Jackson County, Illinois


The land upon which Carbondale stands was formerly owned by Col. J. H. DOUGHERTY and was surveyed by Wm. RICHART on 24 Nov 1852.  The plat was filed on the 26th of Nov. 1852 and recorded on the 27th. The first settler in the land within the limits of Carbondale was Jas. B. RICHART.  He built a small log cabin on the land which eventually was in the first block south of the public square. The next settler was Mr. Asgill CONNER.  He built a log cabin in the 2nd block east of the public square.  This residence was built on to and was destroyed by fire in 1874. The first grocery store was across the street from the home of Asgill CONNER and was built by Col. D. H. BRUSH.  In 1877 that store was the law offices of Col. BRUSH. Mr. Alfred SINGLETON owned and ran the first boarding house on the north west side of the square.


Col. D. H. BRUSH, acted as City Clerk from 1856 until 1861


1856--Jas. M. MORGAN, presiding; Jas. M. CAMPBELL, Gabriel SANDERS. Asgill CONNER, Alfred SINGLETON

1857--Jas. M. MORGAN, presiding; Jas. M. CAMPBELL, R. R. BLACKMAN, Asgill CONNER, Samuel C. ATKINS

1858--Robert H. MARRON, presiding; Jas. M. CAMPBELL, Claiborn BARROW, Asgill CONNER, Henry SANDERS

1859-60--Robert. H. MARRON, presiding; Jas. M. CAMPBELL, Claiborn BARROW, Asgill CONNER, Henry SANDERS

1861--Jas. M. CAMPBELL, presiding; Jas. M. REYNOLDS, Levi B. CLEMENTS, Asgill CONNER, Henry SANDERS

1862--Jas. M. CAMPBELL, presiding;  Isaac M. KELLEY, Claiborn BARROW, Levi B. CLEMENTS, Henry SANDERS

1863--Isaac M. KELLEY, presiding; Jas. M. CAMPBELL, Claiborn BARROW, Levi B. CLEMENTS, Henry SANDERS

1864--Silas G. HINDMAN, presiding; Richard DUDDING, Wm. SCURLOCK, Levi B. CLEMENTS, J. M. RICHART

1865--Asgill CONNER, presiding; John W. LAWRENCE, Wm. HOOKER, Willis A. SPILLER, Jos. ENNISON

1866--Wm. HADLEY, presiding; Jos. M. HAMILTON, Samuel C. ATKINS, Isaac RAPP,  Wm. D. HARRIS

1867--Wm. SYKES, presiding; Stephen BLAIR, Wm. H. HORD, Geo. W. FULTON, Jos. ENNISON

1868--Stephen BLAIR, presiding; S. G. HINDMAN, Willis A. SPILLER, Wm. SYKES, Geo. W. FELTZ

1869--Jas. B. RICHART, Mayor; Peter A. SMITH, Samuel A. FLAGLER, Seaborn A. WALKER, Stephen BLAIR

1870--Jas. B. RICHART, Mayor; Jas. M. SCURLOCK, Samuel A. FLAGLER, Jas. D. GAGE

1871--Samuel A. FLAGLER, Mayor; (resigned and Jas. H. CRANDALL was elected in his stead) Daniel J. WHITE, Jas. D. GAGE

1872--Jas. D. CRANDALL, Mayor, Andrew C. BRYDEN, Jas. W. DARLING, H. G. GOE, Jas. M. RICHART

1873--A. J. BACKUS, Mayor (died, and Wm. A. LEMMA elected to replace him), 1st. Ward- Samuel MACHAELIS, 2nd Ward- Eli D. CANNON, 3d Ward- Thos. O. ATKINS, 4th Ward-Charles BURTON

1874--Wm. A. LEMMA, Mayor;  1st Ward- Jas. HILL, Wm. MELLOR; 2nd Ward - John W. SPILLER, Eli D. CANNON; 3rd Ward - Jas. M. BOWLING, Jas. MOORE

1877--F.A. PRICKETT, Mayor

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