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Jackson County, Illinois

Eva Lucy Schwartz Diary page 2

 Will Copeland & Edna Schwartz were married Oct. 14, 1899, Thursday.

(Mr. Copeland's name appears several times in Lucy's journals...It looks the same each time she writes it and it always looks like Will to me. However, in the family records, we show his name was George. Edna was the daughter of Josiah Schwartz, brother of Edward Schwartz, Lucy's father.-gp)

(Will was always J.C. or "Niece" . Think his name was James Cornelius--MB)

Mr. Noah Freidline & Belle Rude Aug. Thursday. 1. 1887.

Rattle box, donator unknown; Silver mounted fruit basket, Mr & Mrs. Marshell; card receiver, Angie & Nora Heiple; one dozen linen napkins, Eva Brayshaw; Glass set, Charlie Freidline; silver cake stand, Mr. & Mrs. S_____; set of vases, John Parker; Sofa pillow. Hattie Jenkins; set of silver teaspoons, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Freidline; pair of silver napkin rings, Frank Brayshaw, Jr.; set of silver teaspoons, Mrs W. B____; Lamp, Hardy Bost; Silver tooth pick case, Lida Jenkins; Toilet set; Ida Walker; Fruit dish, Lizzie Whipley; Silver castor, Ephraim Crews; Preserve dish, Belle Crews; amber perfume cuse (?). Belle K____; set of silver table spoons, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Freidline; match safe. John Miller; set of glass preserve dishes, Mollie & Lucy Schwartz; glass bread plate, Ruth Bost; china mustache cup, C.C. Grizzell; perfume stand, Estella Rude; set of glass sauce dishes, Nora Parker; amber glass water pitcher, William Casteel; glass fruit dish, Andrew Chilty(?); linen table cloth, Ann Bost; lamp, Isaac Rude; glass salt cellar, Harry Rude; glass pickle dish, Alice Crews; gold lined silver napkin ring. Hiram S. (Schwartz-gp); card receiver, Charlie Rude; glass set, Daniel Kimmel, pair silver napkin rings, Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Rude; glass cake stand, Charlie Parker; silver pickle castor, Ada & Nell, Dan & Bell Kimmel; Linen table cloth & napkins, Mr. & Mrs. Alvin(?) Rude; Wall pocket, Mr. Mrs. John Rude; set of silver knives, George Bost; set of silver forks, Mr. & Mrs. Allen Rude; glass cake stand, Sylvan Young; Rug, Rachel Crews, glass fruit dish, Mary Heiple; set of silver knives, Peter Freidline; glass fruit dish, Viola & Katie Millhouse; set of silver knives & forks, John Martin; glass set, Charlie & Annie Morgan; glass water pitcher, Luverna Cranshaw; silver napkin ring, J. W. Miller; box of fine cigars to groom, Abe Millhouse of Murphysboro; Brides maid was Belle Kimmel, brides groom Scott Crews, Mr. Franklin married them.

Another son was born unto me, Homer, Aug 4, 1900, Sat. 5 o'clock in the morning.  William (William Homer Casleton-gp)

Maud Richards died Fri Nov. 5, 1889. Stayed at Uncle Freeman's.

Our first snow was on the 17 of Nov. 1889.

Maudie S. Kimmel died Monday Nov. 23, 1889. Had something like diphtheria some kind of croup. Born March 15, 1884 - 5 yrs. 8 mo. - 10 days. Sweet Maud. God bless her little soul. She is gone to a better world. Bill & Mattie is nearly killed over it. Maud wanted to name the baby Lucy. She wished they had named her Lucy. She said she always like the name.

(Maudie's baby sister, Lucy, was born Oct. 20, 1889, just 4 weeks before Maudie's death. Some discrepancy about the year Maudie was born. In an earlier entry, Lucy says 1885. Here she says 1884. If 1884 is correct, she was born before her parents married in May of 1884. Yet if she were born on 1885, the age of death here is incorrect.-gp)

Mrs. Julia Knouff died Nov 26, 1889, Tues, age about 43 or 44.

Florence Stinehamer had a boy, Crete, his name born Jan 5, 1893.. Died Feb 7, 1893. 1 mo, 2 days old.

Dec 25, 1889, Wed.

Had a Christmas tree. Christmas eve I got a litt of perfume. There was to be a dance Christmas night but didn't have it. New Years it rained all day. It was a dull time.

Jan 22, 1890

Old Mr. Hays died Jan. 22, 1899. he was 89 years old had a large funeral possession (her spelling).

John Vann stole a horse from Abe & Jake Kimmel. Jan 8-9 or somewhere alone there, 1890.

Otto Akins & Addie Russell were married Wed. night, 4 of Sep 1895.

May 21, 1890. An interesting wedding took place in this city. This morning, Major John W. Reno, formerly a citizen of Chester was married to Miss Ida Kennedy, eldest daughter of Mr. John Kennedy one our old and highly esteemed citizens. The ceremony was performed at the Catholic Church by Rev. Father H. Haggemann at 7 o'clock and was very impressive. High mass was celebrated at the wedding hour instead of the 9 o'clock. The church was well filled.

(Maj. Reno was Lucy's uncle. This is his second wife. He was first married to Content Andrews..her death is recorded elsewhere in this diary. Sounds as though she copied this from the paper.-gp)

March 12, 1890

March 5, 1890 had my teeth taken out , 7 of them. Dec. 9, 1889 , had four taken out.

Pictures 4 of March, 1890. 19 yrs old my pictures.

Mollie has a girl born Feb 23, 1890, Clara  (Mollie is Lucy's sister. Clara is Clara Belle Casleton, she grew to marry Delbert Porter-gp)

got my teeth March 21, 1890

Biddie McMahon & Nora Heiple were at the little red school house May 4, 1890.. Sunday.

Dance at Mary Heiple's May 3, 1890 Eva Heiple & Lucy Walker was there four boys from DuQuoin. Jakie Millhouse & two Heiple boys & Frank Deason was there. George Brown, Tom Jerry.

Charlie Parker has a girl born Aug. 14, 1890, Clara.

Walter Heiple has a girl born July 1890, died Aug.

30 of January, Ellen Murry had a girl, 1896, the night of the odd supper fellow was got April (can't figure her meaning here-gp) (Night of the Odd Fellows Lodge supper--MB)

May 21, 1890 J. W. Reno with friends of the bride and groom who gathered to witness the ceremony. No special invitations were issued. A wedding dinner was served at the residence of the bride's father (John Kennedy) at which only member of the family were present. This afternoon. the wedding party consisting of the bride and groom , Miss Nellie Reno (dau. of J. W. & first wife, Content Andrews Reno) Miss Zoe Kennedy, Miss Mary Larkin & Mrs. Henry Kennedy. will leave on the Crystal City for St. Louis, Thursday will be spent in St. Louis and in the evening of that day, Mr. & Mrs. Reno will leave on the City of Florence for Florence. Alabama. They will then go to Birmingham and Mobile and will return to St. Louis in about three weeks. They will then go to New Madrid, MO where they will make it their home for the present. Mr. Reno has won for his bride one of the most estimable young ladies of Chester and he has the hearty congratulations of all and their numerous friends join in wishing for them a long and happy wedded life.

Mollie has another girl, Nov. 17, 1897..Lou 16 in 1913. (Mollie Schwartz Casleton. Lou grew to marry Tom Chambers)

Sep 18, 1890. Bill Dowell and Emma Lancaster were married.

Frenchman died in the valley, Oct 9, 1890. Holstead.

11 Oct 1890 burnt man, Gus Myers died. Burned 1 week before death.

Married Oct. 4, 1890 at the Commercial Hotel Saturday evening at 7:30 Eva Heiple of DeSoto to A. E. Reynolds of Chicago. Rev. W. K. Dempsey officiating.

Married Oct 29, 1890 at DeSoto, Allie Heiple & Harmon Boucher, Wednesday, has a boy April -May of 1893.

Mary Nov. 13, 1890 Tillie Walker & Sye Bradley. Went to Memphis, Tenn to live.

Married Corunn (?) Ogles & Mag Murry, Dec. 25, 1890.

Will King married Miss McClure Dec. 28, 1890.

Ben Perrish married Bell Dennis, June 6, 1891.

Oct 18, 1890

Louis (?) Louso Stull got his leg cut off Friday noon, Oct. 14, 1890, died Friday night at eleven. Doctor had to cut his leg off.

Mrs. George Varnum died Dec. 31, 1897. Buried Sat. Jan. 1, 1898.

Charlie Daniel came here to work Aug. 24, 1890. Quit work Nov. 24 1890. Three months here, Benton, Ill, dead now.

15 of Dec 1890 had my ears pierced. Mrs. Jones pierced them. Lived in Dan K's house, Saturday.

Mrs. Louie George died Dec. 31, 1890. Buried Jan 1, 1891, Kimmel graveyard.

Mrs. Ross Reese died Jan 4, 1891. Buried Jan 5, 1891. Reese graveyard.

Ma & I was at Uncle Freeman's (King) April 7-8-'95.

Jan 19, 1891

Bobbie Kimmel got shot with a catterrage (cartridge-gp) Jan 19,1891 Mon. Shot in the nose the whole cartridge was in his nose. Sent for the doctor Macklin & he purged it out, put six stitches in his face his eyes are swollen shut & don't know if he lives that he can see. He is in a bad fix. His ma heard him hollow and went and carried him to the house she was blood all over. He says Oh Mama I wish I could see you. He was on his knees when she went to him & him hollowing Mama help me, Lord help me. He was trying to go the other way he couldn't see, didn't know where he was. He was in the weeds and hollowering on his knees.

(I believe this Bobbie Kimmel to be the son of Tom and Belle Lipe Kimmel. His daughter Alma Kimmel Dees still resides in Elkville as of 1994-gp)

Grant Bryant was married to Miss Minnie Ward June 2, 1892.

Henry Cook & Pheobe Lybarger is to be buried June _______(page torn) at Jenni Millers.

John Schwartz & Emma ____ were married Oct. 31, 1895. (page is torn but I know Emma was Emma Catherine Tanner, my great grandmother-gp)


George Kimmel has a girl, Jun 1891

John Holliday & Sally Dowell were married Feb. 12,. 1891. at Dowell had a large crowd. House was full. John didn't get home from Murphysboro till 10:30 at night...had to wait for him.

Scott Crews & Dollie Lishliden were married March 23, 1891.

 Ed David and  (Eda)  Deaconheart girl were married March 17, 1891. (as if an afterthought, she added Eda above with the -gp) Have a girl.

Frank Davis and Will Lancaster were married June 24, 1891. Wed.

11 of July picnic at Vergennes 1891 had a nice time. Danced all day and night, Ah,but they had a fine time, good fine works, we stayed till 9 o'clock and then came to Uncle Josiah's to the party. E. C. and myself ( I would imagine E. C. is Everett Casleton-gp)

High Plummer & Bataugh Sep (torn page- looks like 1891-gp) had a kid, May.

July 18, 1891

Negro Pic, large crown and at night while dancing this Charlie Powell of near Carbondale blowed out the lamp and Drizer(?) told him not to do it again. If he did he would blow his light out and he attempted to do it again and he drawed his revolver and shot him in the breast and shot again and shot a nigro woman through the hand Everybody was scared to death just such howeling never was done. Tho someone was killed , Drizer is gone when we started home. There was a woman and baby got run away with in a road cart. She stuck to it , her man was thrown out and crippled scared the horse and it run away up to Ed Kimmels. She had neither line till she got on the other side of the bridge and then she turned it in the fence corner. Neither kid or woman hurt.

Saw Mrs. Lum Martin from Benton, July 18, 1891.

Nellie Coxen & Tom Caskey was married Aug. 1, Sun, 1897.

Herman Stearns & Maud Tigget were married Feb 28, 1897.

Sunday had a base ball play at the Valley. The largest crowd from DuQuoin and every place around. The Valley Boys beat DuQuoin, July 19, 1891. Lum Martin of Benton & Miss Mealie Curms (?) of DuQuoin was there. Dug Wilkinson, Jen Baker & Miss Curms(?) & Lucy & myself came up home for a drink and had some music and then went back to the base ball. Lum & Curms brought me home.

Oll Millhouse & Frank Harris were married Aug. 27, 1891.(Oll's "real" name is Viola-gp)

Mary Metz had a girl 3 of March. 1895. Edith Mary.

Ed Leek & Tena Falkner were married Sep. 3, 1891, Thursday.

Mark Dennis & Lucy Crews Sep. 2, 1891, a girl in May.

Fred Casleton & Katie Saul married Oct. 1, 1891. (Fred was a son of Christopher Casleton and brother of Lucy's husband, Everett-gp)

______Rod & Jennie Redden married Oct. 17, 1891. (page is torn.)

Bob Brown & Darnell married March 3, 1897. Parted Sep.

Sep 17, '91 Wed. went to Benton fair. Got there at eleven o'clock. went to Wilkinsons, went in evening to Jim McGuires. Then to Daniel's then back to Wilkinsons and stayed alnight then went to the fair next day. Stay all day. In evening I was invited over to Daniels to attend a wedding on the 18th of Sep '91. Miss Florence & Mr. Philip Stinehammer, a blacksmith , then went to theatre. Stayed all night at Daniels. Charlie and I next morning went to fair stayed all day had a nice time then in evening started for home. Went to station there was one car on the track Dan Wilkinson got the key and opened it let Florence, Philip, Mattie, Charlie, Clara, Mr. Joe Daniel & myself in and then locked it again. Lots crawled in the windows and a nice time had to (torn page.). In DuQuoin last ______ at Marion Cox's. Florence went to Chester to live.

John Jubar & Edna Bradley were married Oct. 20, 1891.

John Holliday has a boy born Oct, 2, 1891. Married Feb. 1890 - 9 mo.

All Dowell & Maudy Walters were married Nov. 19, 1891.

Julius Snider & Kate Bechtlofft were married Nov. 24, 1891.

Ervin Robinson & Annie Gray were married Dec. 17, 1891. Had twins and now another boy, May 1893.

Hardy Boss & Lizzie Shroeder were married Dec. 31, '91.

Christian Smitgaul & Sarah Scurlock were married Wed. night Dec. 30, 1891.

John Mahair & Foster married Dec. 31, 1891.

Will Zimmerman & Lizzie Whipkey were married in '91.

Charlie Friedline & Kate Whipkey were married March 1892.

______Cook & Lou Stearnes were married May 17, 1892, Tuesday. (page torn).

Will's and Ella's wedding Sep 8, 1887 (Will Leming and Ella Schwartz, Lucy's sister-gp) The Presents:

lamp, Ed Kimmel & wife

lamp, Salley Schwartz; (Sarah Kimmel Schwartz, widow of Lucy's Uncle William-gp)

clock shelf, Josiah Schwartz (probably Uncle Josiah as brother Joe was only 8 yr. old-gp)

" father & mother (Ed & Emeline Schwartz)

Fruit sand, Mr. & Mrs. Brayshaw

evalvil (?) can, Sally Schwartz

glass set, dishes - Dan Kimmel

glass set, dishes - Mary, Lizzie & Ella K.

china set, " - Abe Kimmel ("Uncle" Abe and Jake, bachelors, brothers of Henry Kimmel-gp)

butter dish - Jake Kimmel

Molasses pitcher L. Dan Kimmel

table spoons - Ada Schwartz (Lucy's 1st cousin, dau. of Uncle Josiah and Aunt Lizzie-gp)

teaspoons - Freman K. and wife (I think it is interesting that Lucy always mentions Freeman but not his wife Rebecca when it was Rebecca who is her blood relative, her mother's sister- gp)

butter knife & spoon- Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins

cream pitcher - John Miller

" " - Ella Schwartz (most likely wife of Edw. A. Schwartz, son of grand Uncle Jacob- This family branch lived near Makanda.-gp)

" " - Will Lancaster

sifter - Belle Kimmel (Belle Lipe Kimmel, wife of Tom Kimmel-gp)

bucket tin - Willie & Hurbie Hays (sons of John D. and Ellen Schwartz Hays-gp)

quart cup - Bob Kimmel (son of Tom and Belle-gp)

crumb pan & brush - Laura Kimmel

fundle (?) - Sis E. Kimmel

dish pan

gritter - Charlie Schwartz

picture - Eda & Cordia Kimmel (Eda & Cordelia, dau. of David and Susan Thompson Kimmel-gp)

" - Belle & Della Kimmel

canister pan (?) Lizabeth Schwartz (possibly Aunt Elizabeth Schwartz...Lucy's maiden aunt-gp)

napkins - John Miller

comfert - Becca & Husband (Aunt Rebecca Reno and husband Freeman King - gp)

" - Nellie Schwartz

2 table cloth - Hiram Schwartz (Lucy's Uncle Hiram, a bachelor-gp)

2 towels - Sis Kimmel

2 " - Grandma Schwartz (Sarah Pyle Schwartz- gp)

2 " - Edna & Ina Schwartz.(Lucy's 1st cousins, dau. of Uncle Josiah and Aunt Lizzie-gp)

Willy Rude died. Apri. 6, 1892. Wed. burried 7th at Rude grave. large crowd, 40 wagons & carriages.

Abram Kimmel & Parzetta Cox were married April 13, 1893. Thursday.

C. Pittman boy was born, July 17, 1895.

Went to a show The Little Log Cabin. It was like a theatre. Topsy the little nigro & Ema (?) the little white girl the old nigro was Uncle Tom he was sold. July 24, 1895.

John Cook & Clara Houffman were married Sep 4, 1895.

Pheobie Crews Foster had a girl, Aug. 18, 1895.

______Hicks (page torn) & Annie were married __________24, 1895. Nigers.

Adam Saul & Olive Casleton is to be married today. May 25, 1892 at Ma Casletons.

(Olive is the sister of Everett Casleton, b. 20 Sep 1874 d. 24 April 1900 of measles-gp)

Dan Kimmel & Emma Holliday were married last night, Feb. 26, 1892.

Louie George were married again to Nettie Stitghler Jan 28, 1892 at Pekin.

Richard Baker & Lizzie Hansaker were (married) Aug. 27 1891 at Murphysboro.

Allie Jones & Dolly Reese were married Nov. 29, 1891 Sun. Has a kid May.

Jim Redd of Desoto is to be married to Miss Mill, June 8, 1892, Wed.

Tom Redd & Florence Jennings were married Jan 1893, Dec 25, 1893, Christmas, had ______.  (page is torn...I assume they had a baby-gp)

Ella's wedding presents: (more of her sister Ella's presents-gp)

table cloth - Mrs. Walker

" " - Sam Schwartz (probably her Uncle Sam, not her brother-gp)

2 clarn tida (?) - Eddie & Allie Kimmel

table cloth - Philip & Eliza Kimmel (Eliza Schwartz Kimmel, sister of Lucy's father, Edward, II-gp)

silver butter knife - Mrs. S. Kimmel

" spoon - Willie Skinner

Match case - Esquire McElvain

glass set - George Holliday

bread plate - Ava Ripley

blue glass pitcher - Jennie Mason (Jennie is Alice J. Mason, dau. of James and Matilda Jane Reno Mason, Lucy's first cousin. . Jennie was born in Jan 1870...her mother died the following month according to the 1870 diary of Edward Schwartz, Lucy's dad. Matilda is the sister of Emeline and John W. Reno-gp)

glass pitcher - John & Walter M.

butter dish - Mr. & Mrs. Swaine

glass pitch - Will Schwartz (possibly the son of grand Uncle Jacob, Wm. H. from Makanda -gp)

fruit dish - Mattie Kimmel (Lucy's sister-gp)

butter plate - Jane Porter

Match box - butcher knife - 2 tin plates - spoons, safety pens, shoes & stockings - wagon and horse - Mr. S. Kimmel

broom & dust pan - Ellen Hays (Lucy's cousin, dau. of Josiah and Lizzie Waters Schwartz)

sauce dishes - Henry & Sarah K. (Kimmel)

vinegar bottle - Hattie Jenkins

towel - Ella Schwartz (poss. wife of Ed. A. Schwartz, a son of grand Uncle Jacob-gp)

________(torn page)- Will Kimmel (Wm. D. Kimmel, son of David and Susan Thompson Kimmel-gp)

________ dish - Clarisa Siritz 67

Brides maid Ada Schwartz, brides groom - Dan Kimmel, Mr. Franklin married them.

(Ada Schwartz, dau.of Uncle Josiah and Lizzie Waters Schwartz. Married "Possum Ed" Kimmel-gp)

______(torn page) Pittman & Amy Gray married July 2, 1896.

______(torn page) Schwartz Jr. & Dollie Crews were _______ed Sep 28, 1897. 20 -16 years.old.  (Ttis is Samuel Marshall Schwartz, son of Edward and Emeline Schwartz and brother of Lucy and twin brother of John Schwartz, my great grandfather - gp).

Sam Casleton & Elvira Pyle were married Sep. 28, 1897, Tues 25=25.  (Both 25 years old- Edward Schwartz, father of Lucy, is the son of Edward Schwartz and Sarah Pyle Schwartz so this may be a Pyle relation -gp)

There was over a hundred guests at Mr. Casleton's to the wedding of Miss Ollive & I. A. Saul Lots of presents, had a party at night, strawberries, ice-cream & cake.

Mr. & Mrs. Morton Kimmel - vaces

Sam Schwartz & wife (Dollie Crews) - lamp

Louie George & wife - lamp

John Bennett & mother - table cloth & canister pain (?)

Eph & Flora Kimmel - butter knife

Mr. & Mrs. Burroughs - toilet set

John Robinson & wife - set dishes

Eph Dairs & wife - set dishes

Mr. & Mrs. Don Onstott - set irons (Lucy's cousin, Eddie Kimmel married an Alifair Onstott, no doubt these are relations-gp)

Lou Schwartz - set of irons

Jim Poister (?), John Kimmel, Dan Bradley, Mr. Thornton , Bob Eaton - chamber set

Mr. & Mrs. Montgomery & Mother - water set

George & Cordia Holliday - paper holder

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Nausley - paper holder

Mr. & Mrs. Ellen Hays - butcher knife (This is Ellen Schwartz, dau. of Josiah and Lizzie Waters Schwartz, cousin of Lucy. Mr. Hays is John Dudley Hays- gp)

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Schwartz - pitcher (Lucy's parents)

Julie Rude - pitcher

Mr. & Mrs. Alvis Rude - (torn)

Amy Gray - dresser scarf

Hattie Gray - throw

Mattie & Eliza Gray - counterpain

Grandma & Elizabeth S. - teasp______(torn) (Elizabeth is Lucy's aunt "Bess". Never married)

Mary & Squire - towells (McElvains... Lucy's Aunt Mary Schwartz m. Robert McElvain. Perhaps Squire is used here as a title. Mary was Edward II's half sister-gp)

March 1891

went to Ora. last Sunday, March 1, 1891. Came home Monday 3-2-1891.

Moody King died March 1, 1891 of consumption. buried at the Holliday grave yard March 3.

Mr. Falkner died Feb 28, 1891. buried at Richlien 29, 1891 (1891 was not a leap year, perhaps she meant March 1-gp)

Saul & Casleton ( I think she means the wedding of Adam Saul and Olive Casleton)

Della Kimmel - bouquet hold

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davis - fruit dish

Lil & Clara Rhineheimer - cake stand

Annie Hooper - spit toon

Noah Crews & wife - knives

Mr. & Mrs. Josiah Swartz & family - counterpain Mr. & Mrs. Will Heiple - dresser scarf

Em Quigley Robinson died March 14, 1894 at Carterville buried at Kimmel cemetery.

Nor Heiple was buried Mar 8, 1895.

Here there is an entry that is lost partly to torn pages. The general idea of it is that an unknown man was found dead along the railroad above Elkville and they figured he was killed Mar 8, 1895. Everett made the box for him and he and Mr. Pitts buried the man.

died July 28, 1890

Carrie Walton Kimmel wife of Danial L. Kimmel age 24 years born May 17, 1865 joined catholic church April 1879. buried July 29, 1890 at eleven o'clock 3 brothers & 1 sister were here. Mrs. Alex Heber 23, her sister of six mile. funeral services were held at the church house was full. her & babe were buried together. sang the same song they sang at Fannie funeral, same Preacher Harris preached her funeral.

Ella had another boy June 21, 1893 Wed. evening at 3:30 pm weighed 8 1/2 lbs. Albert Leming.  (Lucy's sister Ella Alice Schwartz Leming-gp)

3 children left Minnie, Abbie & Bertie

Mrs. Mute (?) Gray Castrel died in DeSoto last Sunday a week, May 1892.

Nigro picnic 23, July 18_____(torn)

Taken Minnie Gray the 22 of _______ 1892

Litha Montgomery had a girl March 15, 1895 in Ella ________(torn)

Russell Gray had a boy Aug. 26, 1897.

Nell Bradley Dan had a boy last night Wed. April 28, 1897.

Papered upstairs at house. May 31, June 1, 1892. Hamp Akins painted. George & Lora Schwartz helped paper. (George is her cousin, son of William and Sarah Kimmel Schwartz. Lora is his wife, Lora Walker Schwartz-gp)

Addie Schwartz & Ed Kimmel married July 7, 1892. (Addie is the dau.of Uncle Josiah Schwartz. Ed is known as "Possum Ed", son of Joseph Kimmel.-gp)

Marriage of Miss Cala Falkner at her residence to Mr. William Shingleton, Sep 11, 1892.

Edgar Deason & Ollie Kimmel were married Sep 13, 1892 at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Joe Kimmel at 6 o'clock Thursday. Her brother-in-law gave her a watch. (Ollie is the sister of "Possum Ed" Kimmel, her date of birth is estimated about 1871-gp)

John Cox & Maggie Dowell mar - March 30, 1893

Will Robinson & Lil Rhineheimer mar. March 18, 1893.

West Louis & Clara Rhin. mar Dec. 1892

(Louis West & Clara Reinheimer --MB)

_______Young & Rosa Inglis was married Oct. 4, 1892

Dan Kimmel married Thursday _____1 1892 to Miss Preston. (she has Preston marked through-this is Edna Preston..Dan is the son of Philip and Eliza Schwartz Kimmel-gp)

_______Lattey died from having _____skull busted Dec 2, 1892.

March 3, 1890

Bob Kimmel had a girl Feb 18, 1901 (Bob and Nell Rees Kimmel...this daughter is probably Rosanna-gp)

Had my teeth taken out, 7 of them. Two weeks before Christmas, Dec, 9, 1890 had 4 taken out.

Pictures taken March 4, 1890.

Got my teeth, March 21, 1890, Friday.

Dora Harris & Leach were married June 30, 1892 at Elk. at the old mans. Harrises. Hoffmans, Hughs & Hays were there shivered them after married she hadn't seem him since they were children till about a week before they were married. He has left her now, July 1892

Ervin Crews & Lucy Nausley were married July 4, 1892.

Pat Summers & Nora Parker were married July 28, 1892.

Clara Rhineheimer & West _______is to be married Dec. 28, _____. Friday at DuQuoin. (Louis West --MB)

Magg Cox had a boy Dec. 2_________________(torn).

Bob & Mag Eaton had twin boys Jan 2, 1898, Sunday night.

Pheobie Pippin June 11 1892, 6 months up till this time had a mal (?) couldn't do anything.

Wreck below the valley just below the crossing a piece. Killed one man by the name of Oden & broke ones leg by the name of Clark. 5 or six box cars & two engines wrecked the cars were loaded with lumber, semmons (?) oranges, socks, shoes, beans & rice beer whiskey & a little of everything, more cigars. The largest crowd at the wreck nearly everyone quit work & went. They give everything away that was wrecked. Everett & I was together all the time while there.

_____Jan, Everett & I came back.

George Holliday & Cora Decker were married in March or April of 1893.

June 16 1892

Had a right nice time at Jenni Millers at Henry Cooks & Pheobie Lybarger married. June 16, 1892. Real large crowd. I gave them a pair towels. Evert - set of carving knives, Lydia Davis - a throw, Jim Joister (?), Bob Eaton, Dan Bradley, Frank Wright, Edly Thornton (wonder if she means Edly Plummer as she confused this name elsewhere in her journal-gp) John Kimmel, John Joister, Mr. Stocker - set of china dishes, Miss Florence Sander - set teaspoons. More but I can't think of them. Never got home till after 3 o'clock.

Ollie Begemann to A. D_______(possibly Dowell, can't be sure-gp) April 30. 1896.

Everett start to run on the ICRR Dec. 1, 1892 went as far as Carbondale got back at 8 o'clock next morning Friday Dec. 2, 1892. $10. 18 miles. Up till Friday morning, Dec. 16, 1892.

Ed Reese & Delia Decker was married on May 3, 1892.

Oct 1, 1892

Thomas Davis was fatally shot in the neck he was in a house kept by Tillie & Lillie Sligh at DuQuoin, Ill. Saturday night, Oct 1, 1892. The shooting was done by some persons outside the house and three young men have been arrested. The Slighs went to DuQuoin from St. Louis three months ago. They was supposed to be shooting at the women the killer glanced one of their heads.

Lou Cook had a boy Aug 3, 1900. At eleven o'clock Fri night.

George Leek & Eva (Era Leek, called Erie--MB) Martin were married July 16, 1898 at Hollidayboro at Mr. Churches, her sister's, Polena Church.

Della Pyatt at a girl, May 1900.

Frank Davis was mortally shot in stomach. Shot by a nigro on account of some Negro woman. Shot Saturday night or Sunday May 13th or 14th, 1893 at Mounds died 15 min. after shot and Parks was also shot in the hip.

Jim Glotfelty was married to May Ripley, June 28, 1896.

Johnnie Anderson & Murtle Wright were married Feb 13, 1901.

Nov. 2, 1892

Tillie Walker Bradley died Nov. 2, 1892, Confinement, had fits. Sye Bradley her husband is in Kansas, sent for him. She had a girl baby.

Oll Castleton Saul had a boy July 12, 1894 at Centralia, Thursday. Earl.  (Olive Casleton married Adam Saul-gp)

John Synby (?) died Nov. 2, 1892 he went to DuQuoin and got drunk and the saloon keeper kicked him out and hit his head on a beer keg & hurt him so bad he died today. Saturday was the day he went to DuQuoin.

Jake Kimmel died Jan 28, 1893. Burried Sunday Jan 29, 1893 at 2:10 a.m. Saturday It was thought death was __________by neuralgia of the heart. (Jacob Kimmel was a son of Henry Kimmel, never married. Lived on the old home place with bachelor brother, Abraham-gp)

John Holliday left Sal May or April 1890.

Ollive Casleton had a girl July 10, Mon night, 1893. weighed 10 1/2 lbs., buried it on the 11th. It was a big fat baby, black hair she had a hard time. Pearl. (Olive Casleton Saul-gp)

Dellia Pyatt had a boy, Aug, 27, 1897.

Harry Reese & Lizzie Perkins married April 4, 1897.

Went to Pinckneyville fair. Everett & I Oct. 6, 1892 Went to Centralia at Adam Saul's Oct. 6, 1892. Thursday had a nice time. Came home 10th. All thought we were married. Everett went back to work Tuesday 11, 1892. No work in nail factory. Eat breakfast Bennetts the 6th. John Bennett met us at the train on Sunday night, never went to bed till two or three o'clock 9th. Adam came home Saturday evening.

Everett & Lou Schwartz married Nov. 10 ,1892 (refers to herself here- gp) Had a wedding at home, lots witnessed the ceremony, Thursday evening at 6 o'clock. Moved to Centralia Friday Nov. 11, 1892. Brides groom Dan Bradley & maid Delia Casleton (sister of Everett). We live on third Hickory Street.

Had Everett & my pictures taken the 13 of Jan, 1893. but wasn't very good and we went back Sunday Jan 15, 1893 sent one to Ma, Mother C. and Belle Kimmel the 21, Saturday, 1893.

April 11, 1897 Jim Glotfelty girl born.

Oll Sauls birthday, 20 Sept 1874.  (Olive Casleton Saul, dau. of Christopher and Louisa Davis Casleton-gp)

Everetts is May 9, 1870

Lou's is Dec, 9, 1870. Everett & I married Nov. 10, 1892.

Came to Centralia Nov. 11, 1892.

Moved to the house 12 of Nov, 1892.

Last Christmas, 1891, 25 Dec. Everett eat dinner with me alone at my old home at Elk.

Christmas, 1892, we eat our dinner at home in Centralia. Everett came in at four o'clock Saturday evening, Dec 24 1892. and went out at 1 o'clock p.m. Sunday Dec. 25, '92. It snowed all afternoon. I wanted to go down home on evening train.

Will Robinson & Deal Lattey was married Jan 11, 1893, Wednesday.

Byran South & Lucy ___________(torn page) married in Oct or Nov. ______. Live in Centralia.

Dec 1892

Dec. 13 Monday, 1892. Frank Harris got his arm mashed braking on train making a coupling so it had to be cut off very near the elbow. He was at Ashley Tuesday. Everett seen him. Oll was there with him.

Reedus & Maggie Dickie were married April 20, 1893 Thursday going to live in Centralia.

Ed Heiple & Sally Woods were married June 7, 1893, Thursday.

April 14, 1893 snowed today. Everett went back on the IC today, 14, after being off 7 weeks from a hurt finger which was hurt at Elk. by coupling cars Feb 24, 1893 went down home and stayed came back 31 Mar 1893.

Allie Heiple Boucher is about to died, she has a boy, May 1893.

Lou Cook has a big boy, 11 1/2 lbs born July 4, 5 o'clock, 1893.

_________Schwartz had a girl____________1893 Wednesday, Irene. (Based on other family records, this would be George Schwartz...son of William Schwartz who was a son of Edward and Sarah Pyle Schwartz. George would have been a 1st cousin of Eva Lucy. He was married to Lora Walker.-gp)

_____son had a boy, Feb, 9, 1890.

Birthdays 1893

Name when born years

Edward Schwartz Apr 10, 1828 65

Emma C. Schwartz Sep 28, 1837 56

Ella A. Schwartz July 20, 1861 32

Mattie A. Schwartz March 27, 1863 30

Willie A. Schwartz* Sep 19, 1864 29 Eddie H. Schwartz* May 16, 1866 27

Mollie J. Schwartz Sep 24, 1868 25

Lou E. Schwartz Dec. 9, 1870 23

Sam M. " Apr 14, 1877 16

John W. " twins Apr 14,1 877 16

Joe E. Schwartz July 8, 1878 15

Eat dinner at Pa's Dec 25, 1893

*Died as children, did not live to the age she shows...they would have been that age, had they lived)

Bell Crews & Russ Bost were married Sep 5, 1893, Wednesday.

Annie Hooper married 6 of Sep, Thursday, 1893.

Dora Harris Leach committed suicide Nov. 7, 1893. Taken strychnine.

Eda Davis had a boy Jan 17, 1894. Wednesday, It's about to die. It died.

Kate Saul Casleton had a baby Friday 26 of Jan 1894. (Kate was the wife of Frederick Casleton, son of Christopher and Louisa Davis Casleton-gp)

Kirk Kelly & Ella Evans were married Oct. 25, 1894.

Had a girl, Nov. 1897, Will Walker. 7 mo.

Will Davis & Ed Walker were married April 19, 1897. Monday night.

Everett went to thrashing July 24, 1893 at Butterbushes. Monday. Quit Muddy Valley Mon. noon had a racket with Bennett. Top r_____ July 24, 1893.

Ma went to Uncle Freman's today, Sunday, Aug. 6, 1893.

Our baby was born Aug 27, 1893. Sunday at 2 minutes after 7 o'clock. had Mrs. Grearer. I was sick from 8 o'clock in evening till 10 o'clock next day. Mrs. Grearer came at one o'clock in the night. Claud Morris Casleton was born to us.(This is Lucy's first child-gp)

Addie Kimmel had a girl Sep 3, 1893 Sunday night, Birtie.  (Addie Schwartz, dau. of Uncle Josiah and Lizzie Waters Schwartz. Married "Possum Ed" Kimmel, son of Joseph and Kate Kimmel-gp)

Matt had a boy Oct 9, 1893. Monday night. Ned Reno Kimmel.  (Martha Ann "Mattie" Schwartz, Lucy's sister. Married to Wm. D. Kimmel. Ned and his father did not get along well and Ned later went to live with my great grandparents, John and Emma Tanner Schwartz. John was Mattie's brother. Ned briefly played professional baseball with the Atheletics. -gp)

Flora Kimmel had a girl, Lulu, Oct 15, 1893.

Manning Bost & Grace Mayfield were married Sep 16, 1896.

Murtle Kimmel died Oct 12, 1893. Flora girl.

Mollie (Schwartz Casleton) had a girl Dec 2, 1893. Saturday night. Emma Pearl.

George Casleton & Mollie Schwartz married Aug. 12, 1888.

Clara Casleton Porter born Feb 23, 1890 (d. 20 Nov 1970-gp)

Charlie Casleton Nov. 16, 1888 (Died as an infant only months old-gp)

Chris Casleton 1892 (Records fromChris's son, George Allen Casleton say Chris was born 12 Mar 1891-gp)

Emma Pearl Casleton Keith Dec. 2, 1893 (Married James Keith-gp)

Louise Casleton Chambers born Nov 17, 1895 (Discrepancy here in dates. Lucy gives this as her date of birth, George Allen Casleton of Sullivan, IL gave me 21 Oct 1896. I believe George is correct. If you note below, Lucy gives Ella's birthday as 17 Nov 1897 also. This agrees with the records of George. I think Lucy was mistaken-gp)

Hiram Casleton Nov. 26, 1900 (Known as "Pug", m. Dora M. Leek 6 June 1925-gp)

Olive Casleton Valarius born Oct. 20, 1905 (Another discrepancy. Records from George show Olive's date of birth as 1 Dec 1902-gp)

Teddy Roosevelt Casleton April 27, 1907 (Died 9 Mar 1908-gp)

Glen Casleton Oct. 14, 1909 (Yet another discrepancy, George give 22 Oct 1911 as Glen's date of birth-gp)

Ella Casleton Beaver, Nov. 17, 1897. Died

Mar 9, 1908 George Casleton Jr. (Again, George gives 14 Oct 1902 as dob for George Jr. Died 18 Feb 1905-gp)

Everett went to cutting logs for our new house. Dec 4, 1893 Monday, him & Lou Pittman.

Clauds had first tooth 31 of Mar 1894 7 mo. old.

Everett got Clauds high chair Dec. 18, 1893. Monday. Got my slippers Dec. 19, 1893. Tues.

Moved to our new house in Elk. March 31, 1894.

John D. Hays store burned May 27, 1894 caught the thieves May 30 or 31 have a trial Tuesday 5 of June 1894. (John Hays was married to Ellen Schwartz, dau. of William and Sarah Kimmel Schwartz-gp)

Henry Smith & Minnie Thornton was married May 1894.

Will Williams was married to Etta Falkner June 28, 1894.

Nellie Reno was married June 19, 1894.  (Nellie was Lucy's first cousin on her mother's side, daughter of John W. and Content Andrews Reno. John Reno as the brother of Lucy's mother, Emeline. -gp)

Laura Kimmel Wilson had a girl Friday night, Oct. 19, 1894, six months, Lucile.

Kirk Kelley had a girl Jan 2, 1895

Ina Coxen had a girl Dec. 19, 1897 4 1/2 months.

Little Dan Kimmel had a girl Sep 1897 (I believe this is the son of Philip and Eliza Schwartz Kimmel she is referring to -gp)

All Dowells had a girl Feb. '94.

Ella Morris had a girl Jan or Feb. 1894, Carterville.

Shortened Claude's dresses Feb. 18, 1894.

Mary King & Will Metz married Feb 25, 1894. Had a large wedding.

Laura Kimmel & Tug(?) Will Wilson were married march 24, 1894.

Had Clauds pictures taken May 26, 1894. 9 months old.

Mrs. Lancaster house burned Aug. 5, 1894.

Grandma Hays died 25 of Sep 1894.

Russel Gray & Rena Holliday married Oct. 7, 1896.

Will Leming died Sep 30, 1894. 36 years old was married 7 years. When died Ella 33, Bert was 1 year old.   (Ella moved back home with Edward and Emeline Schwartz according to Ruth Schwartz- gp)

Isaac Kimmel died Jan 8, 1895.  (I believe this Isaac Kimmel was a son of Henry Kimmel, married to Sophronia Snider. Isaac was born c. 1823 and would have been about 72 in 1895-gp)

Ina Schwartz & John Coxen were married Sep. 2, 1897.  (First cousin of Lucy, dau. of Josiah and Lizzie Waters Schwartz.-gp)

LES fellows, the ones that is married

Edward Miller

Henry Barr

George Kimmel

George Casleton Mollie

George Holliday Cordia (can't read)

Bob Rees Francis Tuttle

Will Rees is dead

John Kimmel Cecil

Willie Robinson Deal Lattey

James Watson married

Tommie Kimmel Nausley

Danial Kimmel Emma Holiday

Walter Schwartzscope

David Thompson

Ike Deason King

Frank Harris Oll Millhouse

Ike Rude

Henry Cook Pheobie Lybarger

Frank Brayshaw & Bertie Williams were married Sep 1896.

Moody King

Charlie Daniel

Ed R. Eubanks

Evert Casleton (Nov. 10, 1892)

Ed E. Knaus & Elsey Burroughs wer married Sep 9, 1896

Mollie has had $35.00 from Pa, Mar 1895.

Went to Uncle Freman's after the Begeman girls Lizzie & Ollie Aug. 24, 1895. There are here on a visit.

MJS Fellow

George Kimmel

George Casleton, married

George Holliday

Bob Rees

Walter Schwartzscope

Robert Boll

Will S. Adkins

John Kimmel

Eph Kimmel

Luther Bradley

Sam Robinson

Sanders Wagner

J. W. Watson.

Kate Harland got a boy 16 of Jan 1896.

Crete the other one.

Will House & Hattie Gray were married Dec 4, 1894 at Inchcliffts. Tuesday.

Bob Eaton & Mag Philips were married Dec 8, 1894 Saturday at DeSoto.

Dance at George Casleton's 16 of Han 1895.

Jake Bechtlofft & Shank were married Oct 27, 1895

Ellen Davis and Henry Shank were married April 15, 1897

12 of Jan '96 Mike Callaghan went to John's was with Eve___.

Mrs. Kinchloe died Jan 3, 1895 just three months from the time her brother died she had one child named Ellaees (Eloise?) Henry her husband a brother to Dr. Kinchloe. They were teaching school at the time of her death.

We had a dance Feb 5, 1895.

Dennis McMahon & Lizzie Kimmel were married Sunday June 2, 1895. There were only Chris & Toad, Mollie & Nan & Belle there. Liz was dressed in gray goods. They moved to the valley Monday. Had a girl Feb. 26, 1896.

("Toad" was what everyone called the old lady Casleton, the mother of Everett, Ed, etc. Whence the name came from, I don't know. She was an awesome-looking woman as I remember- MB)

Dan Hardsock was married to Laura Smith June 23, 1895.

George Glotfelty & Epsia Underwood was married 28 of June 1895.

John Albert & Maggie Itman(?) was married June 29, 1895 Sat, the night of the 6 supper.

Pete Bechtlofft Sr. Maggie Stute(?)]

Charlie Mann Lizzie Bechtlofft.

Bell George had a boy Sep 17, 1895 Tue night.

Edna Copeland had a boy Oct. 3, 1895. Ray  (Nee Edna Schwartz, dau. of Josiah and Lizzie Waters Schwartz. Married J. Cornelius "Niece" Copeland . Lucy's first cousin-gp)

Oscar Dennis and Bertie Slade married Nov 18, 1897, Thurs.

Arch Perry & Ida Brayshaw married March 14, 1900.

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