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Jackson County, Illinois

Diary of Edward Schwartz


Pretty cold in the morning. Quite cold last night. Ground froze considerable. Clear all day. Philip & Gim hauled wood until noon. In the afternoon, Gim plowed for oats & Philip helped the women folks make garden etc. School trustees came here in forenoon to transact township business. In afternoon I went up to Elkville to election of one Dist. Director. Bro Josiah was elected for the office. Rebecca & Jennetty Savits were here part of day. Old Maria washed for Emma. Harwood was here in the morning awhile.


Not quite so cold this morning. Mostly clear in forenoon but somewhat cloudy in afternoon. This was election day. The first town meeting we held under town organization. In the morning I assisted Emma in setting out some onions sets. I went up to election about 10 A.M. and did not return until dark. Philip plowed about all day for oats west of house. Emma Vanpelt was here in the afternoon.


Rained some before day this morning. Quite a cloudy and damp day. Commenced drizzling again late in the evening. I was at home all day. I was arranging school a/c. etc. Emma went up to town in forenoon. It was nearly noon when she returned. Towares evening she went down to VanPelts for flour. We took wome wheat down there a few days ago and Arth took it to DeSoto to mill for us. Sam Jenkins drawed $25.00 on his Schedules to day. Philip plowed until late in the evening. He hauled 2 loads shock corn. Gim plowed for oats for himself.


Some warmer today. Clear all forenoon clouded up toward evening. Prospect for more rain. I went up to Elkville in forenoon, got back home just after noon or about dinner time. In the afternoon I helped remove and resett some shrubry taken out of yard into garden. Philip harrowed in forenoon for oats. In the afternoon he drilled in oats. Gim is plowing and sowing oats for himself.


Rather a cool morning. I moved my bees from Sallies this morning. Old Mr. Vanpelt sowed some grass seeds for me in forenoon. I assisted him some. Philip finished drilling in oats in forenoon. This finished our oats sowing without we will have to resow. Philip drilled over buckwheat patch in afternoon. He then took Ikes drill home. Emma went up to Dr. Babbitts for flower seeds, plants, shrubbery, etc. It was about 5 P.M. when she got home. Dock Martin & Miss North were here for school money.


Commenced raining before day. Rained often on all day. I went up to town in forenoon came home at noon. Philip shucked corn, got wood, etc. until the middle of afternoon at which time he went home. Gim went to DuQuoin to mill, came back towards evening. Wind was pretty high part of day & from the South. The showers to day resembled those we used to have on the opening up of spring. We hope that we will now have some warm weather as it has been very cold so far all Spring.


Cleared up this morning. This was the warmest day so far this season or rather this spring. We seldom witness a finer day than this. Wheat, oats and every green thing seemed to leap up from the earth as by magic. We all went up to Sunday School. From Sunday school the little girls went with Kate Gill. The balance of us went to Philips. Got dinner there. We went up to Old School house to meeting. Downey preached. From there we came home. Philip went home yesterday evening and came back. (NOTE: It is likely the Philip they all had dinner with was Philip Kimmel, husband of Edward's sister, Eliza. The other Philip is his farm hand-gp)


Rained very heavy today. Commenced some time after midnight last night and continued at intervals throughout the day. All the little waters courses are up full, the like of which has not been seen before for over a year, if not mistaken. This indeed was what might be termed a ground soaker. Towards evening clouds broke away with appearance of being fair weather. Gim & Philip were engaged very near all day scraping up manure in barn yard. I went up to town in afternoon awhile. School commenced to day again.


Cleared up this morning but somewhat clouded up again before noon. Yet it soon became clear again. Turned quite cold after the sun was up awhile but before night turned some warmer. I went up to Elkville in the morning intending to go to Du Quoin but train being behind I did not go. Rebecca came home with me in buggy. Gim and Philip scraped manure in forenoon. After dinner, Philip & Emma went for rakes. Gim & Philip hauled in oats (2 loads). I went to town again in the evening. I filled out bond for town supervisor. I took Barbie sow to Sam's boar. (NOTE: Rebecca is most likely Emma's sister, Rebecca Reno. Sam would be his half brother- gp)


This was a very fine growing day. Warm and clear. A few more such days will cause the trees to come out in full bloom. Wheat fields are getting beautifully green. Oats are coming up very nice. Grass is also taking a start. I went down to Little Muddy in morning to assist in replacing mud bridge. It had floated down stream and lodged against new bridge. We got it back & tied it there. Silkwood took dinner with us. Gim & Philip hauled in bal. of oats & scraped manure til noon. Gim worked for himself in afternoon. Philip & I set out some Elms. Tom Davis' wife washed for Emma.


This was one of those beautiful days we so much delight to see especially this time of the year. Wind in the South and high. Think it will below up rain. Clouded in the west towards evening. Emma & I with little Lucy went to DeSoto to Kilmores sale. Every thing sold well. We did not get back home until about 5 in the afternoon. Little Mollie went with Ella & Mattie to school. Phil went to plow for Hie Woods. Gim hauled rails for crop fence in Old Orchard 1/3 or 1/2 of day.


Rained some last night. Continued raining occasionally until about 8 A.M. Wind changed around to North West and turned some cooler. Cloudy all day. Philip and I put up crop fence in orchard in forenoon. In the afternoon I went up to town. I came back about 5 in the evening. Dr. Babbitt & wife called in the afternoon. He left between 5 & 6 o'clock P.M. Gim & Philip hauled out manure in afternoon. Gim was away on business in forenoon so I suppose. It was about 2 o'clock before he commenced to work for me.


This was a beautiful sun shining day. Warm growing weather. Some of the peach trees open out in bloom to day, the first blooms noticed so far. Vegetation of every description seems to be putting on a coat of green which it did not wear a few days ago. Emma went up to DuQuoin on the morning train and came back on the 9 o'clock train. She took her butter to market- got 30 cts for it. I helped take care of little ones in forenoon. In afternoon I went up to Elkville. Came home about 5 P.M. Gim and Philip hauled out manure all day.


This was rather a disagreeable day. Was cloudy throughout the day. Sprinkled of rain in the morning and several times during the day. Wind was in East and part of day from the South. The day was quite cold and chilly. Late in the evening clouds thickened up and wind changed to West. Also rained some about dark. Ella & Mattie, Philip & I went up to Sunday School. We got home about noon. After dinner, Emma & Mollie went over to Geo. Houses. George lost his little boy last night. Emma attended his burial about 5 in the evening. (NOTE: George House was a widower, his wife Rachel died 15 Aug. 1871...I wonder if it was a result of childbirth with this child...I could find no cemetery record for the child. George died on 8 Sep 1873, in his 46th year.-gp)


This was anything but a pleasant day. Wind in the west and quite boisterous. Cold and chilly out doors. Mostly clear in forenoon but clouded up in the afternoon. Some appearance of snow but hope it will not come. Fear if it clears up to night we will have a sharp frost in the morning. I was indoors all day. I am some what afflicted having a severe sore throat. Emma went up to Dr. Babbitts. He came down to see me and left medicine for me to take. Emma came home about 5 o'clock. Gim and PHilip hauled out manure all day.


Pretty cold in the morning yet not frozen or any frost. Wind light and cloudy all night. Warmer to day but cloudy and rather chilly at times especially so late in the evening. Peach trees are very near out in full bloom. Apple trees blossoms are beginning to show themselves very perceptible. Gim, I suppose, was sick to day, hence did not make his appearance at any time during the day. Philip was scattering manure in south orchard. He started to do down Birdsong to help us tomorrow but learning that his wife was quite sick he came back. Bro. Hiram was here in the morning. Hellin called for school money, got none.


Nice and pleasant for a while in the morning but did not last long for it soon clouded up and in the afternoon rain came pouring out at considerable rate. Rained off and on until nearly sundown. Hailed some at one time. Thundered and lightened all around. Gim & Philip hauled manure out until noon. Gim did not work in the afternoon. Dr. Babbitt called in just afternoon. He took dinner with us. He was here for 2 or 3 hours on account of the rain. Bro. Josiah called in in the evening. Turned little bull in my pasture. I heard Whippoorwill in the evening, the first heard this spring.


In the morning early the indications were favorable for a nice day but pretty soon wind changed around to the north west. Clouded up and turned colder. Quite blustery all day and on one or two occasions sprinkled of rain. Late in the evening clouds seemed to thicken up as though it would rain. Birdsong had the misfortune to loose his wife this morning so I was informed. She was only sick a few days as I learn. Gim went down there in the morning and n afternoon he helped Philip haul out some manure. He did not put in a good half day. Bro. Hiram called a few minutes to day.

(NOTE: The wife of Birdsong was America Birdsong, 1843 -April 1872- From Vol. III of Jackson Co. cemetery records- gp)


A little cool in the morning but as soon as the sun came up with his pleasant rays, it began to get warmer and was very nice and pleasant until quite late in the evening when it became cloudy with a good appearance of rain. Emma went down to Birdsongs. She went with intention of being at the burying but she came back before that took place. Maggie Jenkins & Ett Patton were here to day. Also Rebecca was here. Gim and Philip hauled out manure in afternoon. I went up to town in the afternoon awhile.


Warm and very pleasant. Fine growing weather. The trees are putting on style and are showing off in their most gaudy apparel. When we gaze out on the surrounding country our eyes meet at every turn the verdant fields and the flowery view presented by the many orchards in our midst. Philip & Gim hauled manure in forenoon and in afternoon they hauled 2 loads of wood. Gim did not work for me. Emma, the 2 little girls (Mollie and Lucy-gp) & I went up to town in the evening. Ella & Mattie went down to their Aunt Sallie's awhile. Bro. Hiram paid me $200.22 for supt. of school.


Thundered and lightened in the morning. Rained a pretty smart shower about breckfast time. Wind changed to North and pretty cold all day. Cleared up towards evening. We all went up to Sunday School. From Sunday School Emma, the 2 little ones and I went up to Dr. Babbitts. We took dinner there. We left Babbitts about 3 P.M. We stopped in at Curren Vanpelts a little while and then came on home. Emma went over to her mothers to take letter to Rebecca. Ella & Mattie went from Sunday School to their Philips ( I think he must mean Uncle Philip and Aunt Eliza Kimmels- gp). They came in before six in the evening.


Frost this morning but too slight to do any harm. Clear and cold all day. Wind quite cold and from the North and North East. Turned some warmer about sun down. Fire felt quite comfortable to day. I employed my self a while in forenoon in the garden and part of time helping Emma in the house, as she is not very well to day. Wm. Davis was here in forenoon. He came over to get me to plant corn for him with planter. I would not go. In the afternoon I went up to town. Philip plowed and planted some corn in piece below barn to day. Gim plowed for corn for himself.


Sharp frost this morning but think it did no damage. Nice and clear all day. Fine growing day. In forenoon Philip & I loaded manure and put it in the corn hills just below barn. We finished planting this piece after dinner awhile. Philip went to shop with plow to have it sharpened. After he returned he went to laying off piece for castor beans down next to R. Road. Dr. Babbitt called awhile in afternoon. Gim plowed for himself. He took his plow to shop to day.


Warm and very pleasant. Vegetation is growing finely. Peach blooms are falling off. Apple trees are very near all in full bloom. The air is fragrant with the sweet odors of the many blossoms that are now fully developed. Philip was laying off for castor beans all day. I went up to town in forenoon. As I came back I called at Bro. Hirams and got about 3/4 of bushel castor beans. I went up to town again in afternoon. Got Lucy (the horse, not his daughter-gp) shod before. After I came home I went down to see Pete. Saw him at the Cowgill place. Old Manerria made soap for Emma today.


Warm and very pleasant. Clear all day. Banked up in North west about sundown. A shower of rain now would be a benefit. In the morning we altered our pigs. Philip finished laying off piece for beans about 10 A.M.. He & I hauled out 3 loads of manure until noon. In the afternoon, I went down to help Old Mr. Vanpelt regulate corn planter so as to plant with checker. About 3 1/2 o'clock I went over to Bro. Josiahs to assist in altering some colts. Rebecca was here to day. Old Manerria finished making Emma's soap & went home. Philip hauled out manure in afternoon.


Think this was the warmest day we have had this Spring. Clear and but little appearance of rain. In the morning we spayed some hogs. Pete & Gim helped. Gim hauled manure afterwards until the middle of the afternoon. He then went to plowing for himself. Philip plowed all day for Gim. (Gim helped me in Philips place). I helped Emma some about making flower beds around portico and along walk. Josiah and Lizza passed. Lizza got some greens, etc. Josiah was taking his roller home. (NOTE: This is his brother Josiah and wife Elizabeth Waters- gp)


Cool and pleasant in the morning but very warm balance of day. Has appearance of dry weather.

In company with I. Kimmel, went to Murphysboro to day. We returned after sundown. Philip went to DeSoto to mill to day. He came back about 1 in afternoon. He broke piece for water melon patch in afternoon. Emma went to Elkville late in the evening. She got Ella new pr. shoes.


The days very warm but cool and pleasant nights. There is some appearance of rain which we somewhat begin to need. About 10 A.M. we all went over to Sunday School. After it was out we went over and took dinner with Philips. Mother, Bro. Horatio & family were down and also took dinner at Philips. They left shortly after dinner. We left about 3 P.M. and came on home. Emma went in the evening on the hunt of a girl. She brought back Ellen Davis who is going to stay with us.


Continued very warm through the day. More pleasant in the night. Wind in the South and pretty high. The prospect for rain appears to be good yet it seems to be putting it off. Notwithstanding we have hopes that it will come in a few days. Philip, Gim & I planting castor beans to day. We did not finish planting. Trees are getting very green with leaves. The last few days have pushed vegetation out very rapidly. Arth Vanpelt came up in the evening. I paid him $32.50 out of money belonging to Dist. No. 1, T7 R1W.


We were threatened with rain to day but only a light shower fell barely laying the dust. Wind was pretty high all day and quite changeable. I worked in garden very near all forenoon. In the afternoon did not much of anything. Philip and Gim finished planting beans about the middle of forenoon. Gim then went to plowing for himself & Philip went to brushing piece were beans were planted. Emma went up to Elkville after dinner. Wiley Gray and Franky called in a few minutes in afternoon. Sam Jenkins was here late. I paid him $15.90 school money on a.c of Dist. No. 1 T7R1.


Had a very fine rain in fore part of last night. There was also considerable wind with it. Cooler since the rain. Nice and clear in forenoon to day. Everything in vegetable line looks exceedingly flourishing. In the afternoon we had frequent showers and wind rather boisterous. Turned still cooler in the evening. Philip helped Gim plow 3/4 of the day. He rolled castor beans 1/4 day. Bro. Hiram & Bro. Wharton were here in afternoon a while. (I don't know who brother Wharton is but he is NOT Edwards actual brother...perhaps a fellow church member -Bro. Hiram is his true brother - gp) I worked about the place, first at one thing and then at another. I turned my stock cattle outside this morning, 7 head.


Wind High in the North and very cool. Think there must have been a hail storm or something of the kind some where yesterday or day before. A coat felt quite comfortable all day. I went up to Elkville in forenoon was about 10 A.M. when I got home. Rebecca was here. I helped her do some pinking until noon and in afternoon I helped Gim lay off corn ground. Philip worked all day for Gim, harrowing, etc. I got my watch again this morning. Eddie brought it down from DuQuoin. Paid Gim $2.00 in the evening. (NOTE: Eddie is most likely Eddie Kimmel, son of Joseph and Isabelle Schwartz Kimmel. He was born 7 Feb 1850 and was orphaned at a young age. He was raised by his grandmother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz. He moved to DuQuoin, married Alifair Onstott and became a merchant. He is Edward's nephew.-gp)

MAY 3, 1872 FRIDAY

Quite cool this morning. Think there was a slight frost but did no damage. Nice and clear. Warmer in after part of day. I and Philip helped Gim plant corn. I helped until noon & Philip all day. In afternoon Gim & Philip used planter in planting. I took team and went with school children down to little Muddy fishing. We all had a gay old time. It was 6 o'clock in the evening when I and little girls got home.


Nice and pleasant weather. Quite warm in middle of day but quite pleasant nights. Ground is drying off very fast. Will soon need more rain. Emma went up to DuQuoin in buggy. She called at Bro. Horatios as she came back. It was about 5 in the evening when she got home. Philip helped Gim in forenoon plant corn. I was engaged cutting down weed etc. about the garden in forenoon. In the afternoon Philip & I wormed apple trees, wheeled som edirt in yard, removed brick, etc. Late in evening took steers to Eddie's pasture. I went to Elkville. Was after night when I returned.

MAY 5, 1872 SUNDAY

Another beautiful morning. Warm through the day yet pleasant breeze stirring making it agreeable. We all went up to Sunday School in wagon at 9 A.M.. I offered up our morning prayers at the beginning of the services. Sam Jenkins and wife, Ett Patton & Rebecca came home with us. After dinner was over we all went up to old School house to hear Bro. Downey preach. After preaching we come home. Our girl, Ellen Davis went away yesterday evening. She came back this evening but went away again to Andrew Bonrland.

MAY 6, 1872 MONDAY

This was another most delightful day. Somewhat cloudy especially in afterpart of day. Wind in South and at times was up pretty high. I replanted corn below barn in forenoon. In afternoon not feeling first rate did not do much of anything. Our girl came back about 2 o'clock P.M. Philip & Gim plowed for me all day in South orchard. Buck Martin was here for school money. I paid him $29. on account of Dist. No. 5, T7 R1.


Very much such a day as yesterday was, only not so cloudy. Emma & I sheared our sheep in forenoon. Bro. Hiram came over about 11 o'clock. He & I shot at mark a few rounds. He then went home. Isaac Kimmel came around about noon assessing property. He assessed me. He took dinner with us after which he went on. Gim & Philip plowed again in south orchard all day. They finished in the evening. I did not do much of anything in afternoon. Fred Baker was here for ______late in the evening.


Moderately warm. Wind in South and pretty high all day. Cloudy most of day and in afternoon ( and especially about sunset) looked very much as though we would have rain before long. We are beginning to need rain some. I layed off corn ground in South orchard in forenoon. Philip got some seed corn and helped lay off for corn. At noon I went up to Bent Gills to get him to bring planter home. Philip & I planted corn after it came. Gim is breaking for cotton for himself.


We are needing rain very much. Had a light sprinkle to day but did no good. This was a very nice day, rather cool during the night yet just right to sleep good. Late in evening it lightened in North West. Think we will have rain before morning. Philip & I finished planting with corn planter in south orchard early in the morning. We work in South orchard balance of day planting corn, worming trees etc. Dilinger, the coroner was here to summons me to court etc. Gim is planting cotton seeds.

MAY 10, 1872 FRIDAY

No rain yet, still we are expecting it soon. This was a very windy day. Wind in the South. Cloudy very near all day. Pretty warm especially about the middle of day. I went with Ike Kimmel down among the darkies to aid him in assessing that tribe. We came back about 3 o'clock P.M. Philip plowed in garden and in one or two other patches for cabbage etc. We harrowed piece corn below barn, also went up to town to get harrow teeth sharpened. Emma went up to Elkville after I came home. Commenced raining in the evening.


Had very nice rain last night. It came down very mildly. Rain fell pretty freely this morning. Once or twice in forenoon it came down very hard. Branches were swollen considerably. This was one of the finest rain we have had for a long time. Ground got a thorough drenching. Fine time for setting out plants of all kinds. In forenoon Gim, Philip & I shucked corn. In afternoon Gim worked for him self. Philip & I helped Emma set out plants etc. Emma went to her mothers in the morning for plants. I went up to town late in the evening.

MAY 12, 1872 SUNDAY

Rather cool. Cloudy in the morning but cleared up about 10 A.M. Very nice and agreeable throughout the day. We all went up to Sunday (school) in morning. Josiahs folks and Geo. House and daughter came home with us. After eating dinner, we all went down to Lancaster's school house to baptizing. The subject baptized was Hamp Akins wife. The administer, "Tom" Kelly. We got home again about 3 P.M. Dr. Babbitt & wife called & took supper with us in the evening. Josiah's left for home before supper. (Note: Josiah is Edward's brother...married to Elizabeth Waters-gp)

MAY 13, 1872 MONDAY

Part of day cloudy and part clear. Rather cool in the morning and again in the evening. The clouds, late in the evening, indicated rain. Gim Jackson planted cotton seeds part of day. In the later part of afternoon he shaped piece in garden for Emma. (The time he got bee stung). Philip went over to Blacksmith shop in morning to get shovels of cultivator sharpened. He then, after coming back, plowed castor beans balance of day. I went to Murphysboro to supervisors meeting. I came home again in the evening. Ellen North got $37. school money today.

MAY 14, 1872 TUESDAY

Up pretty early this morning. Started for Murphysboro shortly after six in the morning on account of it being somewhat rainy in the morning. I went down on horseback. Cloudy very near all day and in the evening late looked very much like rain. The Board of Supervisors got through with business that came before them at this meeting and adjourned until the 2nd Monday in July next. I got home shortly after 8 o'clock P.M. Philip & Gim plowed castor beans, potatoes, etc. Gim only helped about 3/4 of the day. Emma brought her mother over. She is with us to night. Mattie is at her Aunt Sallie's tonight. (Note: Aunt Sallie is Sarah Kimmel Schwartz, widow of Edward's brother William and the dau. of Henry Kimmel who married Emma's mother, Rebecca Kirksey Reno in 1855. Henry died in 1868, William died in Sept. of 1871.-gp)


Rained some last night. Thundered very heavy about day and shortly after day. Commenced raining down in torrents. Think I never saw a heavier rain fall. At one time the whole face of the earth seemed to be one sheet of water. The little streams are all full. We had considerable wind. It blew down a large tree on my potatoe patch. Gim & Philip shucked corn 1/2 day in barn. Gim shucked 4 bushels corn for himself in my crib. In the evening Gim & Philip cut tree top off of potatoes. I, not being very well, did not do much. Went up to Elkville awhile.


Cloudy all day. Had one or two slight sprinkles during the day. Thundered around at times. late in the evening there seemed to be a very good prospect for more rain. Nice growing weather but worms are very numerous and are doing much damage. Gim went to DeSoto to mill. Philip & I worked around the place not doing much of anything. Philip hoed potatoes. Emma & Philip put out 150 sweet potato plants. I went up to town twice to day. I got sweet potato plants also sassafras roots for tea. Sent to D. Gilbert in letter, $1.60.

MAY 17, 1872 FRIDAY

Commenced raining sometime last night and continued almost without any intermission until about noon to day. In the afternoon we had one or two light showers. The ground is perfectly soaked. Will be a week or so before we can get in the fields provided there is no more rain for that length of time. Gim & Philip shucked corn until about 3 o'clock in afternoon. Gim worked for me about 3/4 of the day. Rebecca was here about all day. In the afternoon I went to Tuthill Prairie. I took Sucker Gall over there to horse. It was very near six when I got back home. Sam Harwood was with us last night.


Commenced raining early this morning and rained pretty steady all day or very near it. Toward evening had appearance of clearing up. This was rather a cold & chilly day. All the branches are full again to day and much water still on the ground that has not run off yet. Philip & I shucked corn very near all forenoon. In the afternoon we both went up to Elkville. I got back home before 5 o'clock P.M. Emma went up to town about the time I got home. Philip went up to meet his sister at the train. She stops with us to night. Clay Dean was here this morning.

MAY 19, 1872 SUNDAY

This was a most delightful day. The mud dryed up very much. The day was clear and cool enough to make it very agreeable either in the house or out doors. Philip Fager's sister came up on the train yesterday evening & stopped with us last night. We all went up to Sunday School in the morning. My mother, (Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp) Philip Kimmel & wife & two daughters came home with us. After dinner before 3 o'clock P.M. we all went back to school house to practice singing a while. Philip Fager took his sister home in buggy. (Note: I think it's funny that he says "Philip Kimmel and wife" when the wife is Edward's sister Eliza. Why not call her by name?? Philip is a 3rd cousin to his wife and Edward-gp)

MAY 20, 1872 MONDAY

Nights pretty cool. Nice & pleasant through the day. Rather clear in the morning. Thundered in the west about 10 A.M. & rained a light shower about 11. Continued cloudy balance of day. We are removing grop fence so as to enlarge our pasture. Gim, Philip & Jack helped with the fence. Jack had Josiah's team. It took us about all day complete the job of putting up fence without staking. The army worms are pretty numerous in my rye. Cut-worms are cutting down everything they seem to relish as a diet. White sow had pigs to day (6 pigs).

MAY 21, 1872 TUESDAY

Parsially clear in the morning but did not remain so long. Wind in East. The indications are for more rain. Philip & I are replanting corn in south orchard to day, that is I went one round & then quit. A. W. Skinner & wife called in with their big boy in forenoon. They were here an hour or more, G. W. Renner came here in forenoon and remained until 2 or 3 o'clock P.M. He came up to see me about bees & bee hives etc. Andrew & Sam Pyles came here in the evening. I conditionally sold them my fat steers. Commenced raining about dark had a pretty heavy wind and big rain. (Note: Sam Pyle is Edward's first cousin...the son of Sarah Pyle's brother Hiram and wife Catherine Dry Pyle. Andrew Pyle is the son of Abner Pyle Jr. whose father, Abner Sr. is a brother of Edward's grandfather, John "Jack" Pyle. Andrew was married to Sam's sister, Barbara-gp)


Rained some during the night but the big rain fell late yesterday evening. Cloudy & rather chilly all day. About 10 A.M. we had a couple of showers. Josiahs came over this morning. He & I took our steers over to town to have them weighed. We sold to Andrew Pyle. He gave us 4 cts. gross. I came home about 11 A.M. I did scarcely nothing in afternoon. After supper I went over to Philip Kimmels. Saw Harry Thompson there. It was about dark when I got back home. Philip staked fence most of the day. Gim worked the road (railroad-gp) yesterday & today.


Somewhat foggy in the morning. Mostly clear in forenoon but clouded up in afternoon. Has good appearance of more rain. I went to Murphysboro to day. I went with Philip Kimmel in his buggy. I received of the sheriff for the several districts in T7 R1 $800.00 & paid my own tax to day for the year 1871. I owe the county part yet- all but $2.00/100 . Circuit court is in session. Philip & I got back home a little after sun set. Phil Fager replanted corn. Dr. Babbitt & wife were here today.

MAY 24, 1872 FRIDAY

No rain to day. Ground too wet to plow. Cloudy very near all day. In the afternoon clouds portrayed rain soon. I did very little of anything only to sit around etc. Helped pick a few berries. I also went down to Sallies to assist her in taking out moth out of bee hive. Towards evening I went up to Elkville a little while. In the evening an orphan boy came here. He wants to hire to work. I have concluded to let him awhile. Philip replanted castor beans with corn about all day. Gim is replanting his corn. Colorado bugs made their appearance this neighborhood to day.


Cloudy the principal part of the day. The sun shined out warm and pleasant a part of day. Late in the evening there was a good appearance of a few days of clear weather. Emma & Philip went to DuQuoin to mill & to do some little stading (? clearly says "stading"). They came home after 2 P.M. Ella, Mattie & I gathered some strawberries in forenoon. Our new boy, M. W. Morten replanted beans with corn about all day. Gim replanted his corn. W.R. Silkwood & Sam Harwood were here to day for school money. I went to Bro. Josiah's in afternoon to alter his colt. Sam Jenkins was here for gooseberries.

MAY 26, 1872 SUNDAY

Beautiful morning but did not continue so very long. Had a few little showers in the afternoon. We were threatened with a heavy rain at one time but did not come. We all went up to Sunday School except Ellen & she went down to the Lancaster school house. Rebecca came home with us from Sunday School. About 3 P.M. they all (but myself) went up to singing. I remained at home to tend to bees. We had one swarm come off today, the first this year.

MAY 27, 1872 MONDAY

Thundered and lightened very near all night last night. Rained a pretty good shower at one time. I was up part of the night see to our mare, Lucy. She brought us a very fine colt this morning. I have not done very much today. Several persons were here for school money to day viz. Alice Mulkey, Sam Hillen & Sam Jenkins. Philip plowed corn & potatoes in forenoon. In the afternoon Philip & I ditched against army worms. Dr. Babbitt & wife were here in the evening. Jim Jackson made fence around his oats (one end of his oats).

(NOTE: This is the first time I've seen Edward spell Gim's name with a "J"!-gp)

MAY 28, 1872 TUESDAY

Very near clear in the morning. Some what cloudy from about 10A.M. until the day closed. More rain looked for shortly. We spayed our shoats in the morning. Afterwhile, Philip went to plowing with riding cultivator in south orchard corn. I turned hogs in along beside the hedge to eat up army worms that are endeavoring to get into corn. I also done some ditching against the worms. Gim plowed in his piece corn to day. In the afternoon, I went up to Dr. Babbitts for calf. I found swarm bees & hived them. Bro .Hiram was here in the morning.


This was quite a fine day, taking it all together. Became thick cloudy at one time and a light sprinkle of rain felt. Cleared up towards evening and looked as though we would have some clear weather. I went down to Renners in forenoon. I divided a hive of bees for him. I got home again about noon. I helped Emma some in the garden. Also broke up piece for cabbage. I went up to town late in the evening. Emma went over to her mother's while Philip plowed corn and beans.


Rather cool especially in the morning. Clear in forepart & late in the evening but cloudy balance of day. The army worms are still very numerous in places. Wheat is about all out in head. I was engaged most of day hoeing potatoes & tending to my bees. We had another swarm to day. Sam Jenkins helped me work to day. He cut down weeds etc. Philip plowed castor beans. I let Sam Jenkins have 15 lbs. bacon (shoulder) @ 12 1/2. Adkins was after school money. I paid him $50.00/100. Flora, our sorrel mare, had a colt late in the evening, horse Tip Top.


Nights are quite cool. Days are very pleasant to work. Clear very near all day. Rather banked up in North West in the evening. Sam Jenkins were engaged cutting weeds, hoeing garden, & in the afternoon trimming peach trees & burning brush. Philip finished plowing castor beans at noon. In afternoon he plowed apple rows of corn & helped pick up brush in orchard. We had another swarm of bees to day. Dr. Babbitt & wife were here in afternoon a while.

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