Jackson County, Illinois

Teacher's Contract

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It is hereby agreed, by and between the School Directors of District No 5 Township No 9 Range No 2 County of Jackson State of Illinois, and William A Brewer a legally-qualified teacher, that said teacher is to teach, govern and conduct the common school of said district, to the best of his ability; keep a register of the daily attendance and studies of each pupil belonging to the school, and such other records as the District Board may require; make the report required by law, and endeavor to preserve, in good condition and order, the school house, grounds, furniture, apparatus, and such other district property as may come under the immediate supervision of said teacher, for a term of 6 school months, commencing on the 21 day of September AD 1891 for the sum of 33 1/3 dollars per school month, to be paid at the end of each month, and further agree to teach twenty two days per month.

     And the said School District hereby agrees to keep the school house in repair; to provide the necessary fuel and school register; and for services of said teacher, as prescribed above, well and duly performed, to pay said teacher the sun of 33 1/3 dollars per school month, at the end of each month, during a tern of 6 school months, commencing on the 21 day of Sept AD 1891.

Provided, That in case said W A Brewer should be dismissed from said school, by the said Directors, or their successors in office, for incompetency, cruelty, negligence, immorality, or a violation of any of the stipulation of this Contract, or is case his certificate should be revoked by the County Superintendent, he shall not be entitled to compensation, after such dismissal or revocation.

In witness whereof, We have hereunto subscribed our names, this 16 day of June AD 1891

Directors: A Crawshaw, William Hagler

Date to Start Teacher's Name Amount Paid per month Added Duties Date Hired Directors
03 Oct 1892 Laura Martin $30 make fire & sweep floor 18 May 1892 Abraham Crawshaw, William Hagler, Sanford Crawshaw
05 Oct 1885 J B Bundy $35 none 10 Jun 1885 Wm Armstrong, J L Golliher, Thomas Crawshaw
01 Oct 1888 Monroe Etheron $40 none 01 Oct 1888 William Etherton
01 Oct 1889 BG Williams $37.50 none 27 Apr 1889 William Etherton, Thomas Crawshaw
01 Oct 1890 Russell Winchester $40 none May 1890 William Etherton
02 Oct 1893 CG Conner $30 make fires & sweep floor 03 Jun 1893 Geo Etherton, Sanford Crawshaw, Abe Crawshaw
01 Oct 1894 George L Hagler $30 make fires, sweep floor, teach 22 days per month 09 Jun 1894 Sanford Crawshaw, Henry A Hagler, Geo Etherton
07 Oct 1895 George L Hagler $37.50 make fires, sweep floor, teach 22 days per month 29 Jun 1895 William Hagler, George Etherton
1st Monday Oct 1896 Earnest Bonham $30 make fires, sweep floor, teach 22 days per month, start at 9am til 4pm 29 Jul 1896 William Hagler, M L Greathouse, H A Hagler

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