GAR Group 30 May 1903

Donated by Carol Scott


Left to right sitting  
George Parrent Co F 6th IL Cav
H C Gregory Co D 81st IL Inf
W C McCormick Co A 80th IL Inf
Jack Neice Co H 27th IL Inf
P J Wagner Co A 4th MO State Militia
J Husband 5th PA Heavy Artillery
J Hatfield Co G 34th IL Inf
Left to right standing  
P L Gordon Co F 154th IL Inf
J F Wagner Major 47th MO Inf
Robert Houston Major 81st IL Inf
J J Kerr 37th KY Regular Mounted Inf
HS Bentley Co B 24th MO Inf
AO Jennings Co I 6th IL Cav
H H Smith Co G 34th IL Inf
L Schellenger Co K 34th IL Inf
O C Wulford Co K 9th IL Cav
C A Duncan Co A 80th IL Inf
Henry Keller Co F 154th IL Inf


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