Genealogy Trails

Jackson County, Illinois


November 1, 1870 Tuesday

Big frost this morning. Nice day. I went to Elkville took some wheat and got some flour. I got some cabbage heads from Hiram. Got 12 1/4 lbs. pork of Josiah.

Emma made our Crout. I hired a young man by the name of Frank Fenner to work a month @ $15. per month. He commenced at noon. Gim & Johnson hauled corn till noon and then helped me get out Buckwheat. Dick came over quite late for mule he came back last Sunday and has been here ever since. Gim Jackson was summoned to attend court in the Crow case.

November 2, 1870 Wednesday

Quite a fine day. Clear and warm. We were up pretty early. Went to Wm's, got fan mill and cleaned up buckwheat. Had about 11 bush finished cleaning till noon. In the afternoon, Frank Fenner hauled balance of dirt our of yard.

Gim and Johnson hauled each a load of wood in forenoon and in afternoon they gathered corn. They took one load up to Elkville late in the evening. Dr. Babbitt and wife stopped in a few minutes in the evening. Fire broke out on the R Road about dark. Frank and I went down but they had stopped it before we got there. Ed Davis came up in the evening. Benj. Savits came for his sand sieve. Birdsong got 1/2 bush apples.

November 3, 1870 Thursday

Clear and very pleasant. Rather cool in the morning but got warm towards noon.

Frank & I went across little muddy for a couple loads juggles. We got back against noon. Frank gathered in the pumkins, pop corn etc. in afternoon. I examined bees etc. We went to Elkville late in the evening worked wild filly up there & back. She went very nicely. Gim and Johnson worked the road- Birdsong had cotton picking. Jack rode Flora down to Birdsongs.

We turned our little colt (Jenny) in wheat field towards R. Road in mine & Gims piece.

November 4, 1870 Friday

Warm and very nice until about dark when wind came in from the North pretty heavy. Thundered & lightened & rain. In the morning I went up to Elkville for hand saw file. Frank cleaned up about the yard. We went over just before dinner for work-bench. In afternoon, Frank filed saw. We then put tin on singles above the flew on old house and nailed on some shingles around chimney to new house. Gim & Johnson did nothing for me to day. They are working the roads this week.

We put our 2 calves in wheat field to day.

November 5, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy. Quite sloppy under foot. Rained enough last night to set the little branches to running.

We were up pretty early. After breakfast, Frank went to fixing up cow stable and fixing up trough to feed cows in. He also cleaned up tomato vines in garden and done some other work about the place. I went to DeSoto. I had trial with Old Nat. Williams. I got judgment against him for $25.

Arth Vanpelt came up from DeSoto with me. Lucy Walker & Emma Vanpelt went to DeSoto in the evening. They went in by buggy.

November 6, 1870 Sunday

Cloudy. Sprinkled of rain in the morning. Emma's mother is here. She came here yesterday. Lucy is at DeSoto but she came back again in the evening.

The little girls and I went up to Sunday school. There was no Sunday School so we went over to my mother's awhile and then came home towards evening. Josiahs came here, they took tea with us then went home. Frank Fenner who went to Paradis yesterday came back this evening.

November 7, 1870 Monday

Warm and quite pleasant. Cloudy part of the day but did not rain. Johnson & Gim gathered corn. Johnson sold and delivered to me 2 wagon loads corn each containing 19 1/4 bushels=38 1/2 bushels. They hauled for Gim in afternoon.

Frank & I hitched up wild filly we had trouble in hitching her up. She nearly beat her head into a polter but we finally got her hitched and went to Elkville for table and some saw dust. Frank and I fixed up gate and done some work to cellar door in forenoon. Gimmie Schwartz came up to day. I saw him at Elkville. I paid him for watch bought of him when we was up before. Paid $35.

November 8, 1870 Tuesday

Thick cloudy all day - and commenced pouring down rain about dark. Wind in the south and very high. Also quite chilly. Gim & Johnson hauled corn for Gim until noon. They then went to Elkville to election. I went to election about 10 and did not get back until about 4. I got dinner at H. Schwartz & Brothers. Frank hitched up wild filly again and went over to saw mill for a couple pieces for cellar stairs. When he got back he set out some onions for Emmaline and in afternoon, he brought Lucy up to town for me to ride home. I came by and got little girls from school. I bought of Bill Williams 2 calves for which I paid him $10.50. Sold Johnson hog, weight 204 lbs @ 7 cts =$14.28. Gim Schwartz was here in the morning.

November 9, 1870 Wednesday

Cleared up this morning about day light. Very pleasant day but pretty cool in the morning. I went down to Arth's in the morning. Got broom and couple plains. Came home and Frank and I worked all day at cellar door (making steps etc.) Gim & Johnson gathered corn all day.

Emma's mother is here- been here some 4 or 5 days.

I went up to Elkville late in the evening. Came home by the way of Josiah's. I got hinges for cellar door. Frank went down to Arth's at night did not get back.

November 10, 1870 Thursday

Big frost in the morning. Ground was frozen some. I did all the feeding by myself. Frank did not get back from Arth's until nearly 10 A.M. After he got back we went to work at cellar door. We very near finished it all up.

"Sam" Arther was here in after noon to see Frank.

Gim and Johnson worked the roads again. Johnson came in afternoon and got team to haul load wood. Williams got one wagon to haul corn from Forters. Pete was up for wagon to haul off cotton - he got old wagon. I sold young barbie sow to Gim for eleven dollars to take it in good corn at 40 cts per bushel. I brought calf home from William's. Emma's mother went home and came again in the evening. (Emma's mother, I recently learned, married Henry Kimmel after the death of Eli at this point she is Rebecca Kirksey Reno Kimmel, twice a widow as Henry died in 1868.-gp)

November 11, 1870 Friday

Thick cloudy in forenoon also sprinkled of rain. Quite cool all day. Cleared up in the evening. The first thing this morning was to butcher old brindles calf. We then worked first at one thing and then at another about the house. Fixed up about cellar door. Took down scaffold at chimney etc. William was here. He got 26 lbs beef. I went up to Elkville in the evening I took piece beef up there let Sam have it. It weighed 26 1/2 lbs @ 7cts.

Saw Wiley Lipe (Oct. 8, 1825-Oct 5, 1915, buried Kimmel cemetery-gp) he is going to have a sale etc. Emma's mother went home to day again and did not come back.

The mules I let Dick have to work came back yesterday or the day before.

November 12, 1870 Saturday

Clear and very pleasant. Turned warm again. We altered calves this morning. Gim had his altered also. We turned them all in wheat field. Gim & Frank hauled 3 loads wood, 2 to Gim and 1 to me. They worked the wild filly. They went up to Elkville in the evening. I went up to Elkville in forenoon. Took Josiah 12 1/2 lb. beef. Saw Pelcer and told him to go ahead and repair fencing around Eddie's farm.

Johnson went to work on cistern for William's, the blacksmith. I paid Gim cash $6.00

November 13, 1870 Sunday

Warm and clear or clear most of the day. We all remained at home in forenoon.

After dinner Frank went down to Arth's for our mules which are missing. All the little girls and I went buggy riding. Went to Sam Jenkinses, then to Williams. Left little girls there. William, Phil Kimmel, Goe Skinner & I went down on the little muddy to where there is a new bridge being built. I came by and brought little girls home. Emma's mother came over in the evening. Ed Davis and Renfro were up from DeSoto. They only stayed a couple of hours. Lightened in the North after night.

November 14, 1870 Monday

Wind in the North and colder. Turned colder last night. Blew quite a gale during part of the night. Arths bull was up here this morning, he came here some time last night. He goared Sucker Gal in the ham, how bad I know not. Frank and I worked at fence between Arth's and I.

In the evening I went up to Elkville to Mill and to store. Saw Uncle Hiram (Pyle-gp) there.

Our little girls, Ella & Mattie went home with Kate Gill to stay all night.

Pete Greer came up this morning he brought wagon home but took it back with him again. He paid me the rent of 1/2 the timber farm, $100.

Gim and Johnson pulled corn.

November 15, 1870 Tuesday

Cold North wind- cloudy and somewhat clear alternately. Regular old snow clouds boomed up in the North at times but did nothing but spit a little snow also a little rain and sleet came mixed with it. I went down to Little muddy to where the new bridge is being built. William went with me. We went down to try to get Striger to build bridge a couple of feet higher. I came home by Elkville. Frank hauled out shavings and also hauled up a few loads cord wood. In afternoon he got out wild filly and got on her but she threw him off. I went out and helped him, I lead the filly he then could ride her.

Turned very cold in the evening. Gim and Johnson hauled off their cotton.

November 16, 1870 Wednesday

The ground was frozen some this morning. Quite a cold snap for the first. I went down to Arth's to get him to feed beef cow. Ben Harris and Obrion were up on the Prairie hunting up witnesses etc. to attend court.

Frank and I took up turnips and buried them and in afternoon we hauled straw and covered strawberry vines.

Gim and Johnson gathered corn. Pete sent my wagon home.

Dean was here he paid me $7.00 on a/c and $2.50 on note. I paid Gim $2. on work. I also paid Fitzgeralds $7.50 amt due him for insuring my new house.

November 17, 1870 Thursday

Quite a fine day but pretty cool, cloudy part of day but cleared up again before night. After the feeding was done up, Frank went to the woods for load wood. Gim & Johnson are gathering corn. Gim brought me another load of corn which I bought from him allowed him 19 bush for the load @ 40 cts. I went to Elkville got back at dinner time. Frank hauled 2 loads wood in afternoon. I went to Elkville again. I saw Dr. Babbitt at Josiahs. Got some cough medicine for Emma & Mollie. I got the little girls each a pr of shoes at Skinners, I also paid him $24.22 for Benj. Savits.

November 18, 1870 Friday

Some what cold, otherwise a very fine day. Frank hauled 3 loads wood, one of which he took to Johnson. I was working about the place first at one thing and then at an other. In the evening Frank and I butchered a hog. At night I went up to Elkville a little while, got back about 8 o'clock. Gim & Johnson gathered corn in piece tended by Johnson.

There was a party at Joseph Robinsons but we were badly slighted by not being invited but after all, were glad they didn't call because it is getting too late in the fall to be out at night in the cold.

November 19, 1870 Saturday

Nice and pleasant only chilly on the account of a south wind. It was cold in the morning and ground frozen considerably. Mules got into wheat field last night and broke little colties leg in consequence of which I had it to kill. I went up to Wiley Lipes sale. Some things sold pretty well while others did not sell at all. I came home by Horatioes got dinner there and then came home. Horatio paid me for boar shoat ($10). Frank hauled rails and help feed, etc.

Birdsong paid me for the rent of 1/2 my timber farm. Gim and Johnson hauled corn from out of piece tended by Gim.

November 20, 1870 Sunday

Cloudy and rained in the morning a little. Turned colder in the evening. After breakfast and the chores were done, Frank & I went out riding. He rode the wild filly Gussy went with him awhile. In the afternoon the little girls went down to Williams. Lucy went out riding she rode Lucy mare. Frank set in house all afternoon reading novels or some other trash or stuff.

November 21, 1870 Monday

Cold again wind pretty high and in the North. Cloudy very near all day. Frank hauled 4 loads rails. I fed & went to Elkville. Saw Jo. Robinson up there. I went on his Sheriffs bond. Lucy went up to Elkville in forenoon did not stay more than an hour.

Johnson gathered corn. He took one load up to town and sold to some person. Gim was not out that I saw, he was housed. Bill Williams & Hamp Akins run a race in my lane in the evening just as the chilren returned from school. I sent $1.25 to Bonham's Rural Messenger to pay 1 1/4 years subscription.

November 22, 1870 Tuesday

Ground froze slightly last night. Nice clear day (all day). I visited school in forenoon. Came home by store. Frank hauled 2 loads rails in forenoon. In the afternoon we took some 6 bushels buckwheat over to the mill. I got bbl salt from H. Schwartz & Bro. Pd. A.W. Skinner on store account $10. I got some medicine from Dr. Babbitt for little Mollie. She has a severe cold and in fact is sick otherwise.

Gim gathered corn to day. He hauled me 2 loads. It was my own corn.

November 23, 1870 Wednesday

Cloudy and spit snow in morning. Pretty cold all day. I went out in field to see about how Johnson has divided corn. Johnson is in debt to me about 1/4 load or 4 1/2 bush. which he agrees to bring up to me.

I went over to Pelcer's he was out digging potatoes. He said Old Mr. Carroll was going to gather corn this week and that as soon as he did gather that he (Pelcer) would haul what I bought of him to me which was 75 bushels @35cts per bush. Frank chopped wood & shucked corn off of shock corn. I was up to the mill for buckwheat flour. William invited us to eat turkey with him tomorrow. I paid Parks $2.65. Gim gathered corn. Sold me 2 loads and bought it to me to day.

November 24, 1870 Thursday Thanksgiving Day

Thick cloudy with appearance of rain or snow. It is nearly warm enough to snow and what it will do I do not know.

Frank helped Gim gather corn in forenoon and in afternoon he did not do anything but feed. I went up to Elkville a little while in forenoon. After I came back, Emma, the little girls & I went down to William's to take dinner with them. This is Thanksgiving Day. We spent the evening at Wm's. Lucy stayed at home. Gim finished gathering corn to day.

Took our spot cow down to Vanpelts etc.

November 25, 1870 Friday

Still cloudy but cleared up during the day. Did not rain or snow as we predicted it would yesterday. We had a very fine afternoon to day. Frank hauled 2 loads wood. The wild filly cut up some of her extras again. She took several spells of kicking to day as he legs will fully attest.

I turned cows and 2 fillies in Gims & Johnsons stock field to day. Emma & I went over to Josiah's. I went up to Elkville and to mill and came by for Emma & Little Mollie whom I left at Josiah's. I turned calf in Josiah's field, the one I got of Bill Williams. I paid Skinner $10 to be credited to Gim Jackson. I got in all 102 bushels of corn, I paid Gim to day in cash $12.

November 26, 1870 Saturday

Another nice pleasant day. Rather too warm to be healthy.

I went down to woods farm in forenoon. I took chain along and measured piece ground S. W. of Pete's house. We made or agreed that there was about 3 acres including what was cleared out about lot near the stable. We made settlement on account. I fell in his (Pete's) debt $1.20 which he said to take out of his note of $200. I also took his little steers at $50. which also is to come out of note.

Frank hauled 2 loads rails in forenoon and in afternoon & gave him order to store for $10. and he went up for the goods. I went over to help Hiram butcher. I got 45 lbs beef. Lucy & I went to writing at Manning Prairie.

November 27, 1870 Sunday

Quite warm - the finest weather out for this time of the year. I went up to Elkville (wrote to John Reno) I saw Uncle Hiram (Pyle-gp) up at Elkville. I got home just after 12. Emma took her mother home. After she came back, Lucy and the children, also Emma, went down to Williams. I remained at home. Wrote letter to Uncle Ulysses Pyle (lived in N.W. Missouri near the town of Allendale-gp) Lucy went up to meeting at night. Frank went down to Arth's or somewhere else. He did not get back until after preaching.

November 28, 1870 Monday

Warm. Fine growing weather. We need a shower to liven up vegetation and to give water for stock. Frank and Jack hauled rails till noon. In afternoon Frank hauled 1 load rails and then shucked corn off shock corn.

Jack hauled wood in afternoon. He let the mules run away in forenoon but did no damage. I went down to Hie's to see about some rails that Frank said was missing. I also made fence around hay stack. In afternoon I went to mill.

In forenoon I drove our Susy sow over to Isaac Kimmel's boar.

November 29, 1870 Tuesday

Warm and cloudy, misted of rain in the morning and about 10 o'clock it came down pretty heavy. Continued to rain the balance of the day. Frank picked up and went out to plowing. I went out with him to help him start. I then went up to Elkville. Got back about noon. In afternoon Frank shucked corn. I was in the house look up or perusing my old diary books etc. (so there were other diaries...wonder who, if anyone, has them-gp). I went over for little girls. They were at school to day. Gim got team to plow around piece in the _____. Might burn it off without burning the fence.

November 30, 1870 Wednesday

Cleared up and some cooler yet not cold. Considerable mud & water caused by a full day rain yesterday. Frank hauled 2 loads wood and then went up to grain house to help clean some wheat, which is designed to go to Nashville, Ills. I took little girls over to school and then went over to station. Got back a little before 12. After dinner I went down to Williams. While there, agent of school furniture came in. I went with him up to Elkville. We ordered some furniture for new school house. John Pool came up to see me. I paid him $33.80 for Brick, also $5.20 for William.

December, 1870

December 1, 1870 Thursday

A very nice spring-like day. Clear & cold in the morning and towards middle of day. William and I spliced teams and went to Murphysboro. Trial between Crow & I was set for to day but did not come off. By agreement it will be layed over till the next term. I got my dinner at J. M. Gills. I saw Dr. Neal. He wanted me to take his note and release his land. I would not consent. William & I came home again in the evening.

Frank done the feeding & shucked corn off of shock corn etc.

Gim went down to Murphysboro as a witness in the Crow case.

December 2, 1870 Friday

And still another fine day. Clear and some cooler in afternoon yet by no means cold. I went up to Elkville about 10 A.M. Heard that Jeff Snider got robed and he himself shot some 3 times. This occurred on last night about 6 o'clock in the evening. Skinner, Dave Kimmel & I went on the hunt of a fellow that passed Davis we did not find him. I came home got dinner and in a couple of hours went back to town again. Frank plowed all day. Jack plowed about 1/2 day (afternoon). I saw Sol Morgan. He said if I would wait with him for amt. of note he would pay all with interest of 10 percent. Rec'd letter from John Reno to day.

December 3, 1870 Saturday

Cold frosty morning. Got some what cloudy and turned warmer during the day. Wind in the South. After the feeding was done Gim & I went over to station. We drove 5 calves over to Dan Glotfelties pasture (Dan Glotfelty married Adeline Mason, dau. of Matilda Jane Reno Mason who was the sister of my 2nd gr grandmother, Emeline Reno Schwartz. This is from Eva Lucy's diary-gp). We also took cow over to station and weighed her. Frank & Jack plowed till noon in orchard south of house. Frank started just after dinner to go to Paradise Prairie. He rode my Dick mule. Towards evening Ed Davis & Renfro came up for Lucy. She went with them. I pd. Jack 75 cts in full of all work up to this date.

December 4, 1870 Sunday

Weather continues very fine. Cloudy most of day and rather a damp air in the morning. After the chores were done up I went up to Ike's. They were just starting to McElvains. I went over to mothers chatted awhile and then came home and then remained at home the balance of day. Lucy came back in the evening also Frank got back. Hie Woods and his 2 little girls were here a little while in the afternoon.

December 5, 1870 Monday

Wind was very ______around all day. It blew very hard all day. It came from South in morning but kept working around until it got in North at evening. I went to Murphysboro. Several old trees were down across the road the heavy gale to day the cause.

I paid the editor for the Argus up to Jan. 1872 ($4.00). I left Murphysboro about 1/2 past 1 and got home about 4 in afternoon. Found all right. Frank harrowed piece ground and fed and _____.

S.S. Hall was up to see hogs but I was not here. (Stephen Sylvester "Ves" Hall b 1828, d 1872 - cld)

December 6, 1870 Tuesday

Ground froze some last night. Clear in the morning but got cloudy and turned warmer during the day. Frank plowed all day. I started with wagon and team over to the mill. Got as far as mothers and let Hiram have team etc. to haul corn. He brought from the mill for me 400 lbs. ship stuff. In the afternoon Gim & I burnt the grass in field beyond Johnson's house. Sally Crews was here and took dinner with us.

Gim is putting up smoke house to day. We penned our turkeys with the intention of shipping them to morrow.

December 7, 1870 Wednesday

Rained some last night. Cloudy in forenoon to day. Cleared up in afternoon. I did not do much of anything to day. Went up to Elkville in the evening. We shipped our turkeys 16 in number to Cairo. Frank took them up to Elkville after he came back he went for some forks, etc. In the afternoon he fixed for killing hogs etc.

William took his hogs down to Hall to day. Gim went with him. Dr. Ford was up visiting schools in this township.

My friend A. W. Skinner made me a present of a very nice cap for which he has my heartfelt thanks.

December 8, 1870 Thursday

An other fair day. Cold in the morning and warm toward middle of day. After breakfast and the feeding was over we commenced to kill hogs. Gim & Jack also. Frank helped. We killed six for our own use.

Dr. Ford stopped at Williams last night. Frank went up in the afternoon to shoe shop to get his boots fixed. He took William's kettle home after he got back. Gim & Jack helped me only until noon. They then went home & worked for themselves. Scott Greer came up in the evening for my scales.

December 9, 1870 Friday

The weather is unexceptional. Clear or very near so. Froze some last night but thawed out during the day.

Our Father in Heaven has given unto us another heir. We feel thankful unto him for all blessing but would have been better pleased if we could have had a boy. But will not complain as it is. May the good Lord bless our little daughter and may she long live to serve and obey. (Edward had two little boys, William b. in 1864 but died in 1865 and Edward Hiram, born in 1866 but died in 1869. So he was left with 3 girls and this new baby made 4 daughters. He later had 3 more sons..John Walter, my gr. grandfather and his twin Samuel Marshal and Josiah. Guess the Good Lord heard his prayer!-gp) It was born at midnight last night. Dr. Babbitt and wife were here. To day we were cutting up our hogs and rendering out lard. Gim helped very near all day. Frank plowed. Dr. Neal and Henry Hall were here, Lizzie & Josiah was here and Rebecca and others.

December 10, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy and wind in the east. Rained in the evening, commenced a couple of hours before night. Frank hauled 1 load wood in forenoon and in afternoon he chopped wood and done some other little work about the place. Mrs. Johnson came up and washed some for us and in afternoon Mrs. Jackson came up and scrubbed the floors etc.

Gim hauled up to me 31 bushels oats @ 30 cts. I let him have 14 lbs. sugar @ 14 cts per lb. I got 102 lbs sugar of William @ 14 cts per lb.

I went up to store with butter had 6 lbs 13 oz. @35 cts. I got 6 yds gingham @ 35 ct.

December 11, 1870 Sunday

Rained pretty steady very near all day. Rain nearly all last night. We were at home all day. In the afternoon. Josiah's. Philip's and William and some of the children were here. Frank went off just after dinner and did not return until dark.

From the present indications the fine weather is past and we may now look for a spell of foul weather. It is said that one extreme follows another if that rule holds good in all cases we may book for rain, snow and plenty of cold raw days.

December 12, 1870 Monday

Cloudy and occasionally sprinkling of rain. Colder with wind in N.W. The ground is very wet and sloppy. Begins to look like real winter.

Frank hauled out manure, chopped wood etc. I knocked around first at one thing and then at another. Went to mill and to Elkville in afternoon. Got note that Dick Harris and I executed to Mart. White. I got it from Sam Schwartz. Sam bought it of White.

December 13, 1870 Tuesday

Cloudy and rather a raw day. Commenced breaking off some what in the afternoon. Think it is going to clear up. I took my hogs down to S.S. Halls. I had 20 head. They weighed in the aggregate 6170 lbs @ 5 3/4 cts per lb. Frank, Gim and Jack went with me with the hogs. We all got back about 2 P.M. I went over to Dave & Philip Kimmels in the evening, told them that Hall would take their hogs @ the same as he give me.

I paid Dr. Babbitt on acct. $10.

December 14, 1870 Wednesday

Cold and clear. Ground froze more last night than any time this winter so far. I went over to Josiah's. He had went or started to DeSoto with his hogs. I went up to station. I paid A. W. Skinner bal due on store acct. up to this date that is I paid him in full of all demands. Frank hauled sawdust. He had a time with the wild filly. She balked. In the afternoon Frank & I went up to town took some plows over to get fixed. When we came back we set out some shrubry about the door.

December 15, 1870 Thursday

Went to DuQuoin on morning train. Had a big frost in the morning. It did not go off until in the afternoon. Clouded up and looked as though it was going to snow.

I pd. G. Smith & Co. in full of store acct. paid Jake Mesmore full amt due him on accts. I came down on the 10 o'clock train. I brought Davis Coxes pigs from DuQuoin they had been put off there when they ought to have been sent to Elkville.

Frank sawed up wood. In the afternoon. I took Emma's mother home & then went over to town to get boots left at shoe maker to be mended. I went to Glasses to get Lucy shod after which I came on home.

December 16, 1870 Friday

Warmer and thawing. Looks rather hazy around. Think we will have some snow or rain in a few days. Frank & I hauled in hay in forenoon and in afternoon Frank and Jack hauled in bal of stack. I went up to Elkville. Uncle Hiram and Simon were down. Also D___Gill. I went up to Bents a little while, they was butchering etc. (Simon was the son of Uncle Hiram Pyle , his oldest child-gp)

December 17, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy but not any ways cold. Looks like snow, in fact did spit snow once or twice during the day. I am somewhat sick to day. I am going around but feel rather stupid. I went up to station in afternoon got bit and rig for wild filly. Mesmore of DuQuoin sent it down to day. I pd. 25 cts freight on it and rec'd of Dave Cox amt. pd by me to bring pig from DuQuoin t Elkville (25 cts). Frank cut up wood very near all day. He went down to Mr. Lemon's to get ax and new handle. Mrs. Lemons is said to be very sick. Dr. Babbitt and wife were here in the evening. They took supper with us. I bought 1 load corn from Gims Jack. Pd. him for same $6.30

December 18, 1870 Sunday

Cloudy all day. Look very much like we are going to have some falling weather. Frank put new rig on wild filly and went off some where. Lucy, the little girls and I went up to preaching. Bro. Rhodes of Carbondale preached. An other buggy came home with us. Some of Lucy's acquaintances from DeSoto. Fanny Morris and Bro. were 2 of them. After dinner they started for DeSoto. About the middle of afternoon Bro. Rhodes and William came here. They spent the evening here. Late in the evening Curen Vanpelt & wife and Sam Jenkins & wife came here. Lucy went off in buggy alone. She came back with Ed Davis.

December 19, 1870 Monday

Commenced snowing last night 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground in the morning and still coming down pretty heavy. Rain set in about 10 A.M. and continued in till about 2 P.M. making the snow very heavy with water. About 2 in afternoon it commenced snowing again and snowed very near all evening. Frank fixed tongue in sled and hauled a couple of loads chord wood down. He chopped wood, done the feeding. I was in house very near all day, did not feel very well especially in afternoon. I took apples to cellar from up stairs.

December 20, 1870 Tuesday

This is indeed a rough morning. Cold and still spitting snow. The snow on the ground on account of being so much saturated with rain that fell yesterday is frozen until it will almost bear up the weight of a man but beneath this it is a perfect lob lolly with mud and water. We did not do much out doors to day rather too disagreeable to be out. We went rabbit hunting in the morning, caught a couple. In the afternoon Frank hauled load straw and then he and I went up to Elkville on the sled. Came back in good time to do up the chores etc.

December 21, 1870 Wednesday

Last night was a cold night and this morning was a cold morning. Froze very tight last night. Clear yet too cold for the snow to melt any. Frank hauled a couple of loads wood on sled. Jack & Johnson hauled wood on wagon. I was about the house in forenoon. I went up to Ike's a few minutes took sow over to his boar. In the afternoon I went up to store got back home about 3 o'clock P.M.

Lucy washed today.

December 22, 1870 Thursday

Stinging cold. Think this the coldest yet this winter. Every thing is frozen up tight. Frank and Johnson are hauling wood in partnership. Frank hauled 2 loads for me in forenoon and 2 loads for Johnson in afternoon. I did not do much of anything only tend to the stock and went up to Elkville in afternoon. I paid H. Schwartz & Bro. on store acct. ($100.). One hundred dollars.

Some man, a stranger to me, was up at station. He wanted to buy some of the Barkroff land and wanted to see Hiram concerning the land etc.

December 23, 1870 Friday

Was indeed a stinger for cold. Continued very cold throughout the day. Snowed some again and had it not been so cold perhaps would have snowed considerably. After the feeding was done Frank and I went in the woods for load wood. We got back before 12. In the afternoon, Frank cut up some wood and helped me make some partridge traps. Pete Greer brought my scales home. Frank and Lucy went down to Sam Jenkin's to a party last night. They returned about 12 o'clock.

December 24, 1870 Saturday

Extremely cold. Every thing is frozen up tight. Even in our cellar things froze last night. Clear throughout the day. After breakfast and the feeding was over I and little girls went over to station with Lucy. She is going home. I paid her $14.45 it being the bal. of amt. due her for all work up to this date. Little girls came home before noon. Frank cut some wood and in afternoon started to Paradise Prairie. Gim got sled to have load wood.

I set some bird traps to day and caught 7. 4 in one and 3 in another. Emma's mother came over in the evening.

December 25, 1870 Sunday

Another one of the cold one though hardly as cold as some nights back. Wind changed to South West. Did not thaw much was quite chilly all day. Were at home all day. Emma's mother was with us. Sam Jenkins & wife came here about noon. They took dinner with us. We had a bird pie which was very delicious at least to my taste it was so.

There was nothing that took place beyond a regular every day occurrence worthy of note. Everything was very quiet. No one stiring about. I hardly could tell that this was Christmas only we knew that it came on the 25th.

December 26, 1870 Monday

Not quite so cold as it was a few nights ago. It seems as though the weather is going to moderate. Thawed some about noon but commenced freezing again towards night. I was about home all forenoon tending to watering the stock and so on. In the afternoon I went down to woods farm to see about getting some help about cutting saw logs. I also looked for a place to get across the creek.

It is said that Pete Greer was married yesterday. Gim hauled load wood.& took Emma's mother home. I went to Elkville in the evening. I brought plow from the shop.

December 27, 1870 Tuesday

Somewhat cloudy and warmer. Thawed some during the day. Went in wood pretty early for saw log. Pete Greer was cutting. I hauled one in forenoon and one in afternoon. I also hauled between 1/2 and 3/4 of cord wood to Philip Kimmel's mill. ( Philip Kimmel is his brother-in-law and cousin) Frank Fenner did not get back until today about 2 o'clock P.M.. He said he would be back on yesterday when he left and as he did not fill his promise it is evident to my mind at least that he is not very particular about making promises and much less about fulfilling them after they are made.

December 28, 1870 Wednesday

Cloudy most of day. Wind in the North and snowed some about noon but did not enough to do any good. Frank went to haul saw logs. He hauled 2 in forenoon and 1 in afternoon. Pete cut logs. I went over to mill about 10, helped Frank unload saw log. I got my boot sowed up then came home and in afternoon went over to mill again. Frank brought home the lumber of 1 log, 24 plank 5 inches wide and 9 3 inches wide. Turned colder towards evening.

December 29, 1870 Thursday

Quite a fine day. Clear until late in the evening. Thawed more to day than any day since the snow fell. Frank hauled 3 saw logs to day. 1 in forenoon & 2 in afternoon. Old man Anderson cut the 2 we hauled in the afternoon. I went down to Old man Anderson in the morning and got him to cut saw logs for me. I went over to Old man Angles to buy calf. He had sold it. I went up to station in afternoon got some coal oil and 1 1/2 yds cauton flannel. I bought of Mr. Patton 1 pr. stretchers for which I paid him $1.50

December 30, 1870 Friday

Warmer and cloudy. Snow very near all went off to day making the ground quite sloppy. We butchered this morning killing 4 hogs. Let old man Anderson have one weighing 200 lbs. @ 7 cts per pound. He is to make rails and stake for the pork. I allow him $1.25 per hundred for rails & $1.00 for stakes. He is to make them this winter. After we got through butchering, Gim and Johnson hauled wood balance of day. Frank chopped up wood etc. and I went over to mill and to store. I pd. Bill Williams $9. for heifer. Jessie Crow was up to see me. We agreed to settle our law suit. He lets me have boards etc. at brick yard and is to give his note and good security for $50 to me. The cars liked to have some of Gim and the mules at crossing.

December 31, 1870 Saturday

Had a slight freeze last night. The snow all left us to day. It is very muddy under foot. Cloudy in forenoon but cleared up in the evening. I cut up a couple of hogs in the morning. Frank cut up some wood. We also hauled in a couple of load shock corn.

In the afternoon Frank and Gim hitched in Snowball and worked her up to Elkville. This was the first time she was hitched up. I went up to Elkville, took up some 6 lb. butter. I got some candies and nuts etc.

Gim salted my meat down. Birdsong was up and paid me $100 on note. Pedler took dinner here. I bought 2 table clothes and 5 hanks of him. Paid him $4.00. We have reason to be thankful to God for the blessings of the year.

Micellaneous notes at back of diary:

Feb. 1st Rec'd of Rebecca Reno sale agent for the sale of Bibles etc. $2.25. She also left 2 testaments to be handed to the agent.

Amt. included in note given by me at Keyes sale which William Schwartz is to pay $4.60.

Got of Wm. Schwartz 8 1/2 bu. oats part of what we got at Lancasters sale which were bid off my Wm. I paid him in full for about oats, March 16, 1870.

Discription of Lucy (mare) Dark brown (very near black) 15 1/2 {hands} high, right hind foot white. 2 white spots on left of back under the saddle. The one in front of the other is only a few white hairs. The {other} as large as a mettal 5 cts. Also one on the right side under saddle, hardly as large as the largest on the left side. She is 8 years old in next June or in June of 1870. This May 9th /70

Feb. 13th cash on hand $129.05.

Amt. of judgment Aug. 29, 1870 $169.98 against McCord & Davis.

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