Jackson County, Illinois

Letter From J. H. Bogwell to Mary Cluster Redfield Davis

Donated by Diane Shepard

"Campbell Hill Ill. 3/3/36 Dear Mary, your letter to hand & I will give you what information I have. Peter Cluster & Percila Ann - Had the following children (they were full blood Pennsylvania Germans & came from Pennsylvania to Covington, Kentucky where the following children were Born to them. Peter M Cluster (my grandfather) John B., Wm H., Michael Dudley & Jessey Jackson and Elinder (called Ellen) Percila Ann & Mauda.

Peter M Cluster (my grandfather) married lst Nancy Sanders, 2nd Mary (or Polly) Benson. To them were born Will, Grant, Jno, George, Lucity, Cynthia (my mother) & little Ann. (Died in infancy)

One of your father's Sisters Married Dan Jessup. One married Wm Underwood, one married - looks like - Burf Culley . Your father's aunt married Daniel Boon & I think he was in Revolutionary War.

I knew Bob & Jim Cluster your father's Bros. Bob married Sarah Phoenix. I knew his two Boys. Bob jr Owns a string of picture theaters (or did). Jim had a Daughter Trissy that I knew & I remember he had one boy. Sam Cluster was a cousin to my Grand Father Peter M. Cluster. I don't remember much about the Youngs. But uncle Dick's Father was Jim Young - and uncle Dick had two boys that I knew Will & Jimmie & One Daughter Mary, that I knew. We have no knowledge of any of the Clusters being in Revolutionary war. But of course we have no knowledge farther back than My Great Grand Father Peter Cluster. Evidently back of him Some of them were in the Revolution.

We are all well, Papa & Mamma have been exceptionally well all winter. Wm -looks like Probe - died last week with leakage of heart and Ida (Welkemeyer) Knop - is at point of Death. Tumor & Cancer of Stomach. Mr. Lawder is still able to get to town & back. It Seems this has been a healthful winter. I am Making Garden Sowd Tobacco Seed, Lettuce & Tomatoes today & put out 200 Strawberry plants. Tell Claud I am still doing my own Cooking. But I am a born house Keeper. Tell him I have looked for a house keeper not over 25 with auburn Red hair, good natured with a kindly disposition with some money and One that's Sweet Tempered, But don't find her. Ha- Give all the folks my love . Respectfully, J. H. Bogwell

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