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Jackson county, Illinois

Lucy Schwartz Casleton (Part 2)

Part Two of Lucy Schwartz Casleton's diary

Lucy Crews Dennis died April 30. buried the 4th of May at Central Church. Brought home from Chicago.

Redora Dennis & Gene Challs (?) married May 23, 1922. (Gene's correct name was Challet - MB)

Vern Baird and Eva Leek married June 8, 1922

Eph Kimmel died July 14, 1923. Buried at Kimmel graveyard.

__llie Clark & Rose __gins was married Jan 17 1914.  (Willie Clark & Rose Higgins-MB)

____ has a boy Rose Clark, Oct 28 1914. (Rose Clark has a boy-MB)

Dona Graffe & Porter were married Sep 30 1914, ____ter to Steve Goslin.  (Dona Graeff - don't know who Porter is. Married Steve Gosnell-MB)

Mabel Counce had a girl baby Nov. 22 1914. Dead born named Jewell. (Mabel, nee Schwartz, was the daughter of John Schwartz, Lucy's brother. She was my grand aunt. We never even knew she had ever had a baby until reading Lucy's diary in 1992. - gp)

Dec 25, 1914. Schwartz Family Reunion

The family of Emeline Schwartz King met at the house of (her granddaughter)

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Graeff (Addie Leming Graeff, dau. of Ella Schwartz Leming) of Elkville today and held a family reunion. 35 were present.

At noon a sumptuous turkey dinner was enjoyed by all. Mrs. King, better known as Aunt Emeline, who is 76 years of age and is very spry at that age, was the happiest of all to have her family together around her. Two daughters, Mollie and Lucy Casleton and one son, Joe Schwartz were present. One son, Sam Schwartz of W. Frankfort could not be present. Neither could 10 grandchildren. Those present were: Mrs. Emeline King (nee Cecelia Emeline Reno, b. 28 Sep 1837 in Hamilton Co. IL. Married Edward Schwartz II. After his death, Emeline married her sister Rebecca's widower, Freeman King-gp)

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Casleton (Emeline's daughter Lucy, author of this journal-gp)

Mrs. Mollie Casleton (Emeline's daughter Mary Joanna "Mollie"..m. George Casleton-gp)

Mrs. John Schwartz (Emma Catherine Tanner Schwartz, my great grandmother- widow of John who was Emeline's son. He died of tetanus 7 Dec 1912. - gp)

Mr. W. D. Kimmel (Son of David and Susan Thompson Kimmel. He married Emma Schwartz later in 1915- He was the widower of Mattie Schwartz, another child of Edward and Emeline Schwartz -gp)

grandchildren present-

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Rheinheimer (Mrs. Reinheimer was Lucy Kimmel, daughter of Wm. D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Mattie is Lucy Casleton's sister.-gp)

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Graeff

Mr. & Mrs. Loren Thornton (Mercy Kimmel Thornton, daughter of W. D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel)

Mr. & Mrs. Ike Counce (Mabel Schwartz Counce- Mabel was the daughter of John and Emma Schwartz 1896-1940. Divorced Isaac Counce and later m. Lawrence Davis. Moved to Chicago-gp),

Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Porter (Mrs. was Clara Belle Casleton, 1890-1970, daughter of George and Mollie Schwartz Casleton-gp)

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Leming (Ed was son of Ella Schwartz Leming. Ella was the oldest daughter of Emeline Reno Schwartz King. Ed's wife was Maude Parrou-gp)

Misses Ella Casleton (Daughter of George and Mollie, b. 1904. Married Noah Beavers-gp),

Ruth Schwartz (My grandmother, daughter of John and Emma Schwartz, sister of Mabel.Counce.-gp)

Ada & Hazel Caselton (daughter of Lucy and Everett Casleton-gp)

Olive Casleton ( daughter of Mollie and George Casleton, b. 1 Dec 1904-pg)

Glenna Schwartz ( b. 1910, daughter of Josiah "Joseph" and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Heape Schwartz.  Joe was the brother of Lucy Schwartz Casleton.  Lizzie Heape was the daughter of Hettie Kimmel.  She had a sister Lucy and a brother Sherman.  All were in the Elkville - Du Quoin area-(updated by David).  As of 1994, Glenna was still living in Sparta, IL-gp)

 Masters Hiram Casleton ( b. 1900, known as "Pug"...son of George and Mollie-gp)

Barney Casleton (son of Lucy and Everett Casleton-gp)

Glen Casleton (son of Mollie and George, b. 22 Oct 1911-gp)

Edward & Otis Schwartz (sons of Joe and Lizzie Schwartz, brothers of Glenna. Otis was b. 7 Jun 1913 d. 22 Sep 1933 in a mining accident. Edward was b. 11 Aug 1907, d. 1992. His son Edward lives in Sparta, IL as of 1994-gp)

Great Grandchildren:

little Pansy Rheinheimer (dau. of Ed and Lucy Kimmel Rheinheimer. Pansy was b. 1909-gp)

Masters Howard, Homer & Albert Porter (all sons of Delbert and Clara Casleton Porter. Howard b. 1909, Albert in 1913. Unknown DOB for Homer.-gp)

Four generations were represented. All departed after a pleasant day of music and conversation hoping we may all be able to enjoy another such family reunion.

All not present:

Claude & William Casleton (sons of Lucy and Everett Casleton. William eventually moved to AZ and added another "T" to the name making it CASTLETON. His son, Duke, is the current owner of Lucy's diary-gp)

Emma, Chris & Lou Casleton (all children of George and Molly Casleton).

Katherine, Cecil & Gladys Schwartz (children of Samuel and Dollie Crews Schwartz-gp)

Ned Kimmel (son of William D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel..middle name is Reno in honor of his grandmother's family.-gp)

and Bert Leming. (son of William and Ella Schwartz Leming-gp)

Had four generations picture taken. Grandma King, Mollie Casleton, Clara and Howard Porter. Then had the whole group.

Lizzie Houston Reese had a girl Feb. 1915.

Homer Robinson & Lulu Joliet were married Mar 4, 1915.  had a baby the next week, Mar 1915.

 Lucy Leek ^ had a boy March 17 1915  (Above the carat is the name Carol Miller)

Ruth Schwartz & Edley Thornton married May 1, 1915  ( This is an error. Edley's last name was Plummer. Mercy Kimmel, daughter of Lucy's sister Mattie, married Loren Thornton. Ruth is her niece by her brother John. Ruth, herself, told us his name was Plummer-gp )

Queen Holmes, Charlie's wife died May 1, 1915.

Mrs. Bechtlofft, Jake's (Sr.) wife died May 3, 1915.

Clara Casleton Porter has a girl, Nov. 1915..Nina.  (Clara Belle Casleton, b. 23 Feb 1890, d. 20 Nov 1970. Daughter of George and Molly Casleton-gp)

Maud Ingram had a boy Nov. 22, 1915.

Dr. Walker has a girl, Dec 1915 - 6

Eph Crews & King, Minnies father has bought the Swain place up by the old Hubbard place or Dennis place for $500.00. 1902.

John Morgans had twins boy and girl. July 1902.

George Glassey had a boy, July 1902

Lucy Dennis had another girl, July 1902.

Annie Burbank Glotfelty had a boy August 1902. Fitzarld

Mrs. Sweet has twins --boys Aug 1902

Our baby girl, Ada Floy was born Sep 2 1902..5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Will Walker had a girl Sep 3, 1902...Lucile

Ina Coxen had a boy Sep 8, 1902... Harry  (Ina Schwartz m. John Coxen. She was the daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz and was a first cousin of Lucy.-gp)

Ethel Aken Howell has another boy, Dec. 1902 24.

Morwing (not too legible- gp) Brown died Dec. 1902. Married a butcher in Murphysboro, join Catholic Church and was buried in the Catholic cemetery.

Louie Davis & Sudie Nausley got married Fri June 21 1900.Went to Cairo to get married.  (June 21 1900 was actually a Thursday- gp)

John Glassey & Sidney Stevenson of Carbondale got married Sat. Jun 23 1900. Went to Murphysboro and Houses went along...used to be station agent.

Jena Strutt has twin boys, Aug 1902.

John Holmes and Cora Reese got married Oct.3 1900

Emry Howell and Ethel Aken got married Oct. 10 1900..July had a boy, 1901.

Our boy William Homer was born Aug. 4, 1900

(Bill Castleton moved to AZ and added the first "T" to the name. He figured everyone tried to spell it that way, anyhow. I recall a visit he paid to our family in Cincinnati when I was just a girl...about 1960 or so..and that he brought me a present.. a book of cowboy poems which I still treasure to this day [1994]}.

Herb Hoag & Mathews girl were married Nov. 14 1900. Got a girl 1 Jan 1902

Sterling McDennin (name not clear - gp) died Nov. 1900

Ed Aken & Hannah Knouff were married Nov. 28, 1900. Thanksgiving Eve.

Sam Casleton & Edna Snider were married at her brother Johns. Chris Casleton tying the knot Dec 19, 1900. Wed night. (Chris Casleton was the father of Sam and a Justice of the Peace. This is Sam's second marriage. He was first married to Elvira Pyle. She died as a result of childbirth with their first child in 1898-gp)

Mollie's boy was born Dec. 26, 1900...5 o'clock Wednesday evening, the day after Christmas. Hiram. (Hiram "Pug" Casleton-gp)

Emma Dowell had another boy Feb 27, 1901. Died Oct. 1901. Dickie.

Mrs. Arthur Keith had a girl Dec. 1 1901. Sunday

Alice Casleton had a boy Dec. 9, 1901..Monday morning. Clarence. (Alice Burbank was the wife of Edward Casleton...they married on 27 Jul 1899-gp)

_______ Renolds had a girl Nov. 1901. Your preacher's wife.

Mrs. Hampton has a boy, Dec. 19, 1901

Murtle Right Anderson had a baby girl Dec. 22, 1901..Clio

Della Glassey had a girl Feb 1, 1902

Sue Kimmel had a boy, Feb 1, 1902. Philip  (Sue Milster, 31 Oct. 1859 and married Edward "Red Ed" Kimmel, Lucy's 1st cousin. . Ed was the son of Philip and Eliza Schwartz Kimmel...Eliza being Lucy's aunt. Ed, through his father's side, was the grandson of Henry Kimmel who took as his second wife, Rebecca Kirksey Reno who was Lucy's grandmother. It gets even more twisted! Lucy's great grandmother, Catherine Kimmel Schwartz, was a first cousin once removed to Henry Kimmel. So actually Ed is related to Lucy through both sides of his family. There are several Schwartz/Kimmel marriages throughout the generations.-gp)

Katie Casleton got a girl Jan, 1902. Mildred. (Cathryn Saul ...wife of Frederick Casleton who was the brother of Everett, Lucy's husband-gp)

George Sterns got a boy Jan 28, 1902.

Dan Hammons had a girl June 26, 1902 ( Eva writes the name but it is illegible-looks like Jilny ? gp )

Everett left for Tennessee Monday evening, Dec 30, 1900

A Happy New Year.

Wednesday Jan. 1, 1902

Grandpa Casletons Sep 10 1903...was 64 yrs. Born 1839.

Dec. 30 1901. Mrs. Angie Falkner died. Buried at Evvington Jan. 1, 1902.

Amy Pittman died Jun 21, 1902. Tues. Buried Jan 23, 1902. Mishap.

Pheobia (Theobia ?) Gray brother of Amy died just a week after...Jan. 26, 1902. Saturday evening 9 o'clock. Buried Mon. 28. Pneumonia.

Sidney Glassey, John's wife, died Feb 26, 1902. Left a baby about 2 months old. Had pneumonia. Kimmel G Miles Leek taken the small pox Feb 26 1902.

Daniel Leek died Sat. March 1, 1902. Buried Sunday 2.

Lora Bell Kimmel, Mattie's little girl, died March 6, 1902. Quarter till 4 p.m. 1 yr. 3 mo. 11 days.  (daughter of Lucy's sister Mattie and W. D. Kimmel, b. 23 Nov. 1900-gp)

Sam & Dollie had a girl (Sam Schwartz and wife Dollie Crews- gp) had a girl born to them March 14, 1902..Gladys

(Gladys committed suicide later in life after a failed marriage-the story as told by my grandmother was that Gladys won a local beauty pageant and as a result, somehow ended up in Chicago...maybe a prize or to model...she wasn't sure. While there, Gladys met and married a man but soon returned home broken-hearted. She would sit for hours, just staring then suddenly jump up, screaming, run to the kitchen, get a knife and try to kill herself. She was usually stopped by someone but she finally succeeded in taking her life.- gp)

George and Lucy Kopp had a girl June 2, 1902.  11th of June, Kopp's baby died. 1902.

Pearl Glotfelty and Earl Imhoff was married Aug. 17, 1902 Has a girl Aug. 1 mo in Sep 1. (don't quite understand what she's saying- I think she's hinting that there wasn't a full nine months between marriage and baby. gp)

Mattie died on Ma's birthday. Sep 28, 1902. Sunday. Had dropsy. Had large funeral, buried on Monday. Had nice casket, buried her in black. 39 years old. Died on Sam's wedding day.  (This is Lucy's sister, Mattie. She died on her mother's 65th birthday. Sam is their brother.-gp)

Addie Glotfelty and Thompson were married Aug. 24, 1902.  Later to Frank Imhoff.

Mollies baby boy was born Oct. 16, 1902. Georgie. (Her sister, Mollie Schwartz Casleton-gp)

Minnie and Eph Crews had a girl, Oct 24, 1902.

Charlie Schwartz died Oct. 26, 1902. at Los Angeles, Cal. They embalmed him and sent him home for burial.

(I have not been able to learn how Charlie Schwartz is related to Lucy, if at all. There were two Schwartz families in Elkville with no obvious connections. I corresponded with a James Turnage of Florida, who is descended from the "other" family. He traces his line back to an Andreas Schwartz, b. 1727 in Germany. Andreas lived in York Co., PA. Our line traces back beyond a Johann George Schwartz who was born in Neckargemund, Germany in 1720. Johann George settled in Lancaster Co., PA which is adjacent to York Co. That their ages are close, that they settled in adjacent counties and that descendants of these two men should wind up 3 or 4 generations latter in the same little Illinois town would indicate to me there might be some connection...perhaps Andreas and George were brothers. I am still working at proving or disproving this theory. -gp)

Elmer Bateau had a boy Nov 6, 1902.

Ed Aken and Hannah had a boy, Nov. 13, 1902...Raleigh.

Allie Crews & Gus Burbank was married Dec. 14, 1902.

Bill & Em Dowell had a girl, Jan 4, 1903...12 lbs. Rose.

Sally Walker had a girl Jan 1903. 11 1/2 lbs. Flora

Edna Copland had twin girls Jan 13, 1903. Lois - Irene   (This is Edna Schwartz, wife of Niece Copeland, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz, and a first cousin to Lucy. She is a sister to Ina Coxen mentioned on page 15.-gp)

Allie Linder had a boy Jan 15, 1903. William Watson

Ivy Burbanks had a boy Jan 20, 1903

Francis Davis Brown had a boy Feb 9, 1903.

Mrs. George Gile had twin girls July 18, 1903. Sat evening. 7 lbs. a piece. Viola & Leola.

Edna Casleton had a girl Sep 12 1903. Ida Moreen (Edna Snider, 2nd wife of Sam Casleton-gp)

Alice Casleton...oct 28, 1903...Jennie Marie.  (Alice Burbank Casleton, wife of Edward Casleton, brother of Everett-gp)

Guy Burbank has another boy Jan. 16, 1904...Niley  (Burbank boy name is Wiley -- MB)

Arthur Keith has a boy Jan 16, 1904.

Willie Eaton has a boy Jan 1904...Hesten.  (Eaton boy's name: Hester --MB)

Tom Bowlin has twin boys, Jan 16, 1904, 1 died.

25 of Feb 1903 Everett started for Murphysboro to go to work as fireman of the MO Railroad. Mobile & Ohio. Run Mur-Cairo-Mur- East St. Louis. 7903. went back from a visit 28 of March.

Changed sisters Floy in shirt dress March 27, 1903...7 mo. old 2 of April.

Bill and Ned started to Pekin 27 of March 1903.

Bob Heiple & Jessie Williams was married May 3, 1903. Married 15 years, then a baby.

Donahue & Josie Rinehaus was married Mar 12 1903. March 1904 had a boy, Charlie.

Esquire McElvain & Ona McQueen was married Sep. 9, 1903.

Boyd Piper & Mollie Burbank were married Nov. 12, 1903.

Tom Horn & Elsey Glassey..Nov. 14 1903. Married.

John Glassey & Ida Kelley Nov. 21, 1903 married at Marion Kelley's Saturday 6 o'clock in evening.

Bell & Ben Perrish had a boy, Feb 1, 1904

Ed Akins boy died March 23 1904...16 mo. old.

Ed Eubanks little 4 yr old girl died March 19, 1904 with diphtheria.

Ina Coxen had another boy March 24, 1904 at Centralia. Roy.  (Ina Schwartz., wife of John Coxen, dau. of Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz., first cousin to Lucy-gp)

John Deakenhart & Hattie Janio (last name is hard to read, may be wrong- gp) married Sep. 1903..  (John Degenhardt and Hattie Davis married 1903 --MB)

Julia Rude Waring had a boy July 1904.

Ella King and Joie Bastian July 13, 1904 were married.

Mrs. Abb Walters died 21 of July 1904. Blacklock.

and one of Tom Bolins twins July 21 1904 died.

Maggie Cox Scott or Reese has twins, May or June 1904.  (Maggie Cox married Scott Reese--MB)

John & Ida Glassey had a boy dead born July 29, 1904.

John & Hattie Deakenhart had a girl Aug. 7, 1904. Married in Sep. Lucile.

Katie Casleton had a girl Monday morning quarter till 4 o'clock. 23 of May 1904 Irene.  (Cathryn Saul Casleton, wife of Frederick who was Everett's brother- gp)

Mrs. Miles Leek had a girl 24 of May 1904.

Mrs. Houston had a boy 24 of May 1904.

Emma Schwartz & John had a boy May 28, Saturday evening, 1904.  (His name was Herbert Edward and he died at about 5 mo of age of pneumonia. John was Lucy's younger brother. John and Emma were my great grandparents. My grandmother, Ruth Schwartz  told us she was sick with pneumonia herself when her baby brother died and couldn't attend his funeral. Her aunt Annie Tanner Dowell stayed with her at home. Mother still has the little blue calico dress that belonged to little, Herbie.- gp)

Bob & Nellie Kimmel had a boy May 29, 1904 Sunday morning. Ross.

Pa died June 18, 1904 Saturday evening 3-17. 76 yr. old. Born April 10 1828 - been dead 28 years in 1932.  (This would be Edward Schwartz II. Lucy seems to have gone back to original entry and added that he'd been dead 28 years.-gp)

Em Dowell had her third boy June 22, 1904, Wed morning. Hugh.

Ethel Howell had a girl June 10, 1904. Margrett.

Elyda Jenkins Loran King were married June 23, 1904 Thursday evening at 7 o'clock.

Bessie Glofelty & Shannon were married Aug 21, 1904.

Fred Stansel got killed by freight train at five o'clock over by Depot. Sept. 5, 1904. He was drunk.

Elmer & Lizzie Bateau had girl Sep 6, 1904.

Willie Rhineheimer had a boy Sep. 10, 1904.

Charlie & Queenie had a baby Sep. 16 1904.

Hazel Kay, our daughter was born Sep 8, 1904 at eleven o'clock Thursday before noon.

Elsey Glassey Horn had a girl Oct 16 1904.

Minnie Stokes Doer had a boy Oct. 23, 1904. Fred Doer.

Sam Schwartz had a boy Nov. 6, 1904. Edward Samuel born & died in Marion. Buried at the Kimmel Graveyard..Mon 7th, 1904. (Sam of Lucy-gp)

Bert Strutt little girl died March 17, 1905.

Neely & Laura Hursh had a girl March 24, 1905.  (Neely & Laura Hurst--MB)

Louie Pittman and McDonald got married Nov 3, 1904 DuQuoin.

John's baby died Nov. 17, 1904 Herbert Edwin (his sister, Ruth Schwartz said his name was Herbert Edward-Ruth said she could not attend the funeral as she was also ill with pneumonia...her aunt Annie Tanner Dowell stayed with her-gp) 5 months old.

Alph Glassey had a girl Nov. 17, 1904.

Mollie had a girl Dec. 1, 1904. Olive   (Mollie is Mary Joanna Schwartz Casleton- Eva Lucy's sister- gp)

Lucy Dennis had a girl, Dec.7 1904.

George and Ewana Denis had a girl baby born Dec. 13, 1904.

Guy Myers & Stella Heiple was married Dec 15, 1904.

Duff Hartwell & Fannie Schwartz was married Dec. 22, 1904.

Lida Jenkins King had a girl Feb 18, 1905 Dorthy.

Ada Moore & Alonzo Medich (can't decipher last name- gp) was married March 15, 1905

George Casleton Jr. R___ C died Feb 18, 1905.

Jessie Stansel & Edna Lasler were married March 26, 1905.

Francis Davis Brown had another boy March 28,1905. Tues night.

Dexter Porter and Mece Moore married May 13, 1905.

Oscar Dennis had a girl April 1905.

Guy and Ella Burbank had a girl, June 23 Sat. 1905. Mary.

Lou Cook had a girl June 10, 1905

Clara Cook had a girl July 25, 1905. Julia

Alice Casleton had a girl July 26, 1905, Myrtle.  (Alice Burbank, wife of Edward Casleton, Everett's brother-gp)

George & Lucy Kopp had a boy Aug 3, 1905 Howard

Mary Swane had twins, girl and a boy, Aug. 11, 1905

Mrs. Thompson station agent at Valley had a girl, June 1905.

John Smith had a girl, Aug 27, 1905.

Bill Harris & Jennie had a girl, Aug. 1905.

Frank Brown had a boy, 12 lbs., Sept 5, 1905.

Will Walker had a girl Sep 10, 1905 Toodie Vena.

Ethel Aken Howell had a girl, Sep 11 1905

Logan Leek had a girl 11 1905 Sep.

Bob Kimmel had a boy Sep 13, 1905, Ross.

Add Snider had a girl Sep 16, 1905. Lucile

Eph and Flora Kimmel had a boy Sep 23, 1905. Lawrence

Guy and Stella Myers Heiple use to be has a girl born Oct 14 1905 - Irene

Mrs. Teabean had a girl Nov. 1905 - L_____.   (Linna? - can't decipher- gp) (Teabeau girl was LAVINA--MB)

Abraham Kimmel & Mrs. Perry was married Nov. 9, 1905.

Maud Alice Sears, the Christian preacher's wife, died Sep. 9, 1905. Her funeral was preached at the Christian Church at 2:30 o'clock & taken to her old home on 6 o'clock train 10th, 1905. Crawford was her maiden name.

Eva McCuen Edwards died Oct 25 buried at Kimmel Graveyard Oct. 27, 1905. Large funeral at Christian Church, died at Anna where she was operated on. Had three sisters, Oma McCuen (McQueen?) McElvain, Janine (?) McCuen and a younger sister and father, step mother.

Joe Reese and Pearl Brown was married Nov. 12, 1905. Sunday.  ("Joe" Reese is GOE, like "go"...must be short for something--MB)

Nona Crews died at Denver Colorado with Roses (Ross?) her brother Nov 15, 1905. Had her embalmed and brought here for burial. had large funeral Nov 25, 1905. Buried her at the Central Church.

Noah Insurance man has a girl, 7 1/2 lbs. Sat, Sep 2, 1922

Everett went to work at Johnson City, Sep 18, 1905

Malcrum Downs and Daisy Pittman was married Dec 10. 1905.

Maud Burroughs & Billy Armstong married Oct 8, 1905.

Rees Williams & Janine Lee was married Dec 25, 1905.  (Reece Williams' wife was FANNIE --MB)

Fred Pittman and Georgia Medditt was married Jun 12, 1906.  (MEDDITT: That name is misspelled always. I know it has a "y" in it, like Midyett or close. No wonder she couldn't spell it --MB)

Ada Kimmel had another boy Jan 13, 1906. Clyde.  (Ada Schwartz, wife of Edward "Possum Ed" Kimmel. She was the daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz and thus is Lucy's first cousin. -gp)

Brother Joe was married to Lizzie Heapes, Jan 25, 1906 (this would be Josiah Schwartz. Although he was christened as Josiah, he later became known as Joseph Schwartz. His mother, Emeline Reno Schwartz King, even mentions in her will that Josiah and Joseph are one and the same person. - gp)

Alonzo Medditt & Ada had a girl 11 lbs. Feb 19, 1906.

Ed Eubanks had twin boys Jun 4, 1906. Ed & Charlie. Monday morning, 10 - 9 1/2 lb..

Sallie Walker had a boy June (page torn- gp) 1906, Robert.

May 14, Selethia Schwiehoff (can't be sure but looks like it- gp) left here 1906 for home.

Mollie Burbank Pipher had a boy 11 of May, 1906.  (Mollie Burbank PIPER --MB)

Annie Glotfelty Burbank had a boy 16 1906 May.

Alph Glassey & Hetta Heapes married May 30, 1906.

Dan T___ker & Nanine Dixon married May 31, 1906.  (Dan Tucker & Nannie Dixon -MB)

Ada Teabean & Fred Craig from DeSoto got married May 2, 1906.  (Teabeau-MB)

May Glotfelty had a baby June 1906.

22 of July 1906 Lydia Jenkins King had another girl.

Annie & Ervin Robinson had twin girls Sep 2, 1906.

Daisy Pittman Downs had a girl, Sep 28,1906.

Pheobie Cook had a boy Sep 25, 1906. Tuesday night.

Hattie Dekenhart had a boy 11 oct 1906.. Joe.  (Degenhardt -- MB)

Addie Leming went to Tennessee July 1, 1907.  (Addie Leming is the daughter of Ella Schwartz and William Leming. She is Lucy's niece.-gp)

Grace Crews and Julius Bechtlofft were married Nov. 6, 1907.

Marian Kelley & Della Glassey was married Mar 10, 1908. 49 - 25 years old.  (I guess she thought this was a bit scandalous- gp)

There were about 3 pages of butter and egg prices here...There is no explanation whether this is what she sold and recorded her earnings or if this is what she paid...I believe the former. I did not transcribe these pages. -gp

Lucile Crews & Cecil Brayshaw were married Mar 22, 1923.

Mrs. Jenkins died March 7, 1923 in Los Angeles, Cal.

Eva & Vern Baird had a boy Mar 14, 1923. Verus.  (Eva & Vern Baird's son was Vern Eli --MB)

Alice Kimmel, Eddie's wife, DuQuoin. Died May 8, 1923.   (This is Alifair Onstott Kimmel. She married Ed Kimmel, son of Joseph and Isabella Schwartz Kimmel. Ed was orphaned at a young age and raised by his grandma, Sarah Pyle Schwartz but moved to DuQuoin at manhood. Ed is found on the 1860 census living at the farm of his bachelor uncle Edward, II. He is mentioned frequently in the diaries of Edward Schwartz, II. The Onstott family, of DuQuoin, I understand were merchants.. -gp)

Heber Craig and Ethel Davis was married June 11, 1923.

Oran Cook & Hazel Gray was married, June, 1923.

Mrs. Leehy and Gardner was married June 22, 1923.

Ma & I went to Chester on excursion July 25, 1906. Went to Uncle John's for dinner. Went to penitentiary and asylum after dinner. There was a Negro prisoner escaped but the caught him again.

(Uncle John would be John Wesley Reno, brother of Emeline Reno Schwartz. He was a prominent businessman of Chester, IL. The Reno family settled in Chester about 1840 . Father, Eli Reno, was born in Allegheny Co., PA. in 1793. Rebecca Kirksey, their mother, was from North Carolina. Eli and Rebecca met in Tennessee. They came from Rhea Co. Tennessee, where the 3 oldest children were born, into Hamilton Co. IL. about 1830. The younger children, including John and Lucy's mother, Emeline, were born in Hamilton Co. Eli died of cholera in 1850. His widow married Henry Kimmel of Elkville in 1855 and moved there with her 3 youngest children, Emeline, Rebecca and William. Emeline married Edward Schwartz, II in August of 1860. Rebecca m. Freeman King and William died while still a young man. - gp).

Sam Graffs barn was struck by lightning Sep 8, burnt up. 11 head of horses burned, _____ buggy wagon, binder, and 400 bu of wheat & that much corn. ( 1906 - gp)

Rosie (?) Wheatley & Marvin Walters married 11 of Oct, 1906.  (ROXIE Wheatley --MB)

Leonard Walter had a boy, Nov. 1906.

Pearl Brown Reese had a girl 19 1906 Nov. Ruth.

Queenie Holmes had a girl Nov. 1906 - Irene.

John & Lettie Griffin had a boy April 7, 1907. Cecil.

Violia & Willie Eaton had a boy Feb. 1907. Hesten Eaton.  (HESTER Eaton -MB)

Bessie Casleton & Willy Ornhoff (?-gp) (Wiley Imhoff is correct-MB) was married Aug. 30, 1906. Thursday. Had dinner at the home at 12 o'clock. Got lots of presents got silver lamp from E. Kimmel family. Silver knives & forks from Fred and Katie Casleton. Silver teaspoons from Delia Thompson & husband. I have her a chocolate pot and towel. Claude a mop stick, Grandpa $50.00 check, Grandma a water pitcher and numerous other things.

Burglars broke into Floyd's bank at Vergennes Oct. 21. 1906 Sunday night and used dynamite for explosion. Abe Kimmel heard the report it being so close to his residence. He got up and went up the street in his night clothes and one of the gang shot through him through the abdomen. That was at 2 o'clock in the night. He lived till 12 o'clock the next night and died. He married Mrs. Perry the last time. She is left another widow.

(Jackson Co. cemetery records show Abe as dying the 29th of October...Lucy says 22nd. 37 y, 3 m and 26 d old. I haven't been able to place this Abraham into the known Kimmels although surely he is related. b. c. 1869. gp)

The children, William. Floy & Hazel had the measles July 1907. Whooping cough 1905. Barney had measles 1919.  (These are Lucy's children-gp)

Aunt Becca died with heart trouble. Found dead in bed- Sunday morning Nov 30, 1906. A mouse gnawed the wart off her nose when she lay a corpse.

(This would be Rebecca Reno King - sister of Emeline Reno Schwartz-. Her widower, Freeman King would later marry Emeline after the death of Edward Schwartz. In Freeman King's will, he relinquished his right, as husband, to the estate of Emeline Reno Schwartz King, as if he were never married to her, wanting it to go to her children. - gp)

Aunt Eliza Kimmel died. Dec 12, 1906. Pa's sister.   (Eliza Schwartz, daughter of Edward and Sarah Pyle Schwartz, married to Philip Kimmel, a son of Henry Kimmel -gp)

Ella Leming died Dec. 13 1906. Had a double funeral Aunt Eliza and Ella both at the Christian Chruch the same hour between 1-2 o'clock, Friday, 14th. 1906.  ( Ella was the oldest sister of Lucy Schwartz Casleton- gp)

Mollie had another boy, April 27. 1907. Teddy Roosevelt.  (Mollie Schwartz Casleton, wife of George, daughter of Edward and Emeline Schwartz-gp)

Squire McElvain had a boy July 29, 1907.

Lizzie and Joe Schwartz had a boy Aug. 11, 1907. Edward.  (Lizzie Heapes Schwartz, m. to Josiah "Joseph", brother of Eva Lucy. This son, Edward, III, died in Sparta, IL in 1992. His son, Edward IV, still lived there as of 1994.-gp)

Oscar Dennis had a girl, Aug. 11, 1907.

Nellie & Bob Kimmel had a girl, 13 of Aug 1907. Sarah.

Oscar Drydens had twins, a boy & girl Aug. 13, 1907. 7 1/2 and 8 lb.

Nellie Schwartz died, May 21, 1907.

Porter Clement & Lolla Fox was married Sep 29, 1923.

Will Boone & Julia Davis married May 22, 1907.

Maud Huston & Marion Varnum (?) married July 2, 1907.

Ben Rees & Sarah had a boy Aug. 14, 1907. 4 lbs.

Alonzo & Ada Medditt had a boy Aug. 1907.

Marvin and Roxie Walters had a baby Aug. 1907.

Dan Boss (?) & Josie Dauhoo married Aug 31, 1907  (Dan BOST...don't know his wife's name --MB)

Julia Gray & John Pittman married Sep. 25, 1907, Wednesday.

Ruie Swane & Eli Harris married Oct. 6, 1907.

Rollie Aken & Annie Heiple were married Dec. 24, 1907.

Julia Pittman had a boy, July 1908.

Dec. 27, 1907 brought Louise Hitman (?) Lavingood home a corpse from Arizona, had funeral at Christian Church, had a small baby 7 weeks old.

Walter Casleton married July 1907. Lost his wife Feb. 1908. Had an operation performed on her. Cost him $200.00 dollars and burying expenses $150.00. Buried her in Peoria. Walter was here in Feb. 26, 1903.  (Walter was the brother of Everett Casleton, b. 2 Feb 1880-gp)

Hattie Deckenhart had another boy Feb 1908. Jerome.

Grace Wilson had a girl Feb. 1908.

Mollie's little Teddy died, March 9, 1908. George ( meaning, I presume, George Casleton, the boy's father- gp).

Josie & Dan Bort (?) had a boy March 7, 1908.  (Jose & Dan Bost --MB)

Uncle Sam Schwartz barn burnt last night. Burned 2 horses and 1 mule, March 12, 1908.   (Uncle Sam was the son of George Schwartz and Sarah Pyle. Sam was a half brother to Lucy's father, Edward, sharing the same mother. However, their father's were brothers so I guess they are cousins, too!- gp)

Old Lady Eubanks died March 1908.

Sunday April 22, 1908. Elsworth Lipe died. Had funeral preached at house. Buried at the Kimmel grave.

Swans lost the 7 mo. old baby April 26, 1908...twin to Bill Swan.

Mr. Teabean died April, 1908.  (Mr. TEABEAU -- MB)

Leo Swan & Mary O'Brian married May 11, 1908.

Everett Down & Beulah Swane married May 1908.  (Everett Downs & B. Swain --MB)

Dellmar Porter & Clara Casleton married May 30, 1908.   (Cemetery records show Mr. Porter's name as Delbert. Clara is the daughter of Mollie and George Casleton- gp)

Bessie Casleton Imhoff had a boy baby July 25, 1908. Lawrence Edward.  (Bess is Elizabeth Laura Casleton, sister of Everett. She was b. 21 Oct 1888 and was married to Wiley Imhoff-gp)

Lizzie Ervin had a boy, July 1908...Noah.  ( Lizzie Irvin had a boy...Noel --MB)

Queen Holmes had another kid, July 1908. Opal, girl.

Viola and Willie Eaton another baby July 4, 1908. Thelma.

2 Glotfelty girls married July 1908. Mary & Hattie. Hattie Perry and Mary Cochran.

Roxie Wheatley Walters has baby born Aug. 9,1908.

Maud Huston Varnum had a boy Aug. 16, 1908. Clifford Herman.

Grace Crews Bechtlofft had a girl Sep 8, 1908, Thelma.

Rollie Aken & Annie had a boy born Oct. 26, 1908 . Carol  (R. & Anna Aken had a boy...Carl...not Carol. --MB)

Lucy Kimmel & Ed Rhineheimer were married Oct. 28, 1908 at Murphysboro. (Lucy Kimmel is the daughter of Lucy's sister Mattie and William D. Kimmel-gp)

Frank Griffin lost the little girl, croup. Oct. 29, 1908.

Elsey Akdins and Will Burns married in June 1909. Had a girl Jan. 1910, Rubie. (I get a charge how she always notes if a baby arrives in less than 9 months!-gp)

Nora Swan & Roy Giffin (Griffin ?) married May 12, 1909.  (Giffin is correct -- MB)

Chester Schwartz to Dora Reitz married June 5, 1907.   (Chester is the son of Uncle Sam Schwartz- this is his first marriage - gp)

Our old house on the farm burned to the ground Dec. 18, 1908.   (The "new" farmhouse was built in 1870...the account of it's construction is written in the 1870 diary of Lucy's father, Edward Schwartz, II - gp)

Della Glassey Kelley had a boy Feb. 1909.

Mrs. Harry Zimmerman had a girl Feb. 8, 1909.

Beulah Swane Downs had a girl Feb. 9, 1909.

Lettie Griffin had a boy 12 of FEb. 1909. Ardell.

Born unto us a little boy, Feb. 16, 1909 Barney Schwartz   (This is Lucy's son, Barney Schwartz Casleton -gp).

Clara Casleton Porter had a boy, Feb. 26, 1909. Howard.  (Clara Belle Casleton was the daughter of George and Mollie Schwartz Casleton. She was b. 23 Feb. 1890, m. Delbert Porter on 30 May 1908 and d. on 20 Nov. 1970.-gp).

Julia Boone had a boy Feb 28, 1909. William Jefferson Boone.

Melie King had a boy June 9, 1909.

Dora Smith & Fred Woods married June 29, 1909.

Addie Leming & Ernie Graeff married June 30, 1909.  (Addie Leming is the daughter of William and Ella Schwartz Leming. Ella is Lucy's oldest sister-gp)

Eva Thorpe Casell had a girl July 30, 1909. Erline.

Katie Casleton had a boy Aug. 4, 1909, Saul.   (Katie was Cathryn Saul, married to Fred Casleton-gp)

Lucy Kimmel had a girl, Rhineheimer. Pansy Vivian, July 23, 1909.  (Lucy Kimmel is the daughter of William D. and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel. Mattie is Lucy's sister-gp)

Harry Kopp & Lucy Heipes (Heapes or Heiple?) married Sep 29, 1909.  (Henry Kopp & Lucy Heape. Lucy was a sister to Joe's Lizzie-MB)

(NOTE: She [Lucy] was always counting! And everybody in Elkville knew it, but they didn't know she was WRITING IT DOWN!!! Ha Ha -MB)

King Reese got married Sep 1909, a girl in DuQuoin.

Mollie had a boy, 14 of Oct, 1909. Glen.  (Mollie Schwartz Casleton-gp)

Henry Cook got killed 21 oct 1909.

Leo Swan had a boy, Oct. 1909. Honness.  (Leo Swan's boy : Honus -- MB)

Pheobie Cook had a boy 25 of Oct 1909. 3 days after Henry was buried.

Joe & Lizzie Schwartz had a girl, May 4, 1910. Glena May Schwartz. (This is Lucy's youngest brother and wife Lizzie Heape. Glenna May Schwartz Williams still lives in Sparta, IL as of this writing- July 1994 -gp)

Bessie (Casleton) Imhoff had a girl, May 10,. 1910. Beulah Louisa.

Vernon Medditt and Drucie Robinson was married Jan. 1910.

Nell Kings lost their baby Jan 31, 1910. 7 mo. old, a little boy.

I have erysiplus again. Started in with it last Sunday 23 of January 1910. had it all over one side of my face.

Everett & Beulah Downs lost their baby Jan 1910, 22nd. lacked just a little being 1 year.

Tuesday Feb. 25, 1910 Mercy came to stay with us.  (Mercy Kimmel, dau. of her sister Mattie-gp)

Mollie, Chris, Ollive & Ed Leming went to Okahole (Oklahoma?) April 5, 1910 came back all but Chris April 28, 1910.  (Mollie, etc. all went to Oklahoma. Clara's husband, Delbert Porter has/had a brother out there and I believe they lived out there too at one time.--MB)

Snowed April 23, 1910. Kill the most of the fruit.

Drucie & Tad Medditt had a boy May 15, 1910.

Louie Williams and a girl at Mounds married June 20, 1923.

21 of May 1911, Everett, Lucy (herself?), Eddie, Bill & Em Dowell, Elmer Thornton, Lou Reese left for Wyoming to stay ten months and sink a mine. All Dowells also.

Minnie Smith had a girl Oct. 2, 1911, Erline.

Julia Boone had a girl, Oct. 5, 1911. Wineford.  (Julia Boone had Winifred-MB)

Grace Green had a boy, Oct. 5, 1911.

Walter is here for a few days, Oct. 30, 1911.   (Walter is Everett's brother, sons of Christopher and Louisa Davis Casleton - gp)

Lesely Kimmel has a boy, Nov 12, 1912. Bennett.  (Leslie Kimmel is the son of Ada Schwartz and "Possum Ed" Kimmel. Ada is the dau. of Lucy's Uncle Josiah and Elizabeth Waters Schwartz. Leslie's wife was May Bennett, thus the name of Bennett for their son. -gp)

Ella Bastien had a boy Nov. 1912, died.

Em Casleton left for Elgin. Nov, 12, 1912.   (Em is Emaline Pearl Casleton, Lucy's daughter, b. 2 Dec 1893, m. to James Keith on 22 Dec 1916, and died 7 Sep 1931.-gp)

Alice Burns & Charlie Swan was married Nov. 24, 1912 at Nora Giffins. Had a wedding.  (Nora Giffin was sister to Charlie Swan --MB)

Maud Davis & George Ingram got married Dec. 3, 1912.

King Reese & Dora Shaw were married Dec 2, 1912.  (Kurg or Kirg Reese...must be short for something --MB)

Brother John died Dec. 7, 1912 He got his finger mashed in the mine and then had to have it cut off. He took lockjaw & blood poisoning and died. He hated to die so bad. He said he would be a better man if he got well. I didn't go to the funeral. I went to the house.   (This was my great grandfather, John Walter Schwartz....Lucy's brother. He left two young children, Mabel and Ruth, and his wife, Emma Tanner Schwartz.. He was only 35 years old when he died.- gp)

Joe & Lizzie has a boy, June 7, 1913. Otis.   (This is Lucy's brother Josiah "Joe" Schwartz and his wife, Lizzie Heape.-gp)

Pearl & Joe Reese has a boy June 2, 1913. Carl. (Pearl & GOE Reese --MB)

Jiles Bursis & Pearl Burnett were married 8 of June 1913. (GILES BURNS & Pearl B. --MB)

Bessie Perrish & Stewart were married June 1913.

Gus Nausley & Perry girl were married June 12, 1913.

Gus Nausley has a baby Dec. 1913.

Otto Graeff married Monday Dec. 8 1913. Edna Porter, Ike's girl.

Foster girl had her baby Dec. 1913.

Loren & Mercy went to housekeeping Dec. 12, 1913. (Loren Thornton and wife, Mercy Kimmel. Mercy was Lucy's niece, daughter of her sister Mattie Schwartz and William D. "Bill" Kimmel-gp)

May 4 1914, Susan Wheatley died at Carbondale Hospital of gall stones.

Ed Casleton had a boy April 5, 1914. Herbert  (Ed Casleton is one of Everett's younger brothers. He was married to Alice Burbank on 27 July 1899-gp)

Mr. Montroy died Aug. 11, 1914. Mrs. Montroy is loosing her mind.   (Probably parents of Orminnie Montroy who was the 2nd wife of Chester Schwartz- Chester was the son of Samuel and Sarah Hackney Schwartz.-gp)

Sherman Heapes & Ruth Leffery were married Sep 29, 1914.  (Ruth LEFFLER --MB)

Charlie Holmes & Lizzie had a girl Sep 6, 1921.

Tom Callaghan was buried on 25 of Feb. 1914.

Dave Tucker died Friday 20 Feb. 1914.

Nell Kimmel had a girl, Feb, 24, 1914. Alma.

Mrs. Dr. Harrell had stroke, paralysis. Feb. 1914.

Irene Schwartz & Sam Patterson married April 12, 1914, Easter.  (Irene Schwartz as the daughter of....................

Alice Burnes Swan had boy May 4, 1914, Paul.

Mrs. John Ault died Aug. 17, 1914. left little boy & husband. Sister to Williams children. Brothers Rees, Louie, Harry. Carrie Griffin, Cora Addison, Lizzie Ervin & Eva in Nevada, MO.

Lyman Aiken got killed at 10 o'clock today. Aug. 21 1914 at Eaton Mine, DuQuoin riding trips. His sister Ethel got her leg broken a week ago. His mother is over there.

Mrs. McMahon was operated on at Effingham for gal stones. March 1922.

Elias Davis died Mar 17, 1923.

Fannie Williams baby died, Mar 17, 1922.

Henry Burbank died at 10 o'clock Sunday night Mar, 19, 1922.

Irene Holmes got married to Bishop at Dowell April 1922.

Johnnie Cook and Vern Sands married April 17, 1922.  (J. Cook & LAVERNE Sands --MB)

Ruth Davis Patrick had appendicitis Aug. 1921.

Ruth Davis & Patrick married May 2, 1915.

Bud Perrish and Alice Robinson married April 25, 1915.

Rollie Fox had a boy, Feb, 13, 1917.

Lizzie & Joe (Schwartz) had a boy Jan. 16, 1917. the last baby died.  (Lucy's brother and wife Lizzie Heape...........................

Chris and Madge has a girl, May 1920. Geniece.  (Chris is Chris Edward Casleton, son of George and Molly Schwartz Casleton. Madge's maiden name was Thomas. Geniece's brother, George Allen Casleton lives in Sullivan, IL as of this writing, July 1944-gp)

Mabel Kimmel has a boy, Aug. 1920.

Ella Lee Burbank died Nov. 11, 1917 Sunday Morning. cancer in stomach, 39 years, 7 mo.

Orlie Adkins Graeff had girl 29 Oct. 1917.  (ORBIE Adkins Graeff...--MB)

Ray Plummer & Bernadena McCurdy married Nov. 19, 1917.

Em Schwartz Kimmel died this morning, 5 o'clock 21 of Feb. 1918.  (This was my great-grandmother, Emma Tanner Schwartz Kimmel. After her husband John Schwartz died of tetanus [1912], she married his sister Mattie's widower, William "Bill" Kimmel [1915]. Emma was the daughter of John Uriah and Cynthia Clemetine Tanner of DeSoto. Emma died of a heart condition-gp)

Mr. Will McCoy died this morning, 8 o'clock, 21 of Feb, 1918.

Clara Porter had a Valentine boy, Feb. 14 1918. Loyd.  (Clara Belle Casleton, wife of Delbert Porter. Clara Belle was the daughter of Lucy-gp)

Julia Pittman had a girl, Feb. 20, 1918.

Lesley and May Kimmel has a girl, Feb, 1920.  (Leslie Kimmel, son of "Red Ed" and Sue Milster Kimmel, m. May Bennett- gp).

Clare Heiple Leffeny has a boy Dec. 3, 1920.  (Clara H. LEFFLER --MB)

Goldie Reese and Armesh (?) Crews was married June 26, 1920.  (ARMSTEAD Crews --MB)

Walter Casleton has a girl May 1920.  (Walter Casleton was the son of Christopher and Louisa Davis to Everett. -gp)

Carol Osmon & Bess Reese married July 3, 1920.

Aunt Bess Elizabeth Schwartz died Feb. 28. 1923.  (Maiden aunt of Lucy...sister of her father Edward Schwartz. Bess and her bachelor brother, Hiram, shared a home -gp)

Claude Casleton married Roberta Hazel Boggess Sep 1, 1921. Claude 28 in Aug 27 and Hazel 20 the 29th of Aug, 1921. Married here at home by Methodist preacher Jackson. Ada & Pete bridesmaid & groomsman.  (Claude is Lucy's oldest son. Ada is her daughter and Pete is her husband, Pete Bechtlofft-gp)

Frank Cox and Ruth Thurman was married Nov. 1921.

Mrs. Logan Leek died Dec. 30, 1921. Buried here.

Mrs. Cuttler Ollie Giffin died March 21, 1 o'clock after midnight.

Mother Emeline Schwartz King died May 15 1922 at Oraville, ILL Monday 84 years old, 7 mo, 17 days. (This, of course, is Lucy's mother -gp)

Uncle Sam Schwartz died May 12, 1922 of Friday. 75 years old 17 days, (Lucy's uncle Sam was the half brother of her father, Edward Schwartz, II. Sam was the son of George and Sarah Pyle and Edward II was the son of Edward, I and Sarah Pyle. Sam was married to Sarah Hackney.-gp)

John Lehi died May 10, 1922. Myrtle Foster was his wife. 3 children 6- 3 mo- 7 years, Step daughter 10 years.

Mark Ford got both legs cut off and mashed. Died April 14, 1923 He was 44 years old.

Pearl Reese had a boy Nov. 22, 1920. Second son.

Ruth Patrick a boy born Nov. 23, 1920.

George Wilson died Feb. 9, 1921. Taken him away for burial. Ruth & Cecilia's father.

Elsey Burns had twin girls, Dorthy & Doris, Jan 21, 1921.

Mildrid Reed had a girl Feb, 12, 1921. Margrett. Lived in Addie house. Jerry Reed. Snowden was her maiden name.

Everett Giffin a boy, April 4, 1921.

May Liebel Stone a girl, April 18, 1921.

Mark Davis and Marie McNeal were married 20 of May 1921.

Mr. John Hudda got killed at Hallidayboro mine May 28, 1921. Buried May 31st Tue. Funeral Baptist Church played Band ..he was there drumming when living.

Heard about Mollie Ford. Dec. 27, 1921 had a kid.

Dorothy Bechtlofft start to walking. Sep 20, 1923...14 mo.

Drawed $42.30 on Uncle Hiram's estate. Feb. 29, 1924. May 5, 1924 drew $147.78. (Uncle Hiram never married...according to his diary, he decided while still a young man that a bachelor was happier than a married man. It would appear he left some of his estate to his nieces and nephews. -gp)

William sent Ada $20.00 for wedding present. Claude $20.00 for wedding present in Nov.

Barney $20.00 for clothes and myself $30.00.

In Nov. 1921 - Dec. $5.00, xmas $5.00, Mar 3rd, $26.00

Everett gave me $10.00 for xmas.

(William is Lucy's son, b. 1900. Ada is his younger sister, Claude his older brother, Barney is his younger brother.-gp)

Grove Robinson & Blanche LaDassee married July 6, 1922.

Irene Holmes Bishop & Simpson Bishop had a boy Aug. 1, 1922.

Pete & Ada's girl born July 30, 1922. 6 1/4 lbs.. Dorothy Lou.  (Ada is Lucy's daughter, Ada F. Casleton, b. 2 Sep 1902. Her husband is Pete Bechtlofft-gp)

Christine Bolen & Fred Tolawagon (?) married Sep. 30 1922.  (Christine BOURLAND & Fred FLANNIGAN -MB)

Tue. Campbell Harol Bolen Sep 28, 1922

Milford Harrell & Winifred Barron were married Oct. 21, 1922. at DuQuoin.

W. A. Carlock & Lulu Lofton were married Oct. 25, 1922. At Marion, has a boy Nov. 1923.

Allie Snider died Dec. 10, 1918.

Mrs. Serena Latey was buried Dec. 10, 1918. (Serena LATTY -- MB)

Ella Bastian died this morning, Dec.11, 1918..

Edith Bastian was buried Dec 10, 1918.

Claude was wounded Nov. 10, 1918. Gassed.   (Claude was Lucy's son-gp)

Walter & Lucy Davis had a boy, Dec, 3, 1918.

Donie Graeff Goslin had another boy Dec. 1919.  (Donie Graeff GOSNELL - MB)

Mrs. Edith Nisley Tow had a girl Dec. 1919.  (Edith WISELY Tow -- MB)

Mrs. Millie Cox Wamaster had a girl 3 days before Edith, Dec. 1919.

Hannah Aken had a boy. The third one Nov. 1919.

Julia Pittman a boy, Dec. 1919.

Alice Casleton a girl Nov 1919, Joanna.   (Alice Burbank, wife of Ed who was a brother to Everett C.-gp)

Jerry Reeds had a boy, June 1923.

Alice Landreth a baby, June 1923.

NOTE: You will notice that the dates jump backwards from 1923 to 1900. This happens frequently in Lucy's journals. I can't entirely explain why...whether she went back to add things years later, or filled in blank page...I just can't say. It does make following folks a little hard and you will read that Aunt Bess died then the next thing you know she's at some party! Oh, well.-gp

Had a dinner at Uncle Josiah's. They were married 36 years today. Nov 12, 1900.

There were 98 there- had everything to eat. Hiram & Elizabeth Schwartz (Lucy's bachelor Uncle and maiden aunt), ____ Sr., Laura & Lucille Wilson, Ed & Emeline Schwartz (Lucy's parents), Ella, Ada, Ed & Albert Leming (Ella Schwartz Leming and her 3 children) , Sue, Lesley, Roy, Rodger, Grace & Lillian Kimmel (Sue Milster Kimmel and her children, wife of "Red Ed" Kimmel), Mr. & Mrs. Herrell Heben. Lou Eva Milford. (Dr. & Mrs. Harrell, Heber, Loueva, & Milford --MB) Mr. & Mrs. Burbank, Annie & Malie, Alice Casleton & daughter Flossy (Alice Burbank Casleton, wife of Ed Casleton). Mrs. Burroughs & son Walter, Mr. & Mrs. George Curry, Bud Kimmels wife & daughter, Mr. Reed, Mr. Kern, Ed, Ada, Bertie, Alta & Dewey K. ("Possum Ed"Kimmel, wife Ada Schwartz and their children), Niece Edna & Ray Copeland (Cornelius Copeland, known as Niece, wife Edna Schwartz and their son, Ray), Eph, Flora, Pete, Jim & Lulu Kimmel (I have yet to figure how these Kimmels fit into the family!), Mr. & Mrs. Hays, William their son (John Dudley Hays and wife, Ellen Schwartz), Salley Schwartz (Sarah Kimmel Schwartz, widow of Lucy's Uncle William. She is the mother of Ellen Schwartz Hays), Eliza Gray, Philip, Annie, Julia Gussie Gray, Willy Lipe and Mrs. Lipe, Mollie Dillinger, Ruben Beasley & wife & daughter. Pate Shepard & wife & daughter, Arthur Keith & wife Bessie. Maggie Struth and daughter Lillie, Tom & Florence Redd. Mrs. Red & Sadie her daughter. Two young men I don't know, Mercy & Lucy Kimmel (daughters of William and Mattie Schwartz Kimmel) Belle Kimmel, Sr., Eliza Kimmel, Allie Kimmel, DuQuoin. Me and my two sons, Claude and Homer (William Homer), Ada Kimmel's hired girl, Ina and her daughter, Inez. (Ina Schwartz Coxen, daughter of Uncle Josiah and her daughter Inez Coxen) Josiah and Lizzie Schwartz (Lucy's brother and wife Lizzie Heape Schwartz).

Bell Rude Friedline died Nov. 24, 1920 of Spinal meningitis.

Lou Casleton has a girl Jan, 1921. Margie Louise.  (Molly's daughter..m. Tom Chambers-gp)

Lou Casleton Chambers baby girl died Feb. 1921.

Gus Gray and Emma McG _____ married March 2, 1921.

Pete Bechtlofft & Ada Casleton were married June 11, 1921. She was 18 years old. he 24 years. Married at DuQuoin at Catholic priest residence, supper at his home.   (Ada is Lucy's daughter-gp)

Scott Adkins & Hartman married June 19, 1921.  (BEULAH Hartman --MB)

Ruth Schwartz Plummer Driskell has a girl born July 7, 1921  ( Ruth was my grandmother. She was married briefly to Edly Plummer, ended in divorce with no children. She m. Garland Driskell of Hardinsburg, KY in 1920. The baby referred to is my mother, Virginia Louise Driskell, born in Owensboro, KY to Ruth and Garland. They were married for 40 years until his death in 1960. Ruth died in Sept. of 1989, at 90 y, 10m and 10 days.-gp)

Jack Bradley & Helen Rice were married April 28, 1923. Kansas City.

William went to enlist the second time for 3 years. Went to the Phillipine Islands.  (William Homer Casleton- Lucy's son-gp)

Irene Cunningham had a boy, born Sep 9, 1921, Claude Jr. name Tommie.  (Irene is the daughter of Niece and Edna Schwartz Copeland and is a first cousin, once removed to Lucy. Claude Jr. is the father, the baby is named Tommie- gp)

Harmon Crews & Lois Copeland married Feb. 7, 1921.  (Lois is the sister of Irene Schwartz Cunningham, another dau. of Niece and Edna Schwartz-gp)

Claude Cunningham & Irene Copeland Nov. 21, 1920. Election day President. (Wedding day for Irene and Claude-gp)

Ruie Harris had a girl Sep. 8, 1920. Dead.

Maud Kimmel Black had a boy Sep 1920 after baby was born. 5 lbs. he 1 1/2, Maud 3 1/2 for b___. ( have no idea what this means-gp.)

Rubie Swan Buckles had a girl , Sep. 1920.

Gilbert Martin and Alta Cox married Sep 4, 1920.

Ella Casleton & Noah Beever had a girl Nov. 1919, Nora Marie.  (Ella is the daughter of Molly and George Casleton. I believe as of this writing, July 1994, Marie still lives in DuQuoin -gp)

Aunt Salley Schwartz died Nov. 4, 1920 buried at Carbondale. Laura Wilson came.  (Salley is Sarah Kimmel Schwartz, daughter of Henry and Rosina Geeting Kimmel. She was the widow of William Schwartz, Lucy's uncle. Hers is just one of several Schwartz/Kimmel unions-gp)

Hazel (Caselton) was Queen of the Homecoming, Aug. 4 1923.

Olive Casleton  (the name Saul is above the karat) died April 24, 1900 Wed. died with measles. Buried at Centralia. Everett, Sam, George, Ed, Pap, and Mollie went from home. They paid $100.25 for her burial. They buried her in white, had a white casket, paid $25. for their livery rigs. Large crowd out. Bought flowers for her, $7.00 or $8.00 dollars worth. Earl will be 6 yrs. old in June and Clyde 3.

(Everett, Sam, George, and Ed were Olive's brothers. Pap was Chris Casleton, her father. Mollie is George's wife and Lucy's sister.-gp)

Hattie Jenkins Imhoff taken a girl Nov. 1914. Not hers, an adopted daughter.

Lucy Kopp Heapes had a boy, 12 1/2 lb. Milford. Feb. 24, 1915. 2 boys, second. (Lucy was a Heapes, married Henry Kopp...Lucy sort of has it backwards here -Lucy Heapes Kopp was the sister of Lizzie Heapes Schwartz who was married to Lucy Casleton's brother, Josiah gp)

Grandpa's golden wedding April 25, 1915. Had a big time. Over 90 ate dinner there.  (This refers to Christopher and Louisa "Toad" Davis. They were married on 25 Apr 1865 just one month after Chris returned from service in the Civil War. His return and wedding are noted in the diary of Hiram Schwartz, Lucy's bachelor uncle. -gp)

Sherman & Ruth Heapes had boy, May 4, 1915.

Powell (?) Bass born Sep 18, 1900.

Claude's girl was born May 24, 1923. Hilda Mae.  (Lucy's son...Claude. I guess this makes her a grandma!-gp)

Eva Leek & George Leek had a girl born unto them - Pearl - June 14, 1899.  (ERA Leek, everyone called her "Erie"--MB)

Uncle Philip Kimmel died June 15, 1899, Thursday. 70 some years old.  (This Philip Kimmel was married to Lucy's Aunt Eliza Schwartz. He was the son of Henry and Rosina Geeting Kimmel. He was b. 4 April 1827. He operated one of the first mills in the area...I believe it was a lumber mill-gp)

John Bechtlofft got drowned Sunday, June 25, 1899. Burried Tuesday June 27, '99. Large funeral procession all got wet at the graveyard. Drowned in Burroughs pond. Him, Chester Schwartz & Will Callighan went swimming.   (Chester Schwartz, c. 29 Jun 1883, was the son of Samuel and Sarah Hackney Schwartz-Sam is Lucy's uncle, a half brother to her father, Edward, II- gp)

Sam Schwartz has a baby boy born June 29, 1899. Lives in Centralia. Cecil.  (Sam is Lucy's brother, twin of John Schwartz, my great grandfather. The story here is that after Cecil's sister Gladys committed suicide, Cecil guarded the younger sister, Katherine, like a hawk...protecting her from being hurt by men. This nearly drove her insane and she spent time at the state hospital in Anna. In the summer of 1992, Mom & Dad visited the cemetery, her stone is there but no date of death is on the stone. She was born in 1914, I believe, so might possibly still be living. -gp)

Ed Casleton & Alice Burbank was married July 27, 1899 at Burbanks. ______ at Casleton's.  (Ed is Lucy's brother-in-law-gp)

Ollive's Clyde got hurt. Horse stepped on his face and cut a terrible gash taken three stitches in it. Kate was here too. Went home that night, Sunday. July 20, 1899.  (Olive Casleton Saul- Lucy's sister-in-law. Clyde is her youngest child. He is about 2 yrs old at this time-gp)

Sue Kimmel had a girl April 22 ,1900. Saturday. Lillian.   ( or 21st, written over and can't tell which she meant. This would be Sue Milster Kimmel, wife of "Red Ed" Kimmel.- gp)

Grover Robinson and Blanche had a girl, June 1923, 6 1/2 lb. June.

John Schwartz had a girl, Oct. 1898. Mabel.   (This is an error. Mabel Lillian was born in 1896, Ruth Marie, my grandma, was born Oct. 24, 1898. John was Lucy's brother, his wife was Emma Tanner.- gp)

Sam Casleton lost his baby boy Dec. 20 1898. born dead. Named W. Eugene. Vye is very bad off.   (Vye is Elvira Pyle Casleton...Lucy's grandmother was Sarah Pyle Schwartz, no doubt a relative but I've not yet be able to find the connection. -gp)

Don Stokes was buried the same day of Sam's baby funeral, Dec. 21, 1898.

Dec. 26, 1898. Elvira Pyle died, confined, lingered along a week, then died. The pall bearers was Patsey Callghan, George Dowell, Joe Powers, Italian George and a Dutchman V. Lip (?). They carried her from the house to the Christian Church . Born Aug. 26, 1872, 26 years old, 3 months. There was a large funeral procession. Died quarter after two Monday. There is left mother, father, three sisters & three brothers. Nettie, Glenn, Wesden, Walton, Blaine, Erma & Sallie Pyle.

Em Dowell boy was born April 18, 1899 at 11 o'clock Tuesday. Cecil.

had a log rolling at Uncle Ed Davis's 25th of April 1899 and danced that night. We went and Ed Walker & Will went in the wagon.

13 of May 1899 Pearl Heiple was married to Thomas Zimmerman. she was 18, he 23 yrs. old.

Old Mr Sod Snider is dead Fri Feb 4, 1898.

Ace Walkers house burned, Feb 3, 1898. Thursday.

Feb 20 Preacher Sharp from Carbondale has been holding a meeting for a couple of weeks. He has had 25 joiners. 1898.

Mr. McCracken- Bob Kimmel Baptized.

Hattie Jenkins - Ed Ekin

Lida Jenkins- Niece Copeland (Niece is Cornelius Copeland, m. Sarah Edna Schwartz)

Annie Heiple - Walter Casleton (Walter was Lucy's brother-in-law)

Della Glassey - Nausley

Mrs. Brown - George Glassey

Hanah Knouff - John Glassey

Mollie Schwartz - Nellie Robinson (Mollie is Lucy's sister)

___nnie Harris - Julia Robinson

William Hays - Mammie Callaghan (William Hays is son of John D. & Ellen Schwartz Hays)

Parzetta Kimmel

Baptized Tuesday 22.

Susie Bodiken after school

Lillie Boynton - Mrs. Gill

Mrs. Boynton - Mrs. Bodiken

Louie Davis - Vye Casleton (this is Elvira Pyle Casleton, same Elvira Pyle whose death she describes above...entry in journal is not in chronological order, apparently-gp)

John Coxen - Williams

Ina Coxen (Ina Schwartz, daughter of Uncle Josiah-gp) 41 joined.

Sam Schwartz, Jr. (Lucy's brother)

Ethel Akin.

Mr. Boynton joined last night 22, Pat Callaghan- Abraham Kimmel, Flora & Eph Kimmel, Glassey boy, Wheatley girl & Dillie Robinson was _____ all but her.

Mollie Ford -French Davis were married May 29, 1923.

John Snider moved in Ella's house May 22, 1899.

E_____Snider bought Ernie's place Nov. 1921.

Edna Tow had another boy, Sep 1933.

Paid $7.50 for a bicycle. Everet taken Ma to DuQuoin. $2.00 Making dress $1.50, $1.00 for Addie & Ella's dress, Ma got 1 doz. 7 eggs. 17 cts. 10 cts. medicine Ma was to pay me. (more but page too tattered to read- gp).

Thrashing machine: went to work at the Thrasher. Mon evening, 24 of July, 1893.

Redora (?) Dennis Scholott had boy Oct. 25, 1923. 6 lbs.  (Redora Challet is correct --MB)

Lorene McCabe was married to Fred Reis last Thursday Aug, 30, 1923

George Higgins had a boy Sep 3, 1923.

Mrs. Lasley died April 26,1923 buried at the Kimmel grave yard. 2 daughters left, Alice & Bertha. Two grandsons, Willie & Charlie Lasley of Centralia.

Edith Jorne (?) had a girl April 26, 1923. Dorothy.

Pearl and Bill Lipe a girl 3 of Aug. 1923. (looks like 3rd, can't be sure - gp)


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