Jackson County, Illinois

Contributed by Janene Crawford

Letter head from Dr. P. H. McMillan, the handwriting is Sarah McMillan's.

This first letter was from the Dr. to John Crawford in San Dimas, CA. punctuation as spelling are preserved.

Same date as above  August 21st 1899

Mr. John Crawford

Dear Friend,

Yours of late date to hand.  It is so long since I wrote that I have forgotten what I did tell you.  Many thanks for picture.  I told you that I bought the Dennis farm.  Dennis is keeping hotel at Sparta.  The same darkie that blacks boots wait on the table. Two of the girls are at home. The boys work on a farm between Steelville & Sparta.

We had a good crop this year 1280 bushels wheat, oats four, did not thrash them. Corn fine about 18acres & some 6 acres cow peas.

I do not think that there is an American in Shiloh now that you knew but myself.   F. (or T.) P. Kerr lives here yet.  I seen John Jeffreys when he was here but he did not know any thing about you.  Did you see Geo. Gordon when he was out there.

I started this yesterday and had to quit so got Sarah to write.

Your Friend, P. H McMillan

August 21, 1899

Friend John,

I thought I would write as the Dr. has been writing to you.  I don't think you have changed much only your upper lip.  John Gillespie  & Wife was over at Morrisons yesterday.  They live in Campbell Hill.  Will Thompson is married and has 4 child lives near Denmark.  I never saw him since the 4th of July he is changed to be an old bald headed man & John Gillespie is getting bald.  John has quit the store and is in the telephone business.  Don Parkhill lives on the Old Bagwell place near C. Hill and has 2 children.  Theodore lives in Franklin Co & has 3 children.   Dennie married Dora Bear & has built a nice 7 room house on the Morrison Dennis place this spring.  Morrison Dennis runs a Saloon in Murphysboro & his daughter Birdie was married in July. Herbie and Bell Rogers are both married. Herbie's wife killed herself.  Till (Jill?) Dennis & her husband are both dead. They left 7 children will Billie. I don't know (unreadable) a children.

Will McLain lives in Franklin Co. Marie is married.  My Father was sick for about a year. Died the 21st of May, he had dropsy of the heart.  Jane lives at Murphysboro.   Calvin & Hallie are both grown. Calvin is working for John Hanna at Oraville.   Mr. Teghtmeyer (Teghneyer?) is here yet & we have a creamery since 8 years. Hamilton Parker? married Birdie Moore (a neice of Mr. G. A. Gordon) & they parted & he got a divorce & she is married again he is at home again most all summer & John Parkhill bought a farm in the hills below Ava & Hamilton was down there most all winter grubbing & cooking for the men.  Now he has a cook & this summer brought him up to help at the farm. when we get some photos will send you ours in return for yours.  We are always glad to hear from you.  I sent you 2 Campbell Hill papers did you get them.  Mr. Benson moved last year to Steeleville. Belle married Guy Tudar? but Dora & Mary are both single so is Luther & Allie.  Mary is a School Marm. if you would see the style they put on you would never think that it was the same people that was here when you were.  All for this time from your friend.

S.C. McMillan

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