Jackson County, Illinois

List of Text Books Used

Series of books adopted 01 Oct 1889

Reading McGuffies Reader
Arithmetic Davies Peck Arith
English Grammar Harvey's Grammar
Geography Montieths Geography
US History Barnes History
Spelling American Speller


Series of books adopted Oct 1891   

Reading McGuffies Reader
Arithmetic Rays Revised
Grammar Harvey's Grammar
Geography Warren's Geography
US History Barnes History


Register of School Officers

All officers residence listed as PO Carbondale

21 Apr 1888---Thomas Crawshaw, President; William Etherton, clerk and Abe Crawshaw

20 Apr 1889---Thomas Crawshaw, President; J L Golliher and William Etherton, clerk

19 Apr 1890---J Golliher, President; B Crowell and William Etherton, clerk

18 Apr 1891---J Golliher, President; Wm Hagler and Abraham Crawshaw, clerk

18 Apr 1893---Santford Crawshaw, President; George Etherton, clerk and Abe Crawshaw

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