. He plowed castor beans the balance of day. Sam Jenkins plowed again. I went to Elkville for seed corn. Sent $32 to H. Whittenburg.


Rained some last night, also some little this morning. We need much more than fell altogether. Heavy clouds passed around to the North & South during the day. Think it must have rained heavy some where. In the morning, Emma & I were engaged in setting out cabbage plants, etc. We also planted some late watermelon seeds. Philip plowed beans all day. Sam Jenkins did not come until noon. He plowed only half the day. In the afternoon I worked around about the place not doing very much of anything. I went up to town in the evening.


Warm and very near clear in fore part of day. In the after part, rather cool & cloudy. Near sunset, heavy clouds pushed themselves up in the west. Thundered and lightened in that direction. We are beginning to need rain. Chinch bugs are becoming very numerous in our wheat in spots. Sam Jenkins harrowed 1/2 day down on Cowgill farm. Philip & I planted corn until noon at same place. Sam went home at noon. Philip plowed in afternoon. Emma, Mollie, Lucy & I went up to Elkville. I was over at F. Brayshaws. Had trial, etc.


Commenced raining sometime before day this morning. Rained some after we arose from bed. We did not get as much rain as we wished. Still we are thankful for what we did get. Was cloudy very near all day. Late in the evening it commenced clearing off and very soon became entirely clear. Ella, Mattie, Mollie and I all went up to Sunday School. Bell Kimmel came home with us. After dinner Emma, the 2 little ones & I went over to Emma's mothers. From there Jake & I went up to Geo. Houses a little while. Came back to the old ladies, took supper & came home. ( NOTE: from 1860 census...George House b. NC about 1832, m. Rachel. I haven't determined who Bell Kimmel might be. Isabella Schwartz m. Joseph Kimmel but she is deceased by this time. Jake must be Jacob Kimmel, son of Henry Kimmel and step-son of Rebecca Kirksey Reno Schwartz, Emeline's mother. Jake never married and Rebecca, widowed by now, lives with Jake and brother Abraham-gp)

JUNE 10, 1872 MONDAY

Very cool for the time of year. Nice and clear all day. Turned pretty warm towards evening. I was tending to bees most of day. Three swarms came off to day. One of them was large enough for 2. Both went in one hive. I went over to Bro. Josiah's in afternoon. He is quite unwell having pleuralgia or something of the kind. I was also up to Elkville a short time. Philip plowed beans all day. Mrs. Patton & Ett were here today. Rebecca was here also. Philip & girls went up to hear blind preacher preach at night.


Very nice & pleasant. Fine time for work. Clear all day. We will need rain in a few days again. In fact rain would do much good now. I was tending to ordering after my bees most of the day. Sam Jenkins harrowed piece for Hungarian grass down at Cowgill farm. He & I cut around a piece in rye late in the evening. Philip plowed beans and corn. Dr. Babbitt & wife also Skinner & wife were here in the afternoon. Ett Patton is still here. I went over to Bro. Josiah's late in the evening. Got back home about bed time.


Pretty warm today especially in afternoon. There is not much prospect of rain. Ground is drying up very fast. We were cutting our rye to day. Gim & Sam Jenkins cradle until about 10 A.M. They then bound up after reaper. Bro. Josiah came over a while just before noon to show us how to run reaper. In forenoon we cut piece rye in orchard & in afternoon, cut in piece SW of house. Gim, Philip & Sam Jenkins bound up & I run the machine. Henry Glotfelty & wife were here in the evening. (NOTE: Henry and Elizabeth Glotfelty ...Henry b. 1835 d. 1908, Elizabeth b 1851 d. 1928. Buried in the Nausley Cemetery in Jackson Co. Henry Glotfelty was the first cousin, once removed to Edward Schwartz-gp)


Holcombe was here. He is running for senator. Wind in the south. We have some very good signs of rain again. Cloudy most all of forenoon. Towards evening heavy clouds formed in West & North West and about 1/2 past 3 P.M. rain came down in a rush and continued balance of evening. Very heavy claps of thunder all around. Wind was quite heavy. Blew down about all the oats. We finished cutting rye in the morning. I took reaper back to Bro. Josiahs. Gim, Sam & Philip shocked up rye. Got done about 11 A.M. Gim quit, Sam helped on until it rained 1/2 past 3. Philip pruned back trees, etc. Emma took Ett home to day.

JUNE 14, 1872 FRIDAY

Rather cool since the big rain yesterday evening & last night. There is considerable water on the ground yet this morning. Wheat & oats are down in many places quite flat, especially it is the case with oats. From present appearances it appears as though there would be but little oats raised. I went to Murphysboro. There was a democratic convention there. I went as a delegate. Was about dark when I got home. Philip replanted thinned corn in South orchard all day.


Cool in the morning but pretty warm towards noon. Very near clear all day. I went to help George House cut bee tree. Ella, Mattie & Mollie went with me as far as their Grandma's. We did not get back home until about 1 in the afternoon. After I came home I worked about my bees some. I also went up to town a short time. Philip hoed & thinned castor beans.

JUNE 16, 1872 SUNDAY

The weather is very pleasant. Night rather cool. Fine growing weather. Corn is shooting up in a rush. Wheat is opening very fast. Clear until about eleven in forenoon, cloudy balance of day. In the middle of afternoon there was a very good prospect of more rain. Emma, all the children & Philip went up to Sunday School. Kate & Nellie Gill came home with them. Josiahs folks came over and spent the evening with us. Our little Lucy got stung pretty bad by the bees to day. Ella went with Kate & Nellie home in the evening.

JUNE 17, 1872 MONDAY

Very fine day throughout. Clear sky only early in the morning. A cloud here & there could be seen flying about. Philip, Gim & I were helping Josiah cut wheat today. We finished his piece out in Sam's field beyond Elkville about 6 o'clock P.M. I came home at noon to see if bees had swarmed. Emma went down to Arth's for sack of flour. Arth took some wheat to Murphysboro for us & got us 100 lbs flour. In afternoon, Emma went over to her mothers awhile. Harvest seems to have commenced in earnest as most everyone that has wheat is cutting to day.


Pleasant in the morning but soon got very warm. In the afternoon, a hazy looking cloud made its appearance in the North West and against night had very near passed over to the East. We cut in my piece of wheat to day. The following hands helped. Philip, Gim, Jack Miller, Jack Edington & Josiah. Josiah only helped in the afternoon. Nan Morgan was here in afternoon. Chinch bugs are very numerous in places in wheat and have ______is considerably. (?)


This was a warm day throughout. Was extreme warm about middle of day. The sky was clear all day. We cut in my piece wheat again today. We finished about suppertime and then cut in Gims piece until night. The following hands helped to day: Gim, Miller, Jack, Philip, Fletcher (and Josiah & Hiram's Charley in the afternoon only). Corn is growing nicely. Arth sent up for me to go down and assist to doctor a sick mare. I went. It was nearly midnight before I came home. Rebecca & Emma canned some cherries.


Quite warm again. Warmer if anything than yesterday. Late in the evening turned a little cooler. Banked up in the west as though it might rain in a few days. We cut Gims wheat down to day. We finished late in the evening. The following hands helped to day: Philip, Gim, Jack Miller, Flecker (says Fletcher in yesterday's entry-gp) & myself. Also Charley in the afternoon. Rebecca & Mrs. Bean came here in the afternoon. They were here for supper. Mrs. Miller came here in forenoon. She want to see me about a pauper, etc. (NOTE: I can't find a Bean family in the county but I do find a Beam family-gp)

JUNE 21, 1872 FRIDAY

Nice & pleasant all day. There was quite a cool breeze stirring which made it a fine day for harvesting. Towards evening there was indications of rain shortly. We were cutting wheat again today. We cut down the piece Philip put in. We lacked a few shock of getting done shocking. The following hands helped to day: viz Gim, Jack Miller, Fletch & Philip. Bro. Ford & wife, also their little daughter came here late in the evening. They will stop for us to night. (NOTE: The reference to the Fords interests me. In Lucy's Bible, she mentions Rebecca Ford being a great grandma on her mother's side. We haven't been able to document this at present. Edward does write of Rebecca Ford in this diary but doesn't specify her relationship to the family. We see that he refers to his male siblings as Bro. and here he calls Mr. Ford, Bro. Ford. We know from an earlier entry the Mr. Ford is the school superintendent and lives in Murphysboro, perhaps he is also a church member and Edward has on occasion mentioned a Bro. this or that as it pertained to church. Or maybe there is some other family tie here we do not know of. Edward also mentions a Rebecca Coleman from time to time as a cousin of Emeline's but we don't know who she is yet, either.-gp)


This was another pretty, pleasant day. There was some sign of rain especially late in the evening. After breakfast was over in the morning. Bro. Ford & I went up to Elkville. He & Bro. Young were going to examing some young ladies as to their qualifications to become teachers. Bro. Ford came home and got dinner. He then went back again. Dr. Babbitt & wife were here in the evening. Mrs. Young was also here until late in the evening. Bro. Ford & family stops with us to night again. Philip went home at noon. Gim was away.

JUNE 23, 1872 SUNDAY

Was sprinkling of rain when we arose from bed this morning but soon ceased. Continued cloudy very near all day. The sun went down as though we would have no rain this time.

Bro. Ford, wife & daughter left this morning. We all went to Sunday School in forenoon. Came back to Bro. Josiahs & remained there until 4 in afternoon, at which time we all went up to singing. From singing we came home. Philip came up on the train in the evening.

JUNE 24, 1872 MONDAY

Nice and cool to day. Clear from morning until night. We would like a good shower or rain about this time but if we do not get it, we must do without until it does come. Philip plowed corn all day with sulkey plow. I went up to blacksmith shop a couple times to day. I also helped Bro. Josiah change reaper to mower. I also went for hay rake for him. Mrs. Miller was here to see me about pauper, etc. Gim plowed corn part of day. He also helped Josiah some in his hay.


An other quite nice day. Cool & pleasant in the morning. Got rather warm towards middle of day. Clear throughout the day. Some appearance of dry weather. In the morning I went down to Sallies for hay rake for Josiah. I then plowed castor beans balance of day with riding plow. Philip plowed piece corn down at Cowgill place. Emma went up to town late in the evening. Gim plowed corn only a little while directly after dinner he helped Josiah put up hay. (NOTE: Sallie is his sister-in-law, widow of his brother, William-gp)


Very pleasant early in the morning but quite warm towards the middle of the day and in the afternoon. The most of the day was clear. Rather cloudy in the morning awhile. Emma, Little Lucy & I went up to DuQuoin to day. I went to St. John's to mill also. We left DuQuoin for home about half past noon. We got home about half past 2 o'clock P.M. Maggie Jenkins came down from Elkville with us. Philip plowed corn & castor beans to day. Gim helped Hiram part of the day put up hay.


Had a light shower of rain early in the morning. Quite cool and wind up pretty high. Continued cloudy all day. We need more rain than fell this morning. I went in forenoon to hunt some hands to help work. Found one boy to thin corn. He thinned in the afternoon or until supper time & then went home. Elston, the insurance agent was here. I ensured to the amt. of $2200 in the American. I had $11 which was the 1st annual payment. Philip plowed castor beans. I hoed sweet potatoes, helped to gather cherries & went to town.

JUNE 28, 1872 FRIDAY

Some what cloudy again to day. Nice & pleasant time for work in the harvest field. . John Patton, John Dilard & little Johnny Helms (?) helped me to day. The 2 former hoed castor beans & helped about a 1/4 day put up hay cocks. The latter thinned corn. Philip plowed potatoes & corn, also raked hay. Gim plowed his corn & cotton. He also helped me in the hay from supper until night. Emma went up to town a little while. Liksy (?) came to see me about foolish (?) boy living at Davises. I left $3.00 at store to pay harvest hands. (NOTE: The store is likely that of his brother, H. Schwartz and Company. Question marks in parenthesis indicate I can't quite make out what he wrote but I put what it appears to be.-gp)


The day was a very pleasant one. Some flying cloud around and about. Banked up in the West in the evening. Pretty warm in the afterpart of day. I raked hay in forenoon. In afternoon, went to Arth's for Hungarian grass seeds. I also fixed up my old McCormick reaper. Went to Elkville late in the evening. Philip plowed down at the Cowgill farm in forenoon. In afternoon He & Gim put up hay. They finished about 4 o'clock. Philip then went down to Cowgill & harrowed till night. Mrs. Miller here. Step-daughter was here to day. (NOTE: Arth is his neighbor, Arthur VanPelt. The mention of step-daughter interests me. Does he mean his step-daughter? I am unaware of any step-daughter. As far as I know, Emeline had no children but Edward's. Hmmmm.-gp)

JUNE 30, 1872 SUNDAY

Warm all day. Wind in South and quite high most of the time. We think rain will blow up. We begin to need rain. We all went up to Sunday School. The Bible agent was there. The Bible Society for Elkville held its annual meeting to day. I paid him $5. which was the last payment to secure a life membership of that society. Emma, Mollie & Lucy went over to the Old Ladies in the evening. I went down to Woods farm. I went to get hands to help in cutting my oats, etc. (NOTE: Old Lady is Emma's mother, Rebecca Kirksey Reno Kimmel-gp)


Clear & rather warm though pleasant to work. We commenced to cut oats today. Sam Jenkins run the reaper. Philip & Sam run it a couple of hours while I went up to town. Came back at noon. Philip bound oats in afternoon. Emma picked & took up to Elkville today a lot of apples. Eddie is boxing them. Sipped (shipped) 20 boxes by freight at noon to day. I went up to Elkville late in the evening to hunt harvest hands. Found none & came home. (NOTE: Eddie is likely Eddie Kimmel, orphaned son of Edward's sister Isabelle and Joseph Kimmel. On the 1860 census, Eddie is living with his bachelor uncle, Edward.-gp)


Rather unpleasantly warm. Clear until about 3 or 4 o'clock in afternoon when it became thick cloudy and for a while it looked as though we would have considerable wind with a big rain but it did not do either. It all passed to the North. We cut oats again to day. Parks & Philip bound up oats. Sam & I helped bind shocks some just before or about the time we were threatened with rain. Emma took 2 loads of apples to Elkville to day.


Thundered and lightened very near all night in the West & North West. Very near clear in forenoon but about noon neavy cloud rose in west. Came up about one, not much rain yet enough to stop us from binding oats. A stranger came from Josiahs to bind for me. About 10 A.M. Joshiah sent 3 more hands. They helped until it rain. They then went back to help Josiah. Parks helped again to day that is until it rain so did Sam Jenkins. After the rain I sowed some Hungarian seeds. Philip rooled ( rolled?) piece ground.


Cool and very pleasant. Think the rain has helped for a time. Dennis, the stranger that helped us bind oats yesterday stoped with us last night. He bound oats about 2 hours this morning then quit and done nothing for me balance of day. We all started up to the Pic-nic about 10 A.M. Not very many out yet we had a very agreeable time. plenty to eat & drink & some left. Sam Harwood delivered an oration. Dr. Knouff read the Declaration Prayer by Birdwell- Bible agent. We came home about one hour before sun sett.


This was a fine day for harvesting. Quite cool to what it was a few days ago. Prospect for rain is not very good judging from the appearance of the elements. We were cutting & binding oats today viz Philip, Sam Jenkins, Jo Cregg, Dennis & myself. Sam & I cut about half to day. We finished in field towards Rail Road against noon. We then, in afternoon, went into piece North of house & finished it against supper. Rebecca was here very near all day.


This was another fine day. Nice & pleasant in the morning. Got pretty warm about noon. Clouded up somewhat in the evening. We are getting quite dry need rain very much. We bound oats until supper in the evening. The following hands helped Viz Philip, Sam Jenkins, Jo Cregg & Dennis Rearden, the stranger. I also made a good hand. We finished binding all that was down. Emma went over to Sraders for cherries to day. I went up to blacksmith shop late to have some work done.


Dry and hot. Pleasant nights. Corn is needing rain very much. Our little Lucy was sick all last night. She did not let us rest much. We took her up to Dr. Babbitt to day. Mattie & Mollie went with us. Ella went to Sunday School. Mrs. Babbitt we found quite sick. In the afternoon while, Mollie & I came home. Philip went back for the balance. Emma was quite sick when she came home.


We had a bad nights rest last night. Emma & Lucy both sick. Emma had a running off at the bowels & Lucy had pretty smart fever. I went to Murphysboro with I. Kimmel to day. It was about dark when we returned. Philip & Sam Jenkins cut down my surprise oats to day. They cut Gim's down also. Dry & very warm. Banked up in the west in the evening & lightened pretty briskly in it. Emma & Lucy both better in evening.


This is another warm day. Indeed about noon was extremely hot. We bound oats west of house until noon. Sam Jenkins, Lem Laughlin, Philip & I were the help to day, only in afternoon, Bro Josiah helped stack hay & Philip plowed castor beans for Josiah. Emma and Lucy are mending. I had Bill Williams boy (Green) part of afternoon riding for me hauling up hay cocks. Rain clouds passed around both North and South to day. Rained some in portions of the Prairie but we got none. We put up 3 stacks hay in the afternoon.


Warm & dry. We were threatened with rain to day but it failed as usual to come though it must to have rained some where not very far off from appearance of clouds. We finished our oats binding to day. I cut balance of my grass to day & put most of it on cock. The following helped me to day. viz Sam Jenkins, John Dilard, Lem Laughlin, Philip & I. I paid Sam Jenkins $5, Laughlin $3, Dilard $1.50. I went up to town late in the evening. I helped Josiah change his reaper in the evening.


Heavy clouds all around. Early in the morning one arose in the west & passed over without raining & again in the evening a very dark cloud lay in the North. Came over before night awhile but only rain enough to cleverly lay the dust. I went to Murphysboro to day again. I took dinner at Dr. Fords. Ike went down with me in buggy. Gim & Cinda are hoeing out castor beans for me. Philip plowed castor beans part of day. He and Gim cocked up balance of hay a small strip left down from yesterday.

JULY 12, 1872 FRIDAY

Big fog in the morning. Very warm through the day. The rain seems to have passed again. We need rain very much. Water is failing in many places already. Our cistern is giving out. Philip & gim hauled a couple of bbl water & put it in today. Philip helped Woods bind oats in the afternoon. Gim & Cinda hoed castor beans for me to day. Ella & I went to Murphysboro to day. We put up at Dr. Fords. It was about dark when we got back home. Our little Mollie is not well. Emma got some medicine for her from Dr. Babbitt to day.


This was another warm day. On the roads there is much dust. We are needing rain but there seems to be no prospect of it coming shortly. Mattie & I went to Murphysboro to day. We put up at Mr. Fords again to day. We left for home shortly after 5 o'clock & reached home a little before 8 P.M. Gim worked for himself to day. Philip plowed castor beans until about 10 A.M. He then went down to Cowgill farm to plow corn & worked balance of day at that business.

JULY 14, 1872 SUNDAY

To day was more pleasant than for several days past. Wind in the East with muddy looking clouds coming from that direction. Sprinkled of rain 2 or 3 times to day. Some pretty heavy clouds passed around. Heard thunder on 2 or 3 occasions. We all went up to Sunday School in the morning. After Sunday School we all went up to grove at Old School house to hear Bro. Slade preach. A few of us took our dinner in the grove. Bro. Wiloby preached at 4 in the evening. Philip went home to day.

JULY 15, 1872 MONDAY

Big fog in the morning. Became quite cloudy towards 9 or 10 o'clock. Clouds thickened up towards evening. Misted of rain a time or two. Think it rained somewhere not a thousand miles from here. Gim, Philip & I hauled hay into barn in forenoon. At noon, I went up to town. Got Dilard to help stack hay in the afternoon. We all put up one good size stack. Gim & Dilard also hauled in one load oats. Our little Mollie is bad off with ear ache this evening.


Nice & pleasant in forenoon. Fine time for stacking grain. We commenced stacking oats to day. Rained a shower or two before dinner. At noon there was such a good appearance of rain we quit stacking. Philip & John Dilard helped. They hauled 1 1/2 loads oats after dinner from Gim's piece and put it in the barn. They hauled a barrel of water & put in in the cistern. They also gathered a few bushels apples. Emma, the children & I gathered the apples that were under stress & Emma took them to town. Gim helped Johnson thrash.


Warm & cloudy. No rain in forenoon but on eor tow light showers in afternoon. Yet nothing to do much good. We were boxing apples in forenoon. Shipped boxes of Red June to day. Put them on the fruit train half past Eleven in forenoon. I brought back 12 fruit boxes. Got them of S. Schwartz & Co. In the after part of day we stacked oats. Had to stop awhile on the account of a shower. We finished our big stack that we commenced yesterday. Dilard helped us very near half the day. Rebecca was here. Mattie went home with her in the evening.


Did not rain to amount to anything last night. Rather wet to stack especially in forenoon. We boxed & shipped 12 boxes of apples again to day. This makes 30 boxes of Red June shipped up to this. I went to town twice to day. Took apples in forenoon & honey in afternoon. Philip plowed in afternoon. He helped with the apples in forenoon. Emma went up to town in forenoon & came back with me in buggy. Rebecca brought Mattie back this morning & remained here all day. Dr. Babbitt & wife called in the afternoon.

JULY 19, 1872 FRIDAY

The indication continues favorable for dry weather. Corn & every green thing is needing rain very much. We stacked oats to day. Dilard put in the day pitching. Philip also helped haul & assisted on the stack. We finished the one piece toward well & hauled in one load from field west of house. Nice & pleasant only too much dust. Gim is plowing his corn. Ett Patton & Holly Jenkins were here for apples late in the evening.


All forenoon clear. Towards evening commenced looking lazy in North West & soon after began to bank up in the same direction and a little before sun set rain commenced coming down. Rained a very good shower before bed time. We stacked oats again in forenoon. Dillard helped. I paid him up at noon. Let him have $1.80 in bacon and an order on Sam & Eddie for $3.05. Gim went to mill with corn in afternoon. Emma went to town in evening for freezer to make ice cream. (NOTE: By letting Dillard have an order for $3.05 on Sam & Eddie, I believe he means credit at his brother's store for which he'd pay up to $3.05. Edward's half brother, Samuel Schwartz was a merchant in Elkville. Eddie is Edward's nephew, Eddie Kimmel [son of Joseph and Isabelle Schwartz Kimel], who later moved to DuQuoin and became a merchant. He married Alafair (Alice) Onstott whose father, I believe, was also a merchant-gp)

JULY 21, 1872 SUNDAY

Cloudy and drizzled of rain in the morning. Did not rain half as much last evening as we really need. In fact, it did but little good as it very near all dryed away to day. We went up to Sunday School at 10 A.M.. Emma, Philip & Lucy did not go. I hauled to the station & shipped to day 22 boxes June apples. We had ice cream for dinner to day. Emma, all the children went up to town in the afternoon. I went down to Renner's. Came back by Ikes also by Elkville. Nice & pleasant in afternoon, also clear, etc. (NOTE: Ike is Isaac Kimmel, cousin of Edward Schwartz-gp).

JULY 22, 1872 MONDAY

Nice and cool night, pleasant through the day. Daly about noon it is rather too warm. Rather cloudy than otherwise to day. Banked up in North about sun set. I went to Murphysboro to attend meeting of Board Supervisors to day. The business before the board was that of selecting jurors for the August term of the circuit court. Also to correct some mistakes in the Equalization of the Assessments, etc. Philip plowed castor beans all day. Mrs. Miller was here to see me but I was away.


Cool in the morning but very warm at noon and afterpart of day. Clouded up in the evening. Thunder clouds passed one to the North and one to the South. think it rained somewhere not a thousand miles from here. We picked, boxed & shipped to Kirk & Company Chicago 14 boxes Red June apples. This makes in all (of the Red June apples) shipped up to this time 66 boxes. In the afternoon I went down to Philip Kimmels farm to see David Giles. I came hoome by Birdsongs. Philip plowed caster beans to day. Arth (VanPelt, his neighbor-gp) was here in the evening


Had a light shower of rain late yesterday evening. Mostly clear in forenoon. Clouded up in afternoon and rained considerable about dark. Rained a few showers during the night. The rail will do much good yet we really need more for corn. We put up wheat stack in afternoon. Renner stacked. Gim, Philip & Henry Kimmel hauled wheat etc. I put up & shipped to Eagle & Co. Chicago 9 boxes of apples, 3 of them Red June, 6 Golden Sweet. Mrs. Cle_____(looks like Cleursus?) was here. Extremely warm in afternoon. (NOTE: I have record of 3 Henry Kimmels in the area, all related, but the one referred to here is most likely the son of Philip and Eliza Schwartz Kimmel. He is Edward's nephew and would be about 17 years old in 1872-gp)


Cleared up last night or early this morning. Vegetation looks more lively now than it did a few days ago. I went up to Elkville in the morning for old buggy. Eddie Kimmel came home with me. He & I went to Murphysboro. I received of County Collector $300 school money. Let Eddie have that amt. which he promises to pay back when ever needed for school purposes. Philip plowed beans & corn. Dick Harris plowed for me to day. Paid him 60 cts for his days work. Gim finished plowing his piece corn. Emma & all the children went over to Emma's mothers, etc. (NOTE: Eddie Kimmel is Edward's nephew, son of Joseph and Isabelle Schwartz Kimmel. Eddie was orphaned at a young age and was raised mainly by his grandmother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz. Eddie moved to Murphysboro, married Alifair Onstott and became a merchant. Emma's mother is Rebecca Kirksey Reno Kimmel. Her second husband was Henry Kimmel, grandfather of both Henry and Eddie mentioned in these entries. FYI....Rebecca was born in NC and was the daughter of William Kirksey and Elizabeth Robinson-gp)

 JULY 26, 1872 FRIDAY

Very warm in the morning early. Wind got up some towards 10 and became more pleasant.

We stacked wheat until about 2 o'clock P.M. at which time a rain came up and we quit. We had a couple of very good showers making the water stand about in the holes etc. Arth VanPelt stacked for us to day. Philip & Henry Kimmel hauled in wheat & Gim pitched it up the stack. I did but little as I did not feel first rate to day. Gim & Philip hauled out rails & fenced the oats stack. My peaches are beginning to ripen.


Big fog in the morning. Heavy thunder in the West early in the day but soon broke and became partially clear. Nice growing weather. Ground in good condition for plowing. We plowed our late potatoes. The Colorado and the common potato bugs are pretty numerous on the vines. After we finished potatoes, Philip went to plowing corn in south orchard. I went to Elkville. I distributed New School law etc. to Directors. I paid Philip Kimmel $47.50 for $50.00 in county orders. In the afternoon, Philip plowed corn & Gim hauled load juggles (WHAT ARE JUGGLES?) I went to tend bees - biggest rain came up & I came home.

JULY 28, 1872 SUNDAY

Last night about eleven o'clock we discovered that our kitchen had caught fire. We soon extinguished the flame. Some damage was done to window and ceiling which will take some 8-10 dollars to repair. This was a very fine day, rather warm in middle of day. Mostly clear. No rain to day. We all went up to Sunday School at a little past 9 A.M. We came to Josiah's took dinner there and then went to hear blind preacher at 4 in the evening. Ella & Mattie went to their Uncle Philips and Aunt Sallies. Philip went home in the morning. (NOTE: Uncle Philip is Philip Kimmel who is married to Eliza Schwartz. Aunt Sallie is Sarah "Sallie" Kimmel, sister of Philip, and widow of William Schwartz.-gp)

JULY 29, 1872 MONDAY

Warm and very near clear all forenoon. Commenced thundering in west about 10 o'clock. Shower came up about 2 o'clock or after. Only rained enough to keep us from stacking. We finished wheat stack that we left unfinished the other day when rain came up. We got all the wheat out of field towards Brayshaws. Gim & Philip plowed all day down at Cowgill farm only what time they helped stack. Dick Harris helped in afternoon. He dug a few potatoes & plowed corn. We boxed & shipped 10 boxes Red June Apples to day to Eagles & Co.


Extremely hot all day. Perfectly clear all forenoon. Thunder clouds all around in afterpart of day but did not rain here. Gim plowed piece for turnip in forenoon, down at Cowgill farm. Levi Laughlin commenced work to day. He is going to work a month for me. He & I dug a few potatoes & set up the down shocks of wheat & oats. Late we went down to Arth's for little house to dry fruit in. Philip plowed corn in forenoon. Rebecca was here today.


Heavy clouds all around to day. We had 2 or 3 very good showers in forenoon. Rained very heavy last night once or twice. Grain will begin to sprout on shock if it keeps on showering a few days longer. Ground is in fine condition for breaking. I was working with bees & cutting weeds, etc about yard & barn lot. Gim hauled me load juggles and in the evening harrowed ground for turnips. Mr. VanPelt sowed them. Emm & Philip went to DuQuoin to show - I, all the girls remained at home. Nan Morgan came in afternoon.

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