Son of Joshua and Ann (Giles) Bradley, born in Sumner Co., Tenn. January 3d. 1802.  Came to Illinois early.  Was converted and joined the Looney Springs Free Baptist Church (then General Baptist) June 23d, 1850, and was ordained to the Gospel ministry by Rev. H. S. Gordon on the 4th Sabbath in March, 1852, and was elected pastor the following month.  Served as pastor for a number of years; represented his county in the Illinois Legislature three terms, first in 1842 to 1844, then to 1846, and again from 1848 to 1850, being 13th, 14th and 16th General Assemblies.

In 1842 he was chairman of the Committee on Elections, and presented a bill to move the county seat to Murphysboro.  In 1844 was chairman of the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, and presented a bill to reduce the fees of County Judges, Circuit and County Clerks, County Commissioners and Justices of the peace.  In 1848 a bill to charter the Chester & Wabash R.R.  Attended 48 days, traveled on horseback 400 miles and received for the two years $136.

Married Elizabeth Oliver October 24th, 1826; had 9 children.  Lived in Campbell Hill, Ill., where he died April 16th, 1860, aged 58 years and 3  months.


Son of Joshua and Ann ( Giles) Bradley, born in Sumner Co., Tenn., February 13th, 1814.  Converted 1850; ordained October, 1852.  Married Serena Draper in 1835.  She died and in 18__he married Mrs. Ross Reese, and died August 10th, 1887.  He preached in Southern Illinois; baptized several hundred converts and helped organized a great many churches. A man of wide acquaintanceship and wonderful influence.  Twice elected County Judge and once Associate Judge of Jackson Co. and universally loved and respected.  Did pastoral work principally for 35 years.  For the 25 or 30 years he resided in Murphysboro, Ill.


Born September 18th, 1856, son of Wm. B. and Emily (Johnson) Tatum.  Gained a liberal education and was a successful school teacher.  Converted at 15 and joined the Baptist Church, and in 1888 united with the Free Baptist Church at Percy, Ill. Felt called to preach soon after conversion, and was licensed in 1890 , and ordained to the ministry by the Looney Springs Quarterly Meeting of Free Baptists; served as pastor at Percy, and has been quite successful in evangelistic work.  Now resides at Percy, Ill.


Wife of Rev. J. L. Tatum, born Covington, Ky., September 30th, 1856, daughter of W. H. and Indiana (Minter) Stephens.  She was married to W. J. Robins March 27th, 1879.  He died October 28th, 1881, and she married Rev. J. L. Tatum July 8th, 1885, and is the mother of six children.  Was converted and joined the Free Baptist Church at Percy, Ill., in 1888, with which church she is still a faithful member, and president of the Woman's Missionary Society.


Son of Daniel and Sarah Bagwill, born at Campbell Hill, Ill., September 14th, 1870.  Received a common school education, and was united in marriage to Mary Jane Higgins December 31st, 1891.  Joined the Free Baptist Church at Murphysboro, Ill., in 1893 and was licensed to preach in 1894, and ordained in 1898, and has done local work most of the time since.  On September 1st, 1900, he was appointed president of the seventh sub-district U.M.W. of A. and resides with his wife and three little children at Percy, Ill.


Wife of Rev. Geo. C. Bagwill, born January 12th, 1875, and was married December 31st, 1891.  Was converted and united with the Free Baptist Church at Murphysboro, Ill., in 1893, of which church she is still a faithful member.


Born August 2d, 1832 in Indiana, son of A.G. and Frances McCormick, came to Illinois in 1837.  Married Martha E. Talbot January 14th, 1858, lived on their farm near Dry Hill for 41 years; raised a large family of children, six of whom are living.  For 27 years he has been a worthy member of the Free Baptist Church.  He has acceptably filled the office of deacon for many years, and for twenty years has been superintendent of the Sunday school.  Served through the Civil War, and was seriously wounded at the siege of Atlanta August 20th, 1864.  Now living a retired life at Ava, Ill.


Wife of Deacon Wm. C. McCormick and daughter of Wm. E. and Elizabeth (Crain) Talbot, born October 27th, 1841, in Jackson Co., Ill.  Married January 14th, 1858; the mother of ten children, six of whom are now living.  She joined the Free Baptist Church at Dry Hill, Ill., at its organization and for many years was clerk of the Church, and an active Sunday school worker, and a true helpmeet to her husband in the church work.


Oldest son of Jas. H. and Ruth (Culley) Bradley, born near Shiloh Hill, Ill., Jan. 26th 1848. Was converted and joined the Free Baptist Church at Sugar Hill, Ill., in  1865.  Was for a number years a member of DeSoto Church, but for the past few  years of Murphysboro Church, united in marriage with Mary E. Bandy December 12th, 1867.  She was born in Herrin's Prairie, Williamson Co., Ill., August 8th, 1846.  Came to DeSoto and was there married.  Joined the M. E. Church in 1858, and in March 1878, united with the DeSoto Free Baptist Church.  They have raised a large family, and now reside in Murphysboro, where he has a prosperous business.


Was born of old Puritan stock September 27th, 1833.  His parents came from New Hampshire to what is now known as Linn, Wabash Co., Ill., the same year, and lived in that vicinity for 33 years.  In order to give his children the advantages of an education he removed to Lebanon, Ill., in 1871.  July 7th, 1857, he married Miss Mary J. Moorhead.  They had four children, two died in infancy; Olive Belle and John A. are still living.  He was converted January 28th, 1858, and was licensed to preach in 1863, and was ordained in 1865 by the Freewill Baptists of Bone Gape, Edwards County, Ill.  On November 23d, 1887, he experienced the blessing of sanctification; from that time he has been quite active in Christian work.  In 1888 he was instrumental in getting Rev. J. N. Noble, Belle D. Sisson (now Smith) and Carrie M. Nichols to come from the east to Illinois, where they engaged very successfully in evangelistic tent work, which under his direction proved a great blessing. The past 12 years has been largely in evangelistic work; has traveled and preached, especially emphasizing the doctrine of holiness.  His present wife was formerly Mrs. Mary E. Griffin.  He was three times a delegate to the General Conference, attending the Centennial Session in 1880 at the Weirs in New Hampshire.  died Jan. 31, 1901 at Grand Bay, Ala.


Oldest daughter of Major Jno T. and Jane Moorehead, born near New Harmony, Ind., June 2d,1831.  Married to Rev. M.A. Shepard July 7th, 1857.  Mother of four children, two living, Olive B. and John A.  She died March 15th, 1898, and was a consistent member of the M. E. Church from her 12th year.


Son of Jno. and Elizabeth (Black) McMinn, born in Jackson Co., Ill., December 20th, 1852.  Converted when 17 years of age, joined the Free Baptist Church at Freewill, baptized by Rev. W. H. Blankenship.  Married July 31st, 1872, to Georgia Ann Blankenship; again June 29th, 1879 to Sarah E. Hampton; again June 8th, 1898 to ???, a Elsey.  Ordained November, 1875.  Was a member of the 1883 General Conference at Minneapolis, and in 1895 at Winnebago, Minn.  Preached continuously since ordination.  Organized several churches, and still active in pastoral work.  Now resides at Murphysboro; has nine children, the oldest son is in the ministry.


Son of Harris and Elizabeth (Knight) Rendleman, was born in Williamson Co., Ill., March 3, 1867.  He was converted November 22, 1887, and joined the Drury Free Baptist Church.  Taught eleven terms in the public schools.  Was licensed to preach April, 1894, ordained July, 1895.  Has ministered to Drury, Camp Creek, Cottage Home and Meads Chapel churches and since 1896 has pastored Campbell Hill and Pipestone churches, and is also pastor of Willisville church, which he organized July 1899.  Has baptized 223 converts.  He was married to Miss Maggie Monroe April 29, 1887.  Four children have blessed their home, three of whom are living.


Son of Wm. B. and Emily (Johnson) Tatum, born at Steelesville, Ill., May 22, 1863.  Married Hettie K. Mason June 22nd. 1886.   Converted August 16th, 1877, and joined the Close Baptists , but never did believe their doctrine, and was reclaimed and united with the Free Baptists at Campbell Hill January 1st, 1889.  Licensed to preach July 13th, 1889, and ordained September, 1893.  He has been actively engaged in pastoral work ever since, and has for the past four years been pastor of the Ava church, where with his family he resides in the beautiful six-room two-story parsonage which the church built through his instrumentality.


The son of J. A. and Susan Cochran, was born in Runnells Co., Mo., October 14th, 1869; was converted and the Free Baptist Church in November, 1889; baptized by Rev. A. J. Lyons; licensed to preach in 1891, and was ordained in 1897.  Labored some as an evangelist; now a pastor in the Wayne Co. Quarterly Meeting.  Married Miss Lenora Schee in 1898 and lives at Long Prairie, Ill.


Born August 22d, 1821 in Randolph county, Ill., the son of Jas. H. and Martha Bradley.  Married to Miss Ruth J. Culley, July 2d, 1844.  To them were born fourteen children, five of whom are living.  He enlisted September, 1861, and spent almost four year in the Civil War.  On his return home he united with the Free Baptist Church at DeSoto, under the labors of Rev. Wm. Bradley, and was faithful until his death, August 22d, 1888.  He was a lawyer, professionally, and an ultra prohibitionist.


Was born in Posey Co., Ind. January 23d, 1828.  Daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Culley.  Married to James H. Bradley, July 2d, 1844.  To them was born fourteen children, five still living.  Aunt Jane united with the Looney Springs church in 1850; was converted under the preaching of Uncle Henry S. Gordon, and has been true to her Church all these years and faithful to her God.  Still lives at DeSoto, Ill.


Son of G. W. and H. L. (Hatfield) Meads, born February 25th, 1868 at St. Louis, Mo.  Family removed to Murphysboro, Ill., and in 1874 to Ava.  Converted and united with the Ava Free Baptist Church in 1886, licensed in 1889 and ordained to preach July 12th 1889.  Organized Murphysboro, Chester, Marion, Creal Springs, Carterville, Bushnell and other Free Baptist churches.  Received 2,000 or more into the Church; baptized over 700; served Camp Creek, Sato, Ava, Campbell Hill and Murphysboro churches as pastor, and now at Chester.  Delegate to General Conference in 1892 at Lowell, Mass., and delegate-elect to next General conference  General Conference at Harpers Ferry, W. Va.  married in 1893 to Stella M. Waldo, of Benton, Ill. Politically he is a radical Prohibitionist.


Daughter of Richard E. and Jennie (Spence) Waldo, born December, 1867 in Marion Co., Ill.  United in marriage with Rev. J. L. Meads May 10th, 1893; to them have been born five children, two of whom are dead.  She was converted and united with the M. E. Church at 15 years of age.  After marriage she united with the Free Baptist Church and was baptized by her husband in Campbell Hill church. When 16 years old she began teaching school, also instrumental and vocal music, and although now busied with the cares of a family, she still finds time to render invaluable aid to her husband in the work of the Church, where her musical talent is greatly blessed.

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