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Jan. 25, 1883

    Elihu Palmer, a young man of St. Louis, formerly of Carbondale, met his wife on the street of the former city one day last week and shot her in the neck; he then shot the brains out of the back of his own head. Jealousy of the green eyed variety was the cause of the tragedy. At last accounts both
parties were yet alive. PALMER has highly respected parents residing in Carbondale.

    Will L. CONNELL; a brother of the editor of this paper, was married to Miss Luella EUBANKS, in Murphysboro, on last Sunday evening, Eld. John A. RODMAN officiating.

    Grant CONNELL, of Murphysboro, was visiting his big brother-that’s us-in this city last week.

Feb. 1, 1883

Dr. Geo. L. OWEN, a man known to nearly ever citizen of Williamson county, died at his home in Bainbridge, three miles west of this city, on last Saturday morning, at an advanced age. He was a pioneer citizen of this county and had done much to develop the country.  He was ever characterized for patriotism, and played many important parts in the prosecution of the war for the union. By industry, frugality and good management he amassed considerable of this world’s goods, which are inherited by a daughter, Mrs. R. W. HAMILTON, of Murphysboro, and the children of a son, the late A. N. OWEN. In his contact with the world Dr. OWEN was a warm hearted, genial gentleman, and had hosts of friends. Peace to his dust.

Feb. 8, 1883

Mr. Alfred PEASE, who died at his home in Carbondale on Wednesday of last week, was buried at the cemetery in this city on the following day.

Feb. 15, 1883

Young B. HILL died at the residence of James M. TIPPY, his brother-in-law, in Carbondale, on Friday, the 9th inst., of quick consumption. The funeral services were conducted by Eld. TRIMBLE, of the Christian church, at the residence of M. C. CAMPBELL, in this city, on Saturday, and the interment was made at the Barham cemetery. Deceased was 24 years, 10 months and 9 days old.  He leaves a young wife to mourn his early death.

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