Jackson County, Illinois

Gordon Ministers & Deacons

ALLEN, Martha, Wife of Rev. R. C. Allen, daughter of Wm. and Mary (Loy) Carter, born in Jackson Co., Ill. United with the Free Baptist Church at Looney Springs under the preaching of Rev. Wm. Bradley in her 13th year.   Married to C.C. Culley in 1860.  Six children, two living, Alva and Joel Culley.  Married second time to R. C. Allen in 1890.  Licensed to preach in 1897.  Has been active in the Free Baptist Woman's Missionary Society, of which she is now secretary and treasurer.  Her only daughter died September 30th, 1899.

ALLEN, Rev. Robert C., Son of Clement and Esther ( Stormont) Allen, born at Princeton, Ind., August 30th, 1838.  Came to Illinois in 1845.  Converted and united with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in his 19th year.  Married Elizabeth McCollough in 1866.  She died 1871; married again in 1890 to Martha E. Cully. Joined the Free Baptist Church in Murphysboro in 1896.  Was licensed in 1897; since then has labored as pastor and evangelist.  Now resides in Murphysboro, Ill.

BAGWILL, Rev. Jonathon H., Son of M.A. and Cynthia Bagwill, was born at Campbell Hill January 11th, 1874.  Married Ollie M. Bradley June 12th, 1895.  He was converted December 1890, joined the Campbell Hill Free Baptist Church; licensed to preach October 1st. 1892, and was ordained July 5th, 1895 by Revs. G. A. Gordon, M. A. Shepard, J. L. Meads and J. W. McMillan. The greatest meeting of his life was at Percy in 1898; in 12 days, 120 accessions, 102 baptized-- the largest number baptized in any one church that year in the denomination.  Resides at Marion, Ill., and is our pastor there; also Lone Oak, Creal Springs and Spillertown.  Was delegate to General Conference at Ocean Park, Me. 1898

BAGWILL, Ollie M., Wife of Rev. Jno H. Bagwill and youngest daughter of Jas. H. and Ruth J. Bradley, was born at DeSoto, Ill., June 21st, 1873; and converted at DeSoto in 1889, and joined the Free Baptist Church.  She was united in matrimony June 12th, 1895, with Rev. J. G. Bagwill.  Has done what she could in woman's missionary work, and been of lasting benefit to her husband in his ministry.

BARROW, A. J., (deacon) The son of James and Catherine D. Barrow, was born in Jackson county, Ill., March 1st, 1852.  His youth was spent upon his father's farm, a part of which he now resides upon.  Attended the district school; married Nancy A. Musgrave August 29th, 1872; joined the United Baptist Church April 1876; was married again to Miss Mary L. Merrell September 1st, 1885; united with the Free Baptist Church at Campbell Hill January, 1889, and was elected on the Board of Deacons in June 1890, and still resides on his farm near Campbell Hill, Ill.

BARROW, Mary L., Daughter of Alfred S. and Amanda P. Merrell, was born near Belleville, Ill., December 28th, 1867; removed with her parents to Jasper county, Mo. in 1868.  Then to Randolph county, Ill., in 1874.  Married A. J. Barrow in 1885, and united with the Free Baptist church at Campbell Hill, Ill., in January 1889.

BIBY, James L., (deacon) Born March 2d, 1846 in Franklin County, Ill.  Converted November 1890; baptized and united with Union Hall church; was deacon and trustee, which offices he held until his death, March 30th 1893.  Was united in marriage to Mary J. Harris in 1875.

BIBY, Mary Jane, Born November 11th, 1851, in Franklin Co., Ill., and was the daughter of Joseph and Nancy Harris.  Was converted  at about 15 years of age; joined the United Brethren in Franklin county, and remained with them until the organization of Union Hall Free Baptist Church, when she joined it.  She was married to Jas. L. Biby in 1875.  He died in 1883, and she married again to F. M. Biby May 5th, 1885, and died August 28th, 1899.  Lived near Christopher, Ill.

CAMPBELL, Manerva, Wife of Wilburn Campbell, born December 25th, 1838, in Williamson Co., Ill.  Converted  in 1883 and joined the Christian church, and continued in that Church until November 12th, 1890, when she united with the Free Baptist at Union Hall.  Daughter of David and Sarah Robison.  Married Jasper Howell in 1856.   Mother of 13 children.  Lastly to Wilburn Campbell, with whom she still lives on their farm, Christopher, Ill.

CAMPBELL, Wilburn, Born May 4th, 1839 in Franklin Co., Ill.  Was converted and united with the Free Baptist Church November 12th, 1890; was elected clerk of the church and continued to be ever since.  Married Mary E. Hogue, September 1st, 1864; has 10 children.  She died and he again married, this time to Manerva Howell, November 25th, 1886, and lives near Christopher, Ill.

CARTER, Margaret, Widow of Wm. Carter and daughter of Henry Loy, was united in marriage with David Darrough, by who she had three children.  After his death she married Daniel Shaw. He died and on July 23d, 1896, she was united in marriage with Wm. Carter, and for many years a member of the Presbyterian church.

CARTER, William, Son of Wm. Carter, born July 22d, 1829 in East Tennessee.  Came to St. Clair Co., Ill., in 1834, and to the vicinity of Campbell Hill, Ill., 1840.  About this time he married Mary Loy.  They had nine children.  His wife died May 2d, 1862, and he married Vitulia Canaday.  She died October 3d, 1863, and he married Mary Moore, by whom he had three children.  She died October 6th, 1871 and he married Martha Reese.  She died September 22d, 1895, and he then married Margaret Shaw July 23d, 1896, who survives him.   He with his first wife joined the Looney Springs church July 30th, 1850, and remained a member of  the church to the date of his death, February 28th, 1898.

CULLEY, Burphet L., (deacon) Born June 7th, 1830 at Mt. Vernon, Ind.  Married Permelia Cluster December 10th, 1856, had four children, one girl and three boys.  Married again to Lucinda J. Heglar December 22nd, 1863.  By this wife six boys and one girl.  Joined the Looney Springs Free Baptist Church June, 1858, and baptized by Rev. R. A. Bradley the following month; was a member of Ava Board of Deacons to the date of his death, June 22nd, 1898.  She has been a member of the Church from childhood, and now lives at Ava, Ill.

DAVIS, Rev. J. B., Was born  in Jackson Co., Ill. ,January 10th, 1837.  A son of Richard Davis.  Joined the army in 1861; served four years in the Civil War. United in marriage with Francis Spurgeon in March 1866.  Converted  and joined the Baptist church in November 1866; baptized by Rev. Wm. Carner.  Moved to Denmark, Ill., in September,1871, and joined the Free Baptist Church ; was ordained April, 1888, at the Quarterly Meeting at Dry Hill.  Has had the pastoral care of Pipestone, DuQuoin, DeSoto and Macedonia churches.  Wife died and married again to Mrs. M. J. Benedict, and lives at Denmark, Ill.

DAVIS, M. J., Wife of Rev. J. B. Davis, born May 16th, 1849, in Washington Co., Ill.  Was raised by her uncle, and in 1868 was married to S. Benedict.  He died and in 1896 she was again married, this time to Rev. J. B. Davis.  In 1875 she was converted and joined the Nine Mile Baptist church, and baptized by Rev. P. Hagler. On removing to Denmark, Ill., she united with the Free Baptist Church in 1878, where with her husband she now resides.

DOWNING, Evila, Wife of Rev. P. H. Downing, born January 16th, 1860 in David county, Ia.  converted in 1878, and united with the Newlites, and in 1895 joined the Free Baptist Church, and lives with her husband at Downing, Ill.

DOWNING, Rev. Phillip H., Born December 15th, 1851, in Jefferson county, Ia., son of Wm. D. and Sarah M. Downing. Converted in 1872; joined the Newlites, afterward the Free Baptist Church in 1895.  Licensed to preach in the same year, and ordained in 1898.  Married Elvina Snook. She died and he married again to Evila Glasco in 1892.

ESSICK, Rev. Samuel T., Was born in 1843 in Pennsylvania.  He was married, and died on December 2nd,1898, leaving a wife and nine children.  Was converted and joined the U. B. in Richland county, Ill. Moved to Jackson county in 1883, and united with the Christian order, and in both of theses churches did good service in the Sunday school work.  In 1887 he joined the Free Baptists and was ordained to preach the Gospel April 10th, 1892, after which he was pastor of different churches in this and adjoining counties.

FRANKLIN, John Logan, (deacon) Son of  Rev. T. O. Franklin,  born February 26th, 1870, received a liberal education, attended Ewing college and Enfield Normal University.  Does not remember when he was not a Christian.  At 12 joined the Palestine Free Baptist Church, where is now clerk and deacon. Has been clerk of the Franklin Co. Quarterly Meeting for eight years.  Was married to Miss Etta B. Roberts August 11th, 1890, and now lives happily with his wife and three boys on his farm north of Benton, Ill.

FRANKLIN, Rev. Thomas O., Son of  Jno. Franklin, born May 30th,1840 in Franklin Co., Ill.   His father died in 1848, and he was the principal support of his mother.  Entered the army in September, 1862, and served to the close of the war. Was united in marriage with Sarah W. Drummond September 15th, 1865, and they have ten children.  Converted in 1863, and joined the Hillerites in 1866; was licensed to preach in 1873.  In 1874  united with the Free Baptist Church and ordained same year.  Helped organize the Franklin Co. Quarterly Meeting, and was its clerk.  Now resides on his farm near Benton, Ill.

GILLILAND, Rev. J. C.,  Born 14th March, 1833, in Missouri.  Converted in 1847; joined the M. E. Church and was licensed in 1849.  In 1863, being dissatisfied with infant baptism, joined the Hillerites; in 1864 joined the Free Baptists at Steeleville, Ill.  Labored as a pastor, organizer and evangelist. Organized a great man churches in Wayne, Jefferson, Washington, Perry and Jackson counties.  Married to Susan A. Waldrop, and had two children.  She died and he married again Martha E. Johnson.  Now resides on his farm at Scheller, Ill., and is sorely afflicted with rheumatism.

GRIZZELL, Thomas (deacon), Was born in Kenton county, Ky., in 1840.  Moved to Illinois in 1862; married Mary E. King October 20th, 1863.  She was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, in 1845;  brought to Illinois in infancy.  Both have lived near Sato continuously; had born to them twelve children, only  three of whom are living.  Joined the Free Baptist Church soon after marriage, and have lived faithful, devoted lives ever since.  Sister Grizzell was visiting at Father Gordon's at the time of his sudden death, and rendered every assistance that loving hands could do.

HALL, George William, Was born in Williamson Co., Ill., March 14th, 1876; converted and joined Union Free Baptist Church January 30th, 1899, under the preaching of Revs. T. O. and J. B. McMinn; baptized and received into full membership May 3d, 1899.  Is the clerk of the Makanda Quarterly Meeting at the present time, and lives at Herrin, Ill.

HARRIS, Moses (deacon), Of  Tamaroa, Ill., born in 1844; married August 8th, 1861, to Mary S. French, has five children living.  Joined the army in 1864; served until 1865.  Converted under the ministry of Rev. J. C. Gilliland in 1875, and joined the Free Baptist Church.   Is now one of the Deacons and a member of the Board of Trustees of Tamaroa church at which town he still resides.

HARRIS, Nancy S., Wife of Moses. Harris born in 1844 in Perry county, Ill.  Converted in 1868, and joined the Free Baptist Church in 1875, and is now with her husband, and member of Tamaroa church.

JOHNSON, John W. (deacon), Born January 16th, 1846, Jackson Co. Tenn.  Moved to Missouri in 1854; to Perry Co., Ill., in 1861.  Entered Civil War February 9th, 1864.  Married Nora A. Cleary in 1865.  Was converted and joined the Free Baptist Church at Union Hall in 1893.  Elected on the Board of Deacons and still serves his Church as such.  Lives near Christopher, Ill.

JOHNSON, Nora A., Born in March 29th, 1841 in Williamson Co., Ill.  Mother died and she lived with her aunt in Perry Co.; later removed to Franklin Co. Converted and became a member of Union Hall Free Baptist Church at Christopher, Ill., in 1892.  United in marriage to John W. Johnson in 1865, and still resides on their farm near Christopher, Ill.

JONES, Ellen, Wife of Rev. J. A. Jones, was born May 2d, 1858 in Franklin Co., Ill.  Attended the district school. Was converted April 18th, 1874 under the preaching of Sister Emma Snider; united with Harmony Free Baptist Church May, 1875, and has continued a true and consistent member.  Married April 3d, 1879, and has had five children; one died in infancy, the others remain at home in Christopher, Ill.

JONES, Hester J., Widow of Levi A. Jones, born May 26th, 1841, was converted young and joined the M. E. Church. Is the mother of nine children.  In 1871 she united with Harmony Free Baptist Church; lived seven miles away, yet seldom missed a church meeting.   In 1900 she went into the organization of a new Free Baptist church at Spillertown, Ill.  Her pious life and religious teachings won all her children for Christ and the Church.  She resides on the old homestead and is a successful farmer.

JONES, Rev. James A., Was born November 26th, 1853, in Williamson Co., Ill., the son of John and Purlina Jones. Received a fair education, taught school and attended college, and is now teaching his 34th term.  He embraced religion in 1874, and joined Harmony Free Baptist Church in May 1876, and was its clerk many years; was clerk of  Makanda Quarterly Meeting for seven years, was licensed to preach February, 1892 and was ordained September 1892 ; has had the pastoral care of a number of churches, and is still actively engaged in the ministry.  Married Miss Ellen Griffin April 3d, 1879, and is the happy father of two girls and two boys.

JONES, Levi A. (deacon), Was born in Indiana in 1826.  Came to Williamson county, Ill., in 1841.  Married Lydia Moore, who dying left him with nine children.  In 1863 he married Hester J. Odum, by whom he had ten children.  He was converted and joined the church, but differed with his brethren in  his religious views.  In 1870 he joined the Free Will Baptist Church under Rev. W. H. Blankenship's preaching at Harmony, and became a very devoted worker, always faithful to his pastor, true to his Church, and loyal to his denomination.  Died January 15th, 1892.  Revs. T. O. McMinn and J. L. Meads preached his funeral.  Truly may we say of him, as of Enoch of old:  "He pleased God."

JONES, Mrs. Moses, Born on January 10th, 1844, daughter of G. W. Eubanks.  Was converted and united with McGlasson church under Rev. J. W. McMillan's preaching in 1895.   Married in 1862 and is the mother of seven children.

JONES, Richard W., Born in Lake Creek, Ill., February 13th, 1866, son of Levi and Hester Jones, attended the district schools, gained a fair education and has been a very successful and popular teacher for many years. Was converted November 15th, 1884, and joined Harmony Free Baptist Church.  he is editor of the "Progress" and has been for some years.  Active in church work, his influence is largely felt.  Married August, 1897, to Miss Nannie Harris, and now resides at Johnson City, Williamson Co., Ill.

KELLER, Rev. Ben, Born in Bedford Co., Tenn.,  October 21st, 1829.  Married Mary J. Latimer March 27th, 1851; they had five children, four still living.  Converted October 13th, 1847.  Licensed to preach December 13th, 1877; ordained February 9th, 1879; united with the Free Baptist Church in 1876 and died April 27th, 1900, near Scheller, Ill., a very devoted, active Christian man, beloved by all who knew him.

KIRK, Rev. James F., Son of Ulissus and Martha J. Kirk, born in Benton county, Tenn., January 15th, 1843, professed faith in Christ in 1873, joining the Free Will Baptist Church in Williamson Co., Ill., Ordained in 1881, and has done pastoral work every year up to date.   Married Nancy A. Spirs August 1st, 1869.  Married second wife, Martha Jones, January 14th, 1880, and now resides at Crainville, Ill., and is still in the pastoral work.

LEMING, Thomas (deacon), Was born in Indiana in 1830; came to Illinois in 1836; married Mary Ann Heard in 1851; raised a family of  four girls and three boys; converted in 1878 under the preaching of Rev. G. A. Gordon at Percy, Ill.  Has proven himself a true, devoted Christian, and a strong advocate of legal prohibition.  Now lives in Willisville, Ill., and is one of the deacons of the Free Baptist Church there.

LEMING, Mary Ann, Wife of Thomas Leming, was born in 1828; converted under the preaching of Rev. Wm. Bradley during the Civil War in 1862; joined the Looney Springs General Baptist Church.  Since has united with the Free Baptist Church at Willisville, Il.

McBRIDE, Bartley A., Was born near Ava, Ill., August 11th, 1854.  Received but a limited education.  In 1884 went to Arkansas for a short time, the back to Ava, and in 1885 he moved to Franklin Co., Ill., and followed his trade of blacksmith. Married Florence I. Duncan March 2d, 1876; had three children.  Wife died October 20th, 1882, and was again married November 28th, 1886, to Martha E. Greenwood and has five children.  Was converted and joined the Bear Point Free Baptist Church October 24, 1897; baptized the following month.  His grandmother, Polly Polk was a cousin to President James K. Polk.

MCBRIDE, Clara (nee Russell),  Wife of Rev. G. P. McBride, born September 7th, 1870 near Carterville, Ill.  Her father died when she was four years old, and at 12 she had to make her own living working summers for small wages, winters for board and schooling; attended school at Carterville and Carbondale; taught her first school at the age of 17.  Was converted in July 1891, at a tent meeting held by Meads and McBride; joined the Free Baptist Church and was baptized the same month.  Married September 20th, 1892 and is the mother of four children, R. Gordon, Beulah E., Wendell S. and Ralph W.  Is very active in church work.

MCBRIDE, Rev. Giles P.,  Born March 4th, 1867, near Ava, Ill.  Professed faith in God at the age of 20 years; joined the Presbyterian Church at Ava; elected elder; not satisfied with baptism united with the Free Baptist Church and was licensed to preach January 1891, and ordained the following May.  United in marriage with Clara Russell September 20th, 1892.  Has served Marion, Creal Springs, DeSoto, Murphysboro and Chester churches as pastor.  labored as yearly Meeting evangelist two years; done considerable evangelistic work; organized several churches and A.C.F. societies; built two churches and is acting as State agent for the State of Indiana now. Is a Free Baptist and a Prohibitionist.

McKINNEY, Rev. James Wesley, Son of Jas. H. and Manerva J. McKinney, born March 13th, 1873 near Carterville, Ill., and converted in 1887.  Received a liberal education at Marion and Carbondale, Ill.  Was licensed to preach at the age of 18, and nine months later he was ordained.  Taught school and preached continuously.  Married March 24th, 1895, to Agnes Neilson.  Has preached seven years.  Received into the Church 143, baptized 121, solemnized 47 marriages, and traveled 6,985 miles and lives on his farm in Williamson county, Ill.

McMILLAN, Rev. Jonathon W., Oldest son of Thos. and Sarah A. McMillan, born in Meade Co, KY in 1844.  Came to Illinois in 1859.  converted and joined the M.E. Church March 3d, 1860.  Licensed in 1870; united with the Free Baptist Church at Campbell Hill and ordained January 1866, and took up Pastoral work; served Camp Creek, Dry Hill, Sato, Campbell's Hill, Pleasant Ridge, Pate's Chapel, DeSoto, Drury, Kinkaid, Marion, Union and Oak Valley churches as pastor. Was appointed Yearly Meeting Evangelist in 1895, severed 9 months, but had to give it up on account of throat trouble.  Now lives in Campbell Hill with his family.

MORRIS, Rev. S. L.,  Born in Ohio in 1856.  Converted at 13 years of age; entered the ministry at 28, and later joined the Free Baptist Church at Ava in 1896.  Ordained in 1897, at Tamaroa, Ill., and has done pastoral work ever since; organized Lone Oak church and now pastor of Tamaroa church.  Was married to Josephine David in 1879, and has three children, and now lives at Tamaroa, Ill.

REDFIELD, Benjamin R., Born In Gilford, Conn., May 11th, 1821, came to Illinois September 1842, and has lived on his farm near Campbell Hill 50 years.  Married Elizabeth Jane Cheatham March 28th, 1849, and raised a family of eight children.  Joined the Looney Springs Free Baptist church February 1st, 1871, and has been one of its trustees for many years, and lives with his youngest son on the old farm near Campbell Hill, Ill.

REDFIELD, Elizabeth Jane, Wife of Benj. R. Redfield, was the daughter of Robison Cheatham; was born October 30th, 1830. Died September 4, 1882.  She joined the Looney Springs Free Baptist Church February 1st, 1871; and lived a consistent and Christian life; left a husband and five children to mourn her death.

ROBISON, Archibald (deacon), Born January 6th, 1838, near Steelesville, Ill., joined the Baptist Church in 1866.  Married to Sarah I. Simons in 1867. In 1896 was united with the Free Baptist church in Murphysboro, Ill., of which he he is a faithful member and one of its deacons.

ROBISON, Sarah I., Wife of Deacon A. Robison, born in Wright Co., Mo., in 1845, united with the Baptist Church in 1866.  Married at Steeleville in 1867. Joined the Free Baptist Church in Murphysboro in 1896, of which she is a faithful member and a worker in the home and foreign missionary work.

ROGERS, Rev. Charles T.,  Was born at Fort Scott, Kansas, July 4th, 1866; removed to Florida in 1879, and to Wayne county, Ill. in 1895; the following winter was converted and joined the Free Baptist Church at Johnsonville, Ill., under the pastorate of Rev. T. O. McMinn, by whom he was baptized.  Licensed to preach at the May Quarterly Meeting following.. Was ordained September, 1896, and is one of our best young pastors.  He married Orra E. Alvis, who is indeed a true preacher's wife, cheering and encouraging her husband in work for the salvation of souls. Has pastoral care of four churches, and lives at Fairfield, Ill.

RUSSELL, Mary Etta, Was born July 28th, 1873, near Campbell Hill, Ill., moved to Murphysboro, Ill., May 1890; was converted in 1895; married to Wm. D. Russell September, 1898, and united with the Free Baptist Church the same year.

RUSSELL, William D. (deacon), Was born at Willisville, Ill., May 7th, 1864.  Went to ST. Louis and learned the trade of carpenter.  September 5th, 1889,married Angie E. Heiple of DeSoto, Ill.; had four children.  He and wife joined the Free Baptist Church in Murphysboro, Ill., June 1896, and in March 1898 she died and he again married September, 1898  to Miss Mary Etta Thompson.  They have one child.  He has been quite an active member of the Church--chairman of the Official Board, superintendent of the Sunday school, and a member of the Board of Deacons, and now resides at Murphysboro, Ill.

SANDERS, H. D. (deacon), Born October 26th, 1856, in Williamson Co., Ill.  His parents were devoted Christians.  He was married August 10th, 1879, to Mary E. Lipsey.  Converted in a meeting  held by Rev. Chas. Hayes in 1892, and united with the Christian Church, and in the spring of 1895 he joined  Union Hall of Free Baptist Church, and was elected one of its deacons soon after. Now lives on his farm near Christopher, Ill.

SANDERS, Mary E., Wife of  H. D. Sanders, born July 9th, 1859, at Frankfort, Ill.  Was converted in 1892 under the preaching of Rev. Chas. Hayes, and with her husband united with the Free Baptist Church in 1895.  She was the mother of six children, one boy and two girls living. She is a kind and devoted  wife and mother.

SCOTT, Jonathon A. L. (deacon), Born March 16th, 1862, in Wayne Co., Ill., and was "born again" October 15th, 1889, and united with the Free Baptist Church November 17th, 1889, and at once chosen deacon.  He served in various capacities in the church, and prominent in every forward movement of the denomination. Of modest and quiet manner, yet strictly business-like.  For five years he has been president of the Wayne Co. Sunday school Association, and is a member of the State Executive Committee and County and District chairman of the Prohibition party, and was a candidate for the State Legislature in the last election.  He was married to Miss Martha Vaughn August 17th, 1884.

SCOTT, Martha, Wife of Jonathon A. L. Scott.  Her maiden name was Vaughn, and they were married August 17th, 1884, and have lived in the little village of Orchardville, in Wayne Co., Ill., ever since, where their lives and work have been a blessing to the Free Baptist Church at that place.

SNIDER, Madison W., Was born April 5th, 1878 at Campbell Hill, Ill. Since 1887 has resided in Murphysboro, Ill. Was converted in 1893, and united with the Free Baptist Church and married October 14th, 1897, to Miss Addie Butler, who was born October 15th, 1879 at Oraville, Ill.; came to Murphysboro in 1886, and joined the Free Baptist Church in 1893.  The former is a grandson Rev. Wm. Bradley, deceased. and both of them are faithful and indefatigable workers in the Church. She has been for years the organist.

SOPER, Robert, Son of Andy and Polly Soper, born in 1822.  Joined Free Baptist church under the preaching of Rev. H. S. Gordon at Percy, Ill.  Married to Parthena Holt, and died in 1886, leaving four children.

STALKER, Rev. Charles F.,  Was born in DuQuoin, Ill., June 25th, 1871; a direct descendant of the French Hugenots who so nobly bore the persecution inflicted upon them by the enemies of Christ.  Was converted August 19th, 1890; united with the Free Baptist Church in November; began preaching in 1891;ordained in 1892; has pastorage of Percy, Rock Springs, Pate's Chapel and Crainville churches.  Has used gospel wagon, and did other evangelistic work.  An expert chalk talker, he illustrates his sermons and lectures on the board.  Married June 22, 1890, two children living, three dead.  With his family now resides at DeSoto, Ill.

STALKER, Susan (nee Counce), Wife of Rev. C.F. Stalker, born at DeSoto, Ill., November 1st, 1872; converted August 20th, 1890; joined the Free Baptist Church November following.  Has been consecrated to the cause of Christ, since receiving pardon for her sins, and by her wisdom and council has been a tower of strength to her husband in the great work of the ministry.

STEELE, Emanuel, Only son of James C. and Serena Steele, born in 1847 at Steeleville, Ill.  Converted in 1878, and united with the Missionary Baptist Church at Steeleville, Ill., and in 1897 joined the Hickory Grove Free Baptist Church near Christopher, Ill., where he still holds his membership.  He was united in matrimony to Saraphine Thomas, and they had one son, Ottis, and she died.  He now resides with this sister in Franklin Co., Ill.  Was for a time clerk of the Church; is now its treasurer

TURNEY, Rev. H. M., Was born May 17, 1850 in Louisville, KY.  For many years was a traveling salesman.  Through the social glass he became the victim of strong drink.  March 1st, 1891, found him in the docks of Cleveland, Ohio, a total wreck--home, friend, reputation all gone.  Homeless, friendless, Godless, he found his way into the floating Bethel, where he was saved , and immediately began telling the wonders of grace; joined the Free Baptist Church and was ordained October 1st, 1899.  Is at present Yearly Meeting evangelist of the Central Illinois Yearly Meeting.  God has used him in the salvation of many souls.

WEEDON, John R., Son of Joe S. and Cornelia (Culley) Weedon, born September 12th, 1871, in Randolph Co., Ill., and grew to manhood at Campbell Hill, Ill.  Converted and joined the Free Baptist Church at Campbell Hill, Ill..............Attended college at Hillsdale, Mich.  Taught school, but failing health compelled him to go to New Mexico; there health was regained.

WILLIAMSON, Alice, Wife of Deacon Jno. B. Williamson, and daughter of Arcy and Mary Coyle, born March 3d, 1861, and united in marriage with Jno B. Williamson November 22d, 1877.  Was converted and joined the Sato Free Baptist Church, February, 1894, where she still holds her membership.

WILLIAMSON, Jonathon B., The only son of Judge Henry Williamson, was born September 8th, 1855, at Sato, and raised in Jackson Co., Ill.  Married Alice C. Coyle November 22d, 1877, and raised a large family of children, seven of whom are still living.  United with the Sato Free Baptist Church, February,1894, and has acted as clerk and deacon of the church for the past six years, and now resides in their beautiful home on a magnificent farm near Sato, Ill.

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