Jackson County, Illinois


01 Aug 1960

Donated by Candi H.

 On the 23d of June, (says the Chicago Press and Tribune,) a negro man, accused of being a runaway slave, was kidnapped near Carbondale, Jackson Co., a station on  the Illinois Central road, and being brought to the depot by his captor, was thrust into the cars and hurried off South, where, no one knows. There was no warrant or process used in his apprehension, no pretense of an examination into the poor man's right to own himself. The presentation of a revolver and the uttering of a torrent of oaths were sufficient. Afraid of his life, which would have been sacrificed had he resisted, the man submitted and was borne off. During the enactment of what we have so briefly described, a `Black Republican,' who did not see the propriety, legality or necessity of the proceedings, ventured to ask upon what authority the supposed runaway was arrested, and for the  legal process by which the prisoner was being hurried out of the State. A Democratic mob instantly surrounded him, and being unsupported by another voice, he was compelled to retire or risk the consequences of his `impertinent' interference with the robbers engaged in the nefarious work. Before leaving, an opportunity occurrence and he expostulated with  the conductor against his becoming an agent for carrying the man off. `I take all whose fare is paid,' was the reply; the whistle sounded, and the train was gone. Thus another man has been torn from freedom, and thrust into hopeless and life long bondage; and thus do we record another instance in which the Illinois Central Railroad lent itself to that accursed work—the illegal and forced enslavement of men presumed to be free! Citizens of Illinois, how long shall this thing be, and not arouse you to action?

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