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Jackson County, Illinois



Very nice & pleasant. Fine time for sowing wheat but unfortunately as we think, we are not ready to sow. In forenoon, I took P. Kimmels copper kettle home also took Dr. Babbitt 21 lbs beef (hind quarter) @ 8 cts. Deckard & wife harrowed in piece below barn in forenoon & also part of afternoon. He helped me thrash the balance of afternoon. Dick Harris, Jack Edington, Gim & Jack all helped thrash. They did not get to thrashing until nearly 3. Old Mrs. Hughs was here part of day. Birdsong got 32 lbs. beef.

(NOTE: P. Kimmel would be Philip Kimmel, Edward's 3rd cousin and also his brother-in-law-gp)


This was quite a fine day. Wind in South pretty high at times. We thrashed again to day. We finished the wheat about 9 A.M. We then set at oats stacks East of barn. We finished them about 1/2 past 3 P.M. They thrashed 130 bush. wheat & 386 bush oats. The following hands helped in the wheat: Dick, Jack Edington, Gim & Jack Deckard & myself. In the oats in addition to the above we had Birdsong, Grear, Johnson and Franky Gray in afternoon. In the evening, Lud & I commenced drilling wheat.

(NOTE: Franky Gray is Franklin Gray, son of Edward's neighbor, Wiley Gray. His was 17 years old at this time. Most of the other men he mentions from time to time in the diaries...neighbors or other hired help.-gp)


Warmer again. Wind still in the south. Ground is drying very fast. Will need rain again in a few days. In the morning I helped Deckard with the drill a little while. I then assisted Bro. Josiah in getting wheat out of granery. Also helped him clean it over in my fan. A part of the day I was doctoring my stud colt. He has the distemper very bad. Deckard drilled about 8 acres of wheat to day. Gim is breaking wheat ground for himself.


Continues quite warm. Getting dry again. Wind in South west. Emma & I went up to town in forenoon. Got back before noon. Hie Woods & wife were here for dinner. Hie helped me clean a few bushels castor beans. I hauled off 21 bushels up to town & sold them to Kirkpatrick at @$1.10. From town I went up to see Tish Miller - found her doing as well as could be expected. It was about sun down when I got home. We picked a few of our winter apples. Deckard drilled wheat & plowed some. Gim drilled some wheat.


Rather warm again. Has some appearance of rain shortly. I was very busy to day yet I was barely able to get round on account of a severe hurting in my right side & shoulder. I suppose it is rheumatism working on me. We butchered a shoat in the morning for Benj. Rosin. Emma took it over to them. It weighted net, 80 lbs @ 7 cts...$5.60. In the afternoon Mr. Bundy, our school teacher , assisted me in squaring up School Treas. cash book. We did not get through. Sallies folks are reported as being on the mend. Deckard & Hie Woods plowed for wheat all day.


Thundered and lightened some last night. Commenced raining early this morning. Continued to sprinkle occasionally throughout the day but after all did not more than lay the dust. I am very much pained this morning with my side & shoulder. I passed a miserable night last night. Did not sleep any or at least very little. Could scarcely get up out of bed & when up could not stay up only a little while at the time. The pain is not so acute as it was but is more of a dull aching pain. Our little Mattie is complaining of her throat etc. Mr. Bundy went up to Sunday School. Not one of us went. Deckard tended to the stock, etc.


I was confined to bed most all day. I have a very severe pain in my back side & shoulder. The weather is very nice. Good time for putting in wheat. Deckard is plowing for wheat. Hie Woods is helping him. Gim is also plowing for wheat. Dr. Babbitt & wife were here in the evening. The Dr. gave me some medicine for my pain. Emma & Mary went up to town in the afternoon.

(NOTE: Mary is most likely Mary Deckard, wife of his hired hand, Deckard. - gp)


Nice & pleasant. The weather is very fine for the time of year though it is rather dry. Deckard had Woods helping him plow again to day. They finished piece North west of house. Gim was plowing & harrowing. He has a piece ready for the drill. I am still down but think I am some better to day. Was able to walk out some during the afternoon. Sucker Gall & Tip Top have got the distemper very bad. We lanced Tip Top to day & he run considerably.


This was another fine day but rather warm though the nights are pretty cool. I rested very well last night only at times. When pain in my shoulder became severe hot bricks are the only relief when pain becomes excruciating. Woods did not help Deckard to day - his wife helped him in forenoon drag over his piece he is preparing for wheat. Gim was drilling his piece to day. Emma & Mary went down to Kulps for cider bbl in afternoon. Our Mattie I think had chill to day. Bro. Josiah came over to see us in the evening. Bro. Hiram was here to day.


I am still unable to do anything out doors. Pain in side & shoulder seems to be mending slowly. Wind got up pretty high last night & turned pretty cool. Quite blustery to day & cool with it. I. Kimmel (Isaac) & A. W. Skinner were here to day to transact some business as trustees as they failed to meet on last Monday the time they should have met. Mother, Elizabeth & Hiram were all here in the evening. Deckard is preparing wheat ground. Hie drilled in afternoon. Gim finished one piece in forenoon. Bundy went down home last night.

(NOTE: Elizabeth and Hiram are Edward's sister and brother. Hiram was born in 1841 and died in 1923, according to cemetery records of Jackson Co. Elizabeth "Bess" was born in 1843 and died, according to cemetery records, in 2-28-1922. However, in the journal of Eva Lucy Schwartz Casleton, her niece, Lucy states Bess died in 1823. Neither Bess nor Hiram ever married and it was said by grand niece, Ruth Schwartz, that they resided together. Bess, Hiram and mother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz are all buried together at the Elkville Kimmel Cemetery.-gp)


Big frost in the morning. Warmer towards noon. I am still mending some or at least I feel some better. I went with Emma in buggy up to town in the afternoon. I felt some what wearied when I got home. Bro. Josiah came over in the evening for the cider mill. He got some apples up at Bro. Horatios that he is going to make into cider. Deckard finished drilling piece ground North west of house to day. Gim is preparing castor bean piece for wheat. He helped up gather some apples in afternoon.


Another big frost. The weather indicates rain in a few days. We are getting quite dry again. Wheat is coming up slowly. Some few are through sowing wheat but I think the majority are not yet near done. In the morning I got out doors pretty early & done some little work about the place. Uncle Hiram and Aunt Katy & Mother all came here before noon. Bro. Hiram & them all took dinner with us. I went up to the station with Jo Robinson who brought Poll Books here. Deckard & Gim are working at their ground for wheat, etc.

(NOTE: Uncle Hiram is Hiram Pyle, brother of Edward's mother. Aunt Katy, of course, is his wife, Catherine Dry Pyle. I believe Jo Robinson was a neighbor of the Schwartzes, based on census information.-gp)


Turned colder, wind in the north & quite high. Many of my apples were blown off by the wind to day. We are getting quite dry again. Dust is flying very much like it did about a month ago. I remained at home all day.. Mr. Bundy went up to Sunday School. Emma and all the children went over to the old Ladies. Emma came home about one P.M. My mother & Hiram & Ellen were all here in the evening also Josiahs family. Deckard & wife went visiting to day.

(NOTE: When Edward refers to the "Old Lady" he means Emma's mother, Rebecca Kirksey Reno Kimmel. She is 70 years old at the time Edward wrote this...she lived until 21 April 1884.-gp)


This was quite a cold morning. Considerable ice in the troughs & holes where there was water.

Wind is pretty high and cold throughout the day. I am feeling quite bad to day. Do not see that I am improving much if any. Deckard was sick in forenoon. In the afternoon he & Gim hauled wood. In the afternoon I went up to Dr. Babbitts for medicine for self. Rebecca Coleman came here to day. Gim gathered some corn for me in forenoon. I sent by mail premium money to E. B. Harper, $35.00.

(NOTE: Rebecca Coleman is a cousin of Edward's wife, Emeline Reno. I have yet to determine exactly how they are related...through which side of the family. Rebecca lived in the Grand Tower area.-gp)


Considerable frost in the morning. Wind in the South & very high most all day. I was quite sick all forenoon & did not feel well by any means in the afternoon. I was taking medicine most all day - perhaps this was the cause of feeling worse than common. Emma, Deckard & wife helped gather in our apples. Deckard & wife helped about 3/4 of the day each. I went up to assist in Registering the voters of this town in the afternoon. Gim was drilling wheat in Castor bean piece. Emma & Mrs. Coleman went up to town in the evening.

(NOTE: At last a clue concerning Rebecca Coleman. Up until now, I have never known if Coleman was her married or maiden he refers to her as Mrs. Coleman. Now maybe I can find a marriage record for her!-gp)


Somewhat cloudy all day. Clouds thickened up in the evening and about dark heard it thunder several times which was followed by a light shower of rain. I feel slightly better to day yet feel far from being well. Deckard harrowed in piece towards Brayshaw's in forenoon. In the afternoon he furrowed off piece north west of house & then went to plowing in piece which he harrowed in forenoon. Gim drilled piece that was in castor beans. Emma went over to her mothers, etc. Ella did not go to school to day.


Weather continues dry, no indications of rain. Grand Radical rally at DuQuoin. Oglesby speaker of the day. The Greeley party were burlesqued by representing its hearse to the gaze of the crowd. It was an action that was strongly disapproved by the more sensible Radicals. Jim helped Deckard plow in field towards Frank Brayshaws. My illness was more severe, confined to the house all day.

(NOTE: This entry is written in a different hand than Edward's. Perhaps he dictated the entry to Emma and she wrote it in his diary. Also, the person who wrote this entry spells Jim with a "J" while all throughout, Edward spells it Gim, with a "G". The next dozen or so entries are not written by Edward, either, but continue in the more feminine handwriting. It is also very faint in places making reading very difficult, if not impossible-gp)


Mild and pleasant and a continuation of dry weather. My health no better. Dr. Babbitt and wife & mother were here to see me. Jim helped Deckard plow in piece next to Brayshaws.


Weather still the same. No prospects of rain. Frost last night. Fields of verdure (?) have disappeared. The leaves of the woods present a seared and variegated appearance. No ____or ____ of any consequence or worthy of note. Fruit all about gathered, apples plenty this year selling at 60 cts per bu. Jim & Deckard hauled wood in fore noon. Dr. Babbitt came in evening,, not much better than before. Mr. Bundy went to town to board. P.S. Told him not to go until he found a place to go to. Mr. VanPelt hauled me a load of corn in evening.


Still unwell. Could not be up much. Mother stayed over night. Ella & Mattie went to S. School.

Wayfaring Thompson was here to see us. Dr. Babbitt and wife came in the afternoon. Weather unchanged. Deckard and wife went to find a place to move to. George House brought Becky Coleman here in he evening in Buggy. That is about all the items of interest.

(NOTE: Even without seeing the handwriting, you can tell a hand other than Edward's wrote some of these entries. Edward almost never spells out the word "and", using the "&" instead. He always refers to Becky Coleman as "Rebecca", never using the more informal Becky. He also spells Jim with a "G" in every instance-gp)


Weather unchanged, continuation of drought. Gim & Deckard prepared ground for wheat towards Brayshaws.


My health unimproved, very sick from the effects of medicine. Gim & Deckard worked for wheat until middle of afternoon & fix for going to Nashville for grain. Good prospect for rain but got none.

(NOTE: This entry is also written in the other hand, and is much shorter that the usual length of Edward's entries. However, whoever is writing this, probably Emeline, has started spelling "Jim" with a "G", as Edward always has-gp)


Clear & pleasant. Deckard & Josiah went to Nashville for grain. Gim did chores work all day. Dr. Babbitt and wife were here in evening. I was pretty sick and afraid to take the Dr's medicine which seemed to mortify his feelings very much.


Rather cool, still sick. Gim drilled wheat about 1/4 day the cut wood & watered stock etc. Carl Davis & Jo Robinson were here and took dinner with us. Carl is electioneering for sheriff. Mayham(?) & Crawford were here also on same business. Josiah & Deckard came back from Nashville. Cold in evening. Got 101 bu. grain.

(NOTE: The first name of the Davis in this entry appears to be Carl however the writing isn't totally clear. On the 1860 census, there is an A. C. Davis, age 32, born in IL whose current occupation is given as sheriff. This is likely the same person.-gp)


Improving slowly. Weather the same. Gim drilled wheat. Finished wheat sowing for this year. Deckard sick with chill. Mother & Hiram came out to see me. Sale at Slawson's in Nine Mile, property very cheap. Wm. Davis was burning off his field, fire got beyond his control and burnt Beckloft's wheat about 5 or 6 hundred dollars worth. Wheat is selling from $1.25 to $1.65 per bu. Oats 20 cts, Cotton 4 1/4 cts. per lb. Corn 50 cts. Ike Clements & A. R. Pugh spoke in School house in eve.

(NOTE: Ephraim Pyle, son of Hiram and Catherine Pyle, and a first cousin of Edward married a Mahalie Slawson on 12 Mar 1867. I know nothing more of the Slawsons but it seems likely that Mahalie may have been a part of this same family. A Pete Bechtlofft married Edward's granddaughter, Ada Casleton on 11 June 1921. It also seems likely that Pete was descended of this "Beckloft" family mentioned by Edward.-gp)


Deckard was sick. Gim & him went to Bridsongs for Steer but did not get him. Gim was doing chores about the place for me. I am improving slowly. The girls were at school. The weather is very fine.


Pleasant day. Horatio's were here last night. Hiram also. Started for home soon in morning. Ella, Mattie, Mollie & Mary Luch went to Sunday School. Josiahs were here and went to Sallies in afternoon.

(NOTE: Horatio, Josiah and Hiram are three of Edward's brothers. From the 1866 diary of Hiram Schwartz, we learn that Horatio had moved that year to DuQuoin. It isn't known if he still lived there some 6 years later. I presume he does for Horatio is not mentioned in the diaries as much as his other brothers who live neary by. Horatio was also known as "Rash". Sallie is the widow of Edward's oldest brother, William Schwartz. When he writes that the children and "Mary Luch went to Sunday School", I think he means Mary and Luke...the Deckards. Mr. Deckard's given name is Lucias....probably called Luke for short.-gp)


Warm and dry. Felt much better. Gim helped do ____ chores. Gim & Deckard went after the steer again and brought him. In the afternoon, helped gather apples and make cider.


Cloudy, wind in the south and pretty high. Did not feel well, took rather a backset, rested very poorly last night. Gim & Deckard did the chores in morning. Hauled fodder & corn etc. in after noon. Hauled wood 2 loads, one of them to Gim.


Had a shower of rain last night which makes it very pleasant. Ordered a car to ship hogs but on account of a decline in price, did not send them. Was offered 4C to keep them two weeks longer. Gim commenced daubing his house, went to help Sallie thrash, broke the machine and quit at noon. Deckard & wife went up to Jonny Davises for load shock corn. He helped do the chores, etc.


Weather continues very dry. Water growing more scarce. Wheat is growing very slow. I am mending slowly. Can walk around some. Gim is picking out cotton. Late in the evening. Gim & Deckard gathered a load corn in Gussies field for my hogs. It weighed 10 bushels. Deckard hauled load wood in forenoon. Gim & Deckard continue to do the chores for me. Dr. Babbitt called to see us in the evening. His wife was with him. Sold Fleming Guy (?) 2 hogs for $19.50. Paid down $17.00, bal due $.250 (paid now 13.00 1872).

(NOTE: the handwriting, commencing with this entry is now Edward's again-gp)



The weather unchanged. Gim & Deckard butcher a calf & hog in forenoon. Emma & Deckard took hog & 2 grs of beef to town. Let Rosin have the hog which weighted 172 lbs @ 7cts. $12 Deckard took. Arth's sacks home in the afternoon. He did not get back until late. He went across Little Muddy hunting tobacco. Gim worked part of the afternoon down at home. John Reed & Wicker were here in the evening to buy my hogs. Bro. Hirams called in to see me in the evening. I am still improving.


Nice & pleasant. The drought continues. Water growing scarcer day by day. Notwithstanding the dry weather, wheat field begins to look somewhat greener. Gim & Deckard hauled water very near all forenoon. They got one bbl for that purpose down at Sallie's. They hauled some 2 or 3 bbls in cistern at barn. In afternoon, they made fence around straw stack & cleaned up castor beans. I am still on the mend though I improve slowly.


Fine growing weather only a little too dry. Ella, Mattie, Molly and I all went up to Sunday School. There being no fire at school house I went up to store. I took dinner with Mother, Bro. Hiram and sister Elizabeth. Bro. Hiram brought me home in the afternoon considerably exhausted from my long visit & rather too much exercise for the first time. Emma and all the little girls were down at Sallies to day. Little Laura is reported to be very bad off, is quite weak.


Pretty cloudy with good prospect for rain. Thunder many times not a great way off. Clouds in the evening assumed more of a rainy appearance & in fact sprinkled slightly. Gim tended to stock & dug a few potatoes etc. Deckard went to DuQuoin for load corn. He got 25___ bushels @ 48 cts. paid $10. on the corn. There is a balance due yet on the corn of 20 cts. Deckard got back home about 4 in the evening. I am still gaining some. Hope to be well in a few days.


Nice & timely rain fell last night. Water standing in the roads & pools yet the ponds are not near filled. With pleasant days the wheat will make a show in a week or so. Misting of rain in the morning but soon the clouds broke away, turned some cooler yet was not disagreeable out doors. Emma took me up to town to election. I am one of the judges. 42 votes were polled for Greely & the Liberal ticket. 78 votes for Grant & the Republican ticket. Gim & Deckard attended the election. Emma & all went to Rebeccas sewing party.


This is what might be called very nice fall weather. Wheat is growing finely. I went with Hiram after we got through counting the votes & remained with him all night. When I got up this morning my shoulder & arm pained me very much. I took breakfast with mother & the rest of them up at Store. Emma came up in buggy after me. We called at Skinners a few minutes & then came home calling at Josiahs to see Lizzie who is sick. Gim & Deckard hauled wood to day.

(NOTE: Lizzie is Elizabeth E. Waters Schwartz, Josiah's wife-gp)


Weather unchanged. I went up to town to hear election news. I heard to my sorrow that the Radical Republicans had swept every thing. Old Uncle Jo Davis came up to Elkville after me so I came home. He paid me bit on note for school money. Paid advanced amt. up to June 26th 1873. Deckard hauled wood in forenoon, 1 load. They feed night & morning for me (Gim & Deckard). (NOTE: Jo Davis is found on the 1860 census, household 835, Twp 8, Range 1 West, DeSoto Post office. Hiram mentions Jo Davis in his 1865 diary...saying he attended a trial there. Edward refers to him as Uncle Jo. I don't know if this is some affectionate term or not but I have not been able to find how Jo Davis would really have been an uncle to the Schwartzes.-gp)


Considerable frost this morning. The day was very fine with some little appearance of rain. Deckard hauled wood all day. Gim work about home (that is if he done anything) as he did not work for me. I went over to Isaac Kimmels to intercept Bro. Hiram as he is going to Murphysboro to day. Saw him & then came home. Do not feel very well. Emma went up to town in the evening. Mrs. Miller was here to see me again. Dr. Babbitt & wife made some cider here late in the day.

(NOTE: It is interesting to me the sarcastic tone Edward uses in speaking about Gim...that he was doing work at home, if he was doing anything. It sounds as though Edward is upset that Gim did not work for him this day, that he thinks Gim just didn't care to work that day, doubting that he was doing anything at home. Yet, Gim has been Edward's hand from at least 1870 and seems to be to be very reliable help. Other hands come and go throughout the diary but Gim is always there. Just seems to me a nasty tone to take with someone who has worked steadily for him for so long. -gp)


No alteration in the weather worthy of note. I am still lingering along. Some days better and others not so well. I am beginning to get some what discouraged lest I will not get out again this winter to do any work. Emma, Deckard & wife went to DuQuoin in wagon. They brought back some corn (12 25/70 bushels) & new wagon tongue. Pd 40 cts per bushel for corn & $3.75 for wagon tongue. Deckard paid for mending harness, 65 cts. I went over a few minutes to Bro. Josiahs in the afternoon. Babbitt & wife called in the evening. Mary J. Lancaster brought in schedule. I paid her $5.00.


I do not feel so well this morning. Was indoors very near all day. Emma & the girls went up to meeting at new School house. Ella & Mattie first attended Sunday School then remained to hear preaching. Rebecca also went up with Little girls. I & the 2 little ones remained at home. Deckard & wife remained also. They went down on little Muddy in the evening. Ike Kimmel & Sime Pyle were here awhile in the evening. Mother, Bro. Hiram & Sister Eliza called to see me in the evening.

(NOTE: Ike Kimmel was a 3rd cousin to Edward Schwartz. Sime Pyle was Simon Pyle, son of Edward's Uncle Hiram and Aunt Katy Dry Pyle...his first cousin. I believe Sime lived in the DuQuoin area. Sister Eliza was m. to Philip Kimmel, Ike's brother and thus also her 3rd cousin.-gp)


Rather chilly out doors to day. Especially in forenoon. I had made my arrangements to go to DuQuoin on the morning train but not feeling very well & the weather not being very pleasant did not go. Gim & Deckard hauled some wood to day. Gim hauled 2 loads for himself & Deckard hauled one load here. Deckard did not do much in the afternoon beyond chop up a little wood and feed, etc.


Quite a nice day. Little cool in the morning. I went up to DuQuoin with Bro. Hiram to see about selling hogs. Went & come on the train Ples Pope(?) came down in the evening (after we came home) & bought some of our hogs. I sold 26 head @ 4 1/4 per lb. gross to be delivered at DuQuoin on next Monday (18th of this month). Gim & Deckard helped Bro. Josiah thrash. Deckard quit before night claiming that he was sick. Rebecca Coleman left here to go to Pinckneyville on the evening train. Emma took her dried fruit to town (Elkville).


This morning wind got around to North & is cooler. The prospect of rain seems to be rather gloomy, the clouds having passed over to the East. Though in the afternoon became cloudy again. I went up to Elkville to hunt load corn. Gim was with me. Did not find any so Gim came home with team. I did not get back until nearly noon. Pete Grear paid me $15. 00/100 int. on note etc.

Gim shucked a few shocks corn below barn to get corn for fatting hogs. He gathered some for himself in afternoon. Deckard claimed to be sick & did nothing. Old Flem paid me bal on hogs, $2.50.


Turned quite cold yesterday in afternoon. We thought a while it would snow but this morning it is all clear again. This is the coldest snap we have had so far this fall. Wind in the west & very high. Gim cut wood for Skinner in forenoon. In the afternoon he hauled some unburnt brick to fix apple house. Deckard went to DuQuoin. He came back pretty late in the evening. He got 21 bushels and a few pounds over. He paid $10.00 for what he got.


This was indeed a very cold raw day. Wind in North West and very high. Dust flying high before the gale. Had some appearance of snow. Had a little foretaste of snow to day in the shape of flakes flying in the air but wind rather too high to reach Terre Firma. Deckard expected his agne to day hence was housed very near all day only going out to feed, get wood etc. Gim did nothing but assist in feeding. I am not feeling so well to day as yesterday. Willis Blalock drawed $15.15 school money to day - gave him order to S. Schwartz & Co. $19.75.


Last night was very cold. Ground is freezing up. The air is stinging cold. This morning, Deckard & Gim are doing the chores night and morning. I went up to town. Gim & Deckard drove my steers up there. They weighed in the aggregate 5327 lb. Old Brindle our old cow weighs 885 lb. In the afternoon they (Gim & Deckard) butchered hogs. Deckard got 89 lbs. Gim 69 head. (?). At night Mary & Emma went down to Sallies awhile. Bell & Henry are both quite sick again. Emma was up at town when I were there but she came home before I did.

(NOTE: Bell (14) and Henry (17) are the children of his deceased brother, William. Wm. died in 1871. These children were quite sick in September but seemed to have recovered as he mentions no more sickness in that family until now. -gp)


Another sharp morning. Some warmer after the sun came up. In the afternoon there was some appearance of the weather moderating. No indications of rain. Ella & Mattie went up to Sunday School. They went up to Bent Gills & did not come back until evening. Emma went down to Sallies. Henry is said to be very low. Bell is also sick. G. W. Renner was here. He got box honey from us. It weighted 11 lbs box and all. He paid me $3.00. Bro. Josiah wife & children called in a few minutes. I was at home all day.

(NOTE: Bent Gill is Benton Gill, found on the 1860 census living just 6 doors from Edward Schwartz.. The Gill family was among the earliest settlers in the area. Benton is the son of Peter & Rachel Gill. Peter was the son of William Gill of Chesterfield Co. VA. William was the son of Francis and Elizabeth Roy Gill. There are many references to the Gill family in the Schwartz family diaries. George W. Gill, brother of Peter Gill, is the father of the Daniel Gill of DuQuoin who married Lucinda Pyle. Lucinda was a first cousin of Edward Schwartz. Lucinda and Daniel were married on 2-11-1858 and were together for over 66 years. Hiram Schwartz makes reference to Daniel Gill in his diary from 1865-66. -gp)


Still continues cold. We were up pretty early. After breckfast - Deckard, Gim & I started to DuQuoin with 26 head hogs for Pless Pope. Bro. Hiram & I went on ahead of the rest after we passed McElvain. I came down on the noon passenger again. The boys did not return until about dark. Hogs weighed in the aggregate 8000 lb @ 4 1/4 = $340.00. Deposited in Bank at Smiths $200.

Hiram paid me bal $140. Total $340.00 for hogs. Paid for weighing 50 ct. In the evening, went down to Sallies to see the sick. Henry is very bad so they think.

(NOTE: While I can't say exactly which McElvains they passed, the McElvains were early inhabitants of the area. Edward's half sister Mary married Robert McElvain. Mary & Edward were also 2nd cousins to Robert with the common ancestors being Lewis and Elizabeth Bates Wells. Robert descends from Keziah Wells, sister of Mary Wells Pyle. Robert's aunt, Margaret McElvain, m. Lawrence Dry who was a brother to Catherine Dry. Catherine was the wife of Uncle Hiram Pyle., son of Mary Wells Pyle.

Got that? [grin]-gp)


Cloudy & smoky morning. Good appearance of rain directly after breakfast. I went up to Elkville. Hiram paid over to me amt received by him for my hogs sold to Pope. Cash $140. Certificate of deposit $200. I got back home a little after 10 A.M. Gim went up to butcher for Knouff. He did not get back until night. Deckard hauled my trough up. He also hauled 2 loads water in cistern at house and at barn. In the afternoon he hauled one load shock corn & some straw for hog beds. Henry Schwartz is very low.


Colder again, wind in the North. Cloudy in the evening but clear in forenoon. I went up to town after breckfast. Got a sack to take Rye to mill to get it chopped. Deckard took it up to Mill about 10 A.M. Was about 1 o'clock when he got back home. After he got his dinner, he went in wood to get some poles etc. to make straw rack . Gim went away to work to day. I went up in afternoon to see Lucretia Miller. My mother came home with me from the store. Sold 2 calves to Tom (?) McElvain in the evening. Our Old Spot cow went to bull to day.

(NOTE: The ink on this page is rather faded and it is difficult to make out a few words. I am not at all certain the McElvain he sold the calves to was Tom...could be Lora or Lom? -gp)


It gives us pain to note the death of Henry Schwartz which occured this morning about 3 o'clock. He was severely sick for over a week and was very near from the commencement of his sickess unsensible to everything about him. I went to Murphysboro to day. Did not remain there long & yet it was about dark when I got home. Deckard & Gim made rack for straw in forenoon. In the afternoon done but little of anything. I sent by Boyd Richard of Carbondale $60.00 to be handed to Jeff Snider for wheat drill.


Snowed some last night but barely enough to cover the ground. Cloudy in the morning but became somewhat clear about noon or shortly after. I took Rebecca home this morning. Came by Hackneys to give him some information about Jos. mare etc. Came via Elkville home. Emma & I went down to Sallies in forenoon. Bell is very low. Horatios came home with us & took dinner. About the middle of the afternoon we all followed the remains of Henry Schwartz to the grave where it deposited. We all fear that Bell will be next as she is very low.

(NOTE: Edward's half brother, Samuel, married a Sarah Hackney, no doubt related to these he mentions-gp)


Pleasant weather only too dry. I am not feeling very well. I have had a swimming in my head at times for the last 2 or 3 days which is a very disagreeable feeling. I am not gaining strength as it seems I ought to. Belle is no better as well. Think appears to be growing weaker. We fear lest she will not recover. She is worked very much like Henry in the latter part of his sickness that is her mind seems to be very much affected. Gim & Deckard hauled some shock corn, gathered a little corn for hogs. Also hauled a load oats for Deckard. Helped Josiah butcher, etc.


Belle is no better this morning - is growing weaker. Her voice is becoming more feeble. She appears to be suffering very great pain. The nervous system is very much agitated. Towards noon a visible change came over her for the worse. The doctor came in forenoon but soon left- recovery, we think, is impossible without Divine intervention. After 12 she gradually sank until about 4 o'clock P.M. when the spirit took its flight, when her trouble on earth was over. We all are sad indeed that one so young and full of life & vigor when well should so soon be taken from us. My the God of Heaven have mercy on the bereaved family & friends that are left behind.

(NOTE: Belle was just 14 years old-gp)


Yesterday was a dark and smoky day throughout. Rained a little shower last night. Colder this morning otherwise was a very fine day. We are all sad & desponding on the account of so much sickness & so many deaths in Bro. Williams family. It seems as though from the way they are going that the whole family will be taken from us. To day we follow Belle to the grave and pay our last tribute of respects to her remains. We are all sorry to lose Belle but we must submit to the decrees of high Heaven. I did not go out to the burying. I & little Lucy remained at home. Deckard helped dig grave, etc. Gim worked for himself.


Another death occurred in the neighborhood this morning. Wife of Hiram Woods is no more. She suffered severely for several months. A great struggle between life & death had been going on for several weeks and at last death conquered and the conflict is over, her great suffering is at an end.

Emma was called over there yesterday morning to see Mrs. Wood at an early hour. While there an abortion took place etc. Emma went to assist in making the shroud etc. for Mrs. Woods. Was about 4 o'clock when she came back home. Gim & Deckard cleaned out stables or worked at that business.

(NOTE: Edward mentions Hie Woods in his diary many times. I have no record of Mrs. Woods' first name. When he says an abortion took place, I wonder if he means that Mrs. Woods died while Emma was there...strange use of the word if that is so. -gp)


Rather colder to day again. We see no prospect of rain shortly. Water is growing scarcer every day that is wells are getting lower that have held out so far. Gim tended to feeding & watering the stock. He hauled a couple bbls water and finished cleaning out stable in forenoon. In the afternoon he hauled load wood. I did some little work around the place to day, first I have been able to do for sometime. Deckard helped Arth butcher to day - his wife was away all day in afternoon. We went to Maggie Quigley & Mrs. Babbitt.


Last night was pretty cold. Quite cold this morning. Bent Gill came for Emma to go to his house to frolic. She went & returned about eleven o'clock A. M. She says they have a "new boy" at Bent's.

Deckard went up to town or some where else. He claimed to be sick & not able to work. He came back towards evening & assisted with the feeding & milking. His wife did not get back this evening. Gim hauled water , did the feeding in the morning, chopped wood, etc. Turned colder in the evening & tryed to snow but failed.


Last night was considered one of the coldest we have had this winter so far. Very cold throughout the day. I assisted in the feeding both morning & evening. Deckard went for load wood back logs. After dinner I went up to town awhile. Gim went to assist in digging grave for Pete Greers baby. Rebecca came over to day. Deckard & wife went back to Burts in the evening.

(NOTE: Edward mentions Pete Greer a few times in his diaries...assume he is just a friend and neighbor-gp)


Not quite so cold this morning. Moderated some during the day. Became some what cloudy towards evening with the wind rather damp & in the south. Gim & Deckard took each a team & went for wood. Hauled each one load. I went down to Carbondale on the noon train and came home on the evening train again. Saw Harwood & sister. Came up on train in the evening. Rebecca came over again in forenoon. Mary Deckard came home from Burts today. Gim & Deckard gathered a little corn for my hogs (5 or 6 bushels).



This is quite a dark morning, cloudy, also quite smoky. Rained, or rather a heavy mist came down in forenoon. Water started to run off the roofs. Directly after 12, clouds began to break away and sun came out. Look now like we were going to have more dry weather. Mr. Harwood & Mr. Bundy came here in forenoon. Here only a few minutes then went away. Ella & Mattie went up to Sunday School. Emmaline is very bad off with rising on her hand.


Wind is back in the North. Wind pretty high at times yet not overly cold. Cleared off without any rain more than a very light sprinkle yesterday. I went up to DuQuoin for load corn. Bot 25 bu of Andrew Pyle @ 42 1/2. Was about sundown when I returned home. Emma went up to Babbitts & had her hand lanced. She is suffering very much. Gim helped Knouff butcher etc. Deckard helped Douglass brother. They came home in time to haul load straw & put up rack for cattle etc. Bro. Hiram went with me to buy corn.

(NOTE: Andrew Pyle is Edward's 2nd cousin. Andrew descends from Capt. John Pyle, their common ancestor, through his son Abner, then through Abner Jr., his father. Edward descends from Capt. John Pyle through son John "Jack", then through his daughter Sarah, Edward's mother. Abner Sr. and Jack married sisters, Sarah and Mary "Polly" Wells, respectively. So Abner Jr. and Sarah were cousins through both sides of their families. Andrew Pyle married Barbara Pyle, his 2nd cousin. Barbara was the daughter of Edward's Uncle Hiram and Catherine Dry Pyle. Andrew died on 21 Mar 1875 at the age of 40.-gp)


This was a very fine day. Wind in the North and a little cool yet not so unpleasant as we have it some times. Emma's hand is very bad to day. She is suffering extremely with it. I had the cooking & washing of dishes to do to day. Ella burnt her hand this morning so she could not assist much. Deckard went away some where. I expect he went to hunt him a place to move to. Gim went to Carbondale with his cotton. I went up for medicine for Emma. Doctor called in the evening.


The weather is very fine. Indeed we have had a very pleasant fall & winter only too dry. Water is very scarce. Wells & cisterns that is a majority of them, naturally failed of their water. Emmas hand is a little better to day yet she is suffering very much with it. Emma's mother & Mrs. Ringler came here to day. They left again in the evening. Gim unloaded cotton seeds, hauled some water to cistern. Deckard hauled rails from Johnny Davis. I went up to town & bought me a coat.


A most delightful day. Warm & pleasant out doors. Mrs. Savitz & Rebecca came here in forenoon & remained until in the evening. I was about the house most of the day sewing on sewing machine etc. I went up to town in the evening for stocking yarn for Old Mrs. Akin to knit up etc.

Deckard hauled rails again all day. Gim went to mill to day for himself. He hauled load straw in rack in the evening, helped feed, etc. Little Mollie went home with her Aunt Becca this evening.


The weather is unchanged only some warmer to day. Bees were out today in full force. Gim & Deckard here. Deckard hauled 2 loads. I was helping about the house most of the day. Emma's hand is still very bad but is mending some. Dr. Babbitt called in the evening again. Our little Molly came home from her Grandmother's where she went yesterday. Mary Deckard brought her home.


Continues warm & pleasant. In the afternoon there was some appearance of rain. Deckard hauled load of rails from Johnny Davis in forenoon. In afternoon, he assisted me in hauling roast corn from station. He then hauled load water & helped do the feeding. Gim killed his hogs to day. Rebecca came here in forenoon. Late in the evening I took her home in the buggy. Ella & Little Lucy went with us, they are going to stay all night with their Grandma. Emma is still poorly with her hand. I pd. Harris, teacher, $29.83/100.


Some colder again. Rain is all passed over or rather the clouds that indicated rain as we have had no rain to amount to much for very near 2 years. Ella & Little Lucy went over to their Grandmothers last evening. Emma, Mattie, Mollie & I went over there this morning. We took dinner there. We all came home in the evening. Deckard & wife went off some where in wagon.


Last night was a cold one. To day was a continuation of the same we had last night. Deckard hauled 5 loads of corn from Elkville to day. I went up to town in the afternoon. Was very near sundown when I came back. Gim hauled water, also some straw for hogs beds and some to rack for cattle etc. He chopped some firewood for us. He did not put in all the day for me. Hie Birdsong paid me $10.00 on this years rent.


Cold morning, cloudy most of day. Looked very much like rain or snow in the evening. Gim got some corn out of car to day. He hauled small load straw and put it on potatoes instead of putting it in the stable as directed. In the afternoon, Gim hauled load wood for himself. Deckard hauled 2 loads rails from Johnny Davises to day. Took him about all day to haul the 2 loads. I went up to town in the morning. I bot a draft for $24 from Mrs. Clemens. I went over to Mr. Lemons in the afternoon.


There is about 11/2 inches of snow on the ground this morning, most of it went off in the afternoon. Some what cloudy again in the evening. Gim & Deckard hauled 6 loads wood for me to day (3 each). Hie Birdsong & Pete Greer chopped the wood that they hauled. I was busy all day watering and tending to the stock.


Thick cloudy all day but no rain or snow yet, hope it will come before long so as to give us water which is so much needed both for man and beasts. I watered and tended to stock most of day. I put axe handle in axe, helped the women about the house, etc. In the afternoon I went up to town a little while. I let Sam have the Old Mrs. Clemens pension draft for $24. Gim & Deckard cut & hauled 4 loads wood to day.


Beautiful weather indeed, only too dry. We were very much surprised this morning to learn that Sallies house was broke into last night and some articles stolen such as clothing etc. All hands turned out and pursued the thieves to Carbondale where they were captured. Found all the missing property in their possession. I went only as far as DeSoto, & then returned. Deckard hauled one load rails from Johnny Davises to day. He helped to fence, so did Gim. Gim also went to mill & chopped wood, etc for himself.


Some what cloudy throughout day. Misted of rain in afternoon. Emma & I went up to Elkville quite early. Emma went to DuQuoin on the train. She came back at noon. I remained at Elkville until she got back. Was at the trial of the prisoners that were arrested yesterday for stealing clothing from Sally. They were sent to jail. Emma & I got back home about 1 o'clock P.M. Deckard hauled load of rails from Johnny Davises. Gim hauled wood for himself. Bot Pete Greer's mule. He delivered it yesterday. Benj. Savits died to day.

(NOTE: from Vol III of Jackson Co. Cemetery records, pg. 44 for Elk Twp, Row 10: Savitz, Benjamin, d, Dec 21, 1872, aged 54y, 11m, 26d. I wonder who is correct....Edward or the cemetery records! Based on the following entry, I suspect Edward is correct. Savitz was a friend and neighbor of the Schwartzes and is mentioned in Ed's 1870 diary as helping to build his new house.-gp)


Cold with a hazy look about the clouds as though we would have foul weather. Ella & Mattie went up to Sunday School. Emma, 2 little ones & I went to hear Bro. Wilderman preach at eleven. We went to my mothers for dinner. Ella & Mattie went to Bro Josiahs for dinner. In the evening we went to pay the last tribute of respect to our friend & fellow citizen, Benj. Savitz (who died yesterday in forenoon) that it is possible for us to bestow on our friends by assisting in the burial, etc.


Every thing is slick with ice this morning. Misting of rain still but did not last long after the sun came up. The ice is very thin & as soon as the sun came out most of it passed away. Deckard & I did not do much beyond feeding, mending check lines and hauling load straw in rack for cattle, etc. Gim was away some where. What he was doing I know not. Emma went up to town in the morning. Came back about 10 A.M. Peddler called in to day. Bro Hiram called in in the evening.


Cold, frosty morning. Frost did not go away until about 10 o'clock A.M. Deckard & I went up to Elkville. Took some 6 bushels wheat up there. Got a bbl. flour for the wheat by paying 10 cts extra. Deckard took Lucies old shoes off and put on another pair. We took wagon up to town to get a fellow put on a wheel but brought it back without fixing. We worked at it in the evening ourselves. We hauled load shock corn in the evening. I hauled load water. Rebecca was here. Dr. Babbitt came by in the evening.

(NOTE: In this case, the Lucy he refers to is his horse, not his daughter!-gp)


Snowed & sleeted last night. Ground is quite slick. We think more water fell last night than has fell at any one time since about this time last harvest commenced. The snow melted where the sun had a fair piece of it as on the south side of buildings & doors. Deckard & I made a felly (?) to fore wheel of wagon. We put tire on again. We did but little else besides feeding & making fires. I helped Emma to sew, I ran the machine.


Air damp & in the East. Cloudy & commenced snowing towards noon. In the afternoon it snowed and sleeted making it rather disagreeable out doors. After feeding was over I went to DuQuoin on the morning train leaving Deckard to water the stock etc. I came back on the 1 o'clock train. Took dinner with Bro. Hiram. Mother & balance of family at store. Gim did not do anything for me to day. Helped boys kill hogs up at town. J. M. Robinson and another man came by to buy my steers.

(NOTE: J. M. Robinson was probably Joseph Robinson, a friend and neighbor of Edward.-gp)


Considerable snow & ice on the ground. Cleared up this morning. Not so very cold during the day yet too cold for the snow to melt much. Early in the morning I went up to Elkville. Pretty soon afterwards Emma, all the children & Deckard & wife came up with sled. So I came home with them. We got some beef at Bro Josiahs as we came home (58 lbs). Deckard & I did not do much beyond chopping fire wood & feeding stock, etc. Think some of my horses & mules are taking the epizootics, at least they have a cough.


In the morning, cloudy. After breakfast commenced snowing. Wind in the North & turning.

Snow very fine & dry. In the afternoon somewhat cleared up & still getting colder. Against night was extremely cold. Deckard mended Ella's shoes. He & I did the feeding & watering of stock. Beside this we did but little else. Peddler that came here last evening is still with us to day.


The night just past we think the coldest that we have had, perhaps for several years. Some of our apples froze in apple house, also potatoes and eggs and some of the honey froze in cellar. Continued very cold all forenoon. Somewhat moderated in afternoon. Wind in south all day & cold & damp making it very unpleasant out of doors. Our peddler is still with us. We were at home all day. Quite late in the evening. Lucias & wife & Emmaline went the Lord knows where. They came back about dark. Bro. Hiram called in the evening.


Last night was not so cold as the night before yet it was anything but warm. Wind in the north this morning. Snowed some little again. Continued to grow cold as the day declined & against night it had become extremely cold, the wind blowing a gale which seemed to penetrate to the inner parts of the physical man. Our peddler left us this morning. He said he would go down to Old Uncle Philips. Deckard & I did not much beyond feeding & watering the stock, get wood & make fires etc.

(NOTE: Old Uncle Philip would probably be the brother of Henry Kimmel. Philip is found on the 1860 census, household #817, at age 49...making him 63 at the writing of this entry. That would seem to qualify him as "old". Henry Kimmel, of course, is the father of the Philip, Joseph and Sarah Kimmel who married Eliza, Isabelle and William Schwartz...making Philip their "uncle".


Last night was another sharp one. Cold penetrated every nook & corner, even finding its way into our cellar, freezing everything therein that contained any freezing matter. Some of our apples froze in the apple house yet the most of them were not touched by the frost. The day was extremely cold throughout. Deckard & I hauled 2 loads water, one for the barn and one for the house. I took Emma over to school house. We took over the things we wanted on the Christ. tree. Deckard chopped some wood & Bro. Hiram gave bond for collecting taxes etc.


Continues very cold. We all went over to see the Christmas tree last night. We all got presents some of which were valuable & others not of much utility. Cloudy all day. Deckard & I went up to Elkville in forenoon. It was about 2 o'clock P.M. when we got back home. Emma had dinner waiting for sitting on the table waiting for us to return. We had a big cock for dinner. Deckard & wife rendered us some assistance in picking its bones. After dinner, Emmaline & Mrs. Deckard went up to town. Was about dark when they got back. Emma VanPelt called here in the evening.


The weather has moderated some. Misted of rain last evening. Commenced snowing this morning. Snowed off and on throughout the day. Wind cold in the North & quite high at times. All our horses have the Epizootic. Some of them have been coughing for a week or more. The weather is rather unfavorable. I should think for our sick horses as it is too cold to let them run out & too confining to keep them up all the time. Deckard is laboring under a severe cold. Was confined to the house & bed all afternoon. We are all getting several colds.

(NOTE: On the surface, it sounds like Edward's horses have Equine Influenza rather than a true case of epizootics. The influenza has a characteristic dry cough that sometimes lasts for weeks and is a fairly mild disease, fatal only on very young, old or otherwise sick horses. Epizootics is nearly always fatal and extremely contagious. Although it is very rare in the U.S. now, the disease was crippling to an economy dependent on horsepower. When an outbreak would occur in towns, farmers, teamsters, and others depending on horses for their livelihood, would keep away from the outbreak. Thus, goods would not be hauled, farmers wouldn't bring produce to market, etc. Infected animals were general destroyed and remains burned to control the spread of the disease.-gp)


This morning finds us all living. Deckard better. Mollie is complaining of being sick. I am suffering with bad cold. Emma & Ella done some washing to day. Weather more moderate to day yet continues pretty cold. Gim assisted me in doing the chores etc. He went to help Josiah kill hogs in forenoon. Did not return until towards evening. Arth VanPelt & Geo. Douglass were here a few minutes. Our horses are all on the sick list with the epizootic. (NOTE: Edward makes a couple of mentions of the Douglasses. I can't say for sure there is a connection but two of Emeline's sisters married Douglass men. Elizabeth Reno m. Adam Douglass and Marama Reno m. Robert Douglass.-gp)


Blustery. Wind in the north & pretty cold. Snowed some during the day. Several of us are on the sick list or rather are down with severe colds or something of the kind. Mollie is pretty sick. Has some fever. Emma went up to Dr. Babbitts for medicine for Mollie. Deckard is about to day. He & Gim are doing the chores, I not being well enough to be out. Scott Adkins & family all called to see us in the afternoon. I paid him $17.90/100 on school order. David Giles was here with school order for fuel furnished.


Not so cold to day. Think weather is going to moderate. Emma is down sick to day. Was sick all last night. Mollie is no better. I am on the mend. Deckard is also better. It appears now as though all of us are going to get down. Such a complaint as we are now afflicted with is not common to this country. Rather think it is something similar to the horse epizootic or distemper which is now raging in our midst. We were all at home all day not being able to get away.


Warmer, Snow & ice breaking up. A very heavy mist of rain came down most of the day.

Water is standing about in holes but branches are not running yet. We caught some water in bbls. & put in our cisterns which saves us the trouble of hauling water from our well. We are all much better to day. Mollie is up & about. Emma & I are improving. I went up to Elkville in forenoon. Got back about 1 o'clock. P.M. Gim & Deckard hauled some rye straw to fill in stables, etc.


Dark & dreary. Misted of rain again to day. Turned some colder towards evening. Rained a good shower last night. Ice & snow most all gone. The little branches are running briskly to day. Plenty of water now for man and beast. I went up to town awhile in the afternoon. We are not doing much of anything except feeding, getting wood & kicking up the fire. The year 1872 is now closing. Many changes have been wrought and some of our friends have been taken from us during this year but the great feature of this year is the long drought prevailed.

(NOTE: Those taken by death during the year were Martha Glotfelty, Ben Savitz, Henry Begaman, Mrs. Woods, Gim's baby, Greer's baby, Mrs. Birdsong, Lucy Schwartz, Belle Schwartz and Henry Schwartz.-gp)


July 12/72 Let Dr. Ford have 1 box honey, 141/2 lbs, box clothes & any.

Wiley Gray & co. thrashed Oct. 1st & 2nd. 130 bushels wheat Oct. 2nd. 386 " oats.

February 1, 1894

Sam & Josiah have the mumps. John went to school and Simon Pile came down and him and Pa went to town (signed) Sam

(NOTE: This entry is written under Memoranda at the back of Edward's diary. It was written apparently by his son, Samuel Marshal Schwartz, who would have been 16 at the time. The handwriting is very neat and ledgible and obviously not Edward's hand. The entry refers to Sam, himself, and his younger brother, Josiah. John is Sam's twin brother, my great grandfather. Simon Pile (Pyle) is Edward's first cousin, son of Hiram and Catherine Pyle. Sam & John were born on 14 April 1877, Josiah on 8 July 1878. These are the 3 sons Edward wanted so badly {see his 1870 diary, Dec. 9, entry}. We know Josiah was named for his Uncle Josiah and he is referred to many times in the diary of his sister, Lucy, as Josiah. But somehow, for some reason, Josiah later became known as Joseph. Perhaps he liked the name better. In his mother's will, she even makes reference to him as Joseph and then comments that he is the same person as Josiah. In corresponding with Josiah's daughter, Glena Schwartz Williams, who still lives as of 1993 in Sparta, IL, she wrote to my mother that her father's name was Joseph. I guess this is just one of those little family mysteries.

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