Jackson County, Illinois

Inquest of Frank Howe


At a Coroner's Inquest on the body of Frank HOWE, deceased, held at Sato on the 13th day of March A. D. 1893

Verdict of Jury 251

-------------- COUNTY} SS.

In the Matter of the Inquisition on the body of Frank Howe deceased, held at Sato Ill on the Thirtieth day of March A. D. 1893

We, the undersigned, Jurors, sworn to inquire of the death of Frank Howe, deceased on oath do find that he came to his death by accident caused by carelessness on his own part by going into room to soon and not giving his shot time to fire.


Wm. Brill Foreman
John Anderson
W. H. Smith
Richard Edwards (his mark)
Frances J. Melville? {his mark}
Ellis Ward

Witness statements (handwritten and difficult to read):

{1} Sato, Ill. March 30th '93

Mr. Frank Howe

Mr. Robert HUNTER gave his evidence as follows:

We started to shoot 4:30 we had fired three shots and had 2 more shots to fire we let the last two shots out and one went off and the other as we thought had sy--- it wasn't but a short time and we went back to see myself and Mr. Howe when we got in 20 feet of the shot as it went off hitting the deceased as the jury sees I was about three feet from dec. when he was hit
{2}he was hit by Coal

Witness thinks it was purely accidental that deceased was hit got hit about 20 min. to 5 when hit and died about 25 minutes to 7 PM never spoke after he was hit until he died No one with witness and dec. when he was hit we were buddies I gave first allarm he twitched me as the shot knocked him around no one present when dec. was hit I called for help Robt. WINNING was first to come

I think it careless on our part in not giving shot more time

Only small pieces hit me

{3} Dr. An. N. or W. STOUT being sworn gives evidence as follows:

They came for me about 5 o'clock I went to engine house and found dec. laid out on table or scaffle and the scull (skull) completely fractured and the brains were severed and some were gone Most pulseless. he died perhaps 25 or 30 minutes after I left he died at engine house.


Mr. R. WINNING swore as follows:

I was to go to room after Mr. HUNTER called I saw the shot go off and seen coal hit him I would consider it carelessness

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