Genealogy Trails

Jackson County, Illinois


March 1, 1870 Tuesday

Gim and Lockhart were making fence. They hauled out the rails in forenoon & made fence in afternoon. We haltered my 2 Foulk fillies this morning for the first.

I went down to Williams in the evening to see about going to DuQuoin to get some oil etc. to paint hives. Rebecca was over to day. (I was wondering what he meant by Foulk fillies. There is a breed of draft horse known as Suffolk...maybe these fillies are of that breed??-gp)

March 2, 1870 Wednesday

Up pretty early started to DuQuoin but missed the train and did not go. Emma went up to Elkville in buggy A.M. and in the afternoon Emmy & I went up in buggy. We came back by Josiah's. Lizzie is not so well to day. Sarah Hackney came home with us.

I went late in the evening to John Davies. Rec'd 135 rails for which I paid $1.70.

Gim and Lockhart hauled some rails & stakes, also made some fence in afternoon. Gim found my boar and brought him in. Abe Millhouse came here at noon and painted hives in afternoon.

March 3, 1870 Thursday

Up quite early this morning. Went to Elkville and took the train for DuQuoin. Got some linseed oil and some other articles and came back on the freight. It commenced snowing about 10 A.M. Snowed very heavy for an hour or so and then turned into raining. Was a very disagreeable day. I saw Sam & Andrew Pyle at Elkville to day. They were buying cattle. (Sam Pyle is the 1st cousin of Edward. He is the son of Hiram & Catherine Dry Pyle. Hiram was the brother of Sarah Pyle Schwartz, Edward's mother. Andrew Pyle is Edward's 2nd cousin and was married to Barbara Pyle, his 2nd cousin and Sam's sister. Andrew is the son of Abner Pyle Jr., son of Abner Pyle who was the brother of John Pyle, Edward's grandfather.-gp) Emma went up to Elkville in buggy to meet me when I came back from DuQuoin. Gim & Lockhart made some fence in forenoon. Gim did not work for me in afternoon. Millhouse got through painting about 9 A.M. Rebecca came home with Emma from town to day.

March 4, 1870 Friday

Rather a disagreeable day. Cloudy & quite sloppy underfoot. Wind was pretty high and in N.W. I went up to Elkville to back some oats for W. A. Sanders, Carbondale. _____25 bush. and sewed the bags up good. I did not get back home until after one P.M. I got boot mend up at town to day.

Maggie Laughlin came back to day from her trip up north.

Gim & Lockhart were engaged all day making & staking fence. Emma went over to see Lizzie Josiah who is still sick. (I noticed he often refers to a woman as if her last name were her husband's first name. When he writes Lizzie Josiah, he means Lizzie, Josiah's wife. Josiah is Edward's brother.-gp) She came by school house and little girls home.

Dean & Pete got some hay over at Eddie's place to day. Pete 1/2 ton, Dean 1/4 ton.

March 5, 1870 Saturday

Clear in forenoon. Got some what cloudy in afternoon. Old man Anderson (col) came up & we killed hog for him. It weighed 169 lbs @ 9 cts = $15.20. He got team to haul hog home. He brought back load Guggles. I paid him in all $18.50. He sold me 1500 rails @ $1.25 per hundred.

Gim & Andy worked with filly nearly all day. She was very bad to handle. I helped them some in afternoon.

I went to Elkville in forenoon to see about shipping oats to W. A. Sanders in Carbondale. Late in the afternoon I went over to Eddie's farm to see Finch but he did not come up to day.

March 6, 1870 Sunday

Cold & quite disagreeable. Rained some little last night. Cloudy to day. Emma went in forenoon to Josiah's. Lizzie is reported not to be any better. Emma came home about 1 P.M. After dinner I went over to Josiah's. Lizzie thinks she is some better. I left there about sun down and came on home.

We are having some severe weather for the time of year. Indeed it is a very disagreeable time on account of so much mud.

March 7, 1870 Monday

Ground is pretty hard frozen this morning. Some what cloudy and wind in North. Got very near clear towards night. Gim & Andy hauled rails today. I went up to Elkville took some eggs & got some sugar.

I did not get back until near one P.M. After I got dinner, I went back to Elkville. Bill Laughlin ( it is said) was married yesterday or the day before.

There was a drummer at Hiram's & Sam's store to day with sample of hats & bonnets etc.

Took jack mule up to stable at Gim's.

March 8, 1870 Tuesday

Another pretty cold morning. Cold wind from the north all day.

Rather disagreeable weather for the time of year.

Emma went to Elkville for her New Ret Dress. (does he mean "red"-?gp) I took care of Mollie until she returned.

A strange woman was here to hire her boy to me. I did not want him.

Gim & Andy hauled rails & stakes from down about Pete's.

I wrote a letter to Uncle Ulysses Pyle in reply to his in which he proposed to buy my land in Mo. for Uncle Octavius.

I went down to Williams for some seed oats got 8 1/2 bushels of the Lancaster kind. I then went up to Elkville.

(According to a history I have on the Pyles, The Pyle-Pile Family in America, be Herbert Peck, three of the Pyle brothers, Octavius, Ulysses & Cortez, left S. IL for Mo. sometime after 1851 when their father, my 4th great grfather, John "Jack" Pyle died. Mary, their mother went with them and made her home with Octavius. They bought up a bunch of prairie land in Worth Co. MO. The Pyle brothers sold a lot of this land to friends and relatives in S. IL. Two brothers named Allen bought up some of this land and founded the town of Allendale where the Pyles then made their home. Apparently, Edward Schwartz was also one of the the folks back home who purchased some of this land. Octavius Pyle was an M. D. He moved his family to Montana for a while after the Civil War ended but returned to Allendale and was killed in 1895 by being thrown from his buggy when his horses bolted. Cortez died in 1896. I don't have a date of death for Ulysses but he died in Kansas.-gp)

March 9, 1870 Wednesday

Cold in the morning & ground pretty hard frozen. Big frost.

Skinner, Williams & I all went down to Murphysboro to transact some business before the county court. We took dinner at Burr House.

I bought of D. O. Fain $38 in county orders, Pd. 80 cts. to the dollar. We took the orders or rather he & I bot $100.00 worth

together and I am to have $38 of that amt. I paid $30.40 for $38.00.

Gim & Andy hauled each a load stakes & then staked fence the rest of day. Old Maneria Akin washed for Emma to day. "Abe" Millhous was here & painted hives again (to day). I borrowed of William Schwartz $10.

March 10, 1870 Thursday

Wind in south & warmer. This is a real Spring day. I was about home very near all day working first at one thing & then at an other. Emma & I set out some replants, etc. I went to Elkville in forenoon. Borrowed $5 from H. Schwartz & Bros. Pd. Abe Millhouse for painting bee hives, $3.75. I came back home about noon.

Mrs. Savitz was here for some shrubbery.

Gim & Andy hauled out manure in field & in garden and done some other little work. They raised early potatoes & put them in apple house.

March 11, 1870 Friday

Cloudy with appearance of rain. Ground is drying very fast. I was engaged most of the day in helping to make garden & clean up the rubbish thereabouts. I went up to Elkville in afternoon to help William weigh his fat cattle.

When I got back home I learned that Jessee Crow had been up to see me but had went back home again.

Gim & Andy were engaged most of day making garden for Emma. In the latter part of the day they were cleaning of a piece for the purpose of setting out strawberry plants.

I paid Wm. Schwartz back amt borrowed on the 9th inst. ($10)

March 12, 1870 Saturday

Warm and cloudy, showered a little on yesterday evening. Commenced again this morning but soon cleared up some what notwithstanding it again thickened up & commenced blowing & raining pretty heavy. Wind shifted to west & north west and came down pretty cold

Emma & I went over to Bent Gills sale. There was not much sold of what was offered & not much offered for sale. We did not stay at sale very long. We came back home. "Sam" Pyle $45/. Bal of note he owed me.

Andy spaded some in garden, shucked corn etc. Gim done nothing for me.

March 13, 1870 Sunday

Quite cold this morning. Snowed some last night. Ground froze pretty hard. Cloudy nearly all day. Emma went over home with her mother who came here yesterday. Rebecca & Emma came back by school house where preaching was expected to be but no preacher came & they came on home. After dinner, Andy & I went over to Josiah's. He came on back & I went from there up to mothers where quite a lot of youngsters had collected. From there I came on home. Emma had gone down to Williams for Ella & Mattie. They went down this morning to spend the day.

March 14, 1870 Monday

Ground froze some again last night. Cloudy with wind in the south & quite damp & chilly. Rained a little in the morning, thundered considerably in the afternoon. Think we will have a big rain.

We put up some fattening hogs in close pen near house. Gim & Andy then went to gathering up old rails where we had been resetting fence. After which they went up lane to repair fences & to reset stakes. In afternoon they fixed up lot fence beside of orchard. I went up to Elkville. Paid hiram Schwartz & Bro. $5. amt borrowed on the 10th inst.

Mattie Jackson was here to get summer school. Gim only put in 3/4 day. Pink heifer had calf last night.

March 15, 1870 Tuesday

Snowed some last night, is still snowing some this morning. Quite cold & wind in west. Ground is freezing- very uncomfortable to be outdoors. The wind is piercing cold.

I was housed up about all day.

Andy did not do much of anything only fed & chop a little fire wood.

Hie Birdsong's brother-in-law was here to get a place to make a crop. A young man was here (who did not appear very bright) to hire to work.

Gim did not work for me to day.

March 16, 1870 Wednesday

Last night was a singer for cold. To day is cold & blustery, snowed nearly all day. Very disagreeable out doors. Wind appears to pierce a fellow right through.

I went down to William's in forenoon. Got dinner there. William & I settled up all past transactions except some bran & ship stuff I borrowed of him and expect to pay it back on settlement. I fell in his debt $6. which amt. I paid him in cash this day. In afternoon I went to Elkville. Took some 8 3/4 lbs. butter to Mrs. Miller.. She pd. me $2.65. I paid Mr. Patton 20 cts for shop work (blacksmithing). Gim hauled load wood to day. Andy did nothing but feed & shuck a little corn.

March 17, 1870 Thursday

Extremely cold last night. Commenced moderating this morning and against noon much of the frost had gone out of the ground. Gim & Andy were engaged breaking down corn stalks in forenoon and in afternoon they hauled each a load of shock corn from Eddie's place.

I was about the house not doing much of anything in forenoon and in afternoon went out buying turkeys for Emmaline. I bought 2 of Adelia Adkins. paid $1 a piece came by Elkville home.

Rebecca came here at noon. She & I went over to debates. I was installed Resident of the Society. Some 3 of the Carbondale fellows were up to debate.

March 18, 1870 Friday

Very light freeze last night. Clear in morning but got some what cloudy toward night. Warm over head but ground is very cold. Fine time for bad colds.

Andy Lockhart my hired hand went off this morning. He got tired of work & I got tired of him so by mutual consent he left.

Gim & Jack worked about 1/2 day each for me. They hauled shock corn. Emma went home with Rebecca & then went to Geo. Houses. She got back before noon. In afternoon she went to Scott Adkins for turkeys. I started to go down to Birdsongs but met with him at William's and went no further.

March 19, 1870 Saturday

Warm & cloudy. Wind in South. Appearance of rain. Gim & I went down to Deans (col) in forenoon for sow & shoats. Did not get the shoats. We worked the wild Fouke filly down there and back. She did very nicely for the first time hitching up.

Emma all the children & I went up to Elkville towards evening. We got Ella & Mattie each a pr. new shoes.

Hie Birdsong's 2 brother-in-laws were up to get a place to make a crop at. I partly consented to take one of theirs in.

March 20 1870 Sunday

Cloudy with every appearance of rain in forenoon but cleared up and we had a nice afternoon. We stayed at home until after dinner. We then went over to mother's and when we got there we learned that Eddie Kimmel got his arm fractured by a horse falling down with him. We was up at "Ikes" so I went up there to see him. Found him resting well. I went back to school house, where Mr. Hackney delivered a lecture after which we came home.

March 21, 1870 Monday

Little cool in the morning. Clear and very fine. A few days like this will make the ground in a condition to sow oats. Emma & Ellen went up to Horatio's. Emma bought turkey hen from Mrs. Lipe. Rebecca came over to take care of children. Mrs. Whorton her 2 children & Ett Patton were here to day. They went away before Emma returned home. I was engaged very near all day fixing a place for my bees. I intend to move them south of Apple House in a few days.

Gim broke some ground west of garden for corn for himself.

March 22, 1870 Tuesday

The sun rose beautiful this morning the rays of which soon dispelled the frost that was deposited on "Old Mother Earth" last night.

I was up pretty early this morning & moved my bee hives (9 of them) to new stand erected south of apple house. I was about the house in forenoon fixing up things generally. Hie Birdsong's brother-in-law came up this morning to fix up the Dean house so as he can live in it. Gim went out in woods, he brought back a few sassafras poles for grape vines. In afternoon he burnt off grass & then helped me set out strawberry plants. Emma went for Old Maneria she put up the ashes and is going to make soap for Emma. Gim put in about 1/2 day for me.

March 23, 1870 Wednesday

Clear pleasant but not very warm. Gim & Jack commenced plowing for oats for me. They worked for me all day. The Darkey that is going to crop with me moved in to Dean house to day. I let him have team to move his things over from station. He got our old cook stove to day for $12.

Hie Birdsong got some 1400 lb. hay over at the Finch stacks.

I went to Carbondale. Bot cook stove at Atkinses Tin Shop for $25.53.. I went to see "Lon" Sanders. He did not pay me for the 25 bushels oats I shipped to him.

Emma & Old Maneria made soap to day. I left with Gim McCollum of DeSoto $25 to be pd. by him to Dr. Redd. CASH. ("CASH" was written in very large letters at bottom of page as if he were peeved that he had to pay him. Edward made comment earlier in journal that he didn't know why he owed it to him.-gp)

March 24, 1870 Thursday

Nice and clear. Fine weather for plowing & sowing oats. Gim & Jack finished plowing in piece above Gim's house North of lane. I sowed part of it to day in Surprise oats. Jack harrowed for me in P.M.. Gim plowed for himself about 2/3 day & the balance of he day he worked for me. Jack helped me about 3/4 day. Johnson (col) commenced plowed for oats today. I went up to station at noon. My stove came but none of the vesels. I went over to black smith shop and to Lancasters. Got my bbl at the latter place. Emma & Old Maneria are making soap to day again. Old Geo. Thompson came back to day.

March 25, 1870 Friday

Cloudy & warm. Finished sowing surprised oats. Gim & Jack harrowed them in and finished about 11 A.M. I killed 2 hogs. Johnson & Jim (col) helped. Let Johnson have 282 1/2 lb port & Gim 18 lbs @ 9 cts. I went to Pelcers for scales in afternoon. I sowed some oats for Gim & went up to station for cook stove. Mr. Stevenson came here to buy spare mules. He stopped over night with us. Little Mollie was pretty sick to day. The old man made Emma chicken coop.

March 26, 1870 Saturday

Rained some to day. Mr. Stevenson remained here until about 10 A.M.. He & I then went up to station. He got on freight train for home. I sold spare mules to Stevenson, Pollack & Co. (Took their note payable one day after date in good lumber such as they saw at their mill) for the sum of two hundred & ninety dollars.

March 27, 1870 Sunday

Sam Jenkins & Lady were here for dinner to day. Hiram also. Emma went to see her sick mother. Uncle Hiram (Pyle-gp) & Aunt Katy (Catherine Dry Pyle-gp) came here with William & Sally. I went over to Josiah's. (William is his brother William Schwartz. His wife "Sally" is Sarah Kimmel, daughter of Henry & Rosannah Kimmel. Sarah is the sister of Jacob Kimmel whose obituary Lucy writes of in her journal. Also sister of Ike Kimmel that Edward frequently mentions and the aunt of Eddie Kimmel.-gp)

March 28, 1870 Monday

Some frost this morning. Cloudy most of the day & rather chilly. Has all appearances of rain again. I went over to hear Bro. Vogle preach last night. Hiram & Aunt Katy (Pyle-gp) went over also.

In the morning we were engaged in altering calves. Jim, Jack, & Johnson (all col) helped after which Gim & Jack went for load wood for Jim. (all along he has spelled Jim with a G, now he uses a "J"- he changes spellings of names often as if he isn't sure which way is the right way to spell it -gp) Johnson went to sowing oats & I went up to Elkville. Miller (col) came up to work for me to day. He took up to set out again some osage plants. In afternoon I went to blacksmith shop to get neck yoke mended after I got back, I went to Mill. Paid P. Kimmel for lumber in full up to this date. Hiram & Eddie came over for wagon & bone. The old carpenter was fixing up things about house. Pd. Bro. Vogal $10. on subscription.

March 29, 1870 Tuesday

Nice in forenoon but clouded up in afternoon. Gim & Jack went to sowing oats for Gim. Johnson went to harrowing in his oats.

I went to Old Manuels for tobacco. Came by station. Got a letter to ship mules on freight to Stevenson Pollock & Co. Came home got mules, went up to station. Got mules on car and then came home. Onstott sent one Bu. Norway oats to me to day. Miller (col) finished settng out osage plants and he then sprouted apple trees, washed harness, plowed up potato patch etc. etc.

Ella being pretty sick, I went for Dr. Babbit in the evening for her. He left medicine for her to take during the night.

March 30, 1870 Wednesday

Cloudy damp weather with appearance of rain. Miller (col) cleaned out stable in A.M. I helped him some also. Gim & Miller hauled load shock corn. A.M. I got team from William to harrow in oats & Miller harrowed them in. We also planted our early potatoes. Miller helped Gim harrow in oats about 1/4 day P.M.

Ella is still sick with the fever. The Dr. was here again to see her in forenoon. Jake Milhouse came here in evening. He stopped with us all night. He is going to build a house for me this summer if all goes right.

March 31, 1870 Thursday

Wet & cloudy, rained some last night and is misting of rain this morning.

Ella is better this morning. She rested very well last night. The Dr. was to see her to day. Thinks she will get along now. I did not do much to day was in doors most of the time.

Emma went over to her mothers & to Quigleys. She says her mother is better.

Jack rode Flora. He & I went over to station came back around by William's house. Gim got team to go to mill.

Old Carpenter went down to William's to make more bee hives.

April. 1870

April 1, 1870 Friday

Wet and disagreeable. It has been cloudy for several days and is still cloudy. Ella is up and about again. Emma went up to

Elkville in the forenoon and I in afternoon. In forenoon I was preparing a valedictory for the society. Gim and Jack are plowing and sowing oats. Johnson sowed some oats in a field towards Frank (can't read). Harvs Miller did not work for me today.

April 2, 1870 Saturday

Misted of rain nearly all day. Rain right down towards night. Gim helped me spay some shoats in forenoon. I got Miller to harrow in oats for Gim. He quit about 10 o'clock A.M. Johnson hauled load wood in forenoon and in afternoon Gim hauled a load. Johnson got 2 shoats of me for which he paid me $5.

Jack rode Flora over to store. I went with him. Came home by William's.

Jack and I killed hog & cleaned it just after dinner.

We all went over to witness the closing exercises of the Elk Prairie Debating Society. Ella & Mattie did not come back with us.

April 3, 1870 Sunday

Cloudy and rather cool though got warmer in afternoon and somewhat cleared up.

Ella & Mattie stayed over at their Grandmother Schwartz's last night (Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp).

After we got breakfast and done up the other work, we went over after them. We got dinner at Mother's and stayed there until pretty late in the evening- we then came home.

April 4, 1870 Monday

Some little frost this morning. Clear but not very warm yet pleasant. Johnson and I were engaged setting out strawberry plants in the forenoon. In afternoon he set out and I went to election of school directors. Phil. Kimmel and Hiram Swartz (his brother) were re-elected. Gim finished sowing oats today. School commenced in our district today, Miss Mattie Jackson, teacher.

April 5, 1870 Tuesday

The nights are pretty cool, some frost of mornings. Edward is pretty sick- has been feeling bad 2 or 3 days. I went up to see Dr. Babbit about his case. Said he would call tomorrow. I was about home near all day. I fixed place for Rees north of shop. I was over in the morning to see Jake Millhouse about sending off Bill for lumber. Hiram sent Bill today. Geo. Young was up at station with lot cattle & hogs he bought of Sid Snyder. Gim and Miller hauled in stack hay also one load shuck corn. Johnson (Col.) finished sowing oats today.

April 6, 1870 Wednesday

Some little frost this morning. Clear and most beautiful day. Were setting out peach trees today. Gim broke the ground. also helped set out some, Miller helped until noon. Johnson helped in afternoon. Emma was quite sick all last night, is still sick to day. Dr. Babbit was here and left medicine for her. Rebecca and Maggie Quigley were here and got dinner for Emmaline and the rest of us. In the afternoon, Maggie Jenkins was up to see us. Little girls went to school.

April 7, 1870 Thursday

Warm. This indeed was a very fine day. Grass is beginning to shoot up. Emma is still sick. I went up to station, got some medicine from Dr. Babbitt for her. Gim and Johnson set out peach trees all day. I helped them some in forenoon. Nan Morgan came here today. She is going to stay with us awhile. Mary Davis came over and done up the work for Emmaline as she was too sick to work any herself. Sally was here in the evening to see Emmaline.

(Sally is probably Sarah Kimmel Schwartz, wife of Edward's brother William. I wonder if her sickness is related to her new pregnancy. At this point she is about 1 month pregnant.-gp)

April 8, 1870 Friday

Cloudy - fine growing weather. Emma is sick yet. No better today. Dr. Babbitt was here in afternoon to see her. Emma's mother come over this morning. Walt Maginnis came here. He and I went over to Dick Harrises to see the filly that he is working of mine. Johnson (Col.) set out peach trees about 3/4 day's for me. Gim plowed a bit for me in the morning, about 2 hours. Rained some in latter part of afternoon. I trimmed some apple trees in afternoon. Turned my cattle in clover field for the first.

April 9, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy and drizzling of rain very near all day. Emma is some little better this morning. She was quite sick last night. I went for Dr. Babbit about 1 o'clock last night. He came down with me. she was better in the after part of night. The doctor came down about noon today to see her again. He thinks she will get along without his coming down any more. Gim hauled 990 (?) hay up to Dr. Babbitt. Johnson hauled himself a load wood. So did Gim. Dick Harris returned filly. She appears pretty quiet. I let Dick have eleven (11) lbs. bacon @ 16 cts. per lb.

April 10, 1870 Sunday

Nice pleasant forenoon. Got somewhat cloudy in afternoon. Ella, Mattie and I went over to Sunday School and to meeting but were disappointed. There was neither Sunday School or preaching. We came home, got dinner after which I took Emma's mother home. Little Mollie went with us. After we got back I went over to Josiah's a little while late in the evening. Josiah's little Ada also William's children were here to see our little girls.

April 11, 1870 Monday

In the morning cloudy and with a sprinkle of rain. Cleared up before noon and was very beautiful. A good shower now would not be amiss. I killed a wild turkey that passed through the field and was making towards the woods. I went over to Pelcers. Sold Sol Morgan 6 shocks fodder for $6. He is to give his note with good security. Old Flem (?) got some hay at Eddie place. I went over to Election after dinner. He and Jo. were re-elected school trustees. I went from there to station and then home. Dr. Babbitt and wife paid us a visit. They took supper with us. Rebecca was here. Her & Nan went up to Elkville. Nan got tooth pulled.

April 12, 1870 Tuesday

Nice sunshiny day. Fine growing weather but rather dry. Oats are coming up fine. Peach trees are out in full bloom. I went down to Lemmings (?). Engaged him to get out some huge timber for our new house. I went down to timbered farm, straightened up some peach trees then came home. In the afternoon, I trimmed some apple trees. Bob McElvain was here to get me to sign order for his chool(?) money. I went with him over to Josiah's and came home by mother's. Bro Hiram got 19 bushels of oats here for seed.

April 13, 1870 Wednesday

Warm wind in south and pretty high. I am not very well today. Went in forenoon over to Addie's place to receive rails. Counted and paid for 208 ($2.60). William came up for some peach trees. I went over to the nursery. While he was taking up trees, I was burning some grass along branch. In the evening, Dick came here for mules. He's going to break them for me. Drs. Wall and Lee of DuQuoin were here to buy cow. I sold Lee our Rose cow for $65. He paid down $30 and will pay balance when he comes or sends for cow.

April 14, 1870 Thursday

Rained some last night and is still sprinkling some this morning. Cleared up somewhat towards noon but clouded up again towards evening and rained a bit. The wind blowed from south very hard all day. I went down to Arth's in forenoon. I went to see if he wanted some peach trees. He was setting some apple trees down where he is going to build. John Davises wife was here for dinner. I did not do much today because I was too sick to work. Eddie Kimmel brought our bell cow home this morning. Oats are coming up finely though they need more rain.

April 15, 1870 Friday

Rained all day. Turned colder in afternoon. Rather a bad time on stock unhoused. I was indoors all day- was sick and part of time in bed. Have a severe pain in head. I took quinine during the afternoon. There was no work going on today on the farm as it was too disagreeable to be outdoors. Gim was kind enough to cut us a little firewood otherwise we would have been "in a fix." Snow commenced falling (I think) about 9 O'clock at night and (I suppose) continued through the night.

April 16, 1870 Saturday

Snow fell last night to a depth of 2 or 3 inches. It stuck to everything it came in contact with. The trees that were out in full bloom and all other trees were literally covered with snow. We fear lest all the fruit is killed as there was a freeze beside the snow. The snow gradually went away and about noon there was but little to be seen. About noon it began raining again, also snow flakes were commingled with the rain. I went up to Elkville to pay my taxes. I also went up to Dr. Babbitt's for medicine for myself. In the evening, quite a snow cloud came up in the west and for some time it threatened to submerge us with snow. Nan went home with Becca in evening.

April 17, 1870 Sunday

Another disagreeable day. Snowed all last night is still snowing this morning some 3 or 4 inches. Would have been 7 or 8 if none had melted while morning. Most of snow went off against noon. Wind in north and cold. Very strange weather for April. We think all the fruit is killed, especially peaches. We were at home all day. Arth and Old man Thompson were here. Old Thompson was here at dinner and indulged with us in our taking of that meal. This was also Easter but nothing unusual was done on that account that we knew of.

April 18, 1870 Monday

Ground froze some last night & tonight, cold this morning. Cloud in forenoon but partially cleared in afternoon and got warmer. I went over to Ikes. Drove sow over there. Emma went up to Elkville in buggy. I went up there to come home with her but she left before I got there. Dr. Smith is at Elkville distributing trees. I got back from town about dinner after which I went over to Pelcers to weigh Dick some hay. I went from there to Ikes. Ike paid off the Pete Gearhart & G. M. Logan note, amt. $14. I then came home. Arth came up & got heifer. He is to pay me for her, $13. He also got some peach trees out of garden.

April 19, 1870 Tuesday

Cloudy and sprinkled of rain. Somewhat cold and rather disagreeable. There is not much going on in the way of farming on account of the could & rainy weather. Our peach crop has been cut off by the recent cold weather.

I went over with little girls to school. I also went to Ikes with Sue__, Gall-bred her to Jack. I then went to Elkville I wrote letter to Penrod at Dongola, came home about noon. After dinner or in afternoon, Emma & I went up to Elkville. Got back home about 5 P.M. The writing school commenced at our school house last night. I did not go for the reason that I have been very near sick for several days.

April 20, 1870, Wednesday

Continues pretty cool. Cloudy in the morning but got clear in the afternoon. I went up to Elkville. My lumber for house came today. I did not get back home til nearly noon or rather afternoon. Gim went to mill, after he came back he hauled a load of old ties, also one load of wood for me. Put in nearly a half day for me. Johnson was plowing again. I went up to Elkville in afternoon. I got some trees from Dr. Smith Paid him $6.65. Jack went over to Dick's late in the evening for me.

April 21, 1870 Thursday

This indeed was a lovely day. The sun shined out warm and bright. We were up pretty early. After breakfast I went to Elkville to unload car of lumber. Dick Harris and Jack Edington (Col) helped. We got through against noon. In afternoon, Jack Edington cut stove wood and Dick hauled two loads of old ice from R. road. Late in the evening, Dick, Jack & I set out a couple of dozen peach trees in Old orchard.

Gim worked for me in forenoon. Then plowed our garden. He worked about 1/3 day.

Old Barbie sow dropped 4 pigs out of boar that died with cholera or the one I got up toward Sparta.

April 22, 1870 Friday

Warm. Some appearance of rain. Wind in the south. This indeed is fine growing weather.

I was engaged in the morning setting out some apple trees. Also a few dwarf ________ in garden besides a few other trees ( 1 white pine, 1 Norway spruce and 2 goose plum) all in the garden.

Emma, Mollie and I went over to her mothers (Rebecca Kirksey Reno- gp). We stayed until after dinner. I brought home some cherry tree sprouts. Set them in fence corners of old orchard.

Late in the evening I helped Emma make garden.

April 23, 1870 Saturday

Another very fine day. Warm - good growing weather. I went down to Pete's & Hie's in forenoon. Got back before noon. Cousin Erastus Pyle came here today. He took dinner with us after which he went off. (Erastus is a first cousin of Edward, son of Rufus Pyle who is the brother of Edward's mother Sarah Pyle-gp) I with the assistance of W___ transfered some bees to the American Bee hives from an old box hive.

I went up to Elkville late in the afternoon. Got some medicine for Emma (who is sick today) from Dr. Babbitt.

I went up to church at night. Bro. Wharton, a young man from Carbondale preached a very interesting sermon.

April 24, 1870 Sunday

Warm with appearance of rain. "Nan" Morgan left here today. Emma went for Maggie Quigley. She came with her in buggy. We were out at the organization of our Sunday School. Hiram was elected superintendent out again. The 2 little girls & I took dinner at my mothers (Sarah Pyle Schwartz-gp) Emma went to her mothers (Rebecca Kirksey Reno-gp) and got dinner. Bro. Wharton give quite a lecture to the Sunday today.

April 25, 1870 Monday

Warm & Cloudy. Sprinkled occasionally of rain during the day.

I was engaged in forenoon sawing off the under limbs of large apple trees. Directly after dinner, I went up to Elkville, took "Bill" Byarses Horse Doctor Book home. After I came back home, I went to trimming young apple trees south of house and worked at that very near all evening.

Sam Long came here early for 40 cts. worth of meat. Let him have a piece for that amt. Gim & Johnson commenced laying off course ground today.

April 26, 1870 Tuesday

No exception could be taken to this day. It was delightful throughout. I went over to mill and to Elkville in forenoon. After I came back worked about the house and trimmed some apple trees & so on. Late in the afternoon, I went over to Josiah's (his brother-gp) to help him spay a few hogs. Came home and went over to Writing school at night. Rebecca was here (Emma's sister-gp) and went over with me. Mrs. Colman from Grand Tower, Emma's Cousin, came here this evening. She is on a visit.

April 27, 1870 Wednesday

Wind high and in the south. Warm most of the day. It rained pretty hard in the evening. I went to see Dick to get him to work for me. He could not come. I also tried to get John Patton but he would not come. After I came home I went to Elkville - got back about noon. Emma and her cousin went over to the Old Ladies. Emma came back about 2 P.M.

Gim and Johnson commenced planting corn today. This is the first we have planted this year.

In afternoon I was hoeing strawberry plants until it commenced raining.

April 28, 1870 Thursday

Rained about all day, part of the time rain very hard. I took Ella and Mattie over to School. I stopped over at mother's awhile. Got home about eleven. About 3 P.M. I went up to Elkville. Got 2 fish of Ben Wharton. Came by school house for little girls.

Jack and I ______ over mules. I got letter from Dave Penrod, the stud horse man near Dongola, Ill C. R. Road. Gimmy O'Bryan was up for Dr. Knouff. I guess he give bond for his appearance at court.

April 29, 1870 Friday

This truly was a fine day. Every thing in nature seemed to smile and wear a lovely face. We were engaged hauling dirt to fill up where I am going to build new house. Gim, Jack Edington and Ike Cross-Dick's hand-helped.

Emma went to Elkville. She stopped in at Josiah's. Little Ada is quite sick. They had Dr. Babbitt with Ada. The doctor was here today, he came to get small _________comb.

Rebecca Coleman, Emma's cousin, came back here today.

April 30, 1870 Saturday

Somewhat cloudy in forenoon but cleared up towards noon and proved to be a most delightful day.

Gim hauled dirt until noon. He thus quit. I paid him in advance for work $5.00. Jack helped load dirt.

I was engaged scattering dirt over the yard. I went over to writing school at 2 P.M. Then to store. Brought the 2 volumes. I subscribed for of the Life of A. Campbell

I subscribed one scholar to writing school.

I bought and set out cedar tree. Got it of a man by the name of Rushing.

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