Bible of Elizabeth (Hinchcliff) Crawshaw

Jackson County, Illinois

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Samuel and wife Elizabeth Hinchcliff Crawshaw left Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England, Aug 16 1828. Departed from Philadelphia May 10, 1829. Arrived in Franklin Co., IL, June 11, 1830.

Martha Crawshaw born Monday, May 22, 1815, married Jesse Davis, remarried Reuben Fozzard

Eliza Crawshaw born Thursday, March 6, 1817, married 27 Aug 1835 to Van Davis

Titus Crawshaw born Saturday, June 5, 1819, married Polly Buttler

Joseph Crawshaw born Monday, October 22, 1821, married Peggie Goodwin

Hannah Crawshaw born Friday, April 30, 1824, married George Washington Etherton

William Crawshaw born Monday, November 6, 1826, married Necie Hagler

Thomas Hinchcliff Crawshaw born Wednesday, May 6,1829 in Philadelphia, PA, married Mary Ann Martin

Sarah Jane Crawshaw born February 8, 1832

Mary Ann Crawshaw born Saturday, October 11, 1834, married George Hagler, remarried to William Waller


Born to Thomas Hinchcliff Crawshaw and Mary Ann Martin

Sarah born Dec 15, 1849, married William Lipe

Harriet born Dec 9, 1950

Thomas Jr. born Feb 20, 1852, married Mary Hagler

John born July 2, 1853, married Jane Brewer

Allen born Oct 28, 1854, married Ann Reynolds

Ellen born Oct 28, 1854,

Marnerva born Jan 21, 1857, married John Etherton

Eliza born June 9, 1858

Abraham born Dec 24, 1859, married Hester Ann Winchester

Walter born Nov 3, 1862, married Mary Signaigo

Henry born Aug 8, 1866

Alice born Feb 10, 1867, married James Winchester

Sanford born Oct 13 1868, married Harriet Brewer

Melissa born Dec 22, 1871, married Guy Robinson

Jamie born Dec 22, 1871, married William Winchester

Mary born July 31, 1875

Sanford married Harriet Brewer

Mellisa married Guy Robinson

Jamie married William Winchester

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