Jackson County, Illinois


THE OLD LOONEY SPRINGS CHURCH  Organized April 28th, 1850 by Rev. H. S. Gordon, who was its first pastor.  This being the third house built, the first was built of logs, the next of boards and plastered inside, this of brick and was erected in 1865, was 36x50 feet and 12 feet high; one-half mile east of Campbell Hill, Ill., and was torn down in 1900, although it had not been used since 1883, when the new house  was built in town.  The original  9 members were::  Jonathon McLaughlin, Jonathon Burlison, Mary Henry, Sarah White, Serena Bradley, Mary White, Nancy Pettie, Jane Burlison, Susan Harrison.

CAMPBELL HILL FREE BAPTIST CHURCH  Better known as Looney Springs church, built in 1883, at a cost of about $3,000 and is the  first Free Baptist church in this part of the State, and is the one over which the difficulty arose that resulted in the exclusion of Rev. H. S. Gordon from the Close Baptist Church, and started the movement for Free Communion in 1850.  Membership is about 200 and has a neat five room parsonage adjoining.  Its pastors have been: Rev. H. S. Gordon, 2 years; R. A. Bradley ,7 years; Wm. Bradley, 11 years; H. S. Gordon, 2 years; Wm. Bradley, 4years; G. A. Gordon, 1 year; Wm. Bradley, 1 year; G. A. Gordon, 1 1/2 year; Wm. Bradley, 2 1/2 years; G. A. Gordon, 1 year; J. W. Phelps, 2 years; T. O. McMinn, 1 1/2 years; W. R. Wilson, 1 year; J. W. McMillan, 1 2/3 years; G. A. Gordon, 1 year; H. S. Gordon, 3 years; G. A. Gordon, 1 year; J. L. Meads, 2 years; A. J. Rendleman, 4 years.

MURPHYSBORO CHURCH  Organized February 19th, 1875 by Revs. G. A. Gordon and F. W. Newell, 20 members, J.H. Bradley and F.W. Smith deacons, C.C. Culley clerk, G. A. Gordon pastor.  1885 discontinued meetings.  Reorganized June 21st, 1893, by Revs. J. L. Meads, G. P. McBride and G. A. Gordon, with 12 members:  Mollie Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Lem Pate, Geo. C. Bagwill, Lillian B. Phoenix, Lizzie Snider, Mr. and Mrs. John Poutson, Leander Bradley, Susan Bradley, Missouri Berry and Bettie A. Phoenix.  In this meeting 90 persons united with the Church.   Under the pastorate of Rev. J. L. Meads the church grew, and in 1895 they began to build, Rev. G. P. McBride, pastor.  On April 23d. 1896 this building was dedicated.  Dr. H. M.Ford delivered the sermon, September, 1898, Rev. J. L. Meads was called as pastor again and remained two years.  The present pastor is Rev. T. O. McMinn.  The church sustains weekly services, Sabbath school, prayer meeting and A.C.F. society. It has had frequent revivals and earned for itself a reputation for spirituality, cleanliness and power.

TAMAROA CHURCH  This church was organized December 7th, 1889, by Rev. M.A. Shepard with 17 members, the result of  tent meetings held by himself, Rev. J. N. Noble, Carrie Nichols, Belle D. Sisson and W. S. Smith, most if not all the membership believing in Bible holiness. Rev. H. F. Carter was the first pastor, until September, 1890.  Rev. J. F. Kirk served the church one year  or until 1891, then Rev. T. O. McMinn was called and served the church for seven years.  It was prosperous, enlarged its membership greatly and built a parsonage under his pastorate. Then Rev. S. L. Morris was chosen pastor and is now entering on his second year.  Have a nice church worth about $1,500, a comfortable parsonage worth about $800; have a prosperous Sunday school, A.C.F. Society, W.F.M. Society, prayer meeting and Children's Band; have given for home and foreign missions and education about $415. Added to the church since organization about 200.  A large number of converts went to other churches, some have fallen by the way.  The church is still prosperous.

PERCY CHURCH  Erected in 1873 by Daniel Hartley and G. A. Gordon, building committee, and was first located in Steeleville, being built there in 1851 by Rev. H. S. Gordon when he was excluded from the Missionary Baptist Church.  Site was removed to Percy when the railroads were built, thinking the town would doubtless be moved.  Rev. H. S. Gordon was pastor of this church over 30 years, G. A. Gordon 10 years, R. A. Bradley, Wm. Bradley, J.C. Gilliland and W.F. Newell and J. H. Bagwill one year each, and the present pastor is Rev. C. F. Stalker.

AVA FREE BAPTIST CHURCH  Organized by Rev. H. S. Gordon and Wm. Bradley October,1860, with 12 members, in an old log house west of Ave, Ill.  Rev. Wm. Bradley was pastor first four years, Rev. G. D. Ward four years, Rev. A. L. Asberry to Aug. 1874.  Records lost up to Jan., 1886 when Revs. G. A. Gordon and Thos. O. McMinn reorganized it in the Johnson's old store house with 11 members, as follows:  A. J. Grizzell and wife, B. L. Culley and wife, W. B. Jernigan and wife, Gideon Carr and wife, Lucretia Cheatham, Nancy Payne and  Henrietta M. Husband.  This meeting continued for six weeks, closed with 82 members.  G. A. Gordon was pastor almost nine years, J. L. Meads two years, and J. J. Tatum has been the pastor since 1896.  They built the present house in 1890, near it a neat two-story seven-room parsonage.  From this church has gone out some of our best and most talented young ministers.

SCHELLER CHURCH  At Scheller,  Ill., was organized by Revs. G. A. Gordon, J.C. Gilliland and B. H. Keller, May 30th, 1897, with 30 members.  Rev. T. O. McMinn was its first pastor, and continued to serve the church for three years.  The present pastor is Rev. A. J. Cochran.  They have a comfortable house of worship, and some of the members were self-sacrificing and faithful in its erection.

CHESTER FREE BAPTIST  CHURCH  July, 1896, Revs. J. L. and W. E. Meads, J. H. Bagwill and G. A. Gordon began a series of tent meetings, which resulted in the organization, August  2d, of a church with 6 members, as follows:  A.G. Gordon, Ella Short, Mary J. Hood,  Mrs. Wm. Henson, Mrs. Hugh Crain and Mrs. Geo. Hammet.  Rev. Kate Veach Haines early took the place of Bro. Gordon on the staff of workers.  Soon proceeded to build a commodious brick church house, and a seven-room parsonage. Membership now of 100.  The following have served as pastors; G. A. Gordon, J. C. Daisey, J. H. Bagwill, G. P. McBride and J. L. Meads, the present pastor. Officers are:  A.G. Gordon, H. H. Wilkinson and Wm. Hecht, trustees; H. H. Wilkinson and Geo. Azlyn, deacons; Cora Miller, Clerk and A.G. Gordon, treasurer. Sustains a Sabbath school. Y. P. Society.  Woman's Missionary society and  Mite society.  The success of this church is mainly due to the service and sacrifice of A.G. Gordon and the untiring efforts of Bro. J. H. Bagwill while pastor of it.

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