The Gordon Family

Nancy Gordon--Widow of Rev. H. S. Gordon, to whom she was married November 6th, 1849, daughter of Robt. and Mary Gooding.  She was born March 4th 1820.   Married John Hill in 1840; had one child.  Her husband died, and by her last marriage five boys were born to them, which with four step-children, made a family of ten children, all of whom she raised to manhood and womanhood. They lived on the farm, and she was a helpmeet to him indeed, both in his ministry and on the farm, for about 50 years.  She still lives at the advanced age of 80 years in their old home in Percy, Ill

Mary S Mace--The oldest child and only daughter of Rev. H. S. and Rebecca Gordon, born March 3d,1838.  Converted and joined the Free Baptist church at Steeleville September 6th, 1851.  United in marriage with Hon. S. P. Mace March 9th, 1856; the mother of three sons and one daughter; was true to her church and faithful to her God for almost a half century.  Removed to St. Louis with her family in 1880, where she died December 30th, 1899,leaving her children the example of a well spent life.

Rev GA Gordon--Oldest son of Rev. H. S. Gordon and Rebecca Gordon, born at Alton, Ill. April 14th, 1842; lived in Percy and Campbell Hill.  Converted April 18th, 1861.   Married Harriet Glore December 25th, 1866.   Ordained August 1868.  Did pastoral and evangelistic work to 1895, State agent ever since.  Organized a number of churches; preached in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana.  Was delegate to General Conference in 1880 at Wiers, N. H.; 1889 at Harper's Ferry, W. Va.; 1892 at Lowell, Mass.;1895 at Winnebago, Minn., and 1898 at Ocean Park, Me.  A member of the General Conference Board for 10 years, helped in starting the Manning Bible School in Cairo, Ill., and at present editor of the "Illinois Free Baptist" and State agent for Illinois, and resides at Campbell Hill, Ill.

Harriet Gordon--Oldest daughter of Jeptha and Margaret (Crisler) Glore, and wife of Rev. Geo. A. Gordon, born January 26th, 1846 at Shiloh Hill, Ill.   Converted and joined the Free Baptist Church at Steelesville, Ill., January 1st, 1867.   Has been an active worker in the Church and Sunday school and Children's Band ever since, and has rendered her husband invaluable assistance in his ministry.  While busied with the cares of a large household she always found time for her church work. She has been a faithful and true pastor's wife.

Parker L Gordon--Son of Rev. H. S. and Rebecca Gordon, born September 1st, 1847, near Steeleville, Ill. At 18 entered the army as a drummer, and served through the Civil War; came home and married; had one son.  Married again and the second wife dying, he was married October 27th, 1887 to Jane Weedon, being the third time.   They have two children, whom they have  adopted.  He united with the Campbell Hill Free Baptist Church November,1885 and in March, 1896, changed his membership to Ava.   He has been all his life engaged in the mercantile business.  Now resides in his comfortable home in Ava, Ill.

Henry S Gordon--Second  son of Rev. H. S. and Rebecca Gordon, born November 28th, 1844., married S. Jane Saunders March 25th, 1869.  Was converted and joined the Free Baptist church in April, 1866, at Steeleville, Ill., and served the church as clerk for a number of years.  Spent much of his life in St. Louis for about four years before his death, which occurred April 18th, 1893, leaving a wife and an only son, Chas. H. Gordon, who followed his father on March 9th, 1900, aged almost 26 years, leaving mother, who now resides at Frankford, Ind.  Henry E. was for a number of years a member of the Board of Deacons of Percy church, at Percy, Ill.

Abram G Gordon--Son of Rev. H. S. and Nancy Gordon, born November 6th, 1849, at Steeleville, Ill., converted and joined the Free Baptist Church April 1866.  Attended McKendree College, studied law and admitted to the bar in 1871.  Practiced his profession every since at Chester, Ill.  Married Jane Short November 6th, 1872, and they have three children.  Went into the organization of a Free Baptist Church in Chester in 1896; served on the Board of Deacons since.  Now resides in Chester, Ill.

Dr Noel R Gordon--Son of Rev. H. S. and Nancy Gordon, born May 15th, 1851, at Steeleville, Ill.  Labored on the farm.  Attended district school; graduated from McKendree College at Lebanon, Ill., 1872.  Attended St. Louis Medical College from which he graduated in 1875.  Married Miss Emma Hoskinson, of St. Joe, Mo. in 1875, and has two daughters, both married.  Practiced medicine in Campbell Hill, Ill., from 1875 to 1881; removed to Sparta, Ill., where he continued his profession up to 1885, when he took up special practice and located at Springfield, Ill., where he still resides and practices as a specialist in the treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat.

Charles S Gordon--Son of Rev. H. S. and Nancy Gordon, born at Steeleville, Ill., March 19th, 1858.  Received a liberal education, and was united in marriage with Mattie E. Hammond.  Joined the Percy Free Baptist Church October 1874.  Been engaged in the mercantile business most of his life.  Now resides in Ava, Ill., with his family of a wife and six children, and is a member of the Free Baptist Church at that place.

Mattie E Gordon--Wife of Chas. S. Gordon, born September14th 1860 in St. Louis, Mo.  Her maiden name was Hammond.  She was married September 14th 1880, the mother of six children, two boys and four girls.  She joined the M. E. Church early in life, of which she still remains a member, and now presides over her little home, consisting of a husband and six happy, hopeful little ones in Ava, Ill.

Dr LE Gordon--Adopted son of Rev. Geo. A .and Harriet Gordon, born December 19th, 1871.  Received his early education at Campbell Hill, Ill.; graduated from the Dental Department of Washington University at St. Louis, Mo., married Evangeline Rogers November 1st, 1893.   Lived at Carbondale, Ill., five years where he united with the M. E. Church and practiced his profession, in which he was very proficient.  Removed to Metropolis, Ill., where he was taken sick, brought back home and died June11th, 1900.

Evangeline Gordon--Wife of Dr. L. E. Gordon, born July 29th, 1874, at Campbell Hill, Ill.  Attended school at home and at Waterloo, Ill., and ST. Louis, Mo.  Married Dr. Gordon November 1st, 1893, by whom she born two sons, Ralph Emmerson and Neal Dow, the former died November 15th, 1900 at the age of 4 year, 5 month and 21 days.  She united with the M. E. Church at Carbondale, changing her membership to Metropolis, Ill., where she now resides.

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