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Jackson County, Illinois


Transcribed in 1993 from the original diary of Emma Tanner Schwartz by Gayle Foertmeyer Putt, great granddaughter of Emma.   All grammar, spelling errors, etc. have been left as she wrote them. Some punctuation has been added to help make her meaning more clear in some instances. The diary is in the possession of Virginia Driskell Foertmeyer, Emma's granddaughter.


August 7, 1910 Sunday

Spent Sunday all day at home. The girls went to Sunday School in the A. M. and Junior in P. M. and John spent the afternoon in Park. Went to church last night with Aunt Martha.

(NOTE: "the girls" are her daughters Mabel and Ruth who would have been 13 and 11 at this time. John is her husband, John Schwartz. Aunt Martha is the half sister of Emma's father, John Uriah Tanner. Martha was the daughter of Meredith Tanner and his 3rd wife, Elizabeth Cain Holmes and was born on 6 August 1861.-gp)

August 8, 1910 Monday

Beautiful day. I made some curtains for the kitchen. Mabel is working on her doilet. Emline is spending the day with Aunt Martha. Bill varnished my dresser. John sold some furniture. Mercy was here.

(NOTE: Emline is probably her mother-in-law, Emeline Reno Schwartz. Bill is almost certainly William Kimmel. It appears from other entries that Emma and John lived in a home rented from Bill Kimmel. Bill had been married to John's sister, Mattie Schwartz who died in 1902. Mercy was the daughter of William and Mattie. Mercy Kimmel married Loren Thornton on 12-12-1915.   Diary of Lucy Schwartz Casleton says they married on 12-12-1913!? -gp )

August 9, 1910 Tuesday

It rained until noon then cleared away. John went to DuQuoin on the Local. Uncle Kelly & Mike was to visit. Uncle Tom at night.   John & Mabel and Ruth went to a colored show over Hollidays store. Aunt Martha and I went to the Restaurant.

(NOTE: Uncle Kelly was actually James Meredith Tanner, youngest child of Meredith and Pennetta Carson Tanner. He was born in Saline Co. IL in 1853. While Meredith Tanner was away fighting in the Civil War, James, then about 8 yrs. old, went to live with the Kelly family. He acquired the nickname of Kelly as a result. Uncle Tom is Thomas Tanner, the only child of Meredith's second marriage to Elizabeth Hays Owens, and thus a half brother to John Uriah. Tom was born in either Iowa or Missouri sometime between 1854-1860. During this time the Tanner family traveled from S. Illinois to Iowa and on to Missouri but   since we have no exact date of birth for Tom, we aren't certain of his birth place. After the death of his mother, his father   returned to Illinois with the children, except the oldest boys.   They returned about a year later.)

August 10, 1910 Wednesday

Has been a beautiful day and I did a big washing. Aunt Martha spent the afternoon with me. John went to Hallidayboro. Mabel and Ruth went to church at night. I am mad.

August 11, 1910 Thursday

A beautiful day. I done a big ironing and in the afternoon made me a white waist. Uncle Tom and Aunt Martha has gone to DuQuoin. I wrote some for my aunt this P.M. Protracted meeting going on at the Baptist church. John Mabel & Ruth are eating supper.

August 12, 1910 Friday

Another beautiful day. John and Ruth have gone to Carbondale. I swept the yard. We had chicken & dumplings for dinner. Scott Reese's little colt got cut on the wire fence very bad. John and Ruth came home on No. 6 and we all went to the Babtist Church.   Mabel is not very well. It is now 10 o'clock P. M. Mercy was here this evening. She is staying at Nell Bradleys.

August 13, 1910 Saturday

A beautiful day. Not done much of anything today. Mabel and Ruth and John went to DeSoto to collect some from Davis.

August 14, 1910 Sunday

Uncle Bill and Aunt Martha took dinner with us. We had a very nice day. Papa came on No. 6 and they all went to church.   Except John and me.

(NOTE: Uncle Bill is probably William S. Tanner, b. 1835 . He was the oldest child of Meredith and Penneata Carson Tanner and a brother to Emma's father, John Uriah Tanner. He would have been a half brother to Martha Tanner Davis. Martha Tanner was married to Adolph Davis yet he is never mentioned by Emma in her diary. It appears as though he died prior to 1910. I am not sure how Adolph fits into the Jackson Co. Davis clan...if at all. Papa is, of course, John Uriah Tanner. -gp)

August 15, 1910 Monday

Beautiful day. Papa and John went to Royaltown and brought me a desk. Mercy & Lucy was here. Auntie Belle Kimmel and my Aunt Martha. I made Ruth a new dress. She went home with her Grand Pa on the 8 P.M. train.

(NOTE: There are many references to Belle Kimmel in different sources but I have yet to figure out just who she is. Lucy is Lucy Kimmel, sister of Mercy and daughter of William and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Lucy was born 20 October 1889 according to the diary of Lucy Schwartz Casleton. Cemetery records give her date of birth as October 21, 1889. She died on 1 September 1958.   Lucy was married to Ed Reinheimer. Their son, Forrest Reinheimer,   recently died on 17 May 1993 in Marion, IL and was buried in Benton. -gp)

August 16, 1910 Tuesday

Still very warm. John is trimming up a little white casket for a 6 year old girl at the valley. Mabel is getting dinner. I varnished my desk and chair. Aunt spent the afternoon here.

(NOTE: Emma's father was an undertaker so it seems likely that John may have taken up undertaking for extra income-gp)

August 17, 1910 Wednesday

Mabel's birthday. I bought Lucy's cabinet. She is selling out her chairs tables and things. Aunt and I had a dispute about the chicken. It is a very warm day. John is going a dove hunting- down by Kelley's. Ashbrook came on No. 6. I got supper for him. Mabel and Rose H. went to church. A very warm day. Pricky Ettie.

(NOTE: Mabel's 14th birthday. Lucy may be Lucy Kimmel.or maybe Eva "Lucy" Schwartz Casleton, John's sister. I don't know who Rose H. is nor do I know what she means by Pricky Ettie!-gp)

August 18, 1910 Thursday

It rained a little today. Mabel and I went to Carbondale on the 11 o'clock train and came home on No. 6. Ruth came back home with us. Grand Pa is staying in the store. Mother is about as usual. I took them apples and pears. I am not very well.  

(NOTE: Mother is Cynthia Clementine Eaton Tanner. C.C. died in 1933 at age 88 of arteriosclerosis, nephritis and senility. I can't be sure who Grand Pa is. Emma's own two grandfathers are both deceased in 1910. William Eaton died in 1866 and Meredith Tanner in 1877. It is possible she is referring to her own father - her children's "Grand Pa" here, John Uriah Tanner. It is known that he operated a furniture store-gp)

August 19, 1910 Friday

Done a big washing and scrubbed. John went to DuQuoin on the 7:30 A.M. and returned on the 11 A. M. Bought some shoes and me some ham.

August 20, 1910 Saturday

Done a big ironing and scrubbed. John went to serve some papers didn't get back until late. Mrs. Dowell came over in afternoon. It is very dusty and hot.

(NOTE: John was the sheriff for a time so serving papers was just part of his job. Emma's sister, Anna Belle, married John Sherman Logan Dowell. I don't know if she is referring to her sister here , Annie's mother-in-law, or someone else all together.-gp)

August 21, 1910 Sunday

A very warm day at home. Lucy & baby came over in evening and Panzy Dowell came on 8 P.M. train.

(NOTE: Lucy is most likely Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer. Lucy was born Oct. 21, 1889 and died 1 Sept. 1959. Panzy Dowell was Emma's niece, daughter of her sister Annie Dowell. I don't have a date of birth for Panzy. She married Earl Will and died on 30 December 1984.- gp)

August 22, 1910 Monday

Panzy went to Carbondale. I made Mabel a waist. John and Ruth are playing. John went to DuQuoin on Local.

August 23, 1910 Tuesday

It is still dry and dusty. I made Mabel a new dress. Mercy and Lucy & baby were here.

August 24, 1910 Wednesday

John and Ruth went to Carbondale and took Rags. John went on to Murphysboro on business and they came home on the evening train and Panzy came home with them. Aunt Martha went to Grand Tower. Mabel and I remained home all day and we had chicken for dinner.

August 25, 1910 Thursday

I have done a big washing to day and it rained hard but got my clothes dry. Panzy is still here. Mabel and Ruth & Panzy is gone to the Christian Church to an Ice Cream supper.

August 26, 1910 Friday

done a very big ironing and went to sleep and slept until 4 o'clock. Ruth & Pansy made them a play house and cooked in something poison and became very sick and we had to have the Dr. and he made them vomit and they got all right.

(NOTE: Emma spells Panzy sometimes with the "z" and sometimes with an "s". Ruth told us many years later that it was green apples that made Panzy and her so ill. -gp)

August 27, 1910 Saturday

Swept the yard and I am given the house a general clean up. It is real cool weather. Ruth and Panzy are playing this morning in their playhouse. John is attending trial. Mabel is washing dishes. I wrote Mamma a letter to day. They are with Rose and Ed while Charlie and Ida are visiting in Texas with Brother Monroe. Mabel went to a Party at Nora Giffins. John went to DuQuoin.--- and I remained home. (signed) Mrs. Emma Schwartz   Elkville, Illinois

(NOTE: Rose is Emma's sister who married Ed Brown. Ida is another sister who was married to Charles Haenny. Monroe was Emma's brother, James Monroe Tanner, who left Illinois for Texas. )

August 28, 1910 Sunday

Mabel Ruth and Panzy have gone to Sunday School. John and I remained home. A very beautiful Sabbath. We had a very good dinner, had fried chicken and coconut pie. John is going to Benton to take Panzy home. Ruth is going also, going on No. 6 get in Benton at 9 P.M. I was looking for Ed and Rose to day but they failed to appear. I was disappointed.

August 29, 1910 Monday

Mabel, Lucy and I went to Carbondale and spent the day with Rose, her baby don't seem to be any better. Father & Mother are talking of going out to Texas to spend he winter. We all came home on the evening train.

(NOTE: Emma's sister Rose had four children...I don't have dates of birth for any of them ...can't say which baby this might be- gp)

August 30, 1910 Tuesday

Lucy & Mercy went back to Carbondale to day. It is a very beautiful day. Mabel is washing dishes. John and Ruth are in Benton. I have tacked a comfort and give Pompa a bath.

(NOTE: Pompa , pronounced Pompei, was their little dog. -gp)

August 31, 1910 Wednesday

This is a very warm day. I have tacked a comfort to dad. (to day?). John and Ruth are in Benton. Looking for them home this evening. Mabel got dinner to day. and went over visit Lucy in after noon. Mercy was here this A.M. after her shoes. Aunt Martha returned from Grand Tower and brought Clarance and Earl, her grandchildren. John and Ruth returned home from Benton and West Frankfort on the 8:30 P.M. train. Visited Sam and Annie & Ellen.

(NOTE: Aunt Martha Tanner Davis had four children...Freeman, Gertie, Leona and Orpha. We know that Leona's children were Izetta and Lela Brothers. It is not known which of her other children was the parent of Clarance and Earl. Sam is the twin brother of Emma's husband, John. Annie and Ellen were Emma's sisters. -gp)

September 1, 1910 Thursday

Mr. Boones boy baby died this morning at 8 o'clock. I have done a big washing to day. Ethel Swann was here to day. John went to DuQuoin on local and returned home on 2 o'clock Local. It is very cloudy and looks like rain. William went up in colored town and got me some cream. Ruth is out rolling Panzy around. Mabel is getting supper.

(NOTE: from Jackson Co. cemetery records, we learn that "Mr. Boones boy baby" was William Jefferson Boone, son of Wm. and Julia Boone. He was born 27 February 1908 so was about 19 months old at his death. Ethel Swann is the older sister of Ruby Swann...Ruth's best childhood friend.-gp)

September 2, 1910 Friday

We all attended the funeral at 10 A.M. returned and had dinner and John is going to DeSoto to serve some papers. It is very hot and dusty. Panzy ate dinner with us. It rained in the evening and turned cool. I had some Ice Cream.

September 3, 1910 Saturday

I have ironed and made Mabel a white waist and under skirt. We had chicken for dinner. Reagils brought us 1 bu. of potatoes and 1/2 bu. of onions on old account. It is raining. Mabel and Ruth went to church. I paid Mrs. Crew $1.50 Annie bought some things from me;

Iron bed 10.00
springs 4.50
mattress 5.00
chair 4.50
waist 2.00

Dec. 7th pd $4.00
" 17th pd $5.00
Jan 29th pd $5.00
Jan 31st pd $5.00
Feb. 13th pd $6.00

September 4, 1910 Sunday

It is raining. Began a long in the night. Mabel and Ruth went to Sunday School. John and I remained home. Rose is visiting in Benton. Mabel and Ruth went to church at night.

September 5, 1910 Monday

I am giving the house a general clean up. Took out my beds and cleaned them. It has rained hard all day. Mabel went after shells. Rose passed through here going home to day. Ruth is out playing in yard. School begins next Monday. Bill stuck a nail in foot.

September 6, 1910 Tuesday

It is still very cloudy. It has rained so much it is very muddy. John has gone to Murphysboro to take a colored man. He attempted to kill another man. They went on the 7:30 A.M. and John returned on 6 P.M. train. Will C. was here.

(NOTE: Will C. is possibly William Homer Casleton, son of Emma's sister-in-law, Lucy Schwartz Casleton. He was born 4 August 1900.-gp)

September 7, 1910 Wednesday

Done a big washing. Mabel scrubbed. It rained a little to day. I gave Pompa a bath. Lucy and Panzy was here.

September 8, 1910 Thursday

Done a big ironing and sewed some on Mabel's dress.The girls visited Aunt Annie and children are visiting Auntie. Murphysboro Fair is in session. Don't guess we will go times is very hard with us just now. John picked up some coal. Mabel & Bissie had a quarrel. Ruth and Mabel and McCabe.

(NOTE: Times are hard on them now as the miners are on strike and John has no work at the mines. Ruth had told us he was a foreman and not a miner, as such.-gp)

September 9, 1910 Friday

A hard rain fell last night and it is much cooler this morning. I heard the miners were going to work to morrow. I hope they will. Mabel went to Carbondale on No. 5 train. I am tacking a comfort. Addie Graeff was here this morning and I gave her a mess of turnips. Ruth is getting dinner. Lucy was here. The strike is settled and John went to work for the first time in five months. Mabel did not come home this evening. She is not very well.

(NOTE: Addie Graeff was the niece of John Schwartz...daughter of his sister Ella Schwartz and William J. Leming. William died when the children were little and Ella had moved back home with her parents, Edward and Emeline Reno Schwartz. Ella died in 1906. Addie was born 20 June 1888 and was married to Ernie Graeff.-gp)

September 10, 1910 Saturday

A beautiful September morning. John returned home from work O. K. Ruth had a letter from Vivian this morning, she sent her picture also. John, Ruth and I went to Carbondale and then we all returned home on No. 6. Mabel came to. Rose's baby is not any better that I can tell. Lillie is visited in Carbondale.

(NOTE: Vivian is Vivian Rose Helms. She is Emma's niece...daughter of her sister Flora Elizabeth Tanner and William Edward Helms. She was about a year younger than her cousin Ruth, born on 26 November 1899. She married Ernest Billingsley and moved to Jackson, Tennessee. Ruth's daughter, Virginia, maintained contact with Vivian regularly until her death on 11 May 1980. Virginia continued to stay in touch with Ernest , or Tennessee Ernie, as we called him, until his death in 1988. I am not sure of who Lillie might be.-gp)

September 11, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful day. Mabel and Ruth went to S. School. Annie Thomas visited me to day and Lucy & baby. We had a nice water melon. The girls went to Christain Endeavor. John went down to work on 23. It is now 9:30 P.M.

September 12, 1910 Monday

A very warm day. Mabel and Ruth started to school this morning. I have my work all done ready to get dinner. John has gone to bed. Annie Thomas visited me in the after noon. Lucy came over and staid until Ed went to Miners meeting 10:00 P.M.

(Ed and Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer -gp)

September 13, 1910 Tuesday

I am sick this morning. Girls at school. Annie Thomas went home left her little boy here with Aunt to attend school. John has gone to the country to serve papers.

September 14, 1910 Wednesday

A cool day. Girls in school. John gone to bed. Did not do much of anything to day. Our little dog Chubby is missing. Don't know where he could be. We heard latter he was dead out at Jacksons.

September 15, 1910 Thursday

We went to the Belleville fair. Went on the 2 o'clock train and returned on the 8 P.M. train at night. Had a good time. Saw some good horse racing.

(NOTE: Emma's future husband, William Kimmel, raised and trained standardbred horses. John's father, Edward, mentions in his diaries racing his mare, Lucy, at various fairs and taking first premium. Apparently a love of horses and racing runs in this family. I guess I come by it honestly, then!-gp)

September 16, 1910 Friday

Done a big washing. The girls at school. John has gone to bed. Lucy was here this A. M. I scrubbed the kitchen and porch. Mercy was here this evening. She is staying in Bradley's store. It is getting very cool.

September 17, 1910 Saturday

A beautiful day but a little cool. Father came up on the 7 o'clock train and went back on the 11 train. Mother is not very well. Mercy and Lucy was here this morning. I done a big ironing. John has gone to work to serve some papers Tuthill & Linn. John is asleep. Mrs. Jackson was here to see John. I run the ribbon through Mabels dress. We are all well for which I am thankful.

September 18, 1910 Sunday

Mabel and Ruth went to Sunday School and in afternoon Mabel and Bill Clark went to Vergennes. I read all day. Ruth went to Junior. Mr. Thomas and wife is visiting Aunt Martha. John is sleeping, he works every night. Mabel and Ruth went to Christian Endeavor at night. A beautiful Sabbath for which we are thankful.

September 19, 1910 Monday

A very pleasant morning. The Girls have gone to school. It clouded up about noon and rained. John is asleep.

September 20, 1910 Tuesday

It is very cloudy and rainy. John is going to serve some papers. Mabel & Ruth at school. I have swept the yard. John has been out to Frank Jacksons got back for dinner and gone to bed.

September 21, 1910 Wednesday

John and Bill Dowell went out in country to serve some papers, were gone all day. Jane came home sick. Girls went to school.

September 22, 1910 Thursday

John has gone to the Marion Fair. Addie Graeff and Lucy Reinheimer was here until noon. I am trying to sew some. Girls are at school. John did not work last night, slept so he would feel O.K. for the fair. John returned home from the fair at 12 o'clock, did not work.

(NOTE: Addie Graeff and Lucy Reinheimer were 1st cousins. Addie was the daughter of Ella Schwartz Leming and Lucy Reinheimer was the daughter of Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Ella and Mattie were sisters of John. So...Addie and Lucy were first cousins to Mabel and Ruth.-gp)

September 23, 1910 Friday

A warm day. I did a big washing and scrubbed. Lucy came over and staid all day and baked bread for me. W. D. Kimmel went to work in the mines. Girls went to school. I am very tired.

September 24, 1910 Saturday

It begin to rain along in the night and is still raining this morning. I am irioning to day. Panzy Vivian is sick, had the Dr. with her this A.M. Ruth went to Mrs. Swanns to see Ruby and play. John and I went to the store a while. Mabel staid home to clean up house.

September 25, 1910 Sunday

I remained home all day. Ethyl Swan was here in after noon. Was a beautiful Sabbath. Uncle Tom and Auntie went south on No. 5.

September 26, 1910 Monday

Went to Carbondale. Lucy and I spent the day with mother. Lillie was there. We went on the early train & returned on No. 6. Papa is visiting in Benton. I heard to day Mrs. Munday was dead, old friend and neighbor.

(NOTE: Emma's sister, Mary Ellen, was married to an Edwin A. Munday. It is possible, but not certain, that this was Edwin's mother. Ruth's daughter, Virginia, still corresponds with Stanley Munday, son of Mary Ellen and Edwin.-gp)

September 27, 1910 Tuesday

Rained last night and turned cool. Girls at school.. John & Mr. Holiday went to DeSoto this morning. I give the house a general clean up and wrote Sister Ellen a long letter. Ruth went over to Lucy's and got Panzy and we kept her while Lucy went and invited the neighbor to a Birth day dinner given in honor of Mrs. Ed Schwartz. John Kimmel was here last night from Oklahoma to see his Coz. Bill.

(NOTE: The fact that Emma wrote her sister Ellen a long letter the day after Mrs. Munday died, causes me to believe my assumption is correct that it was Ellen's mother-in-law who died. Emma almost always referred to her own mother-in-law, Emeline Reno Schwartz, as Mrs. Ed Schwartz but on occasion calls her "Emline". Ruth told us Emeline was never very kind to Emma. Emeline's birthday was 28 September 1837 making this her 73rd birthday. She lived to be age 84 dying in 1922. John Kimmel may have been the son of Philip and Mary Kimmel. He was born about 1848 and is a 1st cousin, once removed of Bill Kimmel. -gp)

September 28, 1910 Wednesday

A beautiful day a little cool. Mabel & Ruth at school. I done a big washing and washed two blankets John has gone to bed. My toe is very sore. Pickneyville Fair is going on. I guess Jane will go tomorrow. They are looking for Ida home from Texas today. had supper at Addie Graeffs for Grand Ma Schwartz. Ruth was the only one went from here. Lucy Reinheimer is sick tonight. Panzy is here with me.

(NOTE: Ida is Emma's sister, Ida Tanner Haenny who has been visiting in Texas with their brother, Monroe. Lucy Reinheimer is Lucy Kimmel...daughter of William D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Panzy is probably Panzy Reinheimer, Lucy's baby daughter. It would make sense that Emma may be keeping the baby if her mother was ill. -gp)

September 29, 1910 Thursday

A nice warm day. Mabel and Ruth are at school. I've done a big ironing. John is asleep.

September 30, 1910 Friday

A nice warm Sept. morning. Ned has gone to the Pinckneyville Fair. I am trying my luck on light bread. The girls are going to school. Had a letter from Father this morning saying he was going out to Texas but I hope he wont. Panzy is here.

(NOTE: Ned is Ned Reno Kimmel, b. 9 October 1893 to William D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Ned came to live with Aunt Emma and Uncle John a while as he hated living at home with is father, a hard and stern man. His mother died in 1902. Ned briefly played professional baseball for the Philadelphia Athletics according to his obituary. In later years, Ned was a State Mine Inspector and owned a filling station. He died in February of 1943 as a result of a head injury due to a fall.-gp)

October 1, 1910 Saturday

A warm nice day. Lucy was here and spent the afternoon. She is not very well. Rose Brown and children came up Saturday evening and Sunday Ed came. John went to DuQuoin to get watch. Mabel is sick.

(NOTE: Lucy would be Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer. Rose Brown is Emma's sister...Ed is her husband, Ed Brown. -gp)

October 2, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful day. Our little white dog found 2 puppies. Ed Brown came in to day while we were eating dinner the Rose & Ed went home on the 8:30 P.M. train. I sold my Phonograph to Ed. He took it home with him. Mabel, Ruth and I went to the train with them. Came home fixed John's bucket and he went to work at 9 o'clock.

October 3, 1910 Monday

Quite a good many went to DuQuoin to day to the big show. Girls have gone to school. I went to see Lucy a while this morning, she is feeling better. Aunt & Uncle Tom Tanner went to DuQuoin. It begin to rain along about 6 o'clock and rained all night hard.

October 4, 1910 Tuesday

It is still very cloudy and looks like more rain. Girls are gone to school. John went to DuQuoin for Burkhalter.

October 5, 1910 Wednesday

It rained all night and is still raining. I never saw so much rain fall. I am making east (yeast?) for bread tomorrow. I hemmed a rug today. John slept all day and went down to work on 23.

October 6, 1910 Thursday

It has cleared away and turned cooler. I am making bread. Girls have gone to school. Bill painted the bed room. I had good luck with my bread. Mrs. Emma Dowell visited me this eve. Got 4 complimentary tickets to the show for Monday night. John is in bed. I cut my finger bad. Emline came home on No. 6, been visiting.

(NOTE: Bill is Bill Kimmel. It is not known who Emma Dowell is but possibly she is related to Emma Schwartz in that Emma's sister Annie married Sherman Logan Dowell.- gp)

October 7, 1910 Friday

I put my carpet down to day and made me a new feather bed. Girls have gone to school. Aunt came over this after noon. First time she has been here for nearly two months. Sallie Walker washed for me. I bought Mabel a military cape from Aunt. I am to pay her $4.00. Lucy was here said Grand Ma Schwartz washed for her. Lucy has sore throat.

(NOTE: "Aunt" is her Aunt Martha Tanner Davis. Grand Ma Schwartz is Emeline. I believe Lucy is Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer.- gp)

October 8, 1910 Saturday

A nice day. The girls and me ironed and scrubbed. Aunt Martha was here in after noon. Lucy was here in morning.

October 9, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful Sabbath. Girls went to S. School. I remained home. Flora Walker is sick. I am nearly sick. Aunt Martha and I went down to Walkers and sit up awhile with her little girl who was very sick. John went to work on the train.

October 10, 1910 Monday

Fifteen years ago today was Sister Ellen's Wedding day. We went to Benton and on 8 Miles east of Benton to our old home and we went to Mr. Millers where we saw Ellen & Ed married. This a warm and dusty day. Lucy was here and spent the morning. I am sick. Aunt Martha came over and I wrote her some letters. Clara Smith and her husband came and took dinner with us. They came up to attend the big show. I guess we will all go to night. I got my chairs to day from Ed Brown all so a letter said they were all well.

October 11, 1910 Tuesday

I took up my carpet in the front room and I am cleaning house. Sister Annie came to day and her baby Ruth. Lucy came over in after noon. We all went to the show last night, thought it was good. John got some of his goods. John sold casket to Mrs. Murrey.

(NOTE: Annie Tanner Dowell had nine children, Ruth was the 8th. Ruth married Luther Kimmel, son of Philip S. and Ann McCord Kimmel)

October 12, 1910 Wednesday

A beautiful day. John sold a casket to Dan Murray. Annie went over to take dinner with Auntie. Father came this morning and went out to Royalton got back before noon. Then Annie went home in the evening. Father staid all night with us. John went down on train. I paid Aunt Martha $3.00 on cape. I still owe her one dollar.

October 13, 1910 Thursday

A warm day but it cloudy up along in the evening and rained a little. Lucy was here, she is weaning Panzy. Girls are in school.

(NOTE: Lucy is Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer, dau. of William and Mattie Kimmel. -gp)

October 14, 1910 Friday

It is cloudy and looks much like rain. Girls at school. The mines blowed no work. I am polishing my stove. John worked in his store until noon. I went down to see the new furniture. It is nice. Hope we can do a good business. John went to work on 23. We had chicken for supper.

October 15, 1910 Saturday

A beautiful day. I am making pickle lillie. Canned 13 quarts. Mabel washed out a few things. Ashbrook came this A.M. and John ordered some more furniture. Lucy was here this A.M. Along about 2 o'clock in the night, Chass Tuthill came after John to go and get the man that Jim Chambers shot to death on this side of Hallidayboro. John went and got him and kept him until Sunday Eve. at 4 o'clock. I paid Mrs. Piper 90 cts for milk.

October 16, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful Sabbath. Ruth went to S. school. Mabel staid at home. John has been at the store most of the day. They are embalming the colored man that was shot last night. Uncle Tom came home on No. 6. Ethel Swan and Mercy and Lucy was here in after noon. Emline has gone to see John Reno who is very sick. John did not go to work Sunday night. He has lost to much sleep.

(NOTE: Major John Wesley Reno was the brother of "Emline" Reno Schwartz. At this time, he is 78 years old and lives in Chester, Randolph Co. Illinois.-gp)

October 17, 1910 Monday

I wrote Father a letter to day and sent him six dollars. The girls are in school. I give the house a general clean up in fore noon and in after noon I help John in the store. We came home an   got supper and John went to his work on 23.

October 18, 1910 Tuesday

A nice day. John is in store. John Cooks baby died. I worked all fore noon. Lucy was here, said she felt better. John & Tuthill have gone out after Frank Jackson.

October 19, 1910 Wednesday

I did not do much of anything. Went up to see Flora Walker and spent the after noon with Aunt Martha.

October 20, 1910 Thursday

Done a big washing. Girls are at school. It is cloudy and cold.   Sold too iron beds to Addie Kimmel. I built a fire in heating stove...first fire we have had this fall. Aunt come over and I wrote her a letter to Annie. The girls staid up and ironed until after nine o'clock. John went down on 23.

(NOTE: Addie Kimmel is Ada "Addie" Schwartz, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz and a first cousin to John. She was married to Ed Kimmel. -gp)

October 21, 1910 Friday

Girls are at school. Took their dinner. It is cool. I made me a new gingham dress. Ruth went home with her school teacher, Mary Quigley. Mabel and I were lonesome and we went to Aunties.   Mabel is not well.

October 22, 1910 Saturday

A beautiful day but a little cool. John, Mabel and I went to Carbondale. John went on to Murphysboro. Mabel staid all night so her and Lillian could go to the show. I was sick all day with diarrhea. John and I came home. John went on to DuQuoin to pay Winneberg $34.00 for casket and embalming.

October 23, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful Sabbath day. John and I are all alone both of us are sick. We are lonesome with out the girls. Looking for them home this eve. Mercy spent the after noon with us. Uncle Tom and Aunt Martha was here. John did not work. Lucy and Ed came over and we played pitch.

(NOTE: Mercy is Mercy Kimmel, dau. of William D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Uncle Tom is Tom Tanner, Aunt Martha is Martha Tanner Davis. Tom and Martha are half siblings to John Uriah Tanner, Emma's father, but also to each other for they all had the same father but different mothers. Tom's mother was Elizabeth Hays Owens and Martha's mother was Elizabeth Cain Holmes...both widows when they married Meredith Tanner. Lucy is Lucy Kimmel, Mercy's sister, and Ed is Lucy's husband, Ed Reinheimer. -gp)

October 24, 1910 Monday

A nice day. I am still feeling bad. Mary Quigley, Ruths teacher took supper with us.

(NOTE: This is Ruth's 12th birthday....funny Emma doesn't say a word about it.-gp)

October 25, 1910 Tuesday

We sold Dud Bourland a parlor suit and davenport and I made me a new dress. Lucy and Panzy was here.

October 26, 1910 Wednesday

Ironed to day. I still feel bad but think I am some better.   Lucy and Aunt was here. John is sick and has not worked this week yet.

October 27, 1910 Thursday

A cool windy day. Harriet washed for me. John sold a casket to a Mr. Mason a colored man. Aunt Martha was here. Ed and Lucy came over at night and we played pitch. John went to work to night the first this week he is sick with cold.  

(NOTE: Harriet was a slim, little black woman who worked rings around anybody else. This is from the recollections of Morine Barnes of Elkville. Morine didn't recall her last name but said that she worked for nearly everyone around town at one time or another. Knowing how meticulous Emma was, Morine says Harriet had to be a good worker-gp)

October 28, 1910 Friday

It is very cool. Wind in north and snowed a little for the first time this fall. Papa came up on the 7 A.M. train and went back on the eleven. Girls are at school and took their dinner. No work for the miners to day. Mrs. Cole was here to day. John is asleep.

October 29, 1910 Saturday

I done a big ironing and scrubbed. Ruth went to play with Ruby Swan. Mabel help me work. I got me a new bed. I sold my old stove yesterday and am to get $5.00 pay day. Auntie was here and we went down to the Store a while. We had a letter from Grand Ma Schwartz to day and wrote that Uncle John Reno was dead and would be buried to day at 9 o'clock. I paid my milk bills and Aunt for pies. She owes me a dime for jars.

October 30, 1910 Sunday

A very cool windy day. Ruth has gone to Sunday school. Mabel remained home. I spent the after noon at Aunties. Mabel & Ruth went to the Christian Church.

October 31, 1910 Monday

Fifteen years ago to day I was married in the court house at Pinckneyville, Ill. This has been a beautiful day. Girls at school. John's chairs came and I helped him in the store until noon then came home and got dinner and worked at home in after noon.

November 1, 1910 Tuesday

A cool day. Ashbrook came. I went to the store and varnished some chair. Mrs. Ed Schwartz was here and Mrs. Lassley. I owe Mollie 50 cents for butter.

(NOTE: Mrs. Ed Schwartz is John's mother, Emeline...don't know why Emma is so formal here. Mollie is probably John's sister.   She married George Casleton, brother to Everett Casleton who married their sister, Lucy. )

November 2, 1910 Wednesday

A cool day. The girls went to school. I staid in the store .

November 3, 1910 Thursday

A cool day. Girls at school and I helped in store. John is sick with head ache and will not work to night.

November 4, 1910 Friday

It is real cloudy and cold and drizzled rained all day. John staid in store. Said his head hurt so much he did not work. I wrote for Ranger.

November 5, 1910 Saturday

A very cool day. We went down to the store and Mabel, Ruth, John and I washed windoes and moved our undertaking in to nieces Copeland building. I am not well.

(NOTE: Edna Schwartz, daughter of John's Uncle Josiah Schwartz, married J. C. Copeland, who was known as "Niece"...probably because his middle name was Cornelius. gp)

November 6, 1910 Sunday

We had a beautiful Sunday. Aunt & Uncle Tom Tanner and Clarence Thomas and Addie O'Neal taken dinner with us. We had chicken and had good dinner. In after noon we went to the store and Mrs. Ed Schwartz was here. Ada taken the little brown pup home with her.   She went home on 23.

November 7, 1910 Monday

A beautiful day. I went to Carbondale and spent the day with Mother & Father. I came home on No. 6 Lucy came over a while to night. Mabel and Ruth went to school. I got me some new dishes.

Diary jumps from November 7th to November 11th.

November 11, 1910 Friday

It is cool the girls at school. I made Ruth a skirt.

November 12, 1910 Saturday

Harriet brought my cloths home. Mabel scrubbed. I staid in the store. Sold Aunt Sis Harker a dresser and wash stand. John & Tuthill went hunting. John killed a rabbit. Sold Bass a rocker chair 4 1/2.

(NOTE: There is a Sarah E. Harker, 1850-1916, buried among the family of David and Susanna Thompson Kimmel. She must be somehow related to the Kimmels but I have not figured out just how.- Sis Harker is pictured in the family photo taken on the occasion of Sarah Kimmel Schwartz's birthday - gp)

November 13, 1910 Sunday

Ruth went to Sunday School. John went a hunting, had no luck. Got back at 2 o'clock. I wrote a letter to Annie and a couple for John. Mabel and Ruth went to endeavor. John went to work on train. I had pain in my side.

(NOTE: Annie is Emma's sister, Annie Tanner Dowell-gp)

November 14, 1910 Monday

It is turning very cold. Girls at school. Leslie Kimmels baby died this morning with the croup. I am giving Pompa a bath. I cleaned out my pantry. John is in the store. Auntie and I had a dispute over Ruth and Clarence. PRICKEY RITTIE AUG 17. NOV 14 JAN 16 1911

(NOTE: Leslie Kimmel is found in the Jackson Co. cemetery records buried among the family of Edward and Ada Schwartz Kimmel . However, Leslie was the son of E. E. Kimmel and wife Susan Milster Kimmel. The baby was Mary Lillian Kimmel, b. 1 Nov. 1910 -- d. 14 Nov. 1910. This is the second time she uses the expression Pricky _____. Last time it was Ettie, this time Rittie! The dates after it are written in a larger and bolder style, as if she were angry. Why 1911?? Just can't explain this one.-gp)

November 15, 1910 Tuesday

John has gone to bury Leslie Kimmels baby. Mr. Ashbrook was here this A.M. I paid Mollie $1.35 for eggs, milk and butter. Mrs. Dowell was here this P.M.

(NOTE: Mollie is probably John's sister, Mary Joanna "Molly" Schwartz Casleton. -gp)

November 16, 1910 Wednesday

Harriet is here washing for me. John is at the store. I made Mabel a new dress (Signed) Mrs. Emma Schwartz, Elk Ville, Ill.

November 17, 1910 Thursday

Girls at school. John is in the store. I went over to pay Lucy for her waist. 75 cents. This is a beautiful day. Had a letter from Mother. Said Ida had returned from Texas. Sent Pa and Ed the money on stove & furniture.

November 18, 1910 Friday

A warm beautiful day. I have Ironed and scrubbed and worked all day. Sold Tom Swan a range and Ed Reinheimer was a man got his leg crushed here today. John is helping to take his leg off and John wont work to night. Had letter from Annie to day. (signed) Mrs. John Schwartz, Elkville, Illinois November 18. 1910.

(NOTE: Ed Reinheimer is the husband of Lucy Kimmel...dau. of William and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Ed was born 17 September 1888 and died 25 Arpil 1967. -gp)

November 19, 1910 Saturday

A beautiful fall day. We are all well. Mabel went to Carbondale to visit her Grandmother. Took her some black berries & goose berries and pickle lilie and buttermilk & butter and nice beef roast. I guess Mabel will be home this evening on No. 6. We sent Joseph Turk Mfg. Company $10.00 on bed. I am going to send Ruth to draw for me in the soap club. Mabel is not well.

(NOTE: In this case, Grandmother is Cynthia Eaton Tanner, Emma's mother.-gp)

November 20, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful day. Mabel and Ruth went to Sunday School and in afternoon the girls went to Swans. John went a hunting. Killed 4 quails & 2 rabbits. I remained home all day.

November 21, 1910 Monday

The girls went to school. I worked all day. W. D. varnished my kitchen cabinet. Sarah Davis was here awhile. Wants a new stove. Ashbrook was here this evening. We wrote for Cline to send us some kitchen cabinets.

(NOTE: W. D. is William D. Kimmel. -gp)

November 22, 1910 Tuesday

A beautiful day. Mabel and Ruth at school. I sent the Curtis company $10.00 for Ruth a locket with German wrapper and sent some names of trappers and fur buyers for same. He is promised a present worth $1.00.

November 23, 1910 Wednesday

A nice day. Girls at school. Lucy was here this A.M. I made me a new dress skirt. Sold a stove to Tom Davis. John went and set it up to day.

November 24, 1910 Thursday

A beautiful Thanksgiving day. We had a good dinner- had chicken & oysters & enjoyed a good dinner. John went to shooting match.   John won a nice fat goose. In the after noon, John, Mabel and Ruth and myself went out in the country to visit Mollie Casleton and we ate supper with Mollie - had a fine supper. John & George went out hunting and John killed 4 quails. Our horse got scared at an automobile. We took Pompa with us. I made Ruth a new dress in fore noon.

(NOTE: Mollie is John's sister. George is her husband, George Casleton. Pompa is their dog. -gp)

November 25, 1910 Friday

A very beautiful day. Harriet washed for me. Ned and me painted the kitchen. Lucy and Addie was here. Bill whipped Ned.  

(NOTE: Lucy is Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer. Addie is most likely her first cousin, Addie Leming. Addie, b. 1888, is the daughter of William and Ella Schwartz Leming. Ned is Ned Reno Kimmel, son of Bill. It does not surprise me to read here that Bill whipped Ned although at this time, Ned is 17 years old. One reason Ned went to live with Aunt Emma and Uncle John , according to his cousin, Ruth Schwartz, was because his dad was too hard on him.   Emma doesn't say what the whipping was for. -gp)

November 26, 1910 Saturday

A warm day. I scrubbed the kitchen and ironed. Mabel did the cooking. Ruth went to Crews to play. John worked in the store.   Elen Munday and children came in on No. 6 from Carbondale where she spent Thanksgiving with mother. Ed come at night on the 8 o'clock train.

(NOTE: It isn't known which Crews family this is but John's twin brother, Sam, married Dollie Crews. It seems likely this is part of that family. Ellen Munday is Emma's sister, Mary Ellen Tanner. Ed is Edwin Munday, Ellen's husband. They had 8 children-gp)

November 27, 1910 Sunday

A very warm day until about noon. It clouded up and rained and hailed and turned very cold. We killed our goose and had a big dinner. We all had a very nice time. Mabel went to visit Swans.   Ellen and Ed went home to Benton on No. 6. Mabel and Ruth missed Sunday school because their cousins came and they all had a fine day. Mason paid John. I have a pain in my side. John went to work on 23.

November 28, 1910 Monday

Good and cold, wind in North. Lucy came over and staid all day and made her children Panzy a gown and a dress. Girls went to school. John went to bed so he could get up early.  

(NOTE: Lucy is married to Ed Reinheimer...the man who just lost his leg. -gp)

November 29, 1910 Tuesday

A very beautiful but cold day. Annie and her children came this morning. They are moving to Royal. Guess they will stay until Friday. Myrtle, Mabel and some more girls have gone to the colored church. John went a hunting and give his Quails to the Dr.   Lonely as can be. For there is no other can take the place of u.

(NOTE: Annie is Emma's sister, Annie Tanner Dowell. Myrtle is one of Annie's daughters. The above quote about being lonely is written a few lines below the rest of her entry. I wonder if she wrote it in later after John's death?

November 30, 1910 Wednesday

The coldest day we have had this year. Annie and children went to Mary Swans to spend the day. Em Dowell was here. Mabel and Myrtle went to church.

(NOTE: I don't know how Em Dowell fits into the family but she must be a relation to Annie's husband's family-gp)

December 1, 1910 Thursday

A very cool day. I am sick. Annie and children are here. We got a new load of coal. Harriet is ironing. Lucy & baby was here. The first snow is now falling this season.

December 2, 1910 Friday

A nice but cold day. Sherman come over and got Annie and children and took them to Royal to live. Nell Bradley was here.   On outs, got new tub, got new bucket of lard. Paid Neice Copeland $5.00 for house rent.

December 3, 1910 Saturday

A very cool day. The elevator burned to day. John went to DuQuoin on Local. Addie was here, we are caring for Panzy while Lucy delivers her order. I paid her for my order except 5 cents.   It is cloudy and look like rain. John got me a sweater and kitchen cabinet for Mrs. Hill and kitchen table for Lucva (Lu Iva?) Williamson.

(NOTE: Morine Barnes of Elkville says that "delivering her order" referred to a "Larkin Order" They had a small 5&10 catalog from which folks could order for which Lucy could earn money or merchandise-gp)

December 4, 1910 Saturday

A cool day. Mabel and Ruth went to school. I remained home all day. The first snow to cover the ground fell last night.

December 5, 1910 Monday

A cold day. Snow on ground. Girls at school. John has gone to bed. Papa was on train this A.M. going to Royaltown. It snowed all after noon. I cooked pies. I sold some chairs to Mr. Walters.

December 6, 1910 Tuesday

It is very cold and wind in North. Girls at school. Chester Schwartz was here and wanted a little casket. Said his baby was borne dead. Mr. Davis paid $5.00 on stove.

(NOTE: Chester Schwartz is the son of Samuel and Sarah Hackney Schwartz and is a first cousin to John. He was married at this time to Dora Reitz. He later married Orminnie Montroy, 18 years his junior. According to Morine Barnes of Elkville, this was the only child born to Chester Schwartz by either of his marriages- gp)

December 7, 1910 Wednesday

I went to Bradley's and got me a new dress and made it. Papa came over from Royaltown with Dan Bradley. He staid all night with us and went home the next day. Lucy was here this P.M. Mae Leek and Dwight Thompson was married this evening.

December 8, 1910 Thursday

A cold day. Papa went home on morning train. Harriet did not come to wash. I gave him 2 rabbits and a lb of butter. I am sewing today. Lucy was here.

December 9, 1910 Friday

A nice day but cold, some snow on ground. Harriet washed for me.   I made me a new apron. Mrs. E. Dowell was here.

December 10, 1910 Saturday

A nice day. We ironed. John & Joe went hunting. I wrote to Palmer & Hardin for mattresses and Davenports. Smith & Chair Co. for chairs. Mr. House took supper with us.

(NOTE: Joe is John's younger brother, Josiah. Although his given name at birth was Josiah, he came to be known as Joseph.   Perhaps everyone assumed "Joe" was Joseph. His mother even states in her will that they are one and the same person. -gp)

December 11, 1910 Sunday

A very cold day. Bill, Ned & Mr. House took dinner with us.   Mabel & Ruth went to Sunday School. I wrote two letter for John, Top (?) & Mason and spring co. Ruth has gone to practice for Xmas.

December 12, 1910 Monday

Girls went to school. Staid at home all day and worked. John bought me a new stove. Ashbrook was here. Trouble.

(I would love to know who this Ashbrook is that she mentions frequently and wish she had elaborated on what the "trouble" was.-gp)

December 13, 1910 Tuesday

A very cool day. Girls at school. I made Mercy a black silk waist. Lucy & Panzy was here. Mollie brought me 6 chickens and two kittens.

December 14, 1910 Wednesday

A cold day. Harriet washed. I scrubbed and worked a round all day. Mill mashed his toe in the mines. John is asleep. Mable is sick but is at school.

December 15, 1910 Thursday

A nice day. Girls at school. I don a big ironing. Lucy and Panzy was here. Got me a new coffee pot.

December 16, 1910 Friday

One year ago today, John went to the hospital to be operated on.   It is a nice day to day. John and I went to help Geo. Casleton butcher. Geo. got full. Girls went to school. I rode home with the old lady Casleton. I got a $5.00 gold piece for my Christmas present from W. D. Kimmel.

December 17, 1910 Saturday

A very nice day. Mabel and Ruth and I went to help Mollie render her lard. Ruth & Mabel went to the Bazaar up in Holliday hall. John paid Bill $5.00 on house rent.

December 18, 1910 Sunday

A beautiful Sunday. Roads are dusty. Mabel went to Sunday School. Ruth remained home. We had back bones and blackberry pie. Mabel went to Hallidayboro. A croud is going down in the mines. I staid home all day. It is now 4:00 P.M. John has gone to bed until work time. I wrote Mother a letter this morning.

(NOTE: I had to chuckle a bit when I read about the back bones....I remember Grandma, Ruth, always loved to have the back of the chicken. We used to kid that she loved to gnaw the bones so! -gp)

December 19, 1910 Monday

Girls at school. A very nice day. John caskets come this A. M. from Memphis, Tenn. He sent Mrs. Benidict $6.00. J. W. S. Mrs. Davis paid 2.50 on stove. I gave her a dollar for my soap club.   Got me some new shoes and a scarf.

December 20, 1910 Tuesday

A very cold day. Ned and I went to DuQuoin. I got Mabel a new black skirt and Ruth a sweater coat. We came back on No. 5 A.M.   I finished Ruths dress in after noon. Ned got him some pants and a cap.

December 21, 1910 Wednesday

A very nice day. Harriet washed and got dinner. Mollie & little girl took dinner with me. Lucy and baby was here this A. M.   Mercy was here this P. M. I made Ella Casleton a new dress for Christmas.

(NOTE: Mollie's little girl is Olive, born in 1904. Ella Casleton is also a daughter of Mollie and George Casleton. -gp)

December 22, 1910 Thursday

I went to DuQuoin had a gold crown put on. My tooth cost $5.00. Grace Kimmel was married today to a Mr. Green. Ned went to DuQuoin tried to get Panzy a bracelet but couldn't. Harriet Irioned. It rained snowed and sleeted a little in the early morning.

This is Dec. 19 1910. John & Mabel went to Carbondale to get Mabel a new skirt. I went to Carbondale yesterday.

December 23, 1910 Friday

It is very cold. Girls are at school. All the pupils bought Miss Mary a pocket book for her a Christmas present. Harriet scrubbed for me. John is sleeping.

December 24, 1910 Saturday

A very cool day. I made Ruth a dress for the Xmas entertainment and baked 2 cakes and two pies and at night Mabel, Ruth and I went to the Christian church to the Xmas entertainment.

December 25, 1910 Sunday

A very cool day. John, Cora and Lena Dowell was here. Cora took dinner with me. Lena took my little kitties home with her. A very dull xmas. Saw Mindth & Effie on train.

(NOTE: John and Lena Dowell are children of Emma's sister, Annie. There was a Cora Tanner who was the sister of Effie Tanner. Cora and Effie were children of Emma's brother William Meredith. I wonder if Mindth is supposed to be her brother, Meredith? You'd think she could spell his name, though. -gp)

December 26, 1910 Monday

A cold day. I lined Ruth coat and varnished chairs in after noon. Girls went to school. Got my magazine to day.  

The next page in her little notebook goes back in if she added these entries as an afterthought.

April 1, 1910

A strike on hand. The miners have been out of work for five months. Times are hard with everybody. The miners went to work Sept. 9, 1910

December 27, 1910 Tuesday

A warm day like spring. It begin to rain about 4 o'clock and rained all night. We had the store papered. Lucy and Baby was here. Girls went to school. (Signed) Mrs. John Schwartz Elkville Ill.

December 28, 1910 Wednesday

One year ago today Father fell and broke his hip on the ice. A beautiful day. Girls went to school. Harriet washed for me.   Got a telegram from Ashbrook for John to come to DuQuoin on No. 6. Harriet and me scrubbed the store. I am not very well.

(NOTE: Father is John Uriah Tanner. -gp)

December 29, 1910 Thursday

It rained all night and day. Girls at school. John & I worked in the store until noon. Slept all afternoon. Kitchen cabinets come from Cline, Chicago.

December 30, 1910 Friday

Girls are at school, a pretty day. I helped in store until noon. Sold Everett Casleton 2 rocking chairs. Lucy & Baby was here.

(NOTE: Everett Casleton is the son of Christopher and Louisa Casleton and husband of John's sister, Lucy. When Emma speaks of Lucy & Baby, I believe she means Lucy Kimmel Reinheimer and baby Panzy although her sister-in-law, Lucy Casleton also has a baby, Barney, about the same age. -gp)

December 31, 1910 Saturday

A cold day. Father came up on early train and Ruth went home with him on the noon train. I sent mother a lb. of butter. Mrs. E. Dowell was here. Ed & Lucy was here, said they were going to Benton. Bill, Ned & John put a partition in his store yesterday.   John went out to Jackson.

January 1, 1911 Sunday

A cold New Years day. We spent the day at home and poped corn. Ruth came home on No. 6. Mable went to Sunday School and Ruth and Mabel went to Christain Endeavor at night. John did not work to night.

January 2, 1911 Monday

Decided the coldest day we have yet had brought my fruit in to the fire. John moved out of Neices Copelands building today.   Bill helped to move. Girls went to school. John is in bed now, it is 6 o'clock.

January 3, 1911 Tuesday

A very cold day. The coldest for five years. It was six degrees below zero the papers said. Girls went to school. I wrote George Kimmel a letter and sent the picture of the Kimmels & Schwartz. I wrote the names and numbered all so he would know them for Bill.

(NOTE: I think the photo she is referring to is the one of the whole family taken at the home of John and Ella Hayes in honor of Sarah Kimmel Schwartz' birthday in April of 1910. George Kimmel is the brother of William D. Kimmel.-gp)

January 4, 1911 Wednesday

A very cold day, wind in the south. Harriet failed to come to wash. I scrubbed and baked pies. John is asleep, got a load of coal to day. Mercy was here awhile to day. The girls have ate their supper and are reading.

January 5, 1911 Thursday

Still a little cold. Girls at school. I went to Bradleys to get me some new shoes but could not get any to suit me. I want the girls to collect some for me this P.M.

January 6, 1911 Friday

A very nice warm day. Harriet washed for me. Em Dowell was here. John in in bed. I made me a waist.

January 7, 1911 Saturday

A very nice day. Harriet ironed for me for a jacket. I made Mabel a pink satin waist. Ethel Swan, Mercy Kimmel, Lucy & Panzy, Bert Lemming were all here to day. James Glassey died at midnight.

(NOTE: Bert Lemming is most likely William Albert Lemming, son of William and Ella Schwartz Lemming. Ella is John's oldest sister.   Bert, Mercy and Lucy are all first cousins...Ethel Swan is a friend, no relation.- gp)

January 8, 1911 Sunday

A beautiful Sabbath. Mabel and Ruth went to Sunday school. Ruth Davis come home with Mabel for dinner. Ruby Swan came over in after noon to play with Ruth. I am alone.

January 9, 1911 Monday

A very beautiful day. Girls at school. John and I trimmed up a casket for James Glassey. It was a very nice one.

January 10. 1911 Tuesday

A very nice day. Girls at school. John & I staid in store until noon. Mollie came and gave me one of Criss Casleton pictures. Ethel Swan and Em Dowell was here. John is not well, complaining some. Had a letter from Annie.

(NOTE: Chris Casleton is the son of George and Mollie Schwartz Casleton. Emma Dowell was the wife of William C. Dowell but I till haven't figured how they fit into Sherman Dowell's family, if at all. - gp)

January 11, 1911 Wednesday

A beautiful day. Harriet failed to come to wash. Girls went to school. I staid home all day. Lucy was here.

January 12, 1911 Thursday

A cloudy day and a little cooler. Girls at school. John is asleep. John sold a casket yesterday to Mr. Fox for $14 cash.

January 13, 1911 Friday

A very nice day. Harriet washed and scrubbed for me. Ethel Swan was here. John is not very well. Has missed to nights of work.   Mabel not well.

January 14, 1911 Saturday

A warm cloudy day. I ironed. Mabel went to Carbondale on No. 6 and back on No. 6.

January 15, 1911 Sunday

Mabel went to Sunday school. John Ruth and I went to Royalton to visit Annie. She was not at home. I was disappointed. She had gone to Benton. Lena was sick. We staid and took dinner and in evening drove back. Road were bad.

January 16, 1911 Monday

I worked around home in fore noon and in the after noon I staid in the store. Everet & Beulah Down's baby died this A.M. at six o'clock. I went visiting.

(NOTE: Jackson Co. cemetery records show two children of Everette and Beulah D. Downs....Wilburn F. d. Jan 1, 1911, aged 1 month and Arawana C., d. Jan 20, 1910, aged 11m, 11 days. -gp)

January 17, 1911 Tuesday

Went to the show. It rained and sleeted and turned very cold. Everything is froze over with ice. Em brought mild and butter.   John has gone to the funeral. Girls are at school. Mabel thinks she has a fellon on her finger. Bill did not work.

January 18, 1911 Wednesday

A cold day. Girls are going to school. We went to the moving picture show. John did not work last night. Ashbrook was here.

January 19, 1911 Thursday

Harriet washed and scrubbed. I made Auntie some potato soup. They are sick with grippe.

January 20, 1911 Friday

Ironed and polished my stove and worked all day. Lena Eubanks came this A.M. and wil stay untill Sunday. Girls went to school.

(NOTE: Lena Eubanks is Lena Dowell, daughter of Emma's sister Annie and Sherman Dowell. She is married to Paul Eubanks. Paul and Lena's daughter, Pauline, lived in DeSoto until her death a few years ago. -gp)

January 21, 1911 Saturday

A cloudy day and rained last night. I am making light bread.   Sent the chair co. $20.00. It rained snowed and sleeted to night. My bread was very good. John went to DuQuoin to night a bought me a new skirt. I am large, weigh 161 lb.

January 22, 1911 Sunday

Cool day. Mabel, Ruth and Lena went to Sunday School. Ruth is nearly sick. I gave her castor oil and turpentine. Lena went to Royalton this P.M. John went to work on 23.

January 23, 1911 Monday

Girls gone to school. Ruth seems some better. I am giving her chill tonic. I worked until noon and in after noon visited Aunt Martha. Uncle Tom is sick..

January 24, 1911 Tuesday

A very nice day. Girls have done to school. I done a very big washing to day. First I have washed this winter. I spent a while with Auntie and Uncle. Uncle Tom is still sick. Mollie brought my butter. I am sick.

January 25, 1911 Wednesday

I have baked and ironed, worked all day. It rained this morning a little while. Aunt was over here this morning. Uncle is better. Got bushel of corn from Mrs. Smith.

January 26, 1911 Thursday

Mr. Eubanks died last night. John is trimming up a casket for him. He was 76 years old. It has rained and been cloudy all day. Ruth and Pompa had their pictures taken. I made Ruth some black sateen bloomers. John is not going to work to night.

(NOTE: Mr. Eubanks is probably the father of Paul Eubanks who is married to Emma's niece, Lena Dowell. Not certain, however. - gp)

January 27, 1911 Friday

It thundered and lightened and rained. I thought there would be an awful storm but it has turned cool. Girls went to school. I made me an apron in forenoon and in after noon I went to Aunta Marthas and wrote a letter to Annie for her. I guess John will go to work to night. John got me a new skillet to day at Chester Schwartz.

(NOTE: Chester Schwartz is the son of John's Uncle Samuel and Aunt Sarah Hackney Schwartz. Uncle Sam was a merchant in Elkville for many years and there are many mentions of the store in John's father's diaries for 1870 and 1872. It would appear that Chester took over the business.-gp)

January 28, 1911 Saturday

A cloudy day. I read all day. Ada Oneal came on No. 6 to see her papa who is sick with grippe and malaria.

January 29, 1911 Sunday

A cloudy cold day. Ada went home on No. 5. I bought a locket & chain from her & gave it to Ruth. Clarence ate dinner here at night. Auntie & me & girls went to the Methodist church.

(NOTE: Clarence is Auntie Martha's grandson-gp)

January 30, 1911 Monday

A very nice day a little cold. I done a big washing and scrubbed.   Aunt Martha was here.

January 31, 1911 Tuesday

I ironed all day but did not get through.

February 1, 1911 Wednesday

I finished ironing. Give the house a general clean up. Addie Greaff was here & spent the after noon. A very beautiful day.   Bill colt come this A. M.

(NOTE: Addie Graeff was Addie Lemming, daughter of William and Ella Schwartz Lemming, a first cousin to Mabel and Ruth. Bill is, no doubt, Bill Kimmel. He was known for raising standardbred horses -gp)

February 2, 1911 Thursday

A very beautiful day. Girls at school. Bill went to Carbondale. I ate dinner with Auntie and in after noon we walked to Hallidayboro and left my little black dog. As I came back I stopped at Bradley store and bought me a matting for my dining room. We all went to the Methodist church at night, protracted meeting in progress.

February 3, 1911 Friday

John went to Murphysboro on business and I went to Carbondale. Charlie H. and me had a big racket. I paid 2.00 cash took mother a beef roast, 25 cts. John & I came home on No. 6 and all went to church that night. James Chambers was sentenced to the penitentiary for 25 years for the murder of Eliz Keathly.

(NOTE: Charlie H. may be Charles Haenny, husband of Emma's sister, Ida. I wonder if James Chambers was any relation to Thomas Chambers who married Lou Casleton. Lou was the daughter of John's sister, Molly.-gp)

February 4, 1911 Saturday

I scrubbed and put my carpet down in the kitchen. We all went to church at night.

February 5, 1911 Sunday

A cold cloudy day. It rained a little along in the morning.   Mabel went to Sunday School and church. Ruth went to church in after noon. Aunt Martha came over in after noon. John went to work on 23.

February 6, 1911 Monday

A cold cloudy day. I done a big washing to day and wrote a letter to Palmer and Hardin. I wrote a letter for Auntie. We all went to church at night.

February 7, 1911 Tuesday

I have done a big ironing and backed. (baked). Had a letter from Mother. Girls went to school.

February 8, 1911 Wednesday

I made me a new apron. Sold a casket to Mr. Eddington for his mother. Auntie was here.

February 9, 1911 Thursday

Made me an apron. Girls at school. Aunt was here.

February 10, 1911 Friday

Wrote some letters. Reuben Parish got his foot cut off by train. Pompa is frisky again. Guessie Tanner died. We all went to church.

February 11, 1911 Saturday

Cool and cloudy, snowed and rained a little. John went to West Frankfort to visit Sam. I baked lemon and coconut pies. Aunt Martha is nearly sick. We all went to church at night.

(NOTE: Sam is John's twin brother. He is married to Dollie Crews and has 2 children at this time...Cecil and Gladys.   Katheryn would be born in 1914. Sam works for the Illinois Central Railroad.-gp

February 12, 1911 Sunday

Girls went to Sunday School and church. I got dinner. The meeting closed to night at the Methodist church. John came home on No. 6 and went to work on 23.

February 13, 1911 Monday

Sewed all day, made Ruth a doll & dress. Aunt Martha was here.

February 14, 1911 Tuesday

I washed all day. Aunt was here. Annie Thomas came on No. 6.

Entries for February 15th -18th are missing

February 19, 1911 Sunday

It rained snowed and sleeted. Aunt and Uncle came over in after noon. Ruby Swan came to play with Ruth. Mable went to S. School. I baked some pies. I come sick. Pompa was with dog.

February 20, 1911 Monday

Got a load of coal. Auntie Sarah Davis paid 2.50 on stove. Snow on ground. Girls have gone to school. John did not work last night.

Entries for February 21st - 25th are missing

February 26, 1911 Sunday

A cool cloudy day. Girls went to S. S. and junior at night.   Aunt and Uncle came over this afternoon. John is getting ready to go down to work on 23 to Hallidayboro. Quarreled. (Signed) Mrs. J. W. Schwartz Elk Elkville.

No entry for February 27th

February 28, 1911 Tuesday

A big snow is on the (ground) and is still snowing. A beautiful scene of winter. Girls have gone to school. John did not work last night.

This is the last entry in the notebook with one exception. On the last page is an entry written several months later:

This is Sept. 7, 1911

Mabel & Ike Counce has gone to the Murphysboro Fair. Ruth and Ruby Sawn (Swan) It rained so hard I was afraid they would not get to go. Annie went to Carbondale on No. 5. Pompa was with dog yesterday...Wed Sept 6. 1911.

(NOTE: Mabel eventually married Ike Counce about 1913. They had one child, named Jewell, that was still born in 1914. Ruth, Mabel's sister, said that Ike was an abusive man and would strike Mabel. The marriage was a short one. Mabel later married Lawrence Davis and they moved to Chicago where they owned a restaurant..-gp)


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