Jackson County, Illinois

 Catherine Rude Hewlett's Funeral  Book

Donated by Susan Guetensberger

Personal Record:

Catherine Rude Hewlett was born February 13, 1876, Harrisburg Illinois and died May 17, 1952 at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Granite City, Illinois, aged 76 years and 4 days.

Family Record :

Father-Phelix Rude born 1847 and died October 1923

Mother- Lucinda Mariah Baker born September 4, 1848 and died September 22, 1924

Husband- Thomas Harlow Hewlett born 1870 and died 1945

Husbands Father- Martin Hewlett who died in 1900

Husbands Mother-Virginia Morefield who died in 1878

Siblings of the Deceased- Harve Rude, Claude Rude, Raymond Rude, Virgil Rude, Ollie Rude- Ingram, Linnie Rude-Paapas

(note: Their were actually 11 children including Catherine, this was all that was mentioned in the funeral book)


Held at Bethel Chapel at 2 P.M. May 20, 1952 by Reverend N. L. Showers of 2100 Illinois Ave, Granite City, Illinois


Sunset Hills Cemetery, Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois

Laid to rest at 3:35 p.m. on May 20, 1952

Special Music was delivered by Golda Dickey

Pall Bearers were:

Hazel Markham

Gleana Singer

Iva Thomas

Nancy Wyatt

Elizabeth Baldwin

Maggie Furguson

Relatives Attending:

Mildred Hewlett Wright-Daughter

Alene Hewlett Reagan-Daughter

Gladys Hewlett-Hancock-Daughter

Delmar Hewlett-Son

Richard Wright-Husband of Mildred

Ira Lowell Hancock-Husband of Gladys

William Preston Reagan-Husband of Alene

Edith Cochoran Hewlett-Wife of Delmar

Willeta Reagan Beasley-Granddaughter - Daughter of Alene

James Reagan-Nephew-Son of Alene

Mary Reagan-Niece-Daughter of Alene

Glen Beasley-Husband of Willeta

Norman R. Bays-Grandson-Son of Mildred

Billy Hewlett-Grandson-Son of Delmar

Lowell Hewlett-Grandson-Son of Delmar

Kay Hewlett-Grandaughter-Daughter of Delmar

Carol Ann Hewlett-Granddaughter-Daughter of Delmar

Friends Who Called:

Evelyn Bringer

Virginia Warmack

Mrs. Gusta Penderton

Mrs. Ada Bolton

Jack Bage

Pearl Thomas

Vesta Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Cavins

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. John Davis (Esther)

Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hancock

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Sexton

Mrs. Evelyn Thompson

Mrs. J. Elmore

Miss Jeanette Bright

Mr. and Mrs. Jodie White and children

Mrs. Dod***? Malone

George E. Robinson

Mr. and Shellie Palmer

Alice Palmer

Joyce Warmack

Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell

Frances Canady

Mr. and Mrs. Eulie B. Rich

Imogene Dickey

Neal Franklin and Family

Isobelle Baldwin

Elizabeth Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. George Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Parker

Eva Stanley

Mrs. Luena Hill

Mrs. Ed Markham

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rongey

Ivy Jackson

Austin Grosulnes?

Lula Whitehead

Mrs. J. Singer

Mrs. Ivy Thomason

Mrs. Estes Dickey and Children

Mrs. J. Michel

Virginia Adams

Naomi Woods

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Pashea

Ernest W. Lewis

Mrs. Dorothy Lionberger

Mrs. Fisher

Cecil Townsand?

Kathryn Bridges

Rev. and Mrs. R. Rook

Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Baysden

A. W. Beedle

Miss Betty Adams

Miss Ines Barnes

Agnes Erbe?

Mrs. Wallye Mac Lowery

Margaret Nance

Hiram Gray

Mrs. Thomas R. Westbrook

Mrs. Floyd Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burnett

Thelma Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Chas Ehlert

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Thomas and Son

Mr. and Mrs. George Bright Jr. and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Miller and Bill

Mrs. Lydia Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Earl N. Hill and Son

Marjorie Vaught

Mrs. Art Hoffman

Mrs. Pearl Lynn

Mrs. Letha Jarman

Mrs. Charles M. Sparks

Mrs. Marion Wilck

Mrs. J. F. Golden

Mrs. Sarah Nicol

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Paulk

Mr. and Mrs. Nelse Thomason

Miss Marieda Ragan

Miss Larena White

Mr. Earl Miller

Mrs. Edith McCasland

Eleanor Gregory

Mrs. Lillian Gregory

Howard R. Wigger

Irma Bauer

Bill Wingerter

Mrs. G. W. Lipscomb

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Schick

Ernest H. Biggs

Mrs. Wm. Willaredt

Mr. and Mrs. George Bright and Family

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Show

Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Zabel?

Mrs. Bessie Nelson

Bryan Yankee

Mr. and Mrs. Mick Cochran and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil N. Hon***E

Edith Penrod

Alba Stearns

Laura Skipper

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Travis

Mrs. Chas Hickman

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Ables

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Honeycombe

Mrs. Edna Wood

Miss Katherine Singer

Miss Shirley Wood

Mr. James E. Greenlee

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lallement

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Robinson

Miss Rhodes

Mrs. J. E. Makay, R.N.

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