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The Murphysboro Commercial Association has under consideration a proposition looking to the location of a shoe factory in Murphysboro.   At the beginning 300 hands will be employed and in the course of time 600 or more.  The pay-roll will average about $150,000 per annum.

To secure the location of this factory, it will be necessary for the citizens of Murphysboro to give the shoe company a free site, a bonus of $60,000 together with other valuable concessions which could not be estimated in dollars and cents at this time.  Our comittee, through a real estate proposition, expects to provide the site and raise about $35,000 of the bonus. One subscriptionof $5,000 has been promised and another of $2500 is assured.

The association has but ten days in which to submit their proposition to the shoe company.  It would be impossible for the committee to see everyone in that time so this method of soliciting subscriptions to this fund has been adopted.

If the factory is located in our city it means an increase in our population of at least 2000 in two years.  IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE to say whether or not they want this factory.  If YOU want it, kindly fill out the coupon below and hand it to the secretary on or before the 25th instant.  Be as liberal as you can.  If you cannot give $1000, give what you can.  THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THIS IS THE BEST PROPOSITION THAT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO THE CITY OF MURPHYSBORO SINCE THE LOCATION OF THE MOBILE & OHIO R.R. SHOPS HERE.

You will note that there is no obligation of payment unless the location of the factory is assured.

                                                                                                        John G. Hardy, Chairman

                                                                                                        W. C. Alexander,

                                                                                                        Rudolph Strecher,

                                                                                                        Ben Daniel,

                                                                                                        Geo. W. Andrews, Committee



George Pickering, an agent for the Union Pacific, is in Murphysboro to secure miners for the Union Pacific Coal Mines at Rock Springs, Wyoming.  He expects to secure two coach loads in Murphysboro and neighboring towns.  He states that the Rock Springs mines are about the only ones in the northwest, and that the Union Pacific is extending its coal operations there owing to the great scarcity of coal in the northwest.



Louis H. Wahlman, breeder of high grade exhibition Barred Plymouth Rock chickens, is now preparing to furnish customers with eggs for setting purposes.  15 eggs $1.

Apply Louis H. Wahlman, south 20th street



The damage suit of A. B. Dowell against the Big Muddy and Carterville Mining Co. resulted in judgment for plaintiff for $2750.

The suit of Aletha Robinson against Eda Davis resulted in a --- for plaintiff for $1000.

William Fiss secured a divorce from Minnie Fiss on ground of adultery; he is not to re-marry within one year and she cannot re-marry within two years.

Bessie Ashombault secured a divorce from Alfred Ashombault on ground of desertion; permission to ---- (assume?) maiden name of Bessie ----wder.

James White and Harry Hanna, ages 19 years old, and indicted for burglary and larceny in Carbondale, pled guilty and were sentenced --------reformatory.

Martin Michael, doing business as Missouri Excelsior Manufacturing Co. vs. W.W. Herring; jury ----defendant indebted to plaintiff in the sum of $453.50.

(part of one side of article is missing)


----ie T. Knauer, Ava   age 19

---die Carr, Ava            age 18

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