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The following is a transcription of the diary of Edward Schwartz, II for the year 1870. I have tried to write it exactly as he did with minor differences, such as punctuation, in an effort to make his meaning more clear. I have added, in italics, some notes where I felt they might clarify or be of interest.

Edward Schwartz was born 10 April 1828 in Section 20 of Elk Township in Jackson Co., IL and lived his entire life in the area. He was the son of Edward and Sarah Pyle Schwartz. His Schwartz ancestors have been traced back to Neckargemund, Germany, near Heidelburg. The earliest Schwartz known is Hans Conrad, b. in 1635. The first Schwartz to come to America was Johann George, a grandson of Hans Conrad. He was sometimes referred to as Hans G. Schwartz.

At the time of George's death, he had two sons still living, Johann Jacob and Johann George. Jacob, b. in 1769 m. Catherine Kimmel, dau. of George and Juliana Ruby Kimmel in Lancaster Co. PA

Those familiar with Jackson Co. will certainly recognize the Kimmel name. Among the early settlers of Jackson Co. were Peter and Singleton H. Kimmel. Peter was the brother of Catherine Schwartz. Later on, other Kimmel cousins migrated into Jackson Co., primary among these was Henry Kimmel, son of Abraham and Elizabeth Heiple Kimmel and a first cousin of Catherine.

Jacob and Catherine Schwartz settled in Somerset Co. PA after the American Revolution, in the town of Salisbury where Jacob was a merchant. All of their children were born there. By 1814 or so, they had left PA and settled in Jackson Co. Illinois. It is interesting to note that Jacob, who died in 1842, is buried in Salisbury. It would appear that he did not make the trip west with is family. His oldest daughter, Julianna Schwartz Dively, remained with her family in PA until about the time of his death. Another among the 10 children of Jacob and Catherine who did venture west, was Edward Schwartz, Sr. father of the author of this diary.

Edward Jr.'s Pyle ancestors are also well documented and are quite interesting. Nicholas Pyle, Edward's 4th great grandfather, immigrated from England in the 1680's and was an acquaintance, if not a friend, of William Penn. He stood with Penn under the giant elm when Penn signed the famous treaty with the Indians. Edward's 1st great grandfather was Capt. John Pyle, an M.D. who served the British during the revolution but later gave his service to the patriot cause. His 2nd great grandfather, Col. John Pyle, also an M.D. served directly under Cornwallis and after a meeting with George Washington, was won over to the patriot cause, turned traitor to the British and delivered battle plans to Washington. It is said that he was responsible for bringing an early surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

Edward was married to Cecelia Emeline Reno but it is clear from the diary that he generally called her Emma. He had nine children, seven of which lived into adulthood. They were Ella, Mattie, William, Edward, Mollie, Lucy, John, Samuel, and Josiah. John and Samuel were twins. William and Edward died as youngsters. Lucy's birth is recorded in this diary, December 9.

Edward was a farmer and amassed about 400 acres of land during his lifetime. From the diary, one gets the impression of a hard working and thrifty man. He loved his children dearly. He died 18 June 1904 in Elkville and is buried in the Kimmel Cemetery.

The diary begins:

January, 1870

January 1, 1870 Saturday

Cold and blustery. The ground is freezing up pretty tight. I went up to Elkville pretty early in the morning to get some sugar and other things for our New Year's dinner. Our guests consisted of the following persons and families. William Schwartz and family, Josiah Schwartz and family (William and Josiah are his brothers-gp), Arth Vanpelt and wife also his sister Emma, Philip Kimmel & wife (his brother-in-law and sister, Eliza Schwartz Kimmel). and little girl, Suzy Worthern, Emma's mother (Rebecca Kirksey Reno Kimmel ) & Rebecca (her sister-Rebeeca Reno King). Everything passed off very nicely- all went well. Late in the evening we went to Jo Robinson's to a supper prepared on the occasion of "Bill" Paton and Lidia Robinsons wedding which took place to day.

Remarks: "Welcome we the new born year. Hope we will improve on the errors of the past and at the end of this year will find us better men & women than we are now." E. Schwartz.

January 2, 1870 Sunday

Cold and ground frozen considerably. Pretty rough getting around.

We remained at home all day. Emma was gone an hour or so to take her mother home.

We would have gone out to hear the Methodist circuit rider preach had it not been so extremely rough & cold.

January 3, 1870 Monday

Colder, if anything, than yesterday. Cloudy and snowing some but did not cover the ground. I was very near all day about home. Went up to Elkville in forenoon came back by mothers, let Same have watch that belonged to North Campbell & Co. "Gim" & another darkey hauled 2 loads shock corn from Finches for me. Some of my young hogs are dying with a disease similar to that of cholera. The first I noticed of the disease was about a week ago.

January 4, 1870 Tuesday

Continues cold and is still freezing. Clear in the morning but clouded up towards noon. I went up to Elkville to but some letters in the office. Rebecca was there and came home with me. Tom Davis delivered to me 24 __ bushels of corn for which I paid him 60 cts per bushel. Gim also let me have one load of 18 busels @55 cts. Sarah Hackney came here in the evening a stoped with us over night. (Sarah Hackney married Ed's half brother Samuel Schwartz. She was b. in TN in 1851. -gp)

January 5, 1870 Wednesday

Pretty cold morning but turned warmer after the sun got up. After doing up all the feeding I started with warm up to DuQuoin. Isaac Kimmel went up in wagon with me. There was a sale at DuQuoin of Government saddles etc. I did not invest anything in that line. It was after sundown when we got back home. Gim Jackson was sick to day, took sick yesterday. Sarah Hackney is still here.

(Isaac Kimmel is Edward's cousin-gp)

January 6, 1870 Thursday

Colder this morning than yesterday. Rained & snowed some little last night. Thick cloudy in forenoon but broke up somewhat in afternoon. Darkey hauled a few back logs for me. I paid him 50 cts in full of all work up to this day. Mr. Lancaster was over to see us - he took dinner here. Emma & Sarah Hackney went up to Elkville. Sarah did not come back with her. I was about home very near all day not doing much of anything. Gim Jackson is still sick. I do the feeding by myself.

Gim Browning was here with subscription in favor of David Williams. I put down $2.

January 7, 1870 Friday

Ground froze quite hard last night again, did not thaw but little during the day. I was about home in forenoon. Went to Mill in afternoon. When I came back I hauled load wood from brick yard. Three Dutchmen were here to day, one of them wanted to rent Eddie Kimmel's place. (Eddie Kimmel, orphaned at age 4, is Edward's nephew by his sister Isabel Schwartz who married Joseph Kimmel-gp) Gim Jackson hauled out of his piece one load corn for himself.

I went down to Bro. Williams late in the evening or after night but returned in the course of an hour or so.

January 8, 1870 Saturday

Turned stinging cold last night and to day. We think is the coldest so far, during the winter. I was about home all day. Did but little in forenoon but in afternoon helped haul in stack oats and doctor some of my hogs for cholera. William went to DuQuoin. he got me 3 lbs of Johnsons hog cholera medicine which I am giving to my hogs. Jim finished gathering his corn to day. In afternoon, Phil & Jack helped me haul in stack oats.

January 9, 1870 Sunday

Wind in the east in the morning but got around in the south during the day. It was quite a cold and chilly day. Emma and Ella went over to preaching. Jo Davis preached. Old Mrs. Hughs came home with Emma and Ella but she went home in the evening again. Mattie and Mollie remained at home with me. The ground is frozen some several inches. This is a bad time on wheat as much of it is injured by freezing out of ground. Some of my shoats are still dying with cholera.

January 10, 1870 Monday

Warmer and thawing. Wind still in the south and clear. I was engaged all forenoon in trying to do something for my Cholera hogs. In afternoon, went to Elkville. The sheriff was up collecting taxes. I came by Mill and got meal the corn for which was left there last Friday. Late in the evening I went down to Mr. Leuraigs (?) to get his kettle. I was also at Vanpelts in forenoon took some lard home we had borrowed. I got 2 lbs. dried peaches there. Gim and darkey that lives at the Dick house gathered 2 loads corn for me and also hauled one load wood.

January 11, 1870 Tuesday

Much warmer and raining some. I was engaged killing hogs today.

Killed six. Gim, Dick, Phil & Wadkins (all col) helped until noon and in afternoon, Gim & Phil helped and the others went home. Emma's mother (Rebecca Kirksey Reno Kimmel-gp) came over to help her while we were killing hogs. It is quite sloppy underfoot to day. Let Wadkins have hogs head (12 lb) @ 5 ct=60 cts 20 cts more that I owe him for what he done in killing hogs.

January 12, 1870 Wednesday

Very warm for the season. Bees are out to day in full force. Cloudy & Clear alternately during the day. Extremely muddy. Very bad hauling. I went with team to take load hogs over to station for William. I bought load hook poles (refused one) back with me. I went up to Elkville late in the evening passed up by mothers. (Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp) She is sick, took sick this morning. I saw Cousin Gimmy Schwartz (Edward's first cousin, son of his Uncle Jacob and Margeret Edwards Schwartz. This family settled near Makanda-gp) over at H. & Sam Schwartz store. Emma & her mother rendered out lard to day. Gim helped first at one thing and then another about 3/4 day.

January 13, 1870 Thursday

Colder, wind in north but got around to east before night and turned warmer. Some appearance of snow. Gim hauled himself a load of wood.

January 14, 1870 Friday

Froze some in fore part of last night. Commenced raining and sleeting this morning, continued to rain all day. The earth is covered with water and the small branches are booming (his spelling-gp) I went over to station in forenoon to see if stock car came. One came while there. I then came home got a lot of hands and took hogs over and put them on car. We had a desperate time on account of rain & Mud. Name of those that helped me with my hogs viz- Gim, Dick, Phil, Wadkins, Editon & Jack (all col.)

January 15, 1870 Saturday

Some cooler this morning and not so much water on ground. I went up towards Elkville to fix fence and found car of hogs still in tract. Felt somewhat ashy at some body but did not know who to blame. Unloaded hogs and brought them home again. Found one crippled & killed & cleaned it. Young from Paridise Prairie was down to buy hogs but he and I could not trade. Gim helped me home with hogs and done some other work put in all 1/2 day. Pd. Dick, Editon, Wadkins & Phil in full for helping with hogs and all other work.

January 16, 1870 Sunday

Wind in east then changed to south and rained pretty smart. Pretty warm and very sloppy & muddy. We all remained at home in forenoon and in afternoon, Emma took her mother home. She came by to see my mother who is pretty sick. I went over at night to see her and found her fully as bad as reported.

January 17, 1870 Monday

Rained some last night. Commenced snowing a little before day this morning but did not last long. About the same time it commenced turning cold & freezing & was quite cold towards noon to day.

William & I took our hogs up to Elkville and put them on car & shipped to Gregory Strader & Co. Chicago, Ills. I had 68 and Wm. 14 head making in all 82 head. Gim helped me with hogs up to town and then came & done nothing more for me. I went over in afternoon to se my mother. She appears to be pretty sick yet. (just a note of interest is that his mother was 63 years old at this time...she lived until 1895-gp)

January 18, 1870 Tuesday

Continues cold but clear. The ground is froze hard enough to bear up this morning. Gim had team to haul Deans corn crib down to his house. I was working with and doctoring my hogs in the morning. I went over to see mother towards noon found her some better. When I returned I brought with me box of small glass to be used for honey boxes to new bee hives. I went up to Elkville in afternoon. Came back before night. I got some thin lumber from Wm. to make some bee boxes.

January 19, 1870 Wednesday

Clear and turned warmer towards noon. Got pretty muddy under foot. Gim & I hauled 2 loads shock corn in forenoon and in afternoon we hauled some chord wood up for fire wood. Gim helped me about 3/4 day. "Gimmy" Schwartz came here late in the evening- he is going to stay over night with us. ("Gimmy" is Edward's first cousin, son of Uncle Jacob Schwartz from Makanda-gp)

January 20, 1870 Thursday

Ground froze some last night but thawed out pretty soon after the sun came up.

Gim and I killed a couple of shoats in forenoon. In afternoon I went up to Elkville. William brought letter or sale bill of hogs shipped on last Monday. They got through all right and sold at $880 gross.

Gimmy Schwartz left here this morning. Rebecca was here. Her & myself were over to debate at night. (I believe this Rebecca is Emma's sister, not her mother-gp)

January 21, 1870 Friday

Warmer and getting quite muddy again. The nights are pretty cold and ground freeze some during the night. Gim and I hauled 2 loads wood for myself in afternoon. We cleaned and cut up ready for rendering out. My boar died this forenoon of what we term hog cholera but would suggest that it was lung fever from the appearance of lungs.

The old man finished making hives to day.

January 22, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy and drizzling of rain nearly all day. I was engaged rendering out fat (dirty) for machine grease. Gim & I went down for Arth's bull. We brought him up. Old man finished making 2 dz bee hives for me yesterday. I paid him $10 this morning. He said he was going to DuQuoin to day. I went up to Elkville in afternoon. Gim went to Mill for himself. I made a hog trough to day.

It is very muddy and sloppy under foot. Let Jack Editing have 2 small hogs, 149 lb. @9 = #13.40. He is to pay me within 3 months.

January 23, 1870 Sunday

Rather a disagreeable day. Rained and pretty cold. We were at home all day. That is the children & I & Emma. The old man went off yesterday but got back again this evening. He has been a way on a spree. I went over to meeting at night. Bro. Vogle of DuQuoin preached. As a foundation for his discourse he quoted Tim 2: 2:15. Study to show thy self approved with God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. Rightly dividing the word of truth.

January 24, 1870 Monday

Ground froze some again. Snowed a little last night. We did nothing to amount to anything to day.

It is a very disagreeable time now on the account of so very much mud and water on the ground. I went up to Elkville with some eggs, got 20 cts per doz. I remained there until the mail came down then came home. Did not do much only read & make fires. I went over to church at night. Bro Vogle preached on Faith.

January 25, 1870 Tuesday

Clear and warmer. Some frost in the morning. The birds are singing as though spring had set in.

Gim & Jack Edington hauled in stack hay for me. Will allow them 75 cts each.

I took Ella over to school. Called in at mothers and then went over to Elkville. Remained there until about noon & then came home. In afternoon a Dutchman came here by the name of Snyder to rent Eddie place. I went with him over to his(?) and to Pelcers ..did not see the latter.

I went over at night to hear Bro. Vogel preach. He delivered a discourse on repent.

January 26, 1870 Wednesday

A very nice and pleasant morning but did not last very long. Wind changed to the north & colder. It also got cloudy and about dark commenced raining and snowing.

Emma went to Carbondale with butter on the noon train and came up on the evening or night train. I went with her up to station Also went up for her when she returned. Pelcer (the Duchman) living on Mrs. H____cliff's place was here. Rented him Eddie's farm. Gim hauled wood for himself. Saw Ed Smith to day. He says my check came to them for my hogs.

January 27, 1870 Thursday

Ground was frozen but very little this morning. Beautiful morning, continued nice through the day. Gim & I were engaged in forenoon in piling manure in barn lot. In afternoon Gim worked at the above kind of business and I went up to Elkville. Got certificate of deposit in bank of G. S. Smith & Co. DuQuoin, Ill. of $1010. which amt I got for hogs shipped to Gregory Strader & Co. Chicago, Ills.

Emma & I went up to debate at night- had a pretty exciting time in the discussion of the question but finally got through and we came home.

January 28, 1870 Friday

Ground froze pretty smart last night - clear this morning but got some what cloudy towards evening. I went to Carbondale on the noon train. Got $300 in Carbondale Bonds or 3 one hundred dollar bonds. They were issued to satisfy the claim I had against the college at that place or to replace to me the amt. donated to that institution. I came back on the evening train.

Gim was engaged piling manure about all day.

January 29, 1870 Saturday

Weather is quite pleasant but roads are very muddy which makes it very bad teaming. I went over to Elkville in forenoon to try to engage chickens for W. A. Sanders at Carbondale, Ills. I wrote & sent him a letter to day. I came home for dinner & then went to town again. Got the promise of several dozen chickens. Gim worked about 1/2 day for me hauling shock corn & piling manure etc.

The weather has been extremely changable for the last month, one day warm and raining and perhaps the next very cold & freezing.

January 30, 1870 Sunday

Fair in morning but changed before night, got cloudy and colder. We went over to school house at eleven at which hour singing was appointed. After singing we went to Josiah's for dinner.

Horatio's were with us last night & went over with us to singing. They went home in the evening. We were at mothers awhile in the evening. Burts(?) were over. Barbary Pyle & Lidia were there too. They came down on the train yesterday. (Sisters Barbara and Lydia Pyle were first cousins to Edward Schwartz, author of this journal. They were daughters of Hiram Pyle, younger brother of Edward's mother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp)

January 31, 1870 Monday

Nice & pleasant this morning, also clear. It clouded up in afternoon and got colder. I went over to school house in the morning delivered some rules to the teacher for the government of scholars who have become some what refractory. I then went to Elkville. The sheriff & Mr. Bowman were up. Horatio (brother to Edward-gp) sold Bowman land at the Bark Craugh (?) place. He paid cash down $1200.

Rebecca was over she says she is going to leave her present residence and wanted to sell some chickens. Gim worked 1/2 day cleaning out stable etc. Josiah went up to DuQuoin with his diseased horses to get them doctored. Hiram paid me for Eddie Kimmel in his share in the Nauvoo land, $200.

February, 1870

February 1, 1870 Tuesday

Rather colder. Ground froze considerably last night. Nice clear day. Gim went with Emma over for Rebecca's things also chickens after they came back, Gim hauled manure bal. of day. I went up to Elkville in forenoon. Came home got dinner and then went out buying chickens. Was down at Peter & Hies. Got promise of 7 doz chicks delivered in Elkville on the 7th ___. Rebecca has become some what dissatisfyed with her situation over at her old home & is going to try it some where else, so she says. (Emma's mother and sister were both named Rebecca...this Rebecca is her sister -gp)

February 2, 1870 Wednesday

Cold & Cloudy. Snowed some little in the evening. Rebecca came in the morning. She & Emma commenced to wash but receiving the sad news of the death of Mrs. Mason, they quit washing and went over to see their mother and inform her of the demise of their dear sister and her dutiful daughter. It is difficult for us to reconcile ourselves to the fate which not only takes our friends away but will soon take us also. Gim hauled 2 loads of corn from Petes. He & I hauled load shock corn late in evening. "Bob" McElvain came home with school children. (Mrs. Mason was Matilda Jane Reno, who married James W. Mason. It is believed she died as a result of childbirth as her daughter Alice J. {Jennie} Mason was born just one week before on 26 Jan 1870. Matilda Jane was 42 years old, born in Rhea Co. TN in 1828. Daughter Alice J. later married her first cousin, William Reno. Bob McElvain was married to Edward's half sister, Mary A. Schwartz, dau. of George and Sarah Pyle Schwartz.-gp)

February 3, 1870 Thursday

Nice pleasant day but pretty cold in the morning. Ground was pretty hard frozen in morning.

Mary & Lidia came here, were here for dinner. I went to Elkville in forenoon. I was at home in afternoon & Emma went to town. Gim hauled me load corn from Petes. He went to help dig grave for Piles baby in P.M. Rebecca was here again. I paid her for her chickens, 2 1/2 doz @ 3.25 = 8.12 1/2. (We know Lydia Pyle is dau. of Edward's uncle Hiram Pyle..Mary, I think, is another first cousin who is the daughter of Cortez Pyle, another uncle of Edward and brother of Sarah Pyle Schwartz. So far I have no indication of which Pyle lost this baby. Cortez Pyle later removed to Allendale, MO with two of his brothers, Ulysses and Octavious. Their mother, Mary Wells Pyle went with them as her husband John Pyle was deceased. She made her home with Octavious.-gp)

February 4, 1870 Friday

Another pretty cold morning, ground is frozen pretty. I went out buying chickens. Got the promise of some 10 or 12 doz. I took dinner at Mr. Holts. Got home about sundown. I went down to Vanpelts at night, came back & helped catch some chickens.

Gim hauled 2 loads corn from Petes (finished) he made a full day. Old Mrs. Clement and Old Manera were here.

February 5, 1870 Saturday

Ground frozen some again last night, thawed out during the day. Arth & wife came up this morning. Arth made 2 chicken coops till noon for me. Gim helped him some & then went with chickens & coops up to Elkville.

I went in the morning up to Elkville to receive chickens. W. A. Sanders came up on the freight. He assisted me in the afternoon to take in chickens. We took in about 28 1/2 doz to day. Gim helped us hoop coops & do some other little work, done in all about 3/4 of a days work.

I did not get home until nearly night, did not get my dinner to day.

February 6, 1870 Sunday

A beautiful day, clear in forenoon but got some what cloudy in afternoon. Ella & Mattie were down to Williams to see little girls. Emma went to her mothers & I went with her very near there then came back to I. Kimmels. Stopped there, took dinner, had a talk with the folks. Emma came along & we came home. Rebecca came home with us but did not stay long. I went down for little girls, Ella rode Old Jenny alone for the first time. (William is Edward's brother, I. Kimmel would be Isaac.-gp)

February 7, 1870 Monday

Cloudy with ground frozen some again. Turned some warmer towards noon and commenced snowing right after or about 12 o'clock but did not lay on at first but toward night when it came down faster it begun to lay on the ground. I went up to Elkville pretty soon to see about making coops for geese. Arth was there to help me. we made 2 & put in 22 geese, 12 in one & 10 in the other. We then hauled the coops from grain house to station & shipped them all to Carbondale. Gim helped me with chickens & in afternoon hauled shock corn for me. I paid him $1.

Emma came up to Elkville & she & I took dinner at Ben Whortons. After which we came home. Brought little girls from school as we came by.

February 8, 1870 Tuesday

About 1 inch snow in the ground this morning. Was clear in forenoon and cloudy in afternoon. Quite sloppy underfoot on the account of snow melting. I went over to school house with little girls. Came home and then went over to Lancasters to sale. Emma & Rebecca went over in buggy. Gim hauled load wood for himself & then went over to sale. He took 2 of my mules over with him but I found no buyer. I bot at the sale the following articles to wit: 1 pr. fire dogs = $2.00, 1 shovel and pr. tonges= $1.30, 1 bbl. (pork) $1.30, 1 double tree = 30, 1 jar 25., 1 hog hook .05. By paying cash down they all cost $5.05.

February 9, 1870 Wednesday

Slight freeze again. Nice clear day, wind in the north. I took little girls over to school and then went to Elkville. A. Nosley (Nausley-gp) having a horse killed last night by the cars. I went up to where he was killed to help appraise him. Came back to Elkville. The Watter's house was sold today. It brought about $28. Burt Gill bid it off. I came home got dinner & then went over to L. Gills & to S. Adkins to buy some hogs. Did not buy any. Came by school house for little girls. Gim hauled 2 loads rails for me, put in 2/3 day. Emma sett hen to day in shop. 1st this year. (Edward's brother Josiah married Elizabeth Waters. I imagine it could be her family home he refers to above-gp)

February 10, 1870 Thursday

Clear until towards evening when it became somewhat cloudy. Wm & I went to Sod Sniders. We bought 62 head hogs of him. We came by L. Gills. Bought 10 head hogs of him @ 7 cts. delivered. Came through Elkville & got Agent to order live stock car. Gim hauled 3 loads rails for me.

Emma went to Elkville. Came back to Josiahs got dinner and remained there until school was out- she then came by & brought little girls home. Got $300. from Hiram for a few days. Rec'd check for Bal of chicken money ($65.) from Spiller & Statler to be credited to a/c of W. A. Sanders. Our Rose cow had bull calf.

February 11, 1870 Friday

Wind pretty high & from the south. Warm with prospect for rain.

We were up early. After breakfast we went over to Sod Sniders for hogs we bot yesterday. We got 62 head. I paid him $430. William Pd. him $500. making a total of $930. which amt paid him in full for above hogs. We got over with them about noon. We took them to William's where we all got dinner. I took Gim to help drive. William took Sam & Henry drove the wagon. In the evening I went for Leapers hogs, got 10 head total weight 1846 lbs @ 7 cts. $129.15 which amt I paid him. Nancy Morgan came to see us to day. Got $130 from A. W. Skinner for a few days. Gim put in 1/2 day.

February 12, 1870 Saturday

Clear and cooler, wind in north. Roads are getting very good. We were up at 4 in the morning. I went to DuQuoin on train. Came back on the freight. I drawed from G. S. Smith $570 part of the amt on deposit there. I paid back to Hiram $300. amt borrowed on the 10th just. Also paid A. W. Skinner $150 amt borrowed from him on 11th just. I pd. to Dr. Elston & Co. DuQuoin amt charged to me for box glass bot in 1868. ($6.00) A. W. Skinner & Bro came down to see span mules of mine. In afternoon I went to buy a few nails. Bot 320 @ 115 = $3.70. I went over to Philips (Kimmel-gp) to get some lumber sawed (in the evening). Gim hauled 2 loads shock corn did nothing else but feed.

February 13, 1870 Sunday

Ground froze pretty hard last night. Turned some warmer in afternoon to day. We were at home nearly all day, in fact, Emma & the children were at home all day. I went up to Elkville quite late to see if car for live stock had come. I found it there.

We all ought to have went out to church and perhaps we would have went had we all been quite well but Emma complaining, we concluded (right or wrong) to stay at home. Hope we did nothing in this particular to displease Him who knows our every thought and every inward emotion of our hearts. If we did wrong hope to have forgiveness for it.

February 14, 1870 Monday

Wind high and in the south but changed in North in afternoon to day. Cloudy during the day but did not rain yet had every appearance of it. It kept thundering in afternoon pretty frequently. I was up pretty early got breakfast and then went over to Hie Woods to buy sow, did not buy his but Bob, one of Ike. I came home & Gim & I went down to Williams got hog & then went to Elkville. We weighed our Sod Snider hogs, we then put them in car. We had in all 79 head. We shipped to Gregory Strader & Co. In the afternoon Gim, Jack & I hauled in some corn. Finished Dean's piece, got 6 1/3 bbls. We gather one load over at Finches. Took it to Elkville & weighed it.

February 15, 1870 Tuesday

Clear. Quite a nice day. I went over to Josiah's to help him kill hogs. Came home & knocked around until noon. After which I went to hunt calves. Found them & brought them home. I was at F. Brayshaws he is getting over his spell sickness. I went up to station in the evening. Gim was gathering corn for me over at Finches. He gathered 2 loads. Tom Davis finished hauling corn to me, he delivered for Lancaser to me. 71 bush 7 lb. @ 60 cts = $42.65. Entered credit for that amt on note of his to Mrs. Kimmel.

Arth & Currency Vanpelt were here at night awhile.

February 16, 1870 Wednesday

Nice & pleasant. Elements look somewhat hazy. Warm for the season. I was engaged most of the day trimming grape vines & gooseberries. I went up to station in the evening, some in the morning. I went over to Jack Edington's (col) (when Edward uses Col. he means this is a black person-gp) to get him to help pull corn, did not get him. I also went to hunt Finch to see about the rent of Eddies place etc. Gim & Jack gather 6 bbls. corn & hauled one load shock corn from Finches. They then went to chopping to Coldwells (col).

Got in all so far 60 2/3 bushels corn from Finches. Emma's mother came over this morning. Sold 7 3/4 lbs butter @ 30 cts = $2.30.

February 17, 1870 Thursday

Thundered considerably last night, also rained some. Cloudy this morning and in afternoon commenced snowing & blowing. Wind in North, pretty cold. (quite a snow storm). I was about home all day. I went up to debate at night but no one coming in I came back home. Emma's mother is with us. Gim hauled one piece of load shock corn for me (1/4 day).

Little girls did not go to school today, it was rather rough.

February 18, 1870 Friday

Cold this morning, ground froze some last night. Snow is some 3 or 4 inches deep, is drifted considerably in places. Nice & clear with a prospect to be warmer. I took Ella over to school. Stopped in at mothers a couple of hours then came home. William came over this morning, rec'd sale bill of last shipment of hogs- got for the lot clear of expenses $1100.72.

I hired a Mr. Lockhart to labor for me six months. I pay him for the 2 first months $14 each for 2. Next $16 each for 2, next $20 each for 2. Total for six months work $100. Lockhart chopped some wood in afternoon. Done about 1/3 days work. Emma took her mother home to day.

February 19, 1870 Saturday

Rather cold and disagreeable to day. Wind in North and is freezing the ground pretty hard.

Lockhart was hauling out manure all day. Gim hauled out one load rails & then help haul out manure.

I was up at Elkville for dung fork, did not get any there. Came by Josiah's & borrowed one. I was very near all day in the house taking care of little Mollie who is some what sick. She has a severe cold.

February 20, 1870 Sunday

Last night was a singer for cold & today is not far behind. The ground is very hard frozen & is still freezing more. This is the coldest snap so far this winter.

We were at home all day house up only went out to feed & get fire wood and so on etc.

Arth & his Bro were up here awhile in A.M.

February 21, 1870 Monday

An other cold morning. The ground is frozen quite hard. Clear with wind in East part of day.

Gim & Lockhart were hauling wood to day. They hauled 3 loads for me & 1 for Gim. I went to Mill in afternoon, went also to P.O.

I took Arth's bull home in forenoon today. We are having the coldest weather of any this winter so far.

February 22, 1870 Tuesday

Some warmer. Cloudy & misting of rain. In afternoon had the appearance of raining heavy but it did not come. I was engaged fencing in hay stacks in forenoon. In the afternoon Pelcer & I went out in woods for some fencing posts. Lockhart & Gim were hauling wood again (all day). Gim put in time for himself or rather him & me are hauling in partnership- he gets one load & me one etc.

The winter is far short and the spring is near at hand- Hope we may be able to improve every opportunity of contributing to our necessities both morally & physically that while we are tilling the soil to supply our physical wants we may not entirely neglect the want of our better parts.

February 23, 1870 Wednesday

Did not get up very early. Mollie kept us awake some last night hence we tried to make up lost time in sleeping late. Some warmer this morning. Gim & Lockhart went over to Finches with 2 wagons. One for a load corn, the other for load shock corn. This load of corn makes all I am to get of Finches. Had about 20 bushels to day & 60 1/3 before making a total of 80 bushels in all we have got. Emma went to Elkville in forenoon & I in afternoon. Gim & Lockhart hauled each a load of shock corn in afternoon.

Got some what muddy in afternoon.

February 24, 1870 Thursday

Ground froze some again last night but as soon as the sun was up commenced thawing and got quite muddy during the day. Gim & Lockhart hauled four loads shock corn from Finches (2 loads each).

In the evening they hauled each a load of rails from down about Pete's.

I was about home most of the day. Went down to Dave Williams's to see about getting some rails made. Came around by Eddie's place to see about how bad the fence needed repairing, etc.

February 25, 1870 Friday

Rather cloudy & smoky. Had some appearance of rain. Warmer & getting quite muddy again. The frost is nearly all out of the ground.

Gim & Lockhart made or reset some fence along the lane towards Gim's. In the afternoon they hauled rails.

I did not do much of anything to day. Went up to Elkville in evening to get some blacksmithing done. Got letter from Dr. Redd. He wants $26.35 amt due him he says, for I don't hardly know what. Got letter from W. A. Sanders. He wants some oats.

February 26, 1870 Saturday

Quite windy from the south. Cloudy and showered all afternoon considerable water fell during the evening. I was working about home nearly all day fixing up first one thing & then another. Hung up our meat in forenoon. Went over to Finches directly after dinner for spade. I got wet before I got back.

Gim & Lockhart hauled some rails & stakes in forenoon. Gim also went to mill in forenoon for himself. In the afternoon they shocked some corn, chopped some wood etc. Hardy Crews passing. I gave him a couple of chattle mortgages for the purpose of having them docketed.

I went to hear Bro. Vogel preach at night. He took a passage for a discourse from Romans 12:1&2 verses and delivered a very interesting sermon indeed.

February 27, 1870 Sunday

Wind in north and colder. Cloudy in forenoon but some what broke away in afternoon. We all went over to preaching. Again we listened to a very interesting sermon on the spirit of man or the immortality of the soul. He does not believe as some others do that the spirit of man can die though it may sleep, yet it is not dead. Still he is inclined to think that the spirit after the dissolution of the body is in a conscious state some where. After preaching we came home, got dinner after which Emma rode over to her mothers but did not stay long.

February 28, 1870 Monday

There was a constant gale from the north most all day. Nice & fine overhead. The mud is drying up and roads are beginning to get good again.

I went over to see Lizzie, Josiah's, who is sick. She has winter fever. (Lizzie is Josiah's wife-gp) I also went to Elkville Got back home before dinner. Arth got 1 1/2 bushels apples here. He brought me in the afternoon 3 bushels potatoes to pay for apples.

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