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Rev. War Section

October 28, 1916

Hon. James Hamilton Lewis, United States Senate

My Dear Senator:

In response to your letter dated the twenty-first instant, you are furnished the following data relative to Daniel Chandler and Jesse Gordon as requested by you.

Jesse Gordon W. File No. 13,280 Rev. War, was allowed pension on his application executed September 2, 1834, at which time he was a resident of Ridge Settlement, Jackson County, Illinois

He stated that he was born October 3, 1755 in King and Queen County, Virginia and was a resident of Surry County, North Carolina when he enlisted in February, 1776, as Orderly-Sergeant under Captain William Shepherd, Colonel Joseph William, was in the battle of Moores Creek bridge, and served three months.  

Enlisted in the fall of 1776, Orderly-Sergeant, Captain Mosby's company, under Colonel Williams, served three months.

He afterwards removed to Wilkes County, Georgia, and volunteered in the Georgia troops, August 10, 1777 as First Lieutenant, under Captain James Hawkins, Colonel John Stewart and served eleven months and twenty-one days.

In September, 1778, he enlisted in Captain John Gunnells' company, Colonel John Dooley's regiment of Georgia troops, and was in the siege of Savannah, he next volunteered under Colonel Elijah Clarke, and was in the battle at Kettle Creek.  After the taking of Charleston, they were surrounded by the enemy, and in the winter of 1780-81, he with many others became prisoners of parole (under Colonel Brown who was in possession of Augusta), while Colonel Clarke escaped.  When Clarke returned, in the following September, Jesse Gordon broke his parole, joined Colonel Clarke and drove Colonel Brown out of Augusta, but he (Gordon) was captured and confined at Augusta until the last of February 1782 when he made his escape and returned to Wilkes County, and there he was again captured by Colonels Brown and Cruger and carried at Augusta for eight months or until Colonel Henry Lee took Brown's Fort in June 1782, when he returned  home and continued in the service until (blacked out - can't read) the Indians for one year and six months.

Jesse Gordon married in Union County, Illinois, April 2, 1829 Mary, called Nancy, Simpson.  He died in Jackson County, Illinois, August 27, 1850, and she was allowed pension on her application executed in 1859, while a resident of Jackson County, Illinois, and sixty-six years of age.  There is no reference to any other marriage or to any children.

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