Genealogy Trails

Jackson County, Illinois


July 1, 1870 Friday

Cloudy, rained some in forenoon and a heavy storm and rain about 4 P.M. Whorton's new frame was thrown off its foundation. The storm was worse up about Elkville than here. It blowed very near all of our oats down.

I was helping ceil house (upstairs in south room) today. Millhouse and Vanpelt both worked to day again.

Jesse Crow was up today. He said he wanted to complimise (does he mean compromise?-gp) and let me have boards etc. down here at brick yard. The darkeys are all plowing corn. Phil was working for me hoeing out cabbage & plowing them etc.

July 2, 1870 Saturday

Cooler this morning, turned cooler last night after the big storm. I went to DuQuoin for some cypress flooring. I got back home 1/2 past 1 P.M. There is an election today. The vote is being taken on the new constitution. Ella & Mattie went with me up to Elkville in afternoon. Ella got her a new pair of gaters and her and Mattie both got a new sundown a piece.

Emma went over and brought her mother.

Millhouse and Vanpelt worked at house. Phil helped about getting wood, etc. in forenoon and in afternoon he cut weeds out of strawberry vines. Millhouses team came up for him. Darkey drove the wagon. He started directly after supper. Misted of rain a part of day.

July 3, 1870 Sunday

Nice and cool. Very pleasant last night. Quite a change in the atmosphere. It is to be hoped that the extremely hot days are past and that it will be more pleasant from this on.

Ella, Mattie and I went up to Sunday School. We stayed until after preaching. Farmer preached. Emma stayed at home but in afternoon went to take her mother home. (Emma at this time is 4 mo. pregnant with Lucy-gp)

July 4, 1870 Monday

Pleasant morning, very fine day. The sun shined pretty hot yet the day was quite pleasant. We went up to picnic in the grove near school house. We all had a gay and happy time. There was not a great many out which made it more agreeable for those that were there. Dr. Babbitt read the Declaration of Independence after which we took dinner. We then had a good time generally. We did not get home until late in the evening. Phil helped Johnson plow corn. The carpenters did not work on our house today.

July 5, 1870 Tuesday

Beautiful day though rather warm in afternoon. It also rained some toward evening. A heavy cloud lay in the west. We had a big wind but only a little rain.

Millhouse & Vanpelt worked again on house. Abe Millhouse came at noon and worked 1/2 day. Painted window sash.

Phil hoed around peach trees and plowed strawberry plants.

I went up to Elkville soon in morning for some nails, 1/2 keg of #6 and 1/2 keg of #8 pennies.

After I came home I went to Blaksmith ship, came home and after dinner, I helped ceil up stairs. Went up to Elkville for Lucy Walker. She did not come. Train was behind time.

July 6, 1870 Wednesday

Cloudy with some more rain. I went over to station for Miss Lucy Walker who came up on train this morning. She is going to stay with us awhile. I went over to F. Brayshaws (I believe this to be Franklin Brayshaw, 25 Nov 1837-9 Jul 1902-gp) to get some irons made for porch posts. The balance of forenoon I cut down weeds etc. Rained pretty heavy towards evening, blowed a heavy gale from S.W.

Millhouse & Vanpelt were engaged on house. He was putting in window lights etc.

Phil was hoeing peach trees and plow strawberry plants, etc.

Turned quite cold after the rain.

July 7, 1870 Thursday

Pretty cool throughout the day. Cloudy in morning but cleared up during the day.

Phil finished plowing peach trees. He then mowed weeds from around apple trees etc. I cut weeds in forenoon. In afternoon, Josiah & I picked up and went to cutting oats...commenced in mine but being rather too green we went over in Josiah's piece. We broke our new sickle. We got the old one and finished cutting piece of Surprise Oats.

July 8, 1870 Friday

Very fine day. Good time for harvesting. Cool and has appearance of a few days without rain. I went over to Hiram's. He and Josiah are cutting oats with reaper. I helped them a little while and then came home. Phil cut weeds from around the apple trees in forenoon. He and I went up to Elkville for load of lumber. After we got back went to plowing for buckwheat and I worked about the house.

The Millhouses and Vanpelt are working on new house. Birdsong, Johnson and Gim are cutting oats for themselves. In the evening, Hiram and Renfro came here. They took supper with us.

July 9, 1870 Saturday

Nice and pleasant. Another fine day for harvesting. Clouded up some what in afternoon. I was helping about the house very near all forenoon. Phil plowed for buckwheat and in the afternoon he harrowed in buckwheat until about P.M. I sowed, also harrowed in, after Phil left.

2 Millhouse boys worked again, Vanpelt worked 3/4 day and went home.

Jake Millhouse's wife and little girl came up after him. They started directly after supper.

They are all cutting oats today. I paid Vanpelt $15.00 again, Pd. Phil $10.00.

July 10, 1870 Sunday

Rained very near all day. Ella, Mattie and Mollie, also myself went over to Sunday School. After Sunday school Bro Whorton preached a sermon. We then came home got dinner and at 4 P.M. I went over to hear Bro. Whorton again.

Lizzie Josiahs (wife-gp) is quite sick. They had the Dr. to see her. Lucy Walker is still with us.

July 11, 1870 Monday

Part of day cloudy and part clear. Did not rain any during the day but had a very heavy rain in fore part of night and continued to rain on through greater part of the balance of night- much water fell. Phil and I cut with reaper, my Surprise oats. I went up to Elkville in morning for some lumber. Late in the evening, Phil harrowed in some buckwheat.

The two Millhouse boys and Vanpelt are all at work on house. Gim & Johnson are working in their oats.

Emma went over to Josiah's to see Lizzie who is sick. She is getting better.

July 12, 1870 Tuesday

Warm and very wet. Had a big rain last night. Still cloudy this morning.

I went down to DeSoto to get sickle mended. I also got Lucy shod before. I did not get back home until about 3 P.M.

I went up to Elkville for turpentine and bal. of shingles.

Phil had the toothache and did not do much for me. He set up some wheat late in the evening, worked about 1/4 day.

Millhouses and Vanpelt are working at house. Gim and Johnson finished cutting down their oats today.

July 13, 1870 Wednesday

Clear until late in the evening. We then had a big rain from the north. I hoed in garden until about 10 A.M. We then went to turning over oats so as to dry. Phil and Fleur helped. After dinner I went for Pete to help bind. We all worked at oats in afternoon.

Gim and Johnson are binding their oats. The 2 Millhouses and Vanpelt worked at house to day.

July 14, 1870 Thursday

The ground is very wet after the big rain last night. Lucy went down to Arths to a play but it rained so much that the party did not get there so there was none and she did not get back until this morning. Phil and I cleaned up about new house until about 10 A.M. Phil then quit and done nothing else for me. I went up to Elkville for some putty, etc. I brought reaper home in the evening and changed her to a mower.

I was over where Frank Brayshw was cutting oats. Peter who was helping Frank Millhouse and Vanpelt are still at work.

July 15, 1870 Friday

Wind in Southward pretty hot. Some what cloudy at intervals but did not rain. I commenced to cut grass this morning. Cut til noon and then I raked hay.

Vanpelt, Old Fleur, Phil, Birdsong & Johnson all _____up. Fleur helped about 1/3 day, Birdsong & Johnson about 1/4 day each. Phil went to binding oats after Birdsong & Johnson come to put in hay.

Jake Millhouse went home about 9 A.M., worked about 1/4 day. Abe Millhouse put in all day painting. Vanpelt worked all day.

July 16, 1870 Saturday

Warm, no rain to day. Good time for making hay. I went out and mowed grass in the morning. Broke sickle about 10 A.M. and had to quit. I took sickle to shop to have it mended. I left it there and came home. Abe Millhouse and Miss Lucy Walker went over to station at eleven to take the down train for DeSoto.

We put up hay in afternoon. Phil raked, Gim Johnson and Old Fleur cocked up. I went and got sickle after which I cut grass an hour or so. I went over to Elkville about 4 P.M. to convention it was over when I got there. The boys finished putting up hay against supper. Vanpelt left about 4 P.M.

July 17, 1870 Sunday

Quite warm but no rain to day. We were at home all day. Ella was sick. She had bowel complaints. Josiahs were here in afternoon. Mother Elizabeth and Sam also called in awhile. Eliza and some others stopped in a while to see us. Mr. Williams came up in the evening. He and Josiahs took supper with us. ( I think the "Mother Elizabeth" he refers to here is Elizabeth Waters Schwartz,1840-1924, wife of his brother Josiah, Feb. 3, 1838-1927-gp)

July 18, 1870 Monday

More pleasant to day. Not so very hot as it was.

I cut my grass today. Broke sickle again. Got it mended and cut a piece of grass for Pelcer after I finished mine.

Gim and Jack helped all afternoon. Johnson helped from 2 o'clock until nearly night. Phil raked hay, he quit before supper, was going off on train but failed to get away hence he took supper with us. Lucy came up on train in the morning, also Abe Millhouse. He and Vanpelt worked at house. Jake did not come.

Ella and I went up to Dr. Babbitts. Got some medicine for Ella. She has bowel complaint. Rain in north west and very far off.

July 19, 1870 Tuesday

Some indications of rain in the morning and in fact rained pretty heavy in afternoon.

I was not very well to day. Ella is also sick yet and is not much better if any.

I did not do much of anything to day. Helped Curren (one of the Vanpelt men's first name) a little while to ceil over head in sitting room of new house. Jake returned to day about 10 A.M.. Vanpelt and Abe worked all day and Jake about 2/3 day. Josiah and Hiram came over and got reaper. They cut some grass in forenoon. They did not get it all up before the rain. Pelcers got wet in the wind, rain.

July 20, 1870 Wednesday

Quite a fine day but rather warm. I got William's hack & took about 5 bush. apples to DuQuoin. Emma went with me as far as Elkville. She went to see Dr. Babbitt to get some medicine for Ella who is still sick. The doctor came to see Ella and left medicine etc. I sold out my apples got some in for valsys (?)& drawed balance on deposit at Smiths and Co. ($300.) then came home. Stoped in at store at Elkville and got some locks and butts for doors. got home before night. At night I went down to Williams. Paid him $226.40, amt. behind on mine and Eddies tax receipts.

Millhouses & Vanpelt worked at house to day again. (Eddie is his nephew, Eddie Kimmel. Eddie was orphaned at age 4 and was raised by his grandmother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz and other relatives- gp)

July 21, 1870 Thursday

Warm. Flies are very bad both on man and beast. Ella is still sick. I went up for Dr. Babbitt. He came down to see Ella and left her medicine. I did not do much work to day. Gim went up to mill. I went up to grain house and loaded on some lumber and Gim brought it home. I came by where Philip was thrashing. I got back home a little after supper. Emma took Rebecca home in buggy. I went in woods for Slippery Elm for Ella.

Millhouses and Vanpelt are at work at house.

July 22, 1870 Friday

Continues very warm. Has not rained any in a few days. I picked some apples and made some cider. Emma made some apple butter. I went out to try to get some hands to help stack hay. Pelcer promised me to come. I went over to station in the evening. Got boots that I left at shoemakers to get mended.

All hands are still working at house.

Gim is thinning his corn. Johnson finished plowing his corn after which he went and helped Arth tie oats a few hours. He then worked in his cotton patch.

July 23, 1870 Saturday

Very fine day a little more pleasant to day than for a few days back.

I stacked and hauled in hay today. Pelcer stacked, Gim and Johnson pitched & I and Jack hauled it up. We put up 3 stacks and hauled 3 loads in barn.

Birdsong got 2 bush. corn from me. He shelled it for himself.

The 2 Millhouses worked all day at house they went home after supper.

Vanpelt quit at 4 P.M.

The county convention came off to day. Our friend, J. F. Robinson was placed in a nomination for sheriff.

July 24, 1870 Sunday

Another quite hot day. Clear with some indications of being dry for a spell.

We all went up to Sunday School. Miss Lucy Walker , Curren & Emma Vanpelt went with us in wagon. Also came back with us and took dinner.

Towards evening Sam and Maggie Perkins came here. Ed Davis from DeSoto came in evening.

Renfro was here late in the evening, infact, remained here until the night train came down. Hiram Schwartz was here before sun set awhile.

July 25, 1870 Monday

Warm throughout the day. Not much sign of rain. I worked at bees. Bee moth destroyed one in old hive. I divided one of my hives and made two. I went up to Elkville in afternoon. Got 3 more door locks, Got 6 before.

The Millhouse boys and Vanpelt are still at work.

Gim Jackson is plowing his corn. Johnson is hoeing out his cotton.

Mr. Hardy Crews informed me that Crow had taken an appeal in that case we had before him (Crews).

July 26, 1870 Tuesday

Another hot day. No clouds flying about. Some sign of drought.

Emma and I went over to her mother's for black berries. We got enough to can eleven quarts. I went up to Elkville in afternoon. Got some more nails ( 8 and 6 pennies)

All hands are at work on house. Gim finished plowing piece west of house and then helped Johnson haul a couple loads of oats. He put one of them in loft of old stable, the other he brought up here to stack.

July 27, 1870 Wednesday

No so warm to day. Fine day for work. I did not do much myself. I was not very well- have been feeling bad for several days. Gim and Birdsong stacked wheat for themselves. Johnson and Jack hauled in and stacked oats. Johnson raised on the halves (?).

I went to Elkville again. Sent Eddie Kimmel for some things to DuQuoin.

2 of Hackneys little girls were here with some feathers for Emmaline.

Millhouse boys and Vanpelt are still working on house.

July 28, 1870 Thursday

Cloudy, commenced raining about 10 A.M. and rained a pretty good shower.

Gim and Birdsong finished their wheat and then Gim, Birdsong, Johnson and Jack helped me haul in 2 loads hay- got in just as it commenced to rain. We all unloaded one wagon then in the evening Johnson and Jack helped me unload the other one. We put it in barn north of house.

July 29, 1870 Friday

Big fog this morning. This is fine corn weather. Did not have quite rain enough but not with standing what fell did a great deal of good.

I shelled some corn and _______(maybe measured?) up wheat prepuritory to going to mill. Gim and Johnson hauled out potent (?) fence to throw around wheat and oats stacks so as we can pasture field. They also hauled last load of hay in forenoon for me. In afternoon, we all went up to mill.

I settled and paid of Johnson in full for all the work up to this. He is in my debt 2 days work yet.

The carpenters etc. are still working on house. Gim and Johnson stacked oats for Gim in evening.

July 30, 1870 Saturday

Quite cool this morning. Pleasant time to sleep these nights. I went down to get Pete to come up and work for me. He and I hoed out strawberry plants. He worked for me about 2/3 day.

Gim, Johnson and Birdsong, also Jack were engaged hauling and stacking mine and Gim's oats. They finished about 1/2 afternoon, they then hauled in 4 loads of oats for me.

Lucy went down on the eleven o'clock passenger to day. Emma paid her $2 on work.

The two Millhouse boys and Vanpelt quit and went home directly after supper.

Wind has been in east for some 2 days.

Miss Kate Mowery (not sure of name-gp) came here in the evening.

She brought Jake a horse up.

July 31, 1870 Sunday

No rain to day but nice and clear. I was sick so much that I remained at home all day. Emma and Miss Kate Mowery went down to meeting to South School house. They had a basket meeting there and a general good time so it is told.

No one came to see us to day. Emma took Kate Mowery over to Philips where she is staying or has been staying.

Jake Millhouse came up this evening.

August, 1870

August 1, 1870 Monday

Some little better than I was yesterday but am still complaining. I have a good appetite and can eat but then I feel so very weak and trimbly.

Lucy Walker came up on the morning train. She came in just at breckfast. Jake Milhouse and Vanpelt both worked at house to day. I did not do any thing. Emma & I went to store. Philip and Hiram came here. We all consulted about building school house. Uncle Jacob Schwartz was here.

All the colored folks went to Carbondale to barbecue. Birdsong have led all his oats out. Jessee Crow sent up for his crag and plank (2 wagons). (Uncle Jacob lived near Makanda. He was born in 1804 and was the younger brother of Edward's father, Edward Schwartz, I. Jacob died in 1885.-gp)

August 2, 1870 Tuesday

Pretty warm. Cloudy in forenoon and came a good rain about 4 P.M. Gim Johnson, Jack and Pete hauled and stacked wheat for me. Pete quit and went down to Williams to help thrash (John Martin came there to day about 1 P.M.)

Pete went down about 2 P.M.

Jake Millhouse and Vanpelt are working on house. We quit stacking at 4 P.M. on account of the rain.

August 3, 1870 Wednesday

Foggy in the morning remaining cloudy all forenoon. Gim and I cleaned out barn.

We were again threatened with a big rain but it passsed over and we had only a light shower. Martin is still thrashing at William's.

Gim hauled me a load juggles. Also himself one load.

I went with William with load wheat to Elkville. Abe Milhouse came home with me from station. He did not work any for me to day.

Jake Millhouse and Vanpelt worked again.

August 4, 1870 Thursday

Some indications of rain early in the morning but cleared up towards noon and was a very fine a pleasant day. Gim & Johnson cleaned a place for thrasher. Martin came and set up about 10 A.M. and commenced thrashing Birdsong and Gim 's wheat. After we finished the wheat we thrashed oats then commenced on Gims but did not finish his all. Martin had 4 with the machine. I had Foster, Sam Jenkins, Phil Quigley , Pete Greer and myself. Birdsong, Johnson and Gim furnished the balance.

August 5, 1870 Friday

Quite a fine day for thrashing out grain. We finished thrashing north west of house about 9 o'clock this morning. We then moved machine in field above Johnsons and thrashed there the balance of day. We finished the wheat (which made 198 bush.) and then commenced on white oats but did not thrash all of them to day. Uncle Johnny Martin went home in afternoon and left the boys to run the machine. We quit a little after sundown without finishing.

August 6, 1870 Saturday

Some appearance of rain this morning. We finished thrashing about 9 A.M. The thrashers pulled up stakes and left immediately. I had 149 bushels surprise oats and 8 bushels Norway.

Gim's Elie cut off some of his fingers in cutting box today. Gim & Johnson went up to Mill. They took my team. Jack helped in afternoon take shaving out of new house. I went up to Elkville for pr. butts (think he means boots after reading later entry-gp) etc. saw Dan Gill at Elkville. The Republicans had their county convention today. Abe Millhouse did not work to day the others did.

August 7, 1870 Sunday

Warm some rain in the evening. Thought we were going to have rain but it did not come. Rebecca came over in the morning. She and Lucy went out riding. Josiah stayed with us last night. Josiah went over home in the morning. Lizzie and the children went with us to Sunday School. After Sunday school we went home with Josiahs (family). I came home with wagon I found Rebecca and Lucy here. They got dinner and Ella and Mary Hackney took dinner with us. They all went down to nigger baptizing and I went over for Emma and the children.

Ed Davis came up in the evening from DeSoto. Jake returned with Sucker Gall (strange name but that's what it says!-gp), he rode her home. C. C. Vanpelt had my buggy to go to Paradise.

August 8, 1870 Monday

Nice and pleasant in forenoon. Clouded up in the afternoon and had a big rain about dark. William was thrashing to day. He got about through. Gim and Johnson helped him with 2 teams. I went over to Elkville in forenoon. Took Boots back to shoemaker. They were too small. I saw H. H. Fox at Elkville. I got home about noon. In afternoon I went down to Hills brick yard and to Barnett McCords. I got home about 1 hour before sundown.

Jake, Abe and Vanpelt are all at work on house.

August 9, 1870 Tuesday

Foggy in the morning. Cloudy and looked very much like rain in forenoon. It some what broak away in afternoon and had a pretty nice evening. I went down to Williams. They were just finishing their thrashing when I got there. They finished and went home. I paid Uncle Johnny Martin for thrashing for me and my hands $44.90. When I came home from Williams I shelled 1 bush corn and went to Mill. I got what meal and flour was coming to me from the mill. I was in grain house where they were loading cars. I hauled 1 load wheat over late in the evening to make out car load. The Millhouse boys and Vanpelt work at house to day.

August 10, 1870 Wednesday

Big fog this morning beside being cloudy. Commenced sprinkling shortly after breakfast and commenced to rain about 10 A.M. Gim and I dug potatoes in forenoon. In afternoon Gim dug some potatoes and plowed up piece to some turnipseed. I went over to help Hiram make out report to township Treas. I then went up to store and got Sam to send for plastering board. Came home and sowed turnip seeds down towards sheep house.

The carpenters got through with house to day. They have some other work to do for me and then they will leave.

August 11, 1870 Thursday

Clouds are pushing around and raining somewhere but did not rain over here until after night and then only a little. I went over to Frank's shop to get some work done. When I got back I fixed and went to Elkville. I took the down train for Carbondale. I was a delegate to the Senatorial Convention that there to day. Washburn was placed in nomination . J. F. Robinson was with me. We came home on the evening passinger. Jake & Vanpelt were engaged putting cornish on old house. Abe was painting on the new house. Gim helped make some cider, etc.

August 12, 1870 Friday

Still cloudy and raining. It comes very near raining every day. I went up to store to try to get some plastering hair- got none and went home. I mixed up some mortar and in afternoon plastered flew downstairs and up stairs.

An insurance agent was here - he tryed to get to insure my new house. He was agent for the Rockford Co. Jake Millhouse quit today at noon. All his work amted to $182.25 (60 3/4 day). I had paid him here to fore $65 and I paid him this day $17.25. and give my not for $100. which settle for all his work on house. Abe and Vanpelt worked all day. Johnson (col) plowed for me in the orchard.

August 13, 1870 Saturday

Continues cloudy and rains occasionally. Jake Millhouse left us this morning. I settled up with him and made every thing satisfactory. Vanpelt and I went up to grave yard to fix picket fence around graves. It rained on us before we got back home. I also made settlement with Vanpelt. He worked on house 65 days. Jake Millhouse worked 60 3/4 days. Abe Millhouse worked all day.He went home at night.

Lucy Walker went down on the eleven o'clock train.

I went up to Elkville in afternoon for turpentine. Saw Benj Savits and paid him in full for building flew to new house.

August 14, 1870 Sunday

Turned much cooler than it was a day or so ago. We all fixed up and went to Sunday school. After Sunday school was out we all went to my mothers, we took dinner with them. Horatios were down. It commenced to rain about noon and continued to rain lightly all afternoon. We came home in the rain. Indeed it was quite a disagreeable evening and as soon as we milked etc. we all went to bed which time was a little before night.

August 15, 1870 Monday

Rained last night and is still raining to day though it does not rain much. I went down to the Lemons to get him to fix plow. I also went up to Elkville to get plow pointed. Did not get it fixed. I came home and cut down weeds etc. Johnson & Gim plowed for me in forenoon. Abe Millhouse came up to work this morning he put in the day painting. Johnson plowed about 1/4 of the afternoon for me. He plowed for himself the other 1/4. Gim plowed for himself all afternoon. Hiram and Eddie were over soon this morning for tool chests. The carpenters are at work for Hiram.

August 16, 1870 Tuesday

The first fine day we have had for some time. The mud and water dryed up pretty smart to day. I went over to see Hiram about letting contract for building school house. We went down to see Philip. We did not come to any conclusion. I came home before noon. After dinner Emma & Mollie went with me to Elkville. Ella & Mattie went to Williams. The plastering paper for our house has come so after Emma & I returned, I went back with wagon to get paper. I also got 2 kegs of white led. Gim & Johnson are braking for wheat. Abe Millhouse is painting. He put in this day.

August 17, 1870 Wednesday

Nice and pleasant. Some sign of rain again. I was not very well. I had a running off at the bowels and a kind of faint sickness now and then. Also a weakness that made me feel very bad at times. I went in the evening up to Dr. Babbitts. He prescribed for my disease and I came home and commenced taking the medicine.

I learned that Philip's folks are nearly all sick. In fact, the Dr. and his wife came along with me as far as Elkville. They were going to Philips to stay over night.

Abe Millhouse is here painting.

Gim & Johnson were plowing for wheat for themselves.

August 18, 1870 Thursday

Foggy and also cloudy in the morning. Had appearance of rain but cleared up toward evening and had a very nice afternoon. Cinda was up and washed for Emmaline. I was laying around feeling quite bad. I was very bad off for a couple of hours to day. I was taken when I was out. It was some time before I recovered sufficiently to get to the house. I soon get some better but still felt very poorly the balance of day.

Abe Millhouse put in the day painting. Gim and Johnson were breaking for wheat for themselves.

August 19, 1870 Friday

Warm and nice out doors and pleasant enough in the house were it not for the flies and they are a great pest and an everlasting enemy to man and beast. I am still complaining. I am feeling very bad. I went over to see the doctor again. Mattie went with me. We got back before noon. I eat a little dinner to day but it did not seem to agree with me.

Abe Millhouse is engaged graining doors etc.

Gim & Johnson plowed for themselves.

August 20, 1870 Saturday

Some cooler on account of a light rain we had last night. Quite a pleasant day this. I don't know but that I feel some better to day. Still have those sick spells occasionally. Jake Millhouse stopped with us last night. He took breakfast with us this morning and then went back over to Hirams, I supposed. Gim and Johnson are still breaking for wheat. They are working for themselves.

Abe Millhouse finished graining doors etc. to day. He went home in the evening after having finished his day. Dr. Babbit and wife were here on a visit in the evening. They took supper with us. The doctor left some medicine for Mollie. She is not very well.

August 21, 1870 Sunday

Pretty cool this morning. We did not get up very soon. We were up some with Mollie last night. She had a bowel complaint and I think has some fever also. We commenced giving her some medicine left for her by Dr. Babbitt.

Ella and Mattie went up to Sunday School. They came back in Arths wagon.

Rebecca came here about dinner. She remained with us nearly all the evening.

William, Laura & Georgia (looks like Georgia but as William had a son named George, it may be Georgie... last letter was right on edge of page-gp) were here a while in the afternoon. Also John Laughlin. Philips in passing merely called at the gate.

I am still feeling poorly and not able to be around much.

Our little colty got hurt very bad to day.

August 22, 1870 Monday

The nights are cool and days warm. The day was clear and wind stirring from the south. I am still sick though able be around. I went up to Elkville. I saw the doctor there. He gave me some medicine to take. I came home and commenced taking in it.

Abe Millhouse did not come until about 8 A.M.. He worked at putting on plaster board. Little Mollie is not well to day. Lucy came up on train this morning. She was away all last week.

August 23, 1870 Tuesday

Getting quite warm, also a little dry. Need a shower of rain. I feel some better to day. Hope I am going to get well now. I helped Abe put on plastering board part of day. I went over to Foxes in the evening went to take summons to office. I left it with Harvey

Mattie and Mollie are both very near sick. Doctor called in to day and gave Mattie medicine.

Curen Vanpelt was here he invited all of us down to Arths to a party.

August 24, 1870 Wednesday

Quite a warm morning. It was very warm last night. We were up some last night giving medicine to Mattie. Lucy got up at 3 this morning. She got breckfast early so as Emma and I could go to DuQuoin. We went up on the train. We went to Andrews, got breckfast again. We got our wall paper, came on train got home a little before 12. After dinner Emma, Mollie & Ella went down to Arths to Currens in fair. After they came home Emma & Mattie went to Elkville. At night, Lucy, Becca and she went down to Vanpelts to the play.

August 25, 1870 Thursday

Getting somewhat dry. We begin to need rain. I was helping put on plastering board and stripping the cracks with canvass. Abe papered the N.E. room up stairs to day. Emma and Lucy cut up some apples to dry. Jack got wagon and helped gather in some apples. Cinda & Johnsons wife are getting some to dry on the shares.

We finished putting plastering board to day.

Gim pulled some fodder yesterday in piece by his house.

I wrote letter to Haywood of DuQuoin in regard to mistake he made in wall paper.

August 26, 1870 Friday

Rather warm again. I am suffering some from severe cold and pain in head. Think it is pneuralgia pain or something else. I was engaged putting on strips of canvass covering the cracks in plastering board. Abe is papering - he finished all the rooms up stairs to day. The paper that I sent for S.W. room up stairs came today. Emma went up to Castletons to Quisting (? maybe quilting?) I went up to Elkville late in the evening. I came back with Emma in buggy. Abe went over to Philips to put in some window lights. Phililp was here in the morning.

August 27, 1870 Saturday

Continues pretty warm and dry. Flies are getting very severe on man and beast. Scarcely anything can rest for them only at night. Our little colt that got hurt is some better or at least appears to be better. Abe is engaged papering sitting room to day.

The women are scrubbing and moving in to new house. Indeed it might be said that we moved into our new house to day.

Hope we may all have health and long life to enjoy it and that we may ever praise our Heavenly Father for his kindness and mercy towards us in the past and pray that He will keep us from all harm in the future.

August 28, 1870 Sunday

Wind in the south with some indications of rain. We slept in our new house last night for the first time. We all had a good nights rest. Lucies beau was up last night . He went back on the down train last night. We all went up to Sunday school in wagon. Lucy did not come back with us. She went with some others up to North school house to meeting. She came back about 2 P.M.

In the evening Emma and Lucy went off in buggy. They went over to Emma's mothers. Ella, Mattie & I went down to Williams a little while in the evening.

Old Brindle dropped calf to day.

August 29, 1870 Monday

Cloudy and trying to rain. Wind in north and colder. It turned cooler last night in fact a cloud came up last night and blowed pretty smartly- also a little shower of rain fell- but only enough to lay the dust or barely that. I am working about first at one thing then another. I took up some corn to Mill did not get any meal but got 100 lbs flour. Got home about noon. In afternoon we gathered in some apples. Gim pressed out some 3 presses cider. Jack was helping us all day.

Gim helped 1/4 day only. Abe Milhouse papered our parlor to day. This finished new house except chimney. He put in bal of day painting on old house.

August 30, 1870 Tuesday

Quite cool last night. Almost cold enough for frost. We commenced in the morning to boil cider to make apple butter. Gim and Jack made cider. The woman folk pared apples. I went up to Elkville in forenoon and in afternoon I done a little ceiling in old kitchen. We commenced stirring apple butter about suppertime and we did not finish until 12 o'clock at night. Rebecca was over and helped us with apple butter. Abe Millhouse was painting on Old house.

We are getting pretty dry want rain soon would like some now.

August 31, 1870 Wednesday

Warm days also in fore part of nights but in the after part of nights it gets quite cool. Still dry an dusty. Emma went over with Rebecca home. Rebecca is going to make apple butter to day. Coldwell (col) came over for kettles and cider mill.

I went up to mill in forenoon Got back about 12 o'clock. Emma & Mattie went up to station and from there they went up to Doc Babbitts for medicine for Mollie. She has such a bad breaking out. I was about the house taking care of Mollie. Late in the evening I helped Jack mend frame for hauling cord wood. Gim and Jack commenced hauling cord wood this morning. Abe painted on old house

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