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Diaries & Memoirs

Lewis H. Easterly biography

Daniel H. Brush picture  Memoir Index

Henry S. Gordon: picture

Thomas M. McCluer 1863

Edward Schwartz 1870 Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-June, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec 1872 Jan-Mar, Apr-May, Jun-Jul, Aug-Sep, Oct-Dec  More 1870

Emma Tanner Schwartz Aug 1910-Sep 1911

Eva Lucy Schwartz: page 1, 2

Hiram Schwartz 1865

Colonel Ben Wiley


Reminiscence by Lester Glodfelty


J. H. Bogwell to Mary Davis

Fanny Eakin to Uncle Henry

Martha Eakin to Henry Walker

P. H. & S. C. McMillan

of Anthony Pate

Phelps Letters

Nevell Russell to Wm Russell

Edward Schwartz to Wm. Schwartz

of Robert Walker

John Well to Franz Keller


Wilma Griffin to Telitha Griffin

Autograph Books

Emma A Schulze Hutmacher 1877


Memories of Raymond Webb family

Memories of Mary Jane Beasley Breeden & Thomas Bailey

Byran Train--Bill Byran

Memories: William Carol Davis

Memories: W. W.  Husbands

Memories: John Gill

History: Lindsey Family--page 1, 2

Memories: Kent Rednour

A Grandson Remembers Colonel Ben Wiley

Funeral Books

Book for Catherine Rude Hewlett

Book for George Russell

Book for John William Smith

Book for Thelma Belle Smith


Joel Russell's Family Tree

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