Genealogy Trails

Jackson County, Illinois


May 1, 1870 Sunday

Warm and clear. Fine growing weather. We went up to the Sunday School at 9 A.M. Emma's cousin, Mrs. Coleman, is here with us. She also went up with us to Sunday School. We got back home about 11 A.M.. After dinner, Emma and her cousin went over to the Old Ladies and I and little girls went over to Josiah's, Little Ada is sick though she is better than she has been.

We all got back before sundown to our place of abode.

May 2, 1870 Monday

Was a nice day. Everything in the vegetable line begins to look beautiful. I was hoeing some strawberry plants in forenoon. Also went down to Old Manuels for tobacco.

I went up to Elkville in afternoon. I let H. Schwartz & Bro. have $375.20 for which amt they gave me due bill.

Maggie we understand is sick which accounts for her not coming back. Maggie Jenkins was here in the afternoon.

Emma took her cousin, Rebecca Coleman, over to the Old ladies late in the evening.

Gim and Johnson planted corn today.

(when Edward refers to Old Ladies, he is referring to Rebecca Reno, mother of Emma-gp)

May 3, 1870 Tuesday

Cloudy part of day. Some thunder clouds about. A heavy cloud formed in the west and came up in the afternoon but it did not rain much out of it. I had Jack plowing over in piece by strawberry patch. He plowed 1/4 day.

I hoed out strawberry plants in forenoon, and in afternoon I finished plowing piece Jack was plowing in forenoon.

Rain came up and I did nothing more untill milking time.

I went over to School house where awards were to be made for Penmanship. Rebecca came home with me. Emma has been pretty sick today. We sett turkey hen in sheep house.

May 4, 1870 Wednesday

Warm and somewhat cloudy but no rain. Worked some in garden in forenoon. Emma is quite unwell in bed most of the time. Rebecca (her sister-gp) was here last night.

I went up to store in afternoon. Hiram and Sam have gone to St. Louis. I stayed in store awhile. Got home pretty near sundown. Gim and Johnson are harrowing their corn ground.

May 5, 1870 Thursday

Quite warm today. Clouded up in afternoon. Rained some little about dark. I was engaged in forenoon putting out some grape cuttings. I went up to Elkville directly after dinner. I saw the assessor there and I gave in my property. A. Mitchell was down and gave in his town property.

Gim was laying off corn ground and planting some. Johnson was planting his cotton seeds.

Old Mrs. Bernine and her daughter were here. They washed for Emmaline.

Mrs. Coleman came back this morning.

May 6, 1870 Friday

Cooler and wind in West though it changed during the day to south and blew a perfect gale the balance of the day. Nearly clear in forenoon, clouded up in afternoon and sprinkled of rain late in the evening.

I was at home in forenoon hoeing grape vines, current bushes. Emma's mother came here in forenoon. After dinner her and Mrs. Coleman went away. I went to Elkville, unloaded some lumber for Hiram Scwartz & Bros. (his brother Hiram ran a store in town - gp). Some gentlemen had a car load chickens, geese at Elkville. Turned pretty cold towards evening.

Rec'd letter from Cousin Guss Pyle ( this is most likely Augustus Pyle, Edward's first cousin and son of Sarah Pyle Schwartz's brother, Cortez Pyle. Cortez and his family went to Worth Co. MO after the death of his father, John Pyle-gp)

May 7, 1870 Saturday

Cold and wet. Wind in S. West until towards evening it then changed to N. West. Showered occasionally during the entire day. Gim & Johnson helped me hauled logs from over the creek. Some that Mrs. Leming got out for me.

We got through against 4 P.M. They then went to mill. I went up to station about 2 P.M. The bal. of my lumber came today. I unloaded some of it.

Old Jenny had a colt last night, mare colt. Sired by Josiah's colt.

May 8, 1870 Sunday

Nice, pleasant day. We all went up to Sunday School. After Sunday School was over, Uncle Joe Davis preached.

We all went over to Emma's mothers for dinner. The Old Ladie and Mrs. Coleman came home with us. Josiahs came over in afternoon and spent the evening with us.

James Snavits had the misfortune of breaking his leg by a horse falling with him. It occurred up at Hies.

May 9, 1870 Monday

Cloudy and somewhat showery. Wind in the north and pretty cool.

Gim was harrowing over his corn ground. Johnson got my team to haul up some rails on the place he bought or on land he bought of R. road. He brought back 2 sticks of hughed lumber for me.

I went to Elkville to assist in unloading lumber. I got back home about 10 A.M. Emma went up to station with Mrs. Coleman who is going home on 12 o'clock train. I went up to station after I got dinner. I came back with Emma in buggy. Eddie Kimmel took Lucy down to Dongola to breed her to a fine horse. (Lucy was his trotting mare-gp)

May 10, 1870 Tuesday

Continues pretty cold. Wind in north and showery. I went up to station in forenoon. Came home got dinner and then went over to Dave Kimmels to barn raising. It was pretty late before we got it up. I came home and then went up to writing school at night. Emma also went to writing school with me.

Gim was laying off corn. Johnson helped him until noon. He then went down to work on his place.

Eddie Kimmel came back this evening.

May 11, 1870 Wednesday

Still cloudy and showery also pretty cool. I was engaged making cow pen in the forenoon. In afternoon I went down in woods to get a load of guggles. While out I found wild turkeys nest containing eleven eggs. I brought them home.

Pete's gray mare had mule today. Pete was up here for load hay. He got my wagon and one mule to haul it with.

Old Mrs. Bernine and daughter were here in forenoon. Mr. Pelear (?) came here at noon. I went at night to writing school.

May 12, 1870 Thursday

Somewhat cloudy but no rain. Potmison(?) (Col) plowed for me. He first plowed potatoes, then my vines, afterwards apple trees and castor beans south of house.

I went up to station in afternoon. Then came back by Ed Kimmel's place. Let Pelser have balance of stack hay I got of Frank Birdsong. Had been there in the morning for a load of hay.

Gim is planting corn in field south of garden. Was informed that Dr. Hunter's house was burned down yesterday.

I went to writing school at night.

May 13, 1870 Friday

Very nice, clear and some warmer today than for several days past. Johnson is helping me again. We planted the piece over by mill in corn. We plowed out strawberry plants. We got through over there against noon. As soon as I got my dinner I went up to Elkville to get some fish. (Rebecca sent by me for some fish). I brought home 16 1/2 lbs for our own use. Mr. Renfrow, the writing master, stayed here all night last night.

May 14, 1870 Saturday

Warm and very fine. Emma and I went up to writing school at 9 A.M. We got home in time for dinner after which Emma, all the children and I went to writing at 2 P.M. From writing went to mill and to Elkville. I got myself suit of clothes of H. & S. Schwartz store. From town we came home and after supper I went up to J. F Robinsons. Came back by school house and stopped in at writing school after which I came home.

Gim and Johnson helped me work until noon. I paid Johnson $2.00 in full for all work done for me up to this date.

May 15, 1870 Sunday

A most delightful morning, clear and pretty warm. We all went up to Sunday school after which Mr. Holt delivered a short discourse. We then came home and after dinner, Emma went over to Christopher Castleton's to see Mrs. Castleton who is sick. Went over myself late in afternoon and came home with Emma. (notice that Edward spells Castleton with the first "T" where all through Lucy's journal, she spells it without the "T"-gp)

May 16, 1870 Monday

Another very fine day, fine growing weather only we need a shower of rain.. William and I went down to Murphysboro to attend court. I am on the grand X (maybe &) _______ the travis jury. Court adjourned until the 18th ____ in order that everyone who might desire it might attend the laying of the corner stone of the great Normal University at Carbondale on the 17th of this present month.

Gim and Johnson were engaged replanting castor beans and hoeing out castor beans for me.

May 17, 1870 Tuesday

Clear and quite warm. Indeed, it might be said that it was a hot day. Emma and I went up to Elkville, took the excursion train for Carbondale and was present at the laying of the corner stone at the Normal University at that place or that is being erected at that place. There was a great concourse of people numbering some 30 or 40 thousand, so I should think.

A free dinner was given and all, I would think, got as much to eat as was good for their health. After dinner the crowd was addressed by Edward of Bloomington and Allyn of McKendric. We came home safe in the evening. John Reno (Emma's brother) came up with us.

May 18, 1870 Wednesday

Very warm. A light shower of rain is beginning to be needed. William and I went to Murphysboro to attend court. We went in the evening to Frank Wills. We stayed all night there. J. W. Reno was at my house this morning and with us last night, that is with my folks at home.

May 19, 1870 Thursday

Some what cloudy this day. William & I went back to Murphysboro. John Reno (Emma's brother) rode Sucker Gall down to Murphysboro in the morning.

He informed me that Old ___mions Jenny mare got killed on last evening by being goared or hooked by a strange bull which caused almost immediate death.

William and I came home this evening found Emma very unwell yet she was up and about. Her mother was here staying with Emma.

May 20, 1870 Friday

Warm and dry. We begin to need rain. William & I went back to Murphysboro arrived there about 1/2 past 9 A.M. We worked Williams mule in buggy. Put up at Burrs. I was without intermission only at noon, in the grand jury room until about 5 P.M. William & I went out and put up for the night at Cyrus Griffith's. Had some appearance of rain in the evening.

May 21, 1870 Saturday

Continues quite warm. We stopped at Griffith's last night. After breakfast we went back to Murphysboro. Set on the grand jury until noon at which time we adjourned to meet on next Monday at 10 A.M. William and I came home in the evening.

But before leaving I bid in some land sold as the property of Druckal(?) to satisfy a debt coming to me. I paid all the cost which amounted to $27.75. I pd. for Blanchard his fee for tending to the case amt $13.00. Rec'd from Crawford amt pd him to docket the case in commencing the suit $1.

Johnson Col. fixed up gate for me in afternoon for which I paid him 25 cts.

May 22, 1870 Sunday

Quite warm and continues dry. We all went over to Sunday School after which Bro. Young of Murphysboro preached a very able discourse on Paul's conversion. Bro. Lige Anteney(?) came home with us for din. We all went back to school house at 3 P.M. Had a very interesting time singing. After singing we came home, Bro. Malone from toward Liberty came home with us. He came out to take Bro Vogel down to where he lives for the purpose of ___him to the people of that section.

May 23, 1870 Monday

Another warm morning. I went down to Murphysboro. Rode stray mare down that belonged to Worthern (?) My carpenters came this morning to work on my house. Gim hauled some lumber for the workmen from Elkville. He worked about 1/2 day for me. It rained some today. It thundered and lightened very heavy. Eddie Kimmel's mare was killed it is supposed by lightening. I was at Murphysboro when it rained and did not hear that Eddie's mare was killed until the next day.

May 24, 1870 Tuesday

I was at Murphysboro attending court. Stoped last night at the Burr house. I went to the theater a little while last night but left before it got through.

Some watter standing about in holes today in and about town. I remained in the grand jury until about 3 P.M. at which time I was excused by the judge and left for home on R. Road via Carbondale. I paid a little a/c at North & Campbells store of $2.90.I got home a litte before night and found all well. Gim and Johnson were hauling rock for to go under the foundation of house. Milhouse and Vanpelt are making window frames.

May 25, 1870 Wednesday

Not so warm as it was a few days ago. Ground is getting quite dry. We are needing a good rain. I was engaged very nearly all forenoon hoeing strawberry vines.

Emma, mother and I went up to Elkville in afternoon. I got nails for my house. While at Elkville, I helped Wharton raise (?) his house or a part of it.

Milhouse & Vanpelt are still making window & door frames. Gim was plowing in his corn, Johnson was replanting his.

May 26, 1870 Thursday

Quite a pleasant day. Rather dry. We need rain. I plowed potatoes and harrow piece for water melons and other vines, also for pop corn, beans and the like. Rebecca came here directly after dinner. Emma went with her to grave yard to fix up Mason boy's brave.( From cemetery records, I believe this is the grave of James W. Mason who died on 7-31-1862 at the age of 3 years, 7 months and 8 days. He is buried in the Kimmel cemetery. He was the son of Emma's sister whose own death is recorded on Feb. 2, 1870 in this journal-gp.) I went up to Elkville for lumber. Gim helped. We hauled 2 loads. Gim put in about 1/4 day for me. Milhouse & Vanpelt are still working at door and window frames.

May 27, 1870 Friday

Very pleasant weather only it is entirely too dry for vegitation to grow much. Emma and I planted some beans, pop corn, cucumber, water melon and pumpkin seeds along old fence row along side of peach trees.

Kelso came down to fix cistern down at Pete's. After dinner he and I went down and fixed it. I took wagon along & brought back load Guggles. Emma went with me as far as Sam Jenkinses and remained there until I came up out of the woods. I went up to Elkville for load lumber late in the evening. Johnson went with me and helped me load it. I got 24 qts strawberries from McChord at 10 cents a qt.

May 28, 1870 Saturday

Fine time for work because it is some what cool. We need rain but no indication of rain at present. I was hoeing around peach trees and helping Emma pick strawberries in forenoon. In afternoon, Gim helped me tear down chimney. Gim worked about 1/4 day for me. Pete brought my mule home and got his mare. Johnson had my mule team to break up a piece in the wood to put out potatoes. Maggie, Ella & Mattie went up to Elkville. Maggie got her a pr. gaiters at Skinners.

May 29, 1870 Sunday

Continues warm & dry. Rain is very much needed. We all went over to Sunday School and to Bible meeting. The Bible (county) agent was there. He delivered a very good lecture.

After the proceedings of the Bible meeting were over, we went to Emma's mothers for dinner. Philips folks went over also.

As we came back home we stopped in at Ikes a little while. When we got home we found Maggie keeping house by herself. Jake Milhouse came up to be ready for work tomorrow morning.

May 30. 1870 Monday

Getting to be very dry. Continues nice and pleasant. I was engaged most of forenoon taking away chimney.

I went up to Elkville for load lumber. Emma went with me as far as Josiah's and remained there until I returned with load lumber. She then came along home with me.

I went out in evening to ask some hands to help raise my house on the morrow, that is prize up my old house and block it up.

Milhouse and Vanpelt are working at the foundation to day.

May 31, 1870 Tuesday

Warm in the morning. I went out to get some more help to raise old house, higher and block it up. Was helping to register an hour or so at Elkville. Got home about noon, commenced raining just after 12 o'clock and rained after on from that until night. We got the old house up by the assistance of kind friends and neighbors.

Gim & Johnson also helped. Milhouse and Vanpelt were still working at the foundation.

Rebecca Reno & Mrs. Josiah Schwartz were here and helped Emma with supper.

June, 1870

June 1, 1870 Wednesday

Rained very hard this morning. Much water on the ground- all little water courses are full to overflowing. I went up to Elkville to send letter to Chicago about doors, shingles etc. I let Johnson have 1 1/2 bushels wheat @ 1.10 per bushel. He helped me with foundation of new house about 1/4 day (in the evening). Gim helped an hour or so . Vanpelt did not work at house in afternoon. He went to DuQuoin went up to Elkville in afternoon to get strawberries but they did not come in today.

June 2, 1870 Thursday

Warm and clear, fine growing weather. I was engaged very near all day working to lay foundation of new house.

Vanpelt did not come until about 8 A.M. then he and Milhouse framed joist studding etc. Gim & Johnson hauled out manure for me. Johnson was late getting to work. Emma's mother was here to day. I paid her Amt. received for her on Lancaster note, $42.65. Also amt. rec'd from Hugh Crawford, paid on appeal case against Jones et. all. $59.25. Phil (Col) was here and I hired him to work 1 month for me. John Laughlin took supper here this evening. William brought crate strawberries got from McCord for me. [there are several instances where he gives someone's name followed by (Col.). This was his way of denoting that this was a black person -gp]

June 3, 1870 Friday

Still warm. Everything in the vegetable line is growing off finely. Cloudy most of day. Thundered around considerably but did not rain here.

I was working about house, cleaning out shop etc. in forenoon. In afternoon, Emma and I went up to Elkville. I got keg nails, 4 box glass, 32 1/2 lbs. putty, 1 hat ,etc. at H. S. & Bros Store. Pd. Skinner 10 ct for spool thread.

Let Eddie Kimmel have $5.00 to go for Lucy. (His trotting mare which he sent down to Dongola to be bred-gp)

Phil commenced to work for me at $14 per month. Milhouse and Vanpelt were framing, joist studding, etc.

June 4, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy. A heavy cloud in the north passed around to N.E. Rained a good shower here in forenoon. In afternoon a heavy clouds formed in S.W. but did not rain here. Milhouse went home at noon. Vanpelt worked out his day. He repaired my riding coltivater (cultivater?). Gim and Johnson did nothing, only fixed for their meeting which is to be held in the grove near brick yard today and tomorrow.

I was placing some rock for foundation of house and doing some other work about the place. Eddie Kimmel went for Lucy. He went down on train last night.

June 5, 1870 Sunday

Nice and pleasant, not so warm since the shower yesterday.

Maggie went home yesterday. We all went up to Sunday School at 9 A.M.. After Sunday School near all the school came out to Darky meeting held in grove by Brick yard. After meeting we came home. Rebecca, John Rossin & John Bost came home with us. Also Mr. Hackney. (Edward's half brother Sam married a Sarah Hackney in 1870... this Mr. Hackney might be her father...I haven't found yet in the diary his mention of the day Sam and Sarah were married. I got the year of their marriage from an obituary of Sarah my grandma had in her papers-gp) After dinner we all went up to Darkey meeting again. The Sacrament of the Lords supper were partaken of by the members that is the (Col) members of their color. George House and wife came home with us and took tea with us. (This is George and Rachel House..both were dead within three years of this Journal. They were age 45 and 37 respectively at the time of their deaths. George died 8 Sep 1873 and Rachel on 15 Aug 1871-gp) Jake Milhouse came up again.

June 6, 1870 Monday

Beautiful and clear in forenoon. Clouded up in West in afternoon. Milhouse, Vanpelt & I put up the frame of our house today. I went up to Elkville. This was election day - one supreme judge to be elected in this district. Judge Breese was all the candidate in the field.

Maggie Jenkins was here in evening. She stayed and took supper with us after which she went home. Phil (col) was plowing south of house in young orchard.

June 7, 1870 Tuesday

Cloudy and rained during the day. Quite cool for this time of year.

Phil & I went up to Elkville in forenoon for load weather boarding. After we got back, Phil went to plowing. I worked about new house and hoeing in garden. Milhouse & Vanpelt weather boarded some on new house. Emma went over to her mothers to see about getting cow. Rebecca came home with her, she then took Lucy and went went for Nan Morgan. Nan did not come but said she would be here next Saturday. Maggie Quigley left us and went home. (Maggie Quigley was Margaret Quigley,  the daughter of John Wesley Quigley & Elizabeth Kurtz.  She married Wilson Fox in 1872-cld)

June 8, 1870 Wednesday

Commenced to rain last night and continued until noon today. Much water on the ground. Every thing is nearly drowned out. The weather is very cool for June.

Milhouse & Vanpelt worked under shed all day, planning and dressing planks, etc.

Phil did but little today, he went in wood and got some scaffold poles. Gim & Johnson went to Mill. I went up and got them to bring some lumber from grain house.

June 9, 1870 Thursday

Still cloudy and raining some in showers. I was up pretty early this morning. After breakfast I got on train for Tamaroa for repairs for reaper. Came back on freight train, got home in time for dinner.

Shingles and window blinds for new house came today. I hauled them home in afternoon. Emma went with me on wagon for one load. Phil (col) hauled out manure all day. Milhouse & Currency were weatherboarding most of day. Quite a cool day for this season of the year.

June 10, 1870 Friday

Very cool. Cloudy and some rain during the day. I went over to Franks shop to get some smithing done. Blacksmith was not at home so I went to Elkville and got a stranger to fix up some irons for foot of post on porch. I pd. him 50 cts.

Milhouse & Vanpelt were working on house. Weather boarded most of day. Phil was hauling out manure. Gim plowed in field east of barn towards R Road (1 day)

In afternoon I helped on new house and knocked about generally first at one thing and then at an other.

Rebecca was over. She brought a few strawberries...some of the last McCord had.

June 11, 1870 Saturday

Big fog in morning. Cloudy all day. Some warmer in forenoon but turned cooler again in afternoon.

Milhouse & Vanpelt worked at house until about 5 P.M. at which time they quit and went home. John Laughlin was here for dinner. I went down to Arth's in forenoon for 1 bush. potatoes. Arth was not there so I got them ______(looks like "any town"-gp). Gim plowed for me 1.2 day in forenoon. Phil hauled manure off of barn yard all day.

Emma went to store in evening. She expected to find Nan Morgan at station but in this she was disappointed. Nan came late in evening.

Pd. Milhouse $40.

Pd. Vanpelt 15.

June 12, 1870 Sunday

Continues very cool- wet and rainy weather. We seldom have this kind of weather in the summer season. We all went up to Sunday school after which old Uncle Jo Davis preached a discourse from 2 Cor. 1st verse. We then came home. Horatio came with us, also Sam and Maggie Jenkins. After dinner Hiram Schwartz, Dan Glotfelty came. The women went down to Williams and pretty soon Horatio and I followed. We all took supper down there. Horatio went over to Josiahs and we all came home.

John Lidica (John Lidikay 1852-1931 from Jackson Co. cemetery records-gp) (son of John Likiday & Miranda Davis-cld) fell from a swing and broke his leg and otherwise hurt himself, so I heard.

June 13, 1870 Monday

Some are plowing corn today but ground is very wet. Corn is getting foul and turning quite yellow. Cloudy again and sprinkled of rain during the day. Emma & I went over to P. Kimmels to gather gooseberries. We remained there until after diner. I then took Rebecca home, stopped in at my home and then back to Philips, got Emma and went up to Dr. Babbitts. Took supper with them and was after sundown when we got home.

Gim plowed for me nearly 1 day- Phil (col) did not come back today. Pete Grear was up hunting for his boy. Uncle Hiram , Aunt Katy and Dan Gill & wife were down at Elkville today.

(Uncle Hiram is Hiram Pyle, brother of Edward's mother, Sarah Pyle Schwartz. Aunt Katy is his wife, Catherine Dry. The Dry family, along with the Pyles, Wells and Taylors, were among the earliest of settlers in the DuQuoin area.-gp)

June 14, 1870 Tuesday

To day was more pleasant than any we have been having for several days back. Cloudy part of day and sprinkled of rain some but not enough to do any harm. I went over to see Wilson Fox, (1842-1917- buried in west part, the original Kimmel cemetery-gp), did not find him so I came home via the store. Wrote letter and sent it to Dr. Blanchard. Want him to come on next Friday and tend to case between Crow & I. After dinner I did not do much of anything. Pulled off a few sprouts from apple trees. Gim & Jack plowed all day for themselves- Wilson Fox was over to see Gim to notify him to appear as a witness etc.

June 15, 1870 Wednesday

Rained big rains- one in the morning and one in evening. Everything nearly drowned out.

Jake Milhouse came to work on house today at noon. Vanpelt did not come today. Abe Milhouse came in latter part of afternoon. He commenced painting and worked about 1/4 day.

I went up to blacksmith shop to get reaper repaired. I took off all the fingers from the bar also the butt slide and divider. Got something in my eye which caused me much pain.

In afternoon, I hauled down lating from station, made 2 loads.

Phil has not returned yet.

June 16, 1870 Thursday

Very wet so much so as to make it almost impossible to get into the corn fields. I sent Phil, (who came to work again this morning) for Vanpelt- he came but lost about 1/6 of day...came late.

I went with Isaac Kimmel up to DuQuoin. (Isaac Kimmel- Oct. 1,1823-Jan. 8, 1895) I got some work done at machine shop for which I paid $1.00.

Dr. Lee extracted price of iron scale from my eye. It was a very painful operation. He charged $1.00 (paid).

We did not get back until very near or quite sundown. I suffered very much with my eye today.

The 2 Milhouses & Vanpelt were working on house today. They put up rafters etc.

Phil plowed with one mule around my young apple trees in oldest orchard piece.

June 17, 1870 Friday

Notwithstanding the ground is very wet, some are plowing corn and indeed corn must be plowed otherwise the weeds and grass will take it.

I went up to station quite early to send letter to Oustoth (?) &Basher for tin for valleys to roof of new house.

Dr. Blanchard got off of train and came home with me.

I had him to tend to case against Crow before Esquire Crews and got judgment against Crow for the sum of $87.12 1/2 cents. Blanchard left here in the evening.

Blaksmith is fixing up our reaper to day. Jake Milhouse & Vanpelt are here at work. Abe Milhouse left early this morning. Phil plowed in field toward R. Road.

June 18, 1870 Saturday

Ground continues rather wet for plowing corn, yet Gim & Johnson are now in the fields trying to do something in that line.

I went up to Elkville after breakfast. Paid the man (Mr. Sanders) that fixed our reaper ($4.). I got some nails at store and thus came home. Not feeling altogether right on account of my eye being injured. I did not do much balance of day. Milhouse worked all day. Vanpelt quit between 4 & 5 P.M. He got Flora to ride to Paradice Prairie.

We had big rain again in the evening. Came from N.E. course. Hild hoed in garden, etc.

June 19, 1870 Sunday

Quite warm, fine growing weather only rather too wet. Ground is very wet in corn fields. We all went over to Sunday School. After Sunday, we all together with Tuly Rude, Maggie Owen and Rebecca Reno came home got dinner and after dinner went back to school house to singing. We went down to Josiah's a while in the evening. He is sick though better than he was yesterday. It thundered & lightined in the North today but did not rain here.

Milhouse came up this evening so as to be ready to go to work in the morning.

June 20, 1870 Monday

Clear and hot. Hot weather seems to be setting in. I went up to station. Phil went up with wagon. We got our reaper beam etc. also got bbl. lime and 15 lbs. nails from H. Schwartz & Bro. Phil came home with wagon and I went to see Savits to get him to build flew. He came at noon and worked at flew all afternoon. Phil & I waited on him. Phil plowed some corn in forenoon.

Milhouse and Vanpelt were putting on cornish on house. He worked all day on house.

Andrew McElvain, Sam McElvain & wife, Uncle Hiram, John B______ and my mother all came here and stopped in a few minutes in afternoon.

June 21, 1870 Tuesday

This was another very hot day. Clear with some appearance of very dry for a few days at least.

Ben Savits came back this morning and finished flew. He got done before noon and went home. Phil waited on Ben until he finished and then he helped on roof, carried up shingles etc.

Milhouse, Vanpelt and Miller (col) nailed on shingles all day. I helped nail on shingles, also Phil helped some. Emma went over to Pages for one of his girls. One of them came to work her awhile.

Williams went up to picnic to McElvains grave yard. Manda Davidson was here and washed for Elmaline ( don't know why he spelled Emeline that's very clear-gp)

June 22, 1870 Wednesday

Warm, fine growing weather. Josiah and I put together our reaper in forenoon. Phil plowed piece farn over at well. In the afternoon Phil and I hauled from grain house 2 loads lumber (flooring and ceiling).

Milhouse and Vanpelt are still putting on shingles. John (col) helped until noon he then went to plowing for himself.

June 23, 1870 Thursday

Getting extremely hot. I went over to help Josiah and Hiram cut wheat. I helped them til middle of afternoon. I then went out to hunt some hands to help cut wheat. I was down to Hies and Petes. Went to Deuns (?), did not get him. Got home about sun down. Phil Gim, Jack, Johnson,Miller M___Williams and an other white man helped Josiah and Hiram. They finished cutting all their wheat.

Millhouse and Vanpelt were laying floor and finished up the roof. Emma went to Mill with corn to get some meal.

June 24, 1870 Friday

To day was a very hot one. The hands in the farvest field came very near giving out of the intense heat. I was cutting in my wheat today. The following hands helped. Gim, Jack Birdsong, Johnson, Fold Flem, Phil and a strange white boy.

It rained very hard about noon. We had some of our wheat down and not shocked when the rain came up. The wind blowed pretty smartly.

Millhouse and Vanpelt were laying floors etc. Millhouse went home in evening.

June 25, 1870 Saturday

Indeed this was one of the hottest of the season so far. We had a very pleasant afternoon on the account of a very fine breeze and being cloudy. It rained off to the south which cooled the atmosphere to some extent.

Hiram and I cut Gim's and Birdsong's wheat with reaper. We got through a little after supper. C. Vanpelt worked at house until noon. He then left or quit work for the day. I paid him $15. (today) again.

June 26, 1870 Sunday

Another one of the hot days we are having just now in this month. Rained some more and very heavy thundering all around.

We went up to Sunday had a fine turn out today at our Sunday School. Rebecca and Ett Patton came out with us and after dinner we all went up to school house and sang awhile and then we returned home.

A little after dark, I went up to Elkville for the purpose of taking the cars for Carbondale. The down passenger arrived about eleven P. M.

June 27, 1870 Monday

This was another very hot day. Rain some in places. Rain on the Elk. I went down to Carbondale on the down passenger last night. I stopped at Jake Sanderses last night. Got my breakfast there this morning. I had a trial with Jesse Crow before Judge Lemura. It was on a plain note of hand. I beat him. I had Gim Jackson & Clay Dean for witnesses. A man by the name of Monroe Godard got killed by cars at Carbondale today.

I came back home on the evening passenger. Millhouse and Vanpelt worked at house today. Phil plowed corn for Johnson.

June 28, 1870 Tuesday

More pleasant this moring, in fact, nice and pleasant all day. The following hands helped me cut wheat today: Ben Rosin, 2 strange white boys, Gim & Jack, Johnson, Birdsong & Phil. I paid Rosin $1.25, 2 strange boys $1.15 each. We finished cutting wheat for this year about the middle of afternoon today.

After we all got supper, Gim, Phil and I went up to Elkville with 2 wagons to bring lumber etc. I brought down 2 doors, window sash, 1 lb. linseed oil and 400 lb. lead (white).

June 29, 1870 Wednesday

Warm again. Rained some wheres not a thousand miles from here and also here a little.

I was about home very near all day. I went over to Elkville a little while in afternoon. Phil helped Gim plow corn .He plowed with cultivator.

Millhouse & Vanpelt are still working on house.

June 30, 1870 Thursday

Continues warm or rather extremely hot. I was about home all day. The man that was taking the census of the country was here today.

Millhoue & Vanpelt worked again today. Phil was engaged in hoeing out strawberry plants for me. At night, Millhouse, Vanpelt & I went up to Elkville.

It lightened very much in North and north west at night. Emma went down for Mrs. Davidson to come and was for her she could not come she was sick.

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