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Jackson County, Illinois

The War Eagle Daily Evening Citizen

Thursday, 23 Mar 1865

Transcribed by Darrel Dexter

Draft Commenced. First Day’s Drawing--- 78 Names Drawn.

We publish the result of the first revolutions of the wheel of fortune. The drawing completes the three precincts named in Jackson County. Our readers will understand that of the 78 names the quota is 39, and the parties are taken in the order their names are drawn, and if the first 39 are accepted, this frees the remainder. We publish the list in the order drawn.

Beaucoup Sub-Precinct- Thomas J. Grizzle, John Dice, Isaac Wadgler, William Hill, Wm. Carter, Peter Crouse, Joseph C. Young, Geo. Snyder, Noah Cheatam, Chas. Young, Geo. Grizzle, John Cheatham, _____ More, Mettison Lord, David Woodward, John Popejoy, Thos. Stanton, Keston McCoy, Christopher Turner, James Houston, Wm. D. Fisher, Joseph Obsmore, Peter Simpson, M. Russell, James B. Morgan, John B. Claut, Albert Vaunhice, John Preston, Thos. Smith, Albert Vanwinkle, Christopher Lyner, August Baurrer, Thos. Swan, James Dilmore, James Calkfam, David Cheatham, Edmond Russell, James Brown, Robert Smith, John Dilland.

Princeton Sub-Precinct- Leonard Carr, John W. Brashear, Cassell Davis, Louis Lively, Emanuel Stedd, John Bashan, James Higgins, James Rogers, James S. Birk.

Elk Prairie Sub-Precinct- William Fox, Henry Goldfelter, James R. Pool, Phillip Griffin, E.G. Sidicks, Isaac Kimmell, Christian Grear, E.B. Clinton, B. _. Rulon, Wm. S. Artz, James S. McGahee, Wm. S. Adkins, Francis W. Bomb.

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