Group of Free Baptist Preachers

The 8 standing in the back, begin at left, Revs. J. W. McMillan, J. W. Phelps, Hy. Skaer, M. Kennedy, J. F. Kirk, J. J. Tatum, M. Fox, ___Mills.
The 8 sitting in front, begin at left, Revs. J. H. Bagwill, G. A. Gordon, R. Oliver, B. Keller, J. C. Gilliland, H. S. Gordon, G. P. McBride, H. F. Carter and daughter, unknown.
The middle 8 standing, left, Revs. W. W. Jacobs, E. E. Evans, A. J. Rendleman, ___ Griffith, S. L. Morris, Jno. Phillips, T. O. McMinn, and Chas. T. Rogers

This ends "The Life and Labors of Rev. Henry S. Gordon, Founder of the Free Baptist Church in Southern Illinois...together with Pictures and Sketches of one hundred other Free Baptists Dead and Living"...By Rev. Geo. A. Gordon, Campbell Hill, Illinois, ©1900 Rev. Geo. A. Gordon.

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