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Jackson County, Illinois


September 1, 1870 Thursday

Some indications of rain. Thunder clouds are passing around. Rather hot today. I was engaged part of day puttying up holes in ceiling in old house so as Abe could paint it. Abe finished painting to day. He left for home. I went with him up to Elkville. I paid him $5., H Schwartz & Co. paid him for me $10.

All of his work for me came to $119.20. I paid him in all (cash) $25.00. H. Schwartz and Bro. are to pay him balance and charge to me.

Gim and Jack hauled cord wood in forenoon. Gim hauled in afternoon and Jack having broke his frames was mending it again. I helped him .

September 2, 1870 Friday

Dry and very dusty. I was working about house first at one thing and then at an other.

Jim and Jack are hauling cord wood.

September 3, 1870 Saturday

About such weather as we have been having for several days. I worked about the house and fixed up things generally about the yard. I fixed up some steps at south door of kitchen and some other work. Gim and Jack hauled each 1 load of cord wood which finished all that was out in woods. Did not do anything more for me during the day. Mattie and little Mollie are not very well. (FYI- Mattie is 7 years old and Mollie is nearly 2 at this writing.-gp)

September 4, 1870 Sunday

No change in the weather yet. Dry and very dusty. It did cloud up in the north rather in a singular manner but before noon it was all clear again. We all remained at home until the middle of afternoon. Then Ella & Mattie went down to Williams and Emma , little Mollie and I went up to Dr. Babbitts. We went to get some medicine for little Mollie, she has such a bad breaking out especially around the mouth. We took tea with the doctor and his wife after which we started for home. We came by and got little girls and reached home in good time before night.

September 5, 1870 Monday

We were up pretty early. I went to DuQuoin. Jack rode Flora up. I had shoes put on her in front. I had some work on springs to buggy and to sulky. Also work done on buggy harness and on saddle. We got back home a little before night. Lucy came up on train this morning. Gim hauled a few loads rails for me. I supposed he worked about 2/3 day at that work. There is no abatement of the dry warm weather.

September 6, 1870 Tuesday

This was another one of the warm ones and dry ones too. I went down to Murphysboro to Fair. I did not go out to Fair grounds until afternoon. I took dinner with friend John Gill of Murphysboro. William went down to Fair with me in buggy also came back with me in the evening. I left Jack to see to the things but they say he neglected his business and did not do as he agree too.

September 7, 1870 Wednesday

Up quite early and started for the Fair. Emma went down with me in buggy. The dust nearly choke one on the road down. Jack, he took Flora down but she took no premiums and we brought her back in the evening. Jack had a chill on the fair grounds to day.

I was superintendent of one of the departments. I got my committee and passed on every thing in my department and discharged the committee.

A boy by the name of Frank Jones came here yesterday evening, he is going to work us me a while.

Lucy and the children kept house today.

September 8, 1870 Thursday

Some warmer of any thing than a few days ago. Up early again and started for Fair ground. Gim took wagon and my buck sheep and went down to the Fair. I sold the buck to Aaron Jones out in the hills. I had nothing to do on the Fair grounds to day so I just splunged (?) around. The Fair closed in the evening. I remained some time so that I would not get dusted so by those that were coming the same road. I got him a little before dark. Emma, Lucy and the children all remained at home.

September 9, 1870 Friday

About such a day as we have been having for the last week or so. I went down to Hills brick kiln to see about brick. He has not burnt yet. I came home and worked about the premises the balance of day. Gim and Frank gathered in some apples for apple butter, etc.

Gim went up to Mill in the evening loosing about 2 hour work for me.

Emma, Lucy & the little girls all went over to Emmalines mothers to quilting. They came back before sunset.

September 10, 1870 Saturday

Showered some in afternoon but not enough to lay the dust. Look as though it was going to rain good before long - wind in the East.

Gim & Frank went in woods for a couple loads juggles. After they got back Frank had ague. I was not doing much to day besides tending to horses.

I went up to Elkville in afternoon. When I got back it was getting late, I mean it was nearly sun down.

September 11, 1870 Sunday

Does not look so much like rain as it did yesterday. We all fixed and went up to Sunday School after which we all went up to North school house to meeting. Bedwell tried to preach but I thought failed. He does not know how to preach. After we got home Josiah came over. One of our little lambs got leg broke.

September 12, 1870 Monday

Cloudy part of day and showered some in afternoon. We are preparing to make apple butter. We made cider in afternoon. David Watters & Josiah was helping us some. (Josiah was married to Elizabeth Waters...David is no doubt some kin to her-gp) Gim helped make cider and he also done some other little work. We borrowed Williams cider mill. Frank missed the ague to day (he had ague yesterday)

I went for Dr. Babbitt for Johnson col. I called in at store and got 50 cts sugar. Philip informed me that 2 bids had been made for school house. William told me that the bridge to be built across little muddy was let out to Stiger and is to be built right off.

September 13, 1870 Tuesday

Cloudy & wind in the south. Showered several times during the day. We were up pretty early. Put on kettles full of cider about day light. We are going to make apple butter. Josiah and family were over. They helped us with apple butter.

We paid Gim in apple butter for helping to make the same and for all the work he did picking up apples. etc.

We got through about 9 o'clock P.M. Had about 20 gal. in all. Josiah's stayed with us all night.

September 14, 1870 Wednesday

Continues somewhat cloudy. Sprinkles once and awhile but does not rain enough to do any good.

Gim & I pressed out some mummies (?) for ____________. (can't make it out-gp) We also took Wm's cider mill home.

In afternoon we cleaned out stable . I went up to station but did not stay long.

Emmaline took Josiah's home this morning and then went and brought her mother over here. Frank Jones went up to station without leaf (leave?) and did not return until about dark.

September 15, 1870 Thursday

Quite foggy in the morning. Showered some during the day but not here. It was off at a distance.

Gim hauled out 3 or 4 load of manure and then went to plowing for himself. I went down to Lancasters to buy some oats. He was not at home so went around to Elkville and then home. I got Emmalines shoes at shoe shop.

Dr. Babbitt & wife were here in the evening. They took tea with us.

September 16, 1870 Friday

Cloudy part of day. It sprinkle of rain once or twice during the day. Emma & I went over to Carbondale. I traded off one of my $100.00 Carbondale bonds to Moody Bichart. We got some 60 or 61 yds of carpet for our new house. I also bought one pr bed steads of North and Campbell. I did not pay down for them.

I handed my insurance policy to Geralds to have new house noted upon it. He said he would send it to me in a few days.

September 17, 1870 Saturday

Some thunder clouds were passing about. Rained a good shower up about Elkville but only sprinkled here. Jack & I were breaking the snow storm filly. We went up to Elkville directly after dinner. Emma went along. We got our carpets & bed steads. We did not let contact to build school house because Philip, a school director, was absent. Gims is plowing for wheat for himself.

September 18, 1870 Sunday

The prospect for rain seems to have passed and now it look as though we were going t have another siege of dry weather.

Emma and Lucy went in buggy up to Bro. Horatios. I and all the little girls went over to Josiahs. We got dinner there. Lizzie got very sick while we were there. The doctor was sent for to see her.

A considerable cloud formed in North late in evening and turned cooler. There seems to be some great changes in the atmosphere as most every person is taking cold.

September 19, 1870 Monday

Pretty cool in the morning but got pretty warm towards noon. Jack and I went over to Lancasters. I bought some 285 bush. oats from Lancaster 25 cts per bushel. We then went over to Lewis Pelcer's. I bot 75 bush corn from him @ 35 cts delivered at my crib.

Old Fleurs boy came up to work for me. He & Jack shucked some corn off of stock etc. I hauled me load of oats and Gim one from Lancasters. We took all of our horses that we are keeping for DuQuoin Fair out training in the evening. We let out school house to Sam Schwartz for $15.75.

September 20, 1870 Tuesday

Extremely dry, water is getting scarce most every where. Jack went for load oats to Lancasters. Jimmy Schwartz & I went over to Lancasters in buggy. After we came back we did not do much of any thing besides taking out of hives some honey. Bees are very pack at this time. Gimmy left in the afternoon and I went down in woods to get some hands to help cut corn.

Jack & Henry Fleur hauled oats and finished.

September 21, 1870 Wednesday

Warmed and no rain yet. I have 6 hands helping to cut corn to day. viz Pete Greer, Johnson, Gim. Old Flen (I have trouble reading this each time he writes it...sometimes it looks like Flen, or Fleur or Flew..take your pick-gp) and boy (the boy only 3/4 day) and Jack Edington. I and the 2 darkey boys were tending to horses, cleaning up some rye and so on etc.

In the evening I went over to Lancasters to deliver note- which he paid off in oats, 285 bu @ $25. per hund and $1. cash- making a total of $72.25 which is just the amt of note. I am to pay Mrs. Rebecca Kimmel that amt as the note was hers or due to her. Lucies bough (beau) Ed Davis of DeSoto was up in the evening.

September 22, 1870 Thursday

Another warm & dry day. Old Flen and boy, Gim & Johnson cut corn for me until noon and in afternoon Old Flen & boy but and finished. Old Flen & boy put in in all cutting corn 3 3/4 days @ $1. making a total of $3.75. Johnson 1 1/2 days making $1.50. Gim 1 1/2 days = $1.50.

I and Jack & Henry were working first at one thing and then at an other in forenoon. We shelled some corn and Jack to it and some rye over to the mill. Jack and Henry shucked some corn off of the stock etc.

Gim & Johnson did not help me in afternoon. A young one by the name of Williams, a train agent stopped with us last night.

September 23, 1870 Friday

Pretty cool in the morning but got quite warm after sun rose. I went down to Arths pretty early for cow. After I came back I took out some more very fine honey.

Gim commenced to drill in his wheat, the first we have put in. Johnson is plowing and harrowing his piece- preparing for sowing. Jack helped Gim in afternoon. Henry worked about the house cleaning up the yard etc.

Emma & I went up to Elkville for some jars to put honey in. I took some 16 1/2 lbs. honey up to store in evening.

September 24, 1870 Saturday

Warm and very dry with some indications of rain. Jack and Henry are working at nothing in particular, only in afternoon they filled up stable somewhat with dirt.

Arth came up for some more wheat- he got 13 1/2 bush. making 22 bushels with what he got before.

He helped me awhile to make manger for Lucy. I went up to Elkville and to the course. I paced Lucy a couple of times around.

Lucy walker went down on the train at eleven. I took her over in buggy to station.

September 25, 1870 Sunday

About such weather as we have been having for some several weeks back. We all went up to meeting. Bro Howard preached. Philip came home with us from church. They remained here until pretty late in the evening. William & his 2 children came over a while. Hiram came for buggy.

Cloudy part of day and think it will rain before many days.

September 26, 1870 Monday

Commenced to rain this morning about day light and rained steady until noon. The rain did much good. I did nothing in forenoon. Jack and Henry hauled one load of my cord wood and chopped some of it up down in shed.

In the afternoon I went over to station. I came back by mill and got bal. of flour on wheat Horatio left there for me..

Gim drilled in some wheat he finished his piece.

Lucy Walker came up on morning train she came in just as we were making fire. I bought hog from Hen Nausley. Paid him $8. for it.

September 27, 1870 Tuesday

Rained last night. It also lightened and thundered considerably. Ground is in pretty good condition to plow to day. Johnson tried to drill wheat but it was rather wet. Gim plowed for the purpose of making track to train horses on. Johnson & I settled- we agreed to strike off even and commence anew. Our a/c's stands squared. John Henry & I picked off and brought in our winesap apples. We all went up to see Indian and hear his lecture. I joined a class in mathematics. I paid $2. tuition fees and did not regret it afterwards.

September 28, 1870 Wednesday

Clear most of day and pretty warm. I went over to Pelcers pretty early to get his drill. Johnson went down to Vanpelts for drill. He finished with it about 2 P.M. and took it back to Vanpelts. Gim & Jack worked at track most of day. They harrowed it down & then rolled it. Birdsong was up to see about sowing wheat. Vanpelt was here and borrowed my seed sower.

Emma & I went up to station. We got back before supper. Old man Patton, Miller and Hen Nausley all left this morning for Kansas, so they said.

September 29, 1870 Thursday

Lightened in North last night. Clouds came up in evening and looked as though it rained very heavy east of here.

I went up to DuQuoin to get Lucy shod. I came home by the way of Horatio's. I found them all well. I got home about an hour before sundown.

September 30, 1870 Friday

Pretty warm. Fine on wheat that is in the ground. Birdsong is sowing or drilling in his wheat. He got 4 1/2 bush of me to sow. Jack, Henry & I were gathering apples in forenoon. In afternoon they gathered & I went over to help Josiah doctor his horse- he seems to be very bad off.

I also went up to station awhile. After I got supper I went back to Josiah's to bleed (?) his horse.

Gim went to help Old Manuel strip sugar cane.

October, 1870

October 1, 1870 Saturday

Big fog in the morning. The boys were over here training their old horse to trot on my course.

We were engaged early in the morning altering and spaying some shoats.

Tom Davis came to buy pig but we did not trade. Gim helped make some cider. Jack & Henry gathered some corn. They done Gim's work & Gim theirs. They just swapped work.

I went to DeSoto on passenger & came back on freight. Was only gone a little over an hour. Gim took load corn over to Skinner in the evening. Emma went with me to station today.

October 2, 1870 Sunday

Nice & pleasant some what cloudy but no prospect for rain soon. We all went up to Sunday school after which Mr. & Mrs. Skinner came home with us. They remained until towards evening then Emma, Mollie & I went over home with them. We only stopped in a few moments & then came back home. Ella & Mattie went down to their Uncle Williams. Lucy stayed at home.

Turned some cooler in the evening and wind changed around to North. I went up to store at night to see Sam. He is going to St. Louis in the morning.

Josiah went up to store with me.

October 3, 1870 Monday

Nice day. I am fixing to start to St. Louis Fair in the morning. Jack is here tending to stock etc. Gim is sick. I went over in afternoon to Savits & Edington. I want them to come over and build chimney etc.

October 4, 1870 Tuesday

Quite cool. It changed last night - an over coat feels pretty well this morning. We were up quite early. I got breakfast & then went to Elkville. Mary & I started to St. Louis. We arrived in the city about noon. We went to the Olive Hotel. We found Sam there and many other friends. We did not visit the fair but went about the city. Mary remained at the hotel. Gim Jackson & Jack were working for me at home gathering corn, feeding etc. (Mary is probably his half sister Mary Schwartz, daughter of Sarah Pyle and 2nd husband, George Schwartz. Sam is Mary's full brother, Edward's half brother.-gp)

October 5, 1870 Wednesday

I did not rest very well last night. The mosquitoes bothered me some. I slept on a cot which made a pleasant place to sleep but the excitement of the day some unnerved us so as I could not sleep.

Mary & I started to the fair grounds. The road was literally crowded with people. After an hours travel on street cars & wagon we reached the grounds, procured our tickets and went in where we seen more than can here be described. We remained until about 4 P.M. and then went back to Hotel.

Sam was buying goods. Gim & Jack tended to things at home. Emma tells me they killed a calf and sold it out.

October 6, 1870 Thursday

After eating a very hearty breakfast, I in company of Sam & Mary started for Fair again. I was sick all day yet I kept going. After we entered fair grounds I separated from Sam & Mary and did not see them any more until we got back to Hotel.

This was the big day of the Fair. Every body was out. The troting race for $1000 came off to day. I got to see it through. It was dark when I got back to the city. I was too sick to eat so I went to bed but did not rest very well.

Gim & Jack did the work at home to day so they informed when I got back.

October 7, 1870 Friday

Up at 4 this morning and fixed up for home. I am still feeling bad but am better than I was yesterday. We left the city about 1/2 past 5, crossed over the river & took cars for home and reached Elkville at eleven A.M. I found Emma there with buggy ready to meet me and bring me home. We got home a few minutes before 12. I found all well. Savits commenced to build chimney this morning. Jack Edington is waiting on him. Gim & Jack were helping some. Jack hauled 1 load of brick. After I got back I did not do much. I felt to bad.

October 8, 1870 Saturday

Cloudy & some appearance of rain. Savits & Jack came back & worked on chimney again. I went up to Elkville & to Major Burress. He was not at home so I came back to Elkville. Got Sam to pay Jake Millhouse $95 - I paid Sam $38.25 and Sam paid Jake the bal. of the $95 which was $56.75 - amt which I owe to them on this score.

Lucy Walker went down home on to nights train.

I worked about the house in afternoon, first at one thing and then at an other.

October 9, 1870 Sunday

Clear and cloudy alternately. Emma & I did not go any where to day. Ella & Mattie went up to Sunday School. Arth and wife were here part of day. Nothing of importance took place to day that I know of.

N B. We did go to Emma's mothers in the evening awhile.

October 10, 1870 Monday

Rained often on during the day.

Savits was working at chimney but did not put in much over 1/2 the day on account of rain. Jack Edington waited on Savits. Savits laid our hearth and build wall for hearth etc.

Gim hauled 2 loads brick to day. 723 one load & 755 the other. I was helping first at one thing then at another.

Renner was here to get Savits to put in a cement cistern. Harry Thompson & wife called in a few minutes to see us. Dave & wife were with them.

October 11, 1870 Tuesday

Up pretty early and went to DuQuoin on the morning train. I went up to enter stock to be exhibeted at the district Fair next week.

Some cooler than it was a few days back. I came down on the eleven train. Ben Savits went to Renners to cement his cistern. Jack Edington came 1/2 past one P.M. to dig out cellar.

I saw Thompson wife and his daughter and son all in Elkville as I came back from DuQuoin. I went over to Pelcers to get him to fix up fence he was not at home he went to his fathers.

October 12, 1870 Wednesday

Another nice day. Pretty cold in the morning. Some frost about the first we have had this fall.

Savits came back this morning to work on chimney. Edington also came to wait on him. Gim gathered some corn he hauled a light load of cord wood up from brick yard for me and went to Elkville for some time. This is all he did for me the balance of day he worked for himself.

I went up to Elkville to help select site for new School house. I was also over at Pelcers to get him to fix up fence, he had not got home. I went to Petes & Hies. Hie said he would help me cut buckwheat etc,.

October 13, 1870 Thursday

Considerable frost. Warm and pleasant after the sun got up. Savits finished chimney to day. Built part of kitchen flew.

Edington was helping again.

I went to Pelcers again. He said he would fix up fence etc.

Birdsong & Johnson cut my buckwheat against noon. Birdsong quit & Johnson worked in cellar. Gim hauled one load brick (1000). He then hauled dirt from cellar. Little Jack was helping most of day. The directors met to select lot to build school house. We agreed on lot No. 3 in block No. 7 in the town of Elkville.

October 14, 1870 Friday

Nice and pleasant morning. We need and want rain very much. Arth came up , he took team and went to up mill to get some lumber. He got 60 ft. I took team and went down home with him. Came home and worked around about house. Savits and Edington are working at flew and walling cellar. Johnson, Gim & Jack set up buck wheat then Johnson and Gim dug out and hauled off dirt from cellar. Little Jack did not work for me in afternoon. Emma & I went up to store. She came home and I went up to Major Burroughs. I got $100 from him till the 29th of this month. I paid Little Jack in full of all work $5.

October 15, 1870 Saturday

Warm & dry, wind in the South and very high. I was up quite early, put on water to heat to scald shoat. A stranger came here by the name of Gross. I hired him to dig in cellar. Johnson helped 1/2 day. Edington also at 1/2 day, Gim hauled 3 loads dirt off in forenoon and then went to Elkville to ship pig to Cairo & Co. etc.

Gim & Johnson gathered a little corn towards evening. Our stranger stopped all night with us.

I was very busy fixing to get to fair.

October 16, 1870 Sunday

Wind very high again and in the South West. Clouded up in afternoon and looked very much like rain.

Emma went over to her mothers late in the evening. All the children went with her. Little girls went up to Sunday School in forenoon.

I went over to my mothers for Old Kit etc etc and to see about going to fair etc. Our stranger left this morning.

October 17, 1870 Monday

Up very early made ready and started to DuQuoin fair about day light. Hamp Akins & Miles Leak went up with me. They helped take stock etc.

I got up to the Fair in good time and secured stalls for our stock. There was not much done today more than entering stock etc.

It commenced raining in the afternoon but did not rain much. It turned pretty cold. We bunked in stall 225.

October 18, 1870 Tuesday

Wind in the North and pretty cold. Quite disagreeable to be on fair ground. We did pretty well last night considering all things. There was not a very good turn out to day but a great deal of stock and other articles coming in. Emma and Little Mollie came up in buggy. I met them at the gate and got them in. We came home in the evening. We found everything right. Gim done the feeding, etc.

October 19, 1870 Wednesday

Raining commenced last night and kept on all day with out ceasing. I went up with wagon to take feed for stock at the fair. Indeed this was a bad day for the fair...nothing was done at all towards exhibiting stock and so on I came home again in the evening. I got some what wet and cold before I got home.

Ike Kimmel came down with me in wagon.

Gim fed and took care of things for me.

October 20, 1870 Thursday

Cleared up this morning. Quite a nice day after the rain and storm yesterday. I went up to fair on the 8 o'clock excursion train.

I found all thing right at the fair grounds. This was one of the big days of the fair and there was a big crowd in attendance. I came back home on the evening excursion train. Gim had every thing done when I got back.

October 21, 1870 Friday

Up pretty early and made ready to go to fair again. Gim is going with us to drive team. Emma, the children & I went up from Elkville on train. Gim drove mules.

We got up in good time, found all right and Lucy some better of her lameness. A good number are attending fair to day. We all came back in wagon .We got home about dark. We found gates open and horses in the yard and other things out of place. Gim stayed on fair ground to take care of my stock.

October 22, 1870 Saturday

Up before day and started for the fair just after the sun rose. All the little girls stopped at mothers with Maggie Quigley and Emma & I went up in wagon. She is only going to DuQuoin and intends coming back on the eleven o'clock train. When we got to DuQuoin she conceded to go out to fair grounds but only stayed a few minutes and I brought her back to the city. She came home as above indicated. (Emmaline is about 7 mo .pregnant at this point-gp). We exhibited our stock today but got no premiums only Lucy in the Green Pacing. She took 1st premium.

Ham Akin left us at 12 o'clock. We left the fair grounds about 4 and got home safe and sound a little after dark. Johnson pulled some corn and fed for me.

October 23, 1870 Sunday

Quite warm for the season. Little girls went to Sunday School. Em & I remained at home nearly all day. I went late in the evening to Savits & to Edingtons. Emma's mother was here all day or until late in the evening.

Josiah's Lizzie is quite sick so we heard. Also sister Eliza is quite sick, has been sick for some weeks past.

October 24, 1870 Monday

Continues warm. Wind in the South. Saw quite a phenomenon in the North East this morning. The elements were blood red. They were the same about a week ago but was in the evening.

Savits & Edington came and worked in cellar. I killed a small steer for beef this morning. Went to Elkville. Got Ed Kimmel to go to DeSoto for Jack Screw, did not get any. He went to DuQuoin for me and came down on the night train.

Lucy Walker came up on evening train. We were all very glad to see her.

October 25, 1870 Tuesday

Warm & cloudy some appearance of rain. Savits & Edington are back working on cellar. I went to Elkville for Jack Screw and bbl lime. I helped in cellar part of day. Went to Vanpelts about noon for ventilators for cellar. Babbitt & Phillip were here for beef.

Hiram also was here for beef.

Johnson had team to haul house logs. Gim did not show himself for the purpose of working to day. He has been taking the chills so they say.

October 26, 1870 Wednesday

Cloudy warm and showery. Benj. Savits (d. Dec. 21, 1872, age 54y, 11m, 26d and buried in Kimmel Cemetery-gp) and Edington were here again. They finished all to day or worked up all the brick. I helped them all day and at evening I was very tired and felt like resting.

Johnson had team and went to woods to haul (so he said) house logs. He took Sucker Gall and mule.

Gim went up to DuQuoin for me, he took jack screw to the man I borrowed it from. I sent 50 cts to pay for the use of it. I paid Gim $5.00 to send to Jack at Cairo.

October 27, 1870 Thursday

Somewhat cloudy again. Rained some in the evening. I went down to Murphysboro to have some witnesses summons in the Crow case. Also to see Harmon Fox. Harmon & I made a trade. He assigned tax certificate over to me and I receipted judgment against him. He paid me $12 to make the trade and I paid bal of cost which was $15.05 and we agreed that we were then square.

October 28, 1870 Friday

Cloudy and rained some little during the day. I did not do much to day for I did not feel very well. I took little girls over to school. Called in at Josiahs to see Lizzie who is sick. She is some better. I went to Elkville and came home by Philips. Stopped to see Eliza. She says she is mending some but very slow. Gim hauled me in a load of corn. Jack is back from Cairo again. (Philip is Philip Kimmel, husband of Edward's sister Eliza. Philip is the son of Henry and Rosannah Kimmel who came to S. IL from Pennsylvania. As you probably know, the Schwartzes and Kimmels both originated in PA and the families intermarried a lot through the years. -gp)

October 29, 1870 Saturday

Up at 4 in the morning. Went to DuQuoin on cars. Drawed my premium money by taking $25 in shares (5 shares) @$5 each/ Got $25 in money. I borrowed $100 of G. S. Smith and Co.. I paid Mesmore for horse cover - got some time ago. I also Pd. Onstatt & Brosher for 1 piece iron, 1 piece tin for flew and elbow to stove.

I came home at eleven. Emma met me at station. We came home through big rain. It rained often on all day. In afternoon I went up to Major Burroughs. I pd him $100 in full of note given to him by me Oct. 14th 1870.

Gim helped me feed in the evening.

October 30, 1870 Sunday

Quite a singular day. Rained some several times pretty hard though would clear up and again rain and so on during the day. Wind in the evening was quite high and in the North. Turned colder. We were at home all day or most of the day. I went up to Ikes a little while in forenoon but returned before noon or dinner.

$Old Barbie sow dropped eleven pigs last night sired by my boar. ( I wonder if the dollar sign indicates he viewed these pigs as money in the bank-haha-it is written 2 lines high on the page -gp)

October 31, 1870 Monday

Big frost this morning. Quite a cutting breeze stirring. I went to De Soto with team. Took table down to get it fixed. I commenced suit before Ragsdale, a Justice of the Peace against Nat. Williams for $31.75. I got bbl for to make crout in. I also got 2 bushels sweet potatoes.

Gim & Jack hauled out dirt that came out of cellar. Jack took sick & quit before 12. Gim quit at noon and worked for himself.

All the Vanpelt women were up here in the evening. They went back home after supper.

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