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Eva Lucy Schwartz was born on 9 Dec 1870 near Elkville, IL on the farm of her parents, Edward, II and Emeline Reno Schwartz. She descends from some of the earliest settlers in Southern Illinois... families bearing the name Schwartz, Pyle, and Wells. Lucy was the sixth of nine children. Born before Lucy were Ella, Mattie, William, Edward and Mollie. William and Edward died as youngsters, leaving Edward and Emeline with only the three girls at the time of Lucy's birth. In his diary, her father writes that although he is thankful for the birth of his daughter, he wished she had been a boy. His prayers were later answered for the next three children born to Edward and Emeline were all boys....John Walter and Samuel Marshall, twins, born in 1877 and Josiah Eli, later known as Joseph, born in 1879.

Lucy married Everett Casleton on 10 Nov 1892 and they lived near Elkville most of their lives. Lucy's sister, Molly, married Everett's brother, George Washington Casleton. Both men were son's of Christopher and Louisa Davis Casleton. Christopher Casleton, b. in Herkimer Co., NY, in 1840, first came to Jackson Co. between 1850-60 and worked as farm labor on the farm of Edward Schwartz, II. Not far from the Schwartz farm was the farm of Elias and Delitha Crews Davis, parents of Louisa Davis. The Davises were also among the early settlers of the county. It would seem likely that Christopher met Louisa while working for Edward Schwartz. Christopher left Jackson Co. to serve the Union during the Civil War. His return in March of 1865 was noted in the diary of Hiram Schwartz, a brother of Edward, II. His marriage to Louisa was also noted in Hiram's diary about a month later.

Lucy is age 17 as these diaries begin. Her diaries are written in two separate books. The original journal is in poor condition. It is faded, some pages are tattered and torn and it is written in pencil making some entries very difficult to read. While her handwriting is very neat for the most part, sometimes it is very difficult to decipher particular words or names. I have tried to transcribe exactly as written, using her language and spelling. A terribly confusing aspect of her journals, however, is that there is no real order to the entries. They seem to be going along in chronological order, then suddenly the dates jump forward or back several years. I have added little editorial notes where I thought it might be helpful, or added punctuation when her meaning was confusing due to lack of it.

After completing the original transcription, I sent a copy of the journals to Morine Barnes of Elkville, IL. Morine was a long time friend, and 6th cousin, of my late grandmother, Ruth Schwartz Driskell, and knows, or knew, many of the people mentioned herein. With her wonderful knowledge of the town and its population, Morine was able to clear up the confusion on some entries due to fading or poor penmanship or misinformation. Her notes are distinguished by her initials, (MB), as opposed to my notes, distinguished with (gp). Many thanks, Morine! Also, I have repeated explanations of who's who throughout the diary. This was done so the reader wouldn't have keep flipping back through the diary to search for an earlier explanation.

We have tried to make this transcription as accurate as possible however there may still be some errors, on the part of Lucy and on our part. Known errors are so noted as are discrepancies between this and other official or family records. It is our hope that those interested in the history of the Jackson Co. and its people will find this effort of interest.

The journal is now in the possession of Lucy's grandson, William "Duke" Castleton, of Irving, Texas but was loaned to Gayle Foertmeyer Putt for the purpose of trying to preserve the contents before they were lost to time and ruin. One last note before will notice that there are two spellings of Casleton. The family and descendants of Lucy's son, William Homer Castleton are spelled with an additional "T"...C-a-s-t-l-e-t-o-n. Duke once told me that his father added the extra "t" because most folks tried to spell it that way, anyhow. If there are any questions, corrections or comments regarding this work, I am always more that happy to discuss them. Please feel free to contact me. Happy Reading!


Diary, Part I


Pa killed dog, Fannie, 8 of Jan. 1887. went crazy. Jack was here.

Bell Rude was here and c_____ me on the chart Jan 7, 1887.

Frank Brayshaw, Gisles (?) Lee and George Holliday came back on Saturday Jan 1, 1887 from Kentucky.

John Miller taught our last winters school, Jan 23, 1887.

Bell Kimmel taught our last spring school, 1885.

Part of the page is torn but she mentions that May Burgess ______school 1885. Libbie Hawkins taught winter school ________ago 1884. and something about George & Mollie (Casleton) from Pa.

Bob Reese and Francis Thule were married Feb 6, 1887.

(Bob Reese & Frances TUTHILL --MB)

George Tuttle and Florence Forbush were married two months before Bob was married.

(George TUTHILL -MB)

Mrs. Jake Robinson, Francis, died Feb 15, buried 18th 1887. Willies birthday, 16 years old.

Last Wednesday night March 16, had a masquerade dance at Casletons.

Last Saturday night masquerade party at Jake Kimmels, March 20, 1887.

Saturday night dance at Will's, March 27, 1887.

(can't read rest of page, torn.)

April 1, 1887

Old Mr. Lias Davis is dead. His house burned up Apr. 1, 1887.

(I don't believe this is Elias Davis, father of Louisa Davis Casleton...Lucy's mother-in-law. Later n the diary she mentions the death of Grandpa Davis in 1898. This would seem to be some relative but I don't know enough about the Davises to know how he fits into the family.-gp)

Sam Jenkins house was broke into by a tramp April 3, 1887. He broke open a door, pried open the stand drawer, took two dollars & a pocket book up set the bet looking for money, upset the bureau drawers in the middle of the floor. Took three pies, two gooseberry & one apple pie & some molasses, strung the juice all over the floors, set the coffee boiler on the floor & run through the front room but didn't get ____ to take anything out of front room. They thought they run him out they ______ so before they got there that he just skipped out, took four pies in the stand _____ three & two cans of p_______. (too faded to read- gp).

Got Sale _______Alice & Mollies pictures, Tuesday, April 5, 1887.

John House returned from Missouri today, Tues, April 5, 1887.

April 6, 1887

School out today. Lots were there. Uncle Hiram, Aunt Lizzie , Josiah , Mrs. Knouff, Ellen Hays, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Casleton, Liza Robinson, Lulu Robinson, Walter Miller & myself. Evert and Sam came after school was out in the wagon. Emma, Liza R., Lulu R. Evert, Sam & myself went to the station & got weighed. _ohn Miller gave Charlie & Ed Akins a book for getting the most head marks.

Liza weighed 152 1/2

Lulu " 124 1/2

Emma " 118 1/2

Evert " 143 1/2

I " 147 1/2

(Uncle Hiram is the brother of Lucy's father, Edward, II. Aunt Lizzie could be either her maiden Aunt Elizabeth who shared a home with Uncle Hiram or Lizzie Waters Schwartz, the wife of her Uncle Josiah. I believe it to be Lizzie Waters Schwartz as her Aunt Elizabeth was generally called Bess. Ellen Hays is Lucy's cousin...Ellen Schwartz Hays, daughter of Uncle Josiah and Aunt Lizzie. Mrs. Casleton is probably Louisa Davis Casleton, wife of Christopher and mother of Everett and Sam. I think, in this case, Sam is Sam Casleton and not Lucy's brother, Sam.-gp)

That tramp that broke into Sam Jenkins house broke open _____ shop and got a chizle. Bill ___bbard went and told Louie but it was dark all of us was gone to singing.

Alf Glasseys house caught a fire yesterday & burned a great hole in it. April, 5. 1887.

Pa & Ma (Edward & Emeline Schwartz- gp) is talking of moving to Colorado, April 9, 1887.

Born 1862, 22 when married, 25 died. April 13, 1887 Wed. Died. Fannie Aikman Kimmel died. April 13, 8 o'clock in morning. She give Dan good by & Dan wanted to send for Lora & she wouldn't let him. Uncle Hiram went down for all of the girls at Carbondale. Della, Ada, Mollie. Sam telegraphed for Hattie they all came up on the evening train.. Aunt Salley & Laura are coming up in the morning. Fannie will be buried on the boys' birthday, 14th of April (refers to twins John Walter and Samuel Marshal Schwartz, Lucy's brothers- gp) Fannie elected some songs to sing and wanted them to sing them good ______________we shall _____.

( Salley is Sarah Kimmel Schwartz, daughter of Henry Kimmel and widow of Lucy's Uncle William-gp)

Safe in the arms of Jesus, two of her sisters & one brother, father, niece & her sisters husband & her brothers wife was there. There was lots at the funeral. Funeral preached at the house by Mr. Preacher Nash, Mr. P. Reef & Mr. JP. Franklin was there. One of her sisters , name is Hendricks. Fannie died with her eyes open, she was looking at Dan didn't take her eyes off him. She bled to death.

Died: At 8.30 A.M. Wednesday April 13, 1887, Victoria, wife of Dan Kimmel, aged 25 years.

The disease consumption. But for a number of years a resident of Elkville & during her residence here made many warm friends. For several years past she has been failing & during the past year was at great suffering. A fond husband & a loving child feel deeply the loss of her who they revered and in their sorrow they have sympathy of a large circle of friends. Born 1862, married June 20, 1884, been married 3 years.

(I believe this is copied from the obituary in the paper...if sounds to formal to be Lucy's own words. The dates match but Lucy calls her Fannie and the obituary calls her Victoria. Perhaps her full name was Victoria Fanny Aikman Kimmel.-gp)

Jennette Smith Kelser died August 24, 1885, married Oct. 1, 1884.

Mrs. John Lansely (?- not clear -gp) died Sep 1, 1885.


Jennie told what dress she wanted them to put on her & everything she wanted. She even told them what gown she wanted to be laid out in & one of her sisters named Donald.

April 18, 1887

Hattie Gray's school was out last Friday, 13, 1887. April.

Annie & Henry Mann danced all day & night when they were married, 14, 1887, Thursday April.

Lulu Robinson got her a organ the other day. Her mother gave her the money before she died $300 I understand? last week. April 16, 1887.

Marvin Kelly & Mary Willson married on Thursday 28 April 1887. she has one child boy 7 yrs. old. He has a girl baby about 3 years old.

Tom & Belle's tin wedding was yesterday, May 3, 1887. Had a fine time so they say, I don't know I wasn't there but other young people could be invited but we couldn't. Ma & Pa as there they said they had the finest dinner that ever was set down to. Had everything most a imaginable. I believe everybody was there around here, nearly all they know except Casletons & us young folk.

(Tom and Belle Lipe Kimmel. The Lipes were also among the early settlers of Jackson and Perry Co. Tom Kimmel is the son of David and Susan Thompson Kimmel, a brother to Wm. D. Kimmel who married Lucy's sister, Mattie-gp)

May 15, 1887

Bell K. Adda S, Della K, Nellie S. joined the church tonight (Bell & Della Kimmel, Adda & Nellie Schwartz-gp). To be baptized Sunday afternoon, May 15 Joined, baptized May 22, 1887,. Another joined last night, Philip Nausley. May 16, 1887. Joined the Christian Church. Three more joiners last night. May, 19, 1887. This night Mers. Sivitz, Liza Davis. Leal Campbell, Mattie K. Ella Heiple. Uncle Sam & Aunt Sarah (Schwartz...Sarah's maiden name was Hackney. She was married to Lucy's uncle, Sam.- gp), Dan Kimmel, Mers. Douglass. (Mattie K. is Mattie Schwartz Kimmel, wife of William D. Kimmel and sister of Lucy-gp)

Mr. Rodgers is preaching over at Osage. Has been preaching over a week . Preach tomorrow night Dec. 11, 1887.

Minnie Jackson is married, April 1888 Herbert Hoge.

Tom Harker-Sis Crews married Jan. 1889.

Eliza Chritz Davis died Jan, 1889. (Middle name looks like Chritz but not sure- gp).

Freddie Carlisle " Jan 21, 1889.

Albert Rees " Jan. 1889.

I was at Uncle Freeman's (Freeman King...married Rebecca Reno, Emeline's sister- gp) when Eliza & Albert died 1889

Died 5 of June 1887. Sunday night.

Mers. Jake Millhouse (I think Mers. means Mrs. From info of Morine Barnes, Jake Millhouse married a girl named Dolly-gp) three miles from Osage. She was at Church Sunday all day. Went home in the evening. Girls stayed all day & at night for church. She got sick at 6 o'clock & at 8 she died. The girls was at church not knowing everything about it. After church they started home & got down by Mae Mayhaus & meet Charlie Schwartz coming to tell them & when they got there she was dead. They went off laughing & cutting up from church when they met Charlie it was something else besides laughing. Cel (?) was so cross to her mother that day, they stayed for church that night & then they all went out riding. Went in a half of mile of home & never went house. Sent someone to milk & they came back to church. Cel Milhouse went out in the time of church & got him a buggy & talked & laughed all the time & cursed the preacher for everything she could thing of.

( It is hard to decipher the name...Cel, maybe Oll. From information of Morine Barnes come by later, one of the daughters was Viola, known as Ola..perhaps this is who Lucy means. Charlie Schwartz I believe is the son of Elias Schwartz. Charlies' brother William married a Harriet Millhouse-gp)

(I think the "Cel" is OLL or OLE, which is what we all called her. Her name was Viola, called "OLE" for short. She was an aunt to my Jesse Heiple (my aunt by marriage) and they all called her "Aunt Ole" , or Oll...long o. And she was the character she sounds like here!-- MB)

May 26, 1887

Addie Kimmel birthday, Feb. 1, 1865. 33 years.

Fred Casleton birthday, Feb 6, 1865

Walter Casleton Feb 2, 1880

Philip Kimmel Feb. 1, 1902

(Addie Kimmel was Addie Schwartz, Lucy's cousin, dau. of her Uncle Josiah. She married Ed Kimmel, a son of Joseph Kimmel. Fred Casleton was a brother Everett, Lucy's husband.. Walter is another brother. Philip Kimmel is the son of Edward and Susan Milster Kimmel. Edward "Red Ed" Kimmel is the son of Philip and Eliza Schwartz Kimmel, Eliza being the sister of our Edward Schwartz, II.-gp)

Everett taken Claude to DuQuoin to go away to Houston, Texas, Mar. 27 1918

(Claude is Lucy's son. He would appear to be joining the service, WWI, I assume-gp)

John & Maud Tygett Shaw has a girl, Mar 1, 1898.

Sanders Wagener was at the shaft Thursday 15 May 1888. He left a coat down there.

Belle Eubanks Mr. Arthur George were married Sep. 17 1890 Wed. at the residence of the Bride's parents at Muddy Valley, IL

May 31, 1887.

Miss Della Kirkpatrick will be over Sunday to the dedication.

Mollie & I joined the 4th of June, 1887. Saturday night. Three joined on Friday night. George Boles. 17 years when joined.

(Mollie is her sister...married George Casleton-gp)

Jake & Salley Milhouse children names are Clara, Hattie, Lila, Viola, Katie & Jakie.

(Jake's wife "Sally" was Sarah Heiple, sister to my g-grandfather, so I heard of them all my life. Not close, but aware. --MB)

Ice cream supper at Latty's Saturday night, June 11, 1887.

Baptizing at the Central next Sunday, 19, 1887.

I want to go to Carterville some Sunday to church...go on the day of the dedication.

(I'm not sure which dedication she refers to here but the Tanners had settled in Carterville for a while and helped to establish a church there...not sure if this refers to the same one. I don't think so, as it was probably earlier, before 1850. Emma Tanner married John Schwartz, Lucy's brother- gp)

Ice cream supper at Lateys was just fine, had a nice time. Played _____, had music and ate ice cream & cake. I eat with John Millers June 11, 1887. John Latty & his wife was there & Ellen & her man & Carline and her husband.

(Ellen may be Ellen Schwartz Hays, cousin of Lucy-gp)

Saturday June 18, 1887

Mers. Milhouse told the girls not to go to church & that she wouldn't be here always. They went to church & sent mother woman to help their mother milk & after they was done milking & oven supper & washed the dishes & Mers. Milhouse told this woman they would go & rest then put away the dishes & the woman went & set out on the porch & Mers. Milhouse said she would go pick up her little turkeys and put them away & she went & picked them up & put them away & came around the house on to the porch & she put her hands up toward her breast & said she was smothering & she called for aller___ and camphor & the woman got it & gave her some & she put up her hand for more & then she whispered & said get some eval oil & they got it & she wanted some more & she throwed up her hands & straightened her self out & she was gone. Jake blowed in her mouth for to give her breath. He couldn't believe she was dead because she smothered away so quick, not more then 10 minutes. They hollered for Jake at the barn before she died. They said when the girls came home she was dead & Oll came in the house saying her mother said she wouldn't be here too long she wished she had of stayed at home. They said when they laid her out she smelt so bad they had to hold their noses & it rained so hard the day they buried her & after the rain slacked up they went out & buried her. The ropes got wet that they had to let her down in the grave with. After they got her half way down the rope slipped off of the head of the coffin & let her fall & busted the lid off & she just swelled clear up the to the lid & when it busted she just smelt so bad they let it go & put the box lid on and covered her up.. Jake just begged them to let him kiss her one more & they couldn't let him for she smelled so bad. He said she always stood between him & the girls. She always took his part. I think the girls will try to be better now, if not they ought to.

Sunday June 5, 1887.

The dedication at the tent June 5, 1887.


Grandpa Casleton died Dec. 31, 1917. Buried Jan 3, 1917. 77 yrs. leaves wife, 6 sons, 2 daughters: Ned, George, Everett, Sam, Ed, Walter, Deal & Bess. 31 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren

(This is Christopher Casleton. b. 1839 in Herkimer Co., NY. There was no son, "Ned" but there was "Fred". Perhaps it's a matter of handwriting. Bess is daughter Elizabeth but I'm not sure about "Deal". Great grandson, George Allen Casleton said the daughters were Olive Ann, d. 1900, Mary and Bess. Perhaps Mary was Mary Odelia-gp)


June 26, 1887

Went to the baptizing in the fornoon at the Bridge. Hattie Robinson was dipped. In afternoon went to the ford, is a baptizing, six was dipped. Julia Rude, Mary Nausely & Cranchaw girl. Three boys , eight or ten sprinkled at the church. In morning, lots at the baptizing ..Nora Heiple, Ed were there.

(The 6 "dipped" were to be members of the Christian Church. The "Eight or ten sprinkled at the church " were people from the Methodist Church who were worshipping with the Christian congregation before they had constructed a building of their own in which to meet. This meeting was in the tent which they bought and dedicated earlier that month, until they could build a church building. At that time these were strict immersionists, but today some are not so strict. My observations from memory & history. MB)

Nellie Schwartz birthday, Dec, 22, 1887. 20 years, born 1867, Dec. 22.

Addie Kimmel has a boy born March 5, 1898. Dewey.

(This is Addie Schwartz Kimmel, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz, first cousins of Lucy. She was married to "Possum Ed" Kimmel. -gp)

Nettie Gleen has a girl, Martha, 1898.

Tom Kimmel had a girl Sep 13, 1900.

(Tom and Belle Lipe Kimmel...this is probably their daughter, Maudie.-gp)

Claude came home from Houston, Texas on visit, March 15, 1918. went back 27 March, 14 days furlough.

(This is an example of events being out of place in time. Surrounding entries are from 1887, she didn't marry Everett until 1892 and suddenly she's writing about her son Claude coming home on furlough. -gp)

Everett birthday, 9 of May, 1870.

Uncle Hiram, Grandma, Squire (McElvain) & Maud, Mers. Rankin was here today, June 22, 1887.

Went to the speaking at Osage Saturday...There was not any.

Grandpa Davis died Jan. 21, 1898 rained the day of his funeral, Jan. 22, 1898. He was 77 years old.

(Elias Davis, father of Louisa Davis Casleton...Lucy's mother-in-law. His age here fits the information from the 1860 census-gp)

Grandma Casleton's birthday, Jan 22.(Grandma is Louisa Davis Casleton) Grandpa Casleton birthday Sep. 10, 1841. (note- elsewhere in the journal she says 1839. Other records indicate 1839 is correct-gp).

Picnic at light house third Saturday in July, 16, 1887.

Mers Milhouse funeral will be preached Sunday at DeSoto, July 3, 1887.

John Marshell & Hattie Freidline was married June 31, 1887.

( She did actually write June 31, maybe she meant the 30th or July 1- gp)

Joe Parker -Carlie Farmer was married in July 1887.

George Davis & Rachel Latey was married Monday night Jan 2, 1888.

C. C. Grizzell & Ida Walker were married May 22, 1888 Wed. Had 1 girl.

Jack Goings & Lillie Root was married, 1887

Had a fine time at the ice cream supper Friday night. Large crowd Thought they never would get done eating supper. got home at two o'clock, 1887.

Apple cutting at Tow Davis' tomorrow night. That is Thursday Aug, 18, 1887. I was there.

There was to be a party at Mike McMayhous last Saturday night, Aug, 14, 1887.

(Correct name is McMahons -- MB)

Apple cutting at Tow Davis' last Saturday night, Aug 28, 1887. lots were there. I wasn't there. People were there from Osage, DeSoto & other places.

Sherman Stokes & Jim Watson started to Jackson City Nov. 11, 1887 Friday night. Mr. Watson & Mr. Hebers came over with them to bring them . They didn't get to the society till nears when they started. Julia Eva & Dora just cried the tears just rolled down cheeks. Jim is to be back Christmas, Dec. 25, 1887.

Died in this city, Saturday June 25 1887. Mers. Content Reno, wife of John W. Reno aged 43 years, 9 mo. & 17 days. Funeral services held at the residence of William Maxwell. In Buena Vista.

tomorrow - Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will take place in Evergreen Cemetery, Chester Illinois, June 25, 1887.

( I believe this was copied from an obituary...John Reno was the brother of Lucy's mother, Emeline Reno.- Content's maiden name was Andrews.-gp)

Mers. Sam Walker of DeSoto died yesterday morning. Buried yesterday eve at five. July 25, 1887, Monday.

Mr. Dave Shank died Thursday night buried Friday at the Kimmel grave yard. Died with the cholera. They started to dig a grave & dug into somebody else & had to dig another one. July 29, 1887.

Mers. Simpson of Osage died last week, dropped dead in the yard, Aug, 1887.

Miss Taylor died and was buried the same day at Osage, Aug. 1887.

Mr. Bill Bradley died & was buried at the Holliday grave yard Aug.

July 28, 1887

Will baker was here Thursday. July 29, 1887, eat supper.

Ice-cream supper Saturday night at the Central. August 20, 1887. (The Central Church-gp).

Picnic and farmers meeting at Jergens, Mon Aug, 9, 1887.

had a big time at the apple cutting at T. Davis' last night, Thursday. Lots was there, very near all was boys. Oct. 19, 1887.

Negro picnic the 25 of September.

I went to the Carbondale fair to day -this year Wed & Friday Oct 12-14. Had a splendid time. Jim Watson, Eva & Allie Heiple, Tillie Walker, Lucy Walker, Sye Bradley was there on Thursday Oct 13, 1887.

Will Baker & Nellie Stevenson was married in Oct or Nov. 1887. 1 girl.

Eph Kimmel & Flora Lancaster married, Oct. 22, 1884.

George C. & Mollie boy was born Nov. 16, 1888. lost their boy Charlie. Died Jan 30, 1890, buried Jan 31, 1 year, 2 mo. 14 days. Burial preached a church, Died of pneumonia.

( George Casleton & Mollie Schwartz. Mollie is Lucy's sister.- gp)

July 16, 1887, Picnic at Light House

Large crowd was there, had 5 stands, 1 swing, two boys got drunk & then got in the swing & fell out & the Rude boy droped his bottle on the ground. He picked it up & run out a piece & put it in his pocket & him & the other boy kept hitting each other with their hats & acting the fool & after the swing stopped, Joe Rude went off to himself & the other follow & they drank the rest of the whiskey.

("The Light House" was a rural Baptist Church --MB)

The Heathen (Ella) girls was at the picnic all of Bakers folks, the boys & Mers. Kaker, Will & Mers. B. Mers. Zimmerman, eat dinner with us. Lucy Brown of Carbon was up Ida Crow was there & Jess Criteral too.

(Not sure about this last name- gp)

Ice cream supper Friday night July 22, 1887. for the benefit of the Christian Church at Elkville.

July 30, 1887. Saturday. Niger R _____ had a fine time more white folks there than niggers. Had a horse race, gypsies & Watsons horses. Watsons horse beat them- they had a fuss, two revolvers were drawn on the gypsies. The fellow was ___________.

Nov. 21, 1887

Flora & Eph have a boy, came Saturday night, 20 June, 1887. Jim.

Ed K. & Sue have a boy, 15 Nov, 1887.

(Ed Kimmel & Sue Milster....son is probably Leslie -- MB)

Mr. Louie George have a girl, Nov. 1887.

Mr. Bob Rees has a boy born in Dec. 1887.

Mrs. Libbie Head, used to be Hawkins, has a girl, Feb. 1888.

Mr. Bechtlofft has a boy two week old, born in Jan 1888.

Will & Mattie Kimmel have a girl born 13 minutes before 3 o'clock in eve, March 14, 1888. Mercy.

(Mattie was sister to Lucy. Bill Kimmel was known as a horseman but was mean in the methods of training his horses. Lucy's sister-in-law, Emma Tanner Schwartz, once snuck into his barn and dropped his chain laced whip into the well. After Mattie died, and after John Schwartz died, Emma married Bill Kimmel- This story was told to me by my grandma, Ruth Schwartz Driskell, daughter of Emma and John. Mercy Kimmel grew to marry Loren Thornton. -gp)

Mary Keenan has another boy, it is over one month old Feb or Mar 1888.

Maud was born March 15, 1885.

(This refers to Maud Kimmel, daughter of Mattie and Bill Kimmel. In another entry, Lucy says she was born in 1884. I am not sure which is correct but I believe it is 1885 based on the fact that if she were born in 1884, it would have been before her parents were married. Yet, Lucy gives her age at her death in 1889 as 5 years old. Counting back, that makes her birth year 1884. gp)

Mrs. Emma Swane has a boy, April 22, 1888.

Marion Kelly's have a girl, April 28, 1888. Sat. weighed 9 1/2 lb. Mary.

Ella has a girl, Thursday June 21, 1888. Addie.

(Ella is Lucy's sister, Ella Schwartz. She was married to William Leming-gp)

Aug 15, 1887

There was a load of wheat shipped to DuQuoin last week. Someone found a dead man in it & he smelled so bad they couldn't hardly do anything with him. Supposed he was a tramp.

Harry Crews child died yesterday, Aug. 15, 1887.

Ida Vernon was married in Feb 1887. married a widower with three children, her one.

Will Adkins & Eliza Robinson was married on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 1887.

Ira Smith & Charlot Holterfield were married on Thursday Oct. 20. 1887. He was 40 yrs. & her 18.

Bill Adkins broke his arm yesterday night in the joint. Oct. 22, 1887.

Frank Brayshaw a boy, Aug, 1897.

Grand Ma Schwartz had a birthday dinner Saturday Oct. 22, 1887. 3-6 were there she had 11 great grandchildren, 25 grandchildren, 5 daughters-in-law 3 son-in-laws.  (Grandma Schwartz was Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp)

Della Kimmel & Bob Pyatt were married May 14, 1896.

Dec 8, 1886

Our boarders names last winter was Harry James, Albert Harrigan, Walter Schwartzscope. Sam Maryon Sanders Wagner. Martin VanCurvis, James Paul. Sandy Lee Fran Nortin.

(her lack of punctuation and spelling make it difficult to figure just who is who- gp)

The DeSoto folks & Osage was here at the Society last Friday night a week, Jan 20, 1888. Jim Soddie, Violia Crish & Mother Laff & Ike Deason last Friday night, Jan, 27, 1888.

Mrs. Deason drawed a Pension, March 1888.

March 1888

March April 1888

Our boarders names this summer is Dave Thompson, Sam Mayor, George Hunsacker, Mr. Walter Hawkes, Bill Swafford, Harvey Let, John Williams, Henry Cook & Mrs. George Hunsaker. Curen VanPeelt, Will Forth, Joe Grill, Tom Mau____. Bill Williams, John Brady, Elie Gray, Piercesol Bear, Bill Williams. (It is interesting to find Curen VanPelt on her list of borders. He is mentioned several times in the diary of her father, Edward Schwartz in 1870. Curen's brother Arth appears to have been a friend of the family also-gp)

Soddie Snider married June 21, 1888. married a girl at Benton, Miss Ida St. Clair, a boy April 1889.

Parthena Hubbard & Jones were married Friday, Aug, 10.1888.

Sep 12, 1887 Wills birthday..29. Mr. Franklin preacher. Had a wedding here Thursday Sep 8, 1887. Lot were here, had a large & fine supper. Ella & Will received sixty seven presents there were about 150 here. Julia Walker was here, 40 dollars worth of presents.

(Will is William Leming who married Lucy's sister, Ella Schwartz-gp)

Mrs. Millhouses girls names are Clara Williams, Hattie Schwartz, Lila Campbell, Viola Harris, Katie Kimmel, Jakie Millhouse. (This entry is verified by information from Morine Barnes of Jackson Co. Jakie or Jacob Millhouse married a Dollie _____. Morine does not give first names of the girls' husbands- Viola was married to Frank Harris. Hattie was married to a William E. Schwartz. This was learned from the research of James Turnage, a descendant. This William Schwartz is of no apparent relation to this Schwartz family however I believe they may be cousins farther back.. I am still working to prove or disprove the theory-gp)

Everett, Claude & I went on excursion to Chicago, Aug 25, 1897. Went to Lincoln Park and seen all the animals & Jackson Park & went in the Museum. Seen the Farris Wheel, rode on the elevated road and went under the river.

Mr. Latty's youngest boy, Bub, died Thu Feb 30, 1888. Buried Wednesday.

( she does write Feb. 30, not a typo, perhaps she means he died Wed, Feb 29, and buried Thursday, March 1. -gp)

Mrs. Liddie Pathen of DuQuoin sister is Mrs. Serene Latly, died Thursday, buried Friday at the Kimmel Grave, Mar 1, 1888. (March 1 that year was a Thursday- gp)

April 28, 1888 Sat.

Selethia & Mollie Schwartz was here April 26-27-28, 1888.

Lizzie Hunsaker & I went & took a buggy ride this evening down to the end of the lane & I over took Dave & he jumped in & rode down to the end of the lane he intended to go to DuQuoin in the wagon with some of the rest of the miners.

Apple cutting at Hamp Akin last night, June 26, 1888, Thursday.

Sue McElvain died Sunday night, 1 o'clock 10 of Feb 1889.

John Quigley is dead. Died Jan. 1889.

Dan Kimmel & Miss Carrie Walldrom is married, Feb, 11 1889. Shiveree then last night Feb. 13, 1889, Wed. Carrie dead. ( the notation of "Carrie dead" is written in a finer pencil than the rest of the entry, possibly it was added later but no date is given- gp)

Laura Schwartz came last Thursday night a week a go to DuQuoin and came to Elkville Feb. 10. 1889. She is 14 years old, started home March 1889.

(Lucy had a cousin named Laura Schwartz, daughter of her Uncle William and Aunt Sallie but this cannot be the same Laura Schwartz. If she is 14, she was born in 1875...Uncle William died in 1871. I am not sure just who this Laura is or how she might be related to Lucy-gp)

Dec 18-19, 1887 Sunday-Mon

Two tramps broke in Hamp Akins house yesterday, Sunday. We seen them going down the rail road when we came from Sunday School & preaching. When Hamp went home and seen what they had stolen he followed them right up. Him & Tom Davis. Hamp met them with a gun at the Rude crossing. He told them not to come toward him another step or he would blow a hole through them. When Tom overtook them he made them give up everything they had then took them back to Elkville where they stayed till Monday when they took them to Casleton's where they had a trial. They had stole Eph Davises over coat, pair pants.

(Interesting about Grandpa Aken's house being robbed. What I don't understand is, what Eph Davis' coat and pants were doing at his house! Wonder where Grandpa was. --MB)

Sander Wagner was at the mines, April 29, 1888. Mon

May 13, 1888. Everett was so sick at his home.

Lucy Dennis had a boy Oct. 9, 1899.

Jim went home with Mollie & Ike with me the night of the Negro picnic, July 28, 1888. I stayed all night at Ed Davis's.

Aug 12, 1888 his daddy Chris married them.

George Casleton & Mollie got married today, Sunday Aug. 12. 1888. Brides groom was Will House and maid was Hattie Gray.

(Records the wedding of her sister, Molly to Everett's brother George Casleton. Chris is George's father, a Justice of the Peace-gp)

Will Kimmel and Mattie was married, March 27, 1884 Went to Murphysboro to get married. (Mattie Schwartz. William Kimmel was the son of David and Susan Thompson Kimmel. He is a brother to Tom Kimmel mentioned elsewhere in the journal-gp)

Ella married Sep. 8, 1887 (Ella Schwartz, her sister, married William Leming-gp)

Tell Vann & Viola Deason were married Aug, 13, Wed. 1888.

Will Seifert & Nora Beasley were married Oct. 9, 1888. Tuesday

George Holliday & Cordia Oliver were married Dec. 11, 1888. Tues. Frank Inchclift (?) officiating

Grant Bryant and Lillie Douglas was married April 14, 1889 Sunday. Came up to see us on Monday. Live in Carbondale. She was dressed in the prettiest and she is pretty. He is a nice looking man. He _____smoke, chew or drink, he is a member of the Christian church.

Cordia Holliday had another boy, Oct. 7, 1899. Sat. night. David.

11 June 1888

Rachel & George Davis's bride groom was George Casleton & brides maid Mollie Schwartz. Chris Casleton (I believe this means Chris officiated at the wedding...she makes other notes of weddings where Chris officiated- gp)

Uncle John was here New Year's Jan 1, 1888, Saturday.  (This refers to John W. Reno, brother of Emeline Reno, Lucy's mother- gp)

Mattie Gray is going to teach our summer school commenced today, March 27, 1888 Monday.

There was a big meeting at Osage last Thursday a week, May 6, 1888. Preaching by ______.

Nov. 2, 1829 Jas. Bock & Lizzie King married 23 yrs. 17 yrs.

Going to have a big fourth over at Asage this year, Wed July 1888.

George Schwartz has returned home, March 1889.  (Lucy's 1st cousin, son of William and Sarah Kimmel Schwartz)

Went to Vergennes July 11, 1893. Everett & I in buggy.

Dec 1888. The folks at Church Dance Simpsons, Walkers, Kings

Willie Bagley, John Jubar, Ned Williamson, John Williamson, Mose Jubar, George Jubar, Sarah Heiple, Dollie Thompson, Marthia Hays, Mary McClure, Ada McClure, Ida Reipley, Ben Reipley, Ava Peipley, John Bastian, Eugene Bastian, Thomas Butcher, Andy Teater, Mary Butcher, Lee Williamson, Sam Levan, Luther Bradley, Johnnie Sarrels, Sam McCord. Mary Colens, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Simpson, Ed Reipley, Joe Murry, Wallace Blacklock, Annie L_____, Mary Blacklock, Elie Reipley, Charlie Ebersohl, Maud Richart (dead). (must have been a post script-gp)

Joe Shraedon has a big boy baby Oct. 13, 1890.

Adda Kimmel had another girl, June 26-27, 1895. Alta 42 in 1937. (Adda Kimmel was Adda Schwartz, daughter of Josiah & Elizabeth Waters Schwartz. She married Edward Kimmel, son of Joseph and Kate Kimmel. -gp)

Harry Reese & Perkins girl April 1897.

Moody King died March 1, 1891 Buried at the Holliday grave yard March 2, Monday. I went out on Sunday with George Jubar.

Aug 25, 1887

Deal Davis Cain had a baby the other day. It was dead born.

Ike Glenn married Nettie Pyle, April 6, 1897. (Nettie Pyle is the sister of Elvira Pyle Casleton, mentioned later in the diary as the wife of Sam Casleton. I'm not sure how or if she is related to Sarah Pyle Schwartz, Lucy's grandma-gp)

There was a young man married in DuQuoin about two months Aug. His wife got sick & died last Thursday Oct. 18, 1887. & he was so hurt about it. He got to looking so funny & he went on the street and looked and walked around every corner & he went home, went up stairs & got his pistol & put it in his back pants pocket & went down out in the yard where his little sister was swinging & he asked her to kiss him & she did so & he said good bye & he put his pistol to his head & blowed his brains out. When his wife was laid out to burry, he knelt down by her & took the ring off her finger that he had given her. tied it to his watch chain with a little red cord. His father told him he aughten of took the ring. When he killed himself, he {his father} took the ring & said he would keep it as long as he lived. that is had made a lot of trouble.

I was at Uncle Freeman's in Dec. 1888. Stayed 1 month.  (Refers to Freeman King, husband of Rebecca Reno who was the sister of Lucy's mother, Emeline Reno- gp)

Charlie Parker & Eva Brayshaw was married July 3, 1889.

Russell & Angie Heiple were married Sep 5, 1889.

Luther Bradley & Minnie Shannon were married Aug. 1889.

Annie Woulsey (?) & Alax Tow was married Aug. 1889.

Mattie had another girl, Oct. 20, 1889, Lucy.  (Refers to Mattie & Bill Kimmel and daughter Lucy Kimmel-Lucy grew to marry Ed Rheinheimer. gp)

Walter Heiple married Nov. 21, 1889. Annie O'Neil.

Rachel Bradley-Bost has Tom's baby, born Nov. 1889.

Ella Leming has a boy Dec. 4, morning, 6 o'clock 1889. Ed, 48 in 1937. (Ella Schwartz, Lucy's sister, married to William Leming -gp)

Oll Gill Wells has Louis baby, Dec. 1889.

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